The State of South Carolina Sumter District

I Henry Britton of the District and State aforesaid do hereby make my Last Will & Testament in manner following; To wit: 1st Upon my first marriage there was a settlement made of certain property, to certain uses and with certain limitations therein expressed, which I suppose, but do not know positively, not having the said deed or a copy thereof in my possession, secured the said property so settled to my children who are the issue of that marriage; this if so, is in accordance with my wish and requires no confirmation by my will, but if from any cause the said settlement does not secure the said property to my said Children, or if by the said settlement I have any right of disposition, or power of appointment of the said property I hereby declare it my Will, that the property aforesaid shall go to my said children by my first marriage to be equally divided between them, the issue of such of my said children as are dead leaving issue to represent such deceased children respectively and to take their shares thereof, my said children to have the possession use and profits of their shares thereof respectively during their lives and after their death that the same be equally divided among such children as they may leave alive at their death. 2nd To my son James H. Britton, I have advanced the sum of five hundred dollars to aid him in purchasing the land on which he now lives, this said sum I hereby release to him and give him the same absolutely. 3rd To my son Francis G. Britton, I hereby give and devise the tract of land which I have laid off to him and on which he now lives, for the term of his life, and after his death to his children who may then be dead such issue to represent such children and take their shares respectively. 4th To my daughter Elizabeth Delorme, I give and devise the tract of land which I have laid off to her and put her husband and herself in possession of, to and for her sold an separate use during her life and after her death to her children equally, the issue of a deceased child if any, taking by representation the share of such deceased child. 5th All the rest of my property of every description I will to be visible property in such manner as they shall think most advantageous; out of the proceeds of which together with what money I may have in hand and what may be due to me I wish my debts to be paid-----and the residue I give to my children by my second marriage to wit: Alwin Sydney, Sarah Ann and Susan Jane, to be put in their possession upon their respectively arriving at the age of twenty one years or marrying the shares of Sarah Ann and susan Jane to be to their sole and separate use in case of their marriage for their lives respectively and after their death to their children: the issue of a deceased child if any taking by representation the share of such deceased child; but should either of them leave no issue alive at her death, then her share to go to the others of my said children by my second marriage, the issue of either of them who may be dead taking by representation the share of such deceased child; but should either of my said children die before the time directed for the payment of his or her part or share it is my will that such part of share shall be divided according to the acts now of force in this state for the distribution of the estates of intestates. 6th And Lastly: I hereby nominate and appoint my friends Joseph B. White, Leonard White, and Doctor Thomas M. Dick executors of this my Last Will; and guardian of my children Alwin Sydney, Sarah Ann, and Susan Jane. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this Twentieth day of July in the Year of our Lord One Thousand, Eight Hundred and Forty Two. Signed: H. Britton (Seal)

Signed, sealed, published adn declared by the testator as his Last Will and Testament on the day above written in our presence who have subscribed our names as witnesses in his presence. William Burrows, John A. Colclough, William Haynsworth

Recorded: Sept. 19, 1842


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