South Carolina

In the name of God Amen, I Joseph Britton of Craven County in the Province aforesaid, Planter, Being weak of body, but of sound and disposing Mind Memory and Understanding. Blefsed be God for the same, But Calling to mind the Mortality of mankind do make and Constitute this my last Will and Testament. Commiting and resigning first of all, my Soul into the hands of Almighty God, who gave it, hoping through the alone merrits and Mediation of a Glorious Redeemers he will graciously be pleased to receive the same; and my Body , I commit to Earth, to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executors hereafter named, nothing doubting but it will be raised again by the same, Almighty Power, wherewith it was Created and Reunighted to the same spirit in a Glorious resurrection; And for what worldly Estate it hath Pleased Almighty God to Blefs me with, I now dispose of in Manner and form following--First, it is my will that all my Estate both real and personal be kepted together till all my Just debts be paid; And the Legatees hereafter Named, Paid and discharged, and the Residue of my Estate, to be divided in manner and form following.----ITEM, I give and bequeath unto my Beloved wife Ann Britton, one good Woman, riding horse, to the value of one hundred and fifty Pounds Currency, one side saddle & Bridle, and one Bed & furniture, together with the Priviledge of Living upon either of my Plantations or Tracts of Land, which she shall think Proper, during her widowhood. ITEM , I give and bequeath unto Ann Britton, wife of Francis Britton, the sum of two hundred and fifty pounds Current money of the Province to be raised out of my Estate before divided-----It is my will that all my plantations or Tracts of Land, be legally and lawfully advertised six months and then sold, Separately, tract by tract, according to the quantity of acres specified in the original Platts or conveyances thereof Recieving Neverthelefs with Plantation or tract of Land which my said Wife Ann Britton, shall think proper to preserve for her use during her widowhood ( or above reserved) and at the Expiration of such term, or her decease, that Plantation or Tract of Land which she the said Ann Britton hath reserved, and had the use of, shall be said and above directed, and the moneys arising on all my Plantations or Tracts of Land to be Equally divided between my Five sons Philip, Thomas, Moses, Joseph and John Britton. To Hold to them , their heirs an afsigns, and if either, or more of my said, sons should die minors or without Lawful Ifsue, that their part of said moneys arising on the sald of said Lands shall return to, and be equally divided between his or their surviving brothers share, and share alike------ITEM , It that all titles made and Executed after the Lawful advertising all the aforesaid Lands six months as above directed, by one or more of my Executors hereafter named shall stand good in Law---- ITEM, this my will that all my Personal Estate of what nature and kind soever be Legally and Lawfully advertised six months, then sold and the moneys thereon arising be equally divided between my Eight Beloved Children, ELIZABETH, PHILIP, THOMAS, MARTHA, MARY, MOSES, JOSEPH, and JOHN, to hold to them, their heirs and Afsigns. And in case any of the said Children should die minors, or without Lawful Ifsue, that their part of said Personal Estate, shall return to and be equally divided between the surviving Brothers and Sisters, share and share alike. And Lastly I do hereby Nominate, Constitute and appoint my beloved wife Ann Britton, Executrix. And my beloved Son Philip Britton , and my Loving Nephews, Daniel Britton, Francis Britton, Philip Britton and Henry Britton, my Executors, to this my last Will and Testament, Disannuling and revoking all former wills, testaments, or deeds whatsoever, Ratifying and confirming this to be my Last Will and Testament, which I declare in the Presence of the Testators. And In Witnefs whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this Twenty fifth day of June in the Year of our Lord , One Thousand, and Seven hundred Seventy Three, and in the Thirteenth Year of his Majestice Reign-----Joseph Britton (L.S.)

Signed, Sealed, published & declared by the said Executors of and for his Last Will and Testament in the presence of us, who in his presence & at his request. Signed as witnefs thereto------

Nathan Savage

Timothy Sullivan

Hugh Giles


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