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Fairfield GenWeb
Fairfield County SC GenWeb
The State's 2000 Christmas Tree
is from Fairfield County
These analog camcorder shots were taken at the tree lighting
Sunday Night 26 November 2000 on the State House grounds in Columbia SC.
The State House is behind us & we are looking north, so the soldier has his back to us (on lookout for Yankees as is the custom with Confederate Monuments).
The tree was donated by Robert Bankhead Family of Fairfield County SC
This the family of Robert A. Bankhead & his father Robert S. Bankhead.
Robert S. Bankhead is a son of Stroment Bankhead.
The tree was about 70 years old & 50 feet tall and came from the north side of Road 52 about half way between I-77 and SC 901.
They have given other Christmas trees to Winnsboro and perhaps one to SC when Riley was governor.

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4 5
6 7 8
The flag haters boycotted the tree lighting.
These photos were added to this page, Tuesday 28 November 2000 for Christmas.
I plan to remove them to a separate web page, by the 12th day of Christmas (6 January).

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South Carolina

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Thanks to all of you who have contributed your information to Fairfield county. It is YOU who have made this county the Great Resouce it is! Please continue to give him all the support you have shown me!
Sincerely, Debbie Fowler.

1st County Coordinator: Debbie Fowler (Micajah) (till summer 1998)
2nd County Coordinator: Su Wilson (Summer 1998 - Nov. 1998?)
3rd County Coordinator: James Green III (Nov. 1998 - present)

  1. SCGenWeb Archives
    1. SC & its Counties
    2. Fairfield County: Cemeteries, Census, Deeds, Marriages, Wills
      SCGenWeb maintains an archives on the web for each county. The South Carolina State Coordinator (SCSC) of GenWeb is Victoria Proctor. If you have any documents like the above, contact her to put them in the SCGenWeb's Fairfield County Archives. County Coordinators (CCs) e.g. me (James Green III) do not have access to put such documents on the GenWeb site & it makes less work for the CCs so let's go with the flow. (smile)
      Email Victoria Proctor at [email protected] to put your Cemeteries, Census, Deeds, Marriages, Wills in our county's GenWeb archives. Thanks.

  2. Census in the SCGenWeb Archives
      Federal Censuses of Fairfield County SC
    1. 1800
      1. Typed lists of names in the order that they appear on each page of the manuscript. Use your browser to search all 4 web pages in turn.
        Page 191 through 203
        Page 204 through 215
        Page 216 through 227
        Page 228 through 241A
      2. gifs of the pages of the manuscript by S-K Publications
    2. 1810
      1. typed lists of names as they appear on each page of the manuscript
      2. gifs of the pages of the manuscript by S-K Publications
    3. 1820
      1. typed lists of names as they appear on each page of the manuscript: Aborted
      2. typed version of this census (alphbetized by 1st letter only)
      3. gifs of the pages of the manuscript by S-K Publications
    4. Buy a CD of images of a year of Fairfield County census for yourself & the web
      All counties available for U.S. Federal Census:
      1920, 1910, 1900, 1880, 1870, 1860, 1850, 1840, 1830, 1820, 1810, 1800, 1790.
      1820, 1810, & 1800 Fairfield County have already been bought & are on the web (above).
      Price: 75 cents per page.

      S-K Publications: Census Images on CD
    5. 1850 Fairfield County Census
      1. S-K Publications: SC 1850 Census Images (Books & CDs)
      2. Buy S-K Publications: Fairfield County 1850 Census Book, 354 pages, soft-cover, spiral-bound, indexed, cost: $30. (It is actual photocopies of the handwritten records.)
        or get on CDs' wait list

      3. Lookups
        1. S-K Publications plus Suzi Motley
              Get page number/s of your surname from S-K Pub Index
              Then give Lookup Person Suzi Motley
                  Year: 1850
                  County, State: Fairfield Co.,SC
                  Person's name to look-up
                  AND PAGE NUMBER from S-K Pub Index, above
        2. Or contact Lookup Person Bil Brasington
    6. 1880 Fairfield County Census.
      in SC part of 1% CensusNew
    7. Federal Censuses of SC with maps showing how fortunate SC is! New

