State of South Carolina

Sumter District

In the Name of God, Amen I , Thomas Britton of South Carolina State, Sumter District and Salem County, Being Weak and Frail in body but of Sound Mind and Memory Do Make Ordain and Appoint this my Last Will and Testament in the following Manner; FIRST, I resign my Soul to God its Creator and Redeemer in Humble hopes of its future Happinefs. As for my Body I leave buried in a Decent Christian like manner as my Executors shall Descrecionally Appoint. And as for the Worldly goods it hath pleased God to blefs me with I give and bequeath in the following Manner----------------------FIRST, I give and bequeath to my Beloved COUZEN JARED NEILSON, The Two Tracts of Land & Bo't of John Candle and William Candle of the Mifsisippi Territory the same Tract lying on Cowpen Swamp joining land laid out to John Gibson, the other on Rockey Bluff Swamp, joining the said Gibsons Tract. And the third part of my personal Estate, except the Household and kitchen furniture to Him and his Heirs forever..ITEM ; I give and bequeath to my BELOVED COUZEN DAVIS NEILSON, JR, One third of my personal Estate and my Household and kitchen furniture and the Wagons of the Heir of my Negros untill they are come or sent for by one of the Other Legatees to Him and His Hiers forever---------------------------------------ITEM; I give and bequeath to my HALF BROTHER RICHARD BRADFORD, the SON of NATHANIEL BRADFORD, the other third of my Personal Estate to him and his Hiers forever. It is my will and Desire that my Estate which is one Family of Negroes shall not be devided but be Valued and one of the Legatees to take the whole of them together. And make up payment to the other Legatees their third part of the Valuation of them. And as they are Now in the Mifsisippi Territory. Which ever of the Legatees goes for them the other shall be at Equal Expence in fetching them and pay the other for his trouble. It is my Will and Desire that JARED NEILSON do furnish my UNCLE DAVID NEILSON with a Mare for his own use and property whenever he shall call for her and to be for his Use during his life and at his Death to fall to his son JOSIAH NEILSON, both her and her Increase to him the said JOSIAH NEILSON and his Heirs forever.-------And I do hereby Nominate and Appoint JARED NEILSON, THOS GORDON, and JOHN MCDONALD of Linches Creek, Executors of this my Last Will and Testament and Do Acknowledge this and no other to be my last Will and Testament in the presence of these Witnefs, Signed, Sealed and Deliverd this 10th Day of Jany 1807 Anno Donna-----

Thomas Britton (SEAL)

Witnefs: David Armstrong, Benj Richbourg, Ansellan Reame

Recorded March 8, 1807

Sumter County, South Carolina, Will Book A, Pg 57,Bundle 8, Pkgs 4


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