The Palmetto Fort No. 90, Daughter's of '98
The Palmetto Fort No. 90, Daughters of '98

Fort No. 90
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About Palmetto Fort No. 90

    The Palmetto Fort No. 90 of the Daughters of '98 was established in 2011 as the Fort for the States of South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. The Fort works alongside the Micah John Jenkins Camp No. 164, assisting in the organization of Memorial Services, Grave Marker Dedications, graves registration, and several other projects.

    The objects of the Fort, and the Order, are to bind closer together the descendants of the Spanish American War, the Philippine Insurrection, and the China Relief Expedition (February 15th, 1898, to July 4th, 1902); to perpetuate the memory of those who carried the flag to victory in 1898; to endeavor to hold high the standards of our organization; and to encourage the aims and aspirations of the United Spanish War Veterans and the Auxiliary of the United Spanish War Veterans.

    The Spirit of 76' will live forever in the hearts of the Daughters of '98. We pledge ourselves to always revere the founders of this great land, and to preserve the memory of our fathers, the United Spanish War Veterans. God bless those sisters who are still with us. In your golden years may you find consolation in knowing that the Daughters of '98 will assist you as long as the need exists.

Officers of Fort No. 90

The following are the Fort Officers for the Year 2014-2015.

Provisional Fort Captain
Provisional Fort Adjutant
Barbara L. Robison

The New York Nurses, Sternberg General Hospital, Camp Thomas, Chickamauga, Georgia

How to Join the Daughters of '98

Types of Membership

Hereditary Membership. The membership of the Daughters of '98 is composed of daughters, granddaughters, great granddaughters, legally adopted daughters, stepdaughters, foster daughters, daughters in law, grand daughters in law, nieces and grand nieces, cousins of anyone eligible for membership in the United Spanish War Veterans, who have reached the age of five (5) years.

Real Daughters. Any prospective member submitting proof of membership qualifications and lineage that shows they are a Son, Son-in-law, or step son, of a veteran of the Spanish American War, the Philippine Insurrection, or the China Relief Expedition, may be granted a Real Sons membership, with all the same rights and privileges as any other member. Furthermore, Real Sons shall be exempt from payment of all recording fees, per capita dues, and special assessments.

How to Apply

The Dues. When a Sister first joins the Order the total cost for membership is twenty-two dollars ($22.00), this covers the Forts Annual dues ($12.00), and the Initiation Fee ($10.00), which is sent to the National Organization. The yearly dues after this initial fee are twelve dollars ($12.00) per year, this cost covers your Membership card, Certificate, and a subscription to the Fort (The Picket) and National (The National Son) Newsletters. Membership Dues should be made out to the "Palmetto Fort No. 90, Daughters of 98."

The Application. To join the Order a paper application with the necessary documentation of your ancestry must be completed and submitted to the Fort. The following link will take you to a PDF Application.

Membership Application

Where do I sent the Application? All applications for membership should be mailed with the necessary dues to the "Palmetto Fort No. 90, Daughters of '98, 201 Old Chapin Road, Apt. A2, Lexington, South Carolina 29072."

For More Information on Membership Contact the Fort Captain

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