  3. Newspaper Clippings New
    1. Sep 23 1965 gif of Winnsboro 1903-06 and ASCII of Winnsboro 1903-06
    2. Dec 14 1939 gif of Ft. Wagner Monument and ASCII of Ft. Wagner Monument

  4. Out of Print & Rare Books
    1. Alibris

  5. Repositories outside Fairfield Co. of Records of Fairfield Co. Residents New
    1. the National Archives has Records of Fairfield County People
      1. National Archives (NARA)
      2. NARA's Regional Records Services Facilities
      3. Picture essay of trip to Archives by William C. Lathan Jr.
    2. SC Archives has originals of county's old public records
    3. S. Caroliniana Library, USC, Columbia is the state's official repository of private papers.  It has newspapers, Bibles, & other records of Fairfield Co.  It receives the genealogy books from the State Library's allocation (appropriation).
    4. SC Historical Society It was founded in the (1850s?) & is SC's (oldest?) repository of private papers. Most of its holdings are low country.

  6. Historical/Genealogical Places in Fairfield County
    1. In Winnsboro
      1. B&B (Songbird Bed & Breakfast)
      2. Chamber of Commerce in Town Clock in Winnsboro New
      3. Confederate Monument at Mt. Zion, Winnsboro
      4. Courthouse in Winnsboro
      5. Genealogy Room in Museum in Winnsboro
      6. Library in Winnsboro
      7. Town Clock (see Chamber of Commerce, above in this section)
    2. Outside of Winnsboro
      1. Feasterville Historic District Changed
      2. Ebenezer ARP (Old Brick Church) New
      3. Little River Bapt. Ch. Minutes New
      4. Weber HERESY (Weberites)
        The connection to Fairfield County is weak.  It has long been said that after the disbanding of the Weberites, some came to Richland/Fairfield County 1761 & founded what became Appii Forum (Lutheran?) Church which ultimately became Cedar Creek Methodist Church? whose location was in the southern part of Fairfield County from 1785 when Fairfield (& Richland) County were created until 1797 when southern Fairfield County was given to Richland County. See Mouzon's Map. New
      5. Gold Mine (closed Dec 1999), near Ridgeway
      6. Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) and
        Historic American Engineering Record (HAER)

        are among the largest and most heavily used collections in the Prints and Photographs Division of the Library of Congress.
        Click above, then key in "Winnsboro,SC". New

  7. Historical/Genealogical Organizations in Fairfield County
    1. Daugters of the American Revolution (DAR) chapter
      and Children of the American Revolution (C.A.R.)
    2. Genealogy Society -- Fairfield Chapter New
    3. Fairfield Historical Society New
    4. Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) camp New
    5. United Daugters of the Confederacy (UDC) chapter New
  8. Wars New
    1. War of 1812
      List of SC soldiers New
    2. War Between the States New.
      1. Gerald Mishoe of Camp#4 SCV in Charleston & Clifton McKinney are working on a project to locate Confederate soldiers that are buried within SC. They are working on a website so people can access the names. It will have:
        1. the name,
        2. rank,
        3. company and unit,
        4. where they died,
        5. when they died,
        6. what they died of and
        7. what cemetery they are buried in.
        All of this information will be filled in if it is available for the soldier. Anyone who has information on burial site of a soldier or above info please write: Gerald Mishoe of Charleston South Carolina at [email protected]. He currently has 10 to 15 thousand soldiers.
    3. Hereditary Organizations
      1. Daughters of the American Revolution
      2. Daughters of the Republic of Texas
      3. Descendents of Mexican WarVeterans
      4. Descendents of Washington's Army at Valley Forge
      5. Founders of the New Haven Colony
      6. General Society of Mayflower Descendents
      7. General Society of the War of 1812
      8. General Society Sons of the Revolution
      9. Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.)
        for male descendents and
      10. Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic
      11. and the Women's Relief Corps
        for female descendents of Union soldiers of the Civil War.
      12. Huguenot Society
      13. International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers
      14. Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States
      15. Military Order of the Stars and Bars
      16. Military Order of the World Wars
      17. Order of Daedalians
      18. Order of Indian Wars of the United States
      19. Point Lookout Prisoner of War Organization
        for descendents of POWs at the Point Lookout, Maryland prison during the American Civil War.
      20. Society of the Cincinnati
      21. Sons of the American Legion
      22. Sons of the American Revolution
      23. Sons of Confederate Veterans
      24. Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War.
      25. Link to the Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War.
    4. Fraternal/Social Organizations
      1. Fraternal/Social Organizations Follow this link for a good discussion about Fraternal Organizations and insurance. This isn't about college Greek fraternities, but rather organizations formed for mutual benefit such as Woodmen of the World, Knights of Pythias, Improved Order of Heptasophs, and the like.
      2. Benevolent & Protective Organization of Elks (BPOE)
      3. Free Masons
      4. Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF)
      5. Kiwanis Club
      6. Knights of Columbus
      7. Lion's Club International
      8. National Exchange Club
      9. Optimists International
      10. Order Knights of Pythias
      11. Rotary International
      12. Shriners of North America
      13. Woodmen of the World
    5. Patriotic and Military Organizations
      1. Air Force Association (AFA)
      2. The American Legion
      3. Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts
      4. Ancient and Honorable Order of the Jersey Blues
      5. Association of the United States Army (AUSA)
      6. Disabled American Veterans (DAV)
      7. Legion of Valor of the United States
      8. Marine Corps League
      9. Military Order of the Purple Heart
      10. National Society Sons of Utah Pioneers
      11. The Navy League
      12. Retired Officers Association (TROA)
      13. United Daughters of the Confederacy
      14. Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)
    The above links to Hereditary, & Fraternal/Social, & Patriotic and Military Organizations
    were posted 8 Mar 2000 to [email protected] by Jo-Ann Pedigo [email protected]

