Clarendon Blues, Confederate Roster  

Roster of The Clarendon Blues

9th Regiment, Company C

The 9th Infantry Regiment was organized in April 1861, for a term of one year's service. The unit was sent to Virginia and assigned to General D.R. Jone's Brigade, Department of Northern Virginia. The regiment disbanded in April 1862, with many of the men and officers joining other South Carolina regiments. Units of the Confederate States Army by Joseph H. Crute, Jr.

Upon reorganization, some of the officers and men of this company subsequently served in Co. E, Palmetto Regiment Sharpshooters S.C. A few served in 2nd Co. C 6th SC Infantry. Some served in 2nd Co. E SC Infantry, and others in 2nd Co. K 6th SC Infantry.

During September and October, 1861, the 9th Infantry was stationed at McLeans Ford. They left camp at Yeomantown on 14 September for picket duty at Brandy Mole Castle Hill and returned to camp. The distance was about 13 miles. They fired a number of shots on picket posts. One of nine who was slightly wounded was killed and then buried. It was belived that about ten others were killed and wounded. They took one prisoner who was Hungarian. He was sent to the headquarters of General Longstreet. On September 25th, the company was sent for three days of picket duty at Lewisville, about eight miles away. On October 5, they were engaged for 4 days of picket duty at Wells Cross Roads, about seven miles away. On October 16, they left for Germantown and fell back, by order to McLean ford on the night of the 16th. They waited for the enemy at Germantown all day, but they did not come. On the 17th they left for ;picket duty at No. 3 Makeley House. They had an engagement that turned out to be with Confederate troops. They took a prisoner, but released him once they found out he was from a Georgia troop. On October 29, they were again at the same place on picket duty for three days.

In November and December and on into January 1862 they were stationed at Centreville, Virginia.

Notes from Complied Service Records - South Carolina (Microcopy No. M267) 9th Infantry

June 20, 1861

  • J.S. Whitworth, Capt.- Co. C. Hampton's Legion; killed at 2nd Manassas* 
  • W.S. Brand, 1st Lieut. - Co. K, 6th Regiment, later Captain of this unit* 
  • J.M. Knight, 2nd Lieut. 
  • Isaac Keels, 3rd Lieut - resigned on Oct. 5, 1861* 
  • J.S. McIntosh, Orderly. S. Sergt. 
  • R.A. Bethune, 2nd Sergt. - Co. K, 6th Regiment 
  • T.M. Nelson, 3rd Sergt. - Co. C. Hampton's Legion; killed at 2nd Manassas* 
  • W. J. Durant, 4th Sergt. - Co. E, P.S.S.* 
  • J.S. Durant, 1st Corpl. - Co. E, P.S.S.* 
  • S.C. Lee, 2nd Corpl.- Co. C., Byrd's 6th Battalion* 
  • R.S. Mellett, 3rd Corpl. - Co. K, 6th Regiment* 
  • T.H. Gibbons, 4th Corpl. - Co. K, 6th Regiment* 
  • S. L. Eadon, Corpl. 
  • W.S. Allen, Private - Co. K, 6th Regiment; died 1864* 
  • R.W. J. Barrow, Private - Co. K, 6th Regiment; died 1862* 
  • R. Beard, Private 
  • A.F. Burgess, Private 
  • J.A. Burgess, Private 
  • Joseph Calvin Burgess, Private - Co. I, 25th Regiment; died at Elmira on 7/10/1865* 
  • J.H. Burgess, Private - Co. B, Holcomb's Legion, Cavalry* 
  • R.J. Burgess, Private - Co. K, 6th Regiment* 
  • J.M. Carraway, Private 
  • S.M. Chandler, Private 
  • J.W. Coker, Private - Byrd's 6th Battalion; died 1861 (Wheatley J. Coker)* 
  • C. Coustin, Private - Garden's Battery (Conrad Constine)* 
  • T.G.M. Dennis, Private - Co. E, 6th Regiment* 
  • C.C. DuBose, Private 
  • J.P. Epps, Private - - Co. K, 6th Regiment* 
  • W.S. Epps, Private 
  • R. Evans, Private 
  • E.A. Fleming, Private 
  • H.C. Floyd, Private - Co. K, 6th Regiment* 
  • Z.R. Fulmore, Private 
  • J.W. Gaymon, Private 
  • J.C. Gibbons, Private - 1st Battaltion Sharpshooters* 
  • S.M. Graham, Private 
  • E.J. Green, Private - Co. H, 26th Regiment* 
  • W.W. Hickmon, Private - Co. C Byrd's 6th 
  • W.L. Hickson, Private 
  • J.B. Hodge, Private 
  • J. M. Hodge, Private 
  • A. H. J. Johnson, Private 
  • H.W. Johnson, Private 
  • T.J. Johnson, Private 
  • C.L. Land, Private 
  • W. Lavender, Private 
  • W.J. Mathis, Private 
  • W.D. McFaddin, Private 
  • W.E. McFaddin, Private 
  • G. McCreary, Private 
  • F.N. McElveen, Private 
  • J. E. McElveen, Private 
  • R.W.J. McIntosh, Private 
  • S.E. McIntosh, Private 
  • A.S. McLeod, Private 
  • S.A. Morris, Private 
  • T.J.L. Morris, Private 
  • B.G. Pierson, Private 
  • S.D. Pierson, Private 
  • P.L. Pigate, Private 
  • S.M. Reardon, Private 
  • J. T. Richbourg, Private 
  • W.T. Rose, Private 
  • J.M. Rush, Private 
  • J.N. Sauls, Private 
  • D.M. Smith, Private 
  • R.S. Smith, Private 
  • J. D. Sturgeon, Private 
  • J.M. Thomas, Private 
  • J.W. Thornhill, Private 
  • W.E. Thornhill, Private 
  • W. B. Ward, Private 
  • E.N. Welch, Private 
  • J.D. Welch, Private 
  • J. P. Welch , Private 
  • N.H. Welch, Private 
  • A.W. Williams, Private 
  • D.G. Williams, Private 
  • D.M. Woods, Private 
  • E.D. Windham, Private 
This roster was transcribed by Cynthia R. Parker.

If you have any information to add to this data, please let me know.

This roster is from a copy of an old newspaper clipping.

I am searching to find out more information about the history of this company.

*Information provided by Callen Watts.

Thanks to her for helping with setting the record straight about which Regiment the Clarendon Blues were part of.

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