Company H, 5th Cavalary, SCV  

The Santee Guerrillas 
Company H, 5th Cavalry
South Carolina Volunteers

The 5th Cavalry Regiment was organized in January of 1863, by consolidating the 14th and 17th Battalions South Carolina Cavalry. For a time, the 5th served the Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. In March of 1864, the unit was moved to Virginia, with 1,200 men. After being assigned to Butler's Brigade, the 5th fount in The Wilderness Campaign, the battles of Cold Harbor, and south of the James River. Later, the regiment was active in the Carolinas Campaign, attached to Logan's Brigade. The 5th Cavalry was surrendered by General Joseph E. Johnston at Durham Station, Orange County, North Carolina on april 26, 1865. surrendered. Commanding officers were: Colonels Zimmerman Davis, John Donovant, and Samuel W. Ferguson; Lieutenant Colonels J.C. Edwards, and Robert J. Jeffords; and Major Joseph H. Morgan. Units of the Confederate States Army by Joseph H. Crute, Jr.

History of the 5th Cavalry

Company H  was raised up in Sumter and Clarendon Districts by Captain William Nettles (1810-1875) of  the Privateer Township, Sumter District between December 1861and January 1862. After June  of 1862, Captain Nettles was for the most part absent from the company due to his ill health, and in November of 1862 he was discharged from service. After that, the company came under the command of Captain Richard M. Skinner of Paxville, Clarendon District, until his death at Nance's Shop, Virginia, on 24 June 1864. After Capt. Skinner's death, the company was led  by Captain Edward M. Branham. 

The 5th Cavalry Regiment originated as  Co. A, of the 2d Battalion (Squadron) SC Cavalry which was organized from  December 1861 - January 1862, as the 1st Battalion SC Cavalry, but was officially designated the 2d Battalion  SC Cavalry upon its acceptance into Confederate service. The 2d Battalion SC Cavalry was commanded by Major Paul Stroman Felder of Orangeburg District until its reorganization in May 1862. At that time it came under the command of  Major Joseph Hargrove Morgan, and was redesignated the 14th Battalion SC Cavalry. The companies of this reorganization became A, F, H, and I of the 5th SC Cavalry. 

The following is a list of officers and privates by T. Adams Way, from the May 20, 1891 edition of the Manning Times. The words of description are those of T. Adams Way. 

"On December 26th, 1861, we took a final leave of loved ones, to enlist in the defense of our homes and Southland. The call had been made for volunteers and Company H, 5th S.C. Cavalry, responded bravely to the call. At Packsville the venerable servant of God, Rev. W.H. Mahony, offered up prayer to God, and then with sad hears and much weeping the good-bye's and God bless you's were spoken, which proved to some to be the last farewell. The kiss of mothers and wives followed us to the battle field. Some have returned from the field of carnage, who live today; while others sleep the sleep that knows no waking. I shall endeavor to give a few reminiscenses (sic) of this company, and begin this week by publishing the roll with a few explanatory remarks."

The following are notes taken from the "Compiled Service Records ..." South Carolina (Microcopy No. M267) 5th Cavalry

Company H - Santee Guerillas

Originally Co. 2nd, apt. Co. A 14th Batt. S.C. Cav. (See also Co. A 14th Batt. S.C. Cav. for prior rolls.)

March and April 1863 - Charleston, S.C. Removed from Chehaw road on the 27 day of by order of Genl. W.S. Walker commdr 3rd Mil. Dist. to report to . Riply at Charleston, S.C. Distance marched Fifty four miles: arrived at St. Andrews opposite the city on the 29 April + then awaited further orders. Removed to the cityh on the 1st of May 1863.

Aug. 31, 1863 - Not stated

Nov. 1, 1863 - James Island

Nov. and Dec. 1863 - James Island, S.C.

April 30 to Aug. 31, 1864 - Gravelly River, Va

Sept and Oct. 1864 - Camp Butler, Va.

Company H

Jan 2 - Jan 22, 1863 Pocataligo

Jan and Feb. 1863 - Pocataligo

Mar and April 1863 - near Charleston

June 30, 1863 - Mt. Pleasant

July and Aug. 1863 - Charleston, S.C. Since last muster, this company has marched from Mt. Pleasant to Charleston.

Sept and Oct. 1863 - Charleston, S.C. The men reported as having lost or left their horses on James Island have not yet been paid for their horse and .......

Nov. and Dec. --- Charleston, S.C.

Jan and Feb. 1864 - Charleston

April to Aug. 31, 1864 -- Gravel River, Va.