  9. Maps
    1. "Map of Historic Fairfield" 1970.  Under Construction New
      1. east half of "Map of Historic Fairfield" 1970
        1. 21,606 bytes 1 bit color (B&W), 1/3 size gif
        2. 137,122 bytes 1 bit color (B&W), full size gif
        3. 456,398 bytes 75,671 colors, full size jpg
        4. 281,083 bytes 4 colors, full size gif
      2. west half of "Map of Historic Fairfield" 1970
        1. 22,534 bytes 1 bit color (B&W), 1/3 size gif
        2. 146,876 bytes 1 bit color (B&W), full size gif
        3. 501,483 bytes 84,157 colors, full size jpg
        4. 297,233 bytes 4 colors, full size gif
      3. Text for the "Map of Historic Fairfield" 1970
      This map was placed on the web by permission of the Fairfield Historical Society for them.
    2. 1895 map of County (65,991 byte gif) New
    3. Design a Tyger map of Fairfield County. This map mislabels some highways.
    4. Official SC State Road Map. Changed
      To get a state road map snailed to you free, dial (Parks Recreation & Tourism) 888-727-6453 & ask for a state map. 2001 maps are what they are providing now (5 March 2001), but for genealogy any date is fine & there is little to no difference in a 2000 & a 2001 map.

  10. Immigration New
    1. History of Immigration to SC mentions "Jas. C. Aiken of Winnsboro donated 500 acres of land, to be given immigrants settling upon it."
    2. Fairifield County's "Citizenship Petitions, 1806-1825...1876" are in 2 "archives boxes" at the SC Archives, per "A Guide to Local Government Records in the SC Archives" by the staff, page 86.
    3. ship Earl of Donegal 1767 Many of the passengers settled in northern Fairfield County.
      Alternate web page New

  11. Query Board & pseudo-Surname List of Fairfield Co. SC New
    Queries & Surname List

  12. New Links
    1. S.E. Genealogy New
      1. Fairfield County under construction
    2. Library of Congress
    3. DAR Library

  13. Old Links
    1. About the South Carolina GenWeb Project
    2. Lookups
    3. History of Fairfield County
    4. Ederington's History of Fairfield County Changed
    5. Cemeteries of Fairfield County, SC, from Geographic Names Information System Query Results (GNIS MAPPING)
    6. Populated Places
    7. Churches of Fairfield County
    8. Schools
    9. Streams
    10. Locales
    11. Funeral Homes of South Carolina