Sept and Oct. -- Not stated

The 5th Cavalry participated in the following battles:

  • Grimball's Landing, James Island, S.C. (30 July 1863) 
  • The Wilderness, Virginia (5 - 6 May 1864) 
  • Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia (8 - 21 May 1864) 
  • North Anna Virginia (23 - 26 May 1864) 
  • Haw's Shop (28 May 1864) 
  • Cold Harbor, Virginia (1 - 3 June 1864) 
  • Petersburg Siege, Virginia (June 1864 - April 1865) 
  • Vaughan Road (1 October 1864) 
  • Burgess' Mill (27 October 1864) 
  • Carolinas Campaign (February - April 1865) 



    Another list of the engagements of the 5th Cavalry

Roll of Company H, 5th Calvary

South Carolina Volunteers,


  1. William Nettles, captain, Sumter. Relieved from army on account of absence and continued illness, and died since the war in his 65th year. 
  2. R.M. Skinner, captain, Clarendon. Wounded at Pocataligo in May and October 1862, and was killed at Sharpsburg, June 1864. He entered the army as a 2nd Lieut, and was promoted to captain. 
  3. E. Manly Bradham, captain, Clarendon. Elected 2nd Lieutenant at Green Pond, and afterwards rose to captain. Died at Manning in 1885 
  4. James S. Tindal, 1st Lieut, Clarendon. Died at Green Pond, S.C.. On reaching the coast he took sick and died on congestion. His remains were sent home and interred in Andrews Chapel cemetery in Clarendon County. 
  5. John Bethune, 2nd Lieut., Clarendon. Wounded at Sharpsburg in 1864. He is now a resident of Florida. 
  6. J.H. Colclough, 2nd Lieut., Clarendon. At the reorganization in 1862, Lieutenant Colclough was not re-elected. He returned home and has ever since been an inmate of the State lunatic asylum. 
  7. F.M. Rhame, 2nd Lieut., Clarendon. Severely wounded at the battle of Sharpsburg in 1864, but recovered. Died at home several years after the war. 
  8. James D. Skinner, 2nd Lieut., Clarendon. Breveted 2nd Lieutenant in 1864. Died since the war. 
  9. William Lesesne, 1st Sergt, Clarendon. Continued as orderly to the end of the war, and is now a resident of Florida. 
  10. J. Wesley Broadway, 2nd Sergt, Clarendon. Wounded at Louisa C.H., Va, 1864. 
  11. J. Henry Holladay, 3rd Sergt, Clarendon. Killed by the accidental discharge of a gun at Manning in 1869. 
  12. J.W. McCaulley, 4th Sergt., Clarendon. Discharged in 1862. 
  13. W.T. Chewning, 5th Sergt., Clarendon. Died of consumption since the war. 
  14. A.H. Bradham, 3rd Corp., Clarendon. Died at Packsville in 1890. 
  15. E.P. Coleman, 4th Corp., Clarendon. Wounded at Savannah, Ga. in 1865. 
  16. J.D. Beatson, 5th Corp., Clarendon. Wounded in Georgia, in 1864 
  1. A.J. Barwick, Clarendon. 
  2. John A. Brown, Clarendon 
  3. G. Washington Broadway, Clarendon. Died in 1889. 
  4. Henry T. Broadway, Clarendon. 
  5. Judson J. Broadway, Clarendon. 
  6. Benjamin Broadway, Clarendon. 
  7. Benjamin J. Barrett, Clarendon. 
  8. Newton L. Barwick, Clarendon. 
  9. James M. Barwick, Clarendon. 
  10. Jared N. Barwick, Clarendon. 
  11. Benjamin J. Barwick, Clarendon. 
  12. R.H. Belser, Clarendon 
  13. Willis J. Brown, Sumter. 
  14. James B. Brown, Clarendon. 
  15. Frank Ballard, Sumter. Was a veteran of the Mexican war, and entered Confederte army as a substitute for Rob't. Spann. Died since the war. 
  16. Stephen Boykin, Sumter. Discharge on account of ill health and being underage. Died since the war. 
  17. William Brunson, Jr., Sumter, Died since the war. 
  18. Thos. W. Briggs, Clarendon. 
  19. R. Ragin Briggs, Clarendon. Discharged by furnishing substitute at McPhersonville, S.C. 