    12. NEW Mail List for Fairfield County Researchers. click here >> Fairfield County Mail List << for information on subscribing

    13. Fairfield County Heritage ...Families of Fairfield County
      If you would like to submit your family histories, wills, deeds, military records, marriages, bible records, etc, please email me James W. Green III.
    14. Fairfield County Family Links on the Web
    15. USGenWeb and other Genealogy Links
    16. ScGenWeb State Page Visit the other South Carolina Counties here. Contact the volunteer shown on the ScGenWeb page if you have a desire to add your data to an existing county page or if you are interested in volunteering contact the South Carolina State Coordinator Victoria Proctor.
    17. USGenWeb States Listing
    18. USGenWeb Project Links ...Links to the Archives.
    19. UsGenWeb Tombstone Project
    20. Research in the National Archives, Washington, DC.
      Documents & Records, Civil War, Photographs, Civil War and Old Westnot affiliated with USGenWeb or Rootsweb, but definitely worth checking out if you are looking to hire a researcher in the DC National Archives
    21. Afrigeneas is a major Internet resource for African-American genealogical researchers, with a mailing list, an archives, a newsletter, a surname registry, and a Slave Data project. The URL for the Afrigeneas home page is: Afrigeneas home page
    22. Online Indexed Passenger/Ship List American Plantations and Colonies by Thomas Langford
    23. More ship passenger lists are found at the Home of Harold Ralston, Racine, Wisconsin or see the index page
    24. The Rock Island Arsenal Prison History
    25. Surname Index of Confederate Soldiers who died at Rock Island Arsenal Prison during the Civil War
    26. Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
    27. Roots-L Mailing List for NC. and SC.
    28. Genealogy Listserves, Newsgroups, and Special Homepages
    29. Gene Stark ..Index of Names for all GenWeb Sites
    30. South Carolina Genealogy Reference in the State Library
    31. Where To Write for Vital Records - South Carolina
    32. The Political Graveyard...  Information on Dead Politicians, where they are buried, how they died, cemetaries and their locations, etc. Very helpful to determine who was in office when your ancestors were living. Information on the entire United States.
    33. Genealogy Resources on the Internet hosted by Chris Gaunt and John Fuller.  A compilation of genealogy-related resources that includes sites for mailing lists, FTP, newsgroups, Telnet, Gopher, WWW, and email.

History of Fairfield County

The origin of the name Fairfield is not known, but local legend attributes it to a remark by Lord Cornwallis about the "fair fields" of the area. The county was formed in 1785 as a part of Camden District. The town of Winnsboro, which was settled around 1755, is the county seat. Fairfield County lies between the upcountry and the lowcountry areas of the state, and it was settled both by Scotch-Irish immigrants from colonies to the north and by English and French Huguenot planters from the lowcountry. In the colonial period this area was a center for the Regulator movement, which sought to bring law and order to the backcountry. During the Revolutionary War, Lord Cornwallis made his headquarters in Winnsboro from October 1780 to January 1781; the county was also invaded by General Sherman's troops during the Civil War. Cotton production was the major economic activity of the area, but the county also produced Winnsboro Blue Granite. Some prominent residents of the county were Regulator leader Thomas Woodward (d. 1799), Revolutionary War soldier Richard Winn (1750-1818), and artist Laura Glenn Douglas (1886-1962).Compiled by South Carolina State Library 1996.

About the South Carolina USGenWeb Project

In March and April, 1996, a group of genealogists organized the Kentucky Comprehensive Genealogy Database. The idea was to provide a single entry point for all counties in Kentucky, where collected databases would be stored. In addition, the databases would be indexed and cross-linked, so that even if an individual were found in more than one county, they could be located in the index.

At the same time, volunteers were found who were willing to coordinate the collection of databases and generally oversee the contents of the web page. The SC USGenWeb Project is an extension of the KY USGenWeb Project. The person responsible for Fairfield County is James W. Green III James W. Green III. Please contact me, if you have a desire to add your data to the database. If you are interested in adopting a county, please contact Victoria Proctor, South Carolina State Coordinator.

Thanks for dropping in! And do come again!

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