  20. Theo. W. Brailsford, Clarendon. Wounded at Burgess Mill, Va. in 1864. 
  21. Moses W. Bulter, Clarendon. 
  22. Norman L. Carraway, Clarendon. 
  23. James Caldwell, Sumter. Discharged by furnishing a substitute in 1862 at Pocotaligo, S.C. 
  24. A.F. Cousar, Sumter. Was wounded near Petersburg in 1864. He was promoted to corporal. 
  25. Walter C. Corbett, Clarendon. 
  26. A.R. Chandler, Clarendon. Died since the war from Paralysis. 
  27. C. Gadsen Chandler, Sumter. 
  28. Thos. P. Cuttino, Clarendon. Died since the war. 
  29. L.R. Chewning, Clarendon. Was detailed to the ordinance department at Charleston in 1864, and remained there to the close of the war. 
  30. Thos. H. Conyers, Clarendon. 
  31. John C. Dyson, Clarendon. 
  32. James Dyson, Clarendon. Died of wounds received at Burgess Mill in 1864. 
  33. P.B. Driggers, Clarendon. 
  34. Shade Driggers, Clarendon. Lost his left eye from a wound received at Chester, Va. in 1864. 
  35. Edwin D. Davis, Clarendon. Died of disease in Virginina in 1863. 
  36. J. Isam Davis, Clarendon. Discharged in 1862 on account of being overage. He was 62 years of age when discharged. 
  37. Robt. Davis, Clarendon. Died in Virginia in 1863. Was a substitute for R.R. Briggs. 
  38. R.R. Dingle, Clarendon. Discharged at Pocataligo in 1862. 
  39. G.H. Dukes, Clarendon. 
  40. M.J. Dennis, Sumter. 
  41. Robert J. Dick, Sumter. 
  42. S.P.H. Elwell, Clarendon. Transferred to Company I, 23rd Reg.; lost his left arm at Jackson, Miss; is now one of the foremost preachers in the South Carolina Conference. 
  43. Vincent Floyd, Clarendon. Died of disease in 1864. 
  44. Stephen Floyd, Clarendon. Killed since the war in Sumter. 
  45. C.W. Felder, Clarendon. Discharged in 1862; died at home since the war. 
  46. D.H. Garret, Clarendon. 
  47. James Griffin, Clarendon. Died since the war. 
  48. Wm. M. Green, Sumter. 
  49. Wm. W. Geddings, Sumter. 
  50. Jacob V. Geddings, Sumter. 
  51. J.J. Geddings, Clarendon. 
  52. Thom. H. Garrett, Clarendon. Lost an arm in a gin since the war. 
  53. G.W. Gaymon (colored), Clarendon. Volunteered in 1861, but was discharged in 1862 on account of his color. * 
  54. John W. Gayle, Clarendon. Died since the war. 
  55. Henry W. Gardner, Sumter. Wounded at Trevilian's Station in 1864. 
  56. E.G. Gregory, Sumter. Died since the war. 
  57. W.W. Holladay, Clarendon. Discharged at McPhersonville on account of age. 
  58. J. Washington Holladay, Sumter 
  59. Thos. J. Hudson, Sumter. Wounded at Trevilian's Station in 1864. 
  60. John W. Hudson, Sumter. 
  61. Josiah Haynesworth, Sumter. Discharged on account of overage in 1862. 
  62. Ed. E. Hodge, Sumter. 
  63. Elisha Hodge, Sumter. 
  64. Jos. B. Hodge, Sumter. Lost an arm from a wound received at Hallshop, Va. in 1864. 
  65. Irby W. Hodge, Clarendon. 
  66. O.E. Hodge, Clarendon. 
  67. B.J. Hodge, Clarendon. 
  68. John J. Hodge, Clarendon. 
  69. Issac T. Hodge, Clarendon. 
  70. Oscar Hodge, Sumter. 
  71. Mayoy Hodge, Sumter. 
  72. Sam Hodge, Clarendon. Convicted of murder of a VanEaton, a tabacco peddler, and hung in Columbia in 1868. 
  73. Thos. H. Harvin, Clarendon. 
  74. Sept. A. Harvin, Clarendon. Died since the war of consumption. 
  75. Thos. Hilton, Clarendon. 
  76. Joseph Horton, Clarendon. 
  77. John W. Hilton, Clarendon. Was accidentally killed since the war by being thrown from a buggy while riding in a thunder storm. 
  78. Jas. H. Horton, Clarendon. Died of measles at Raleigh, N.C.; at the age of 17. 
  79. R.F. Jenkinson, Clarendon. Was promoted to sergeant at Charleston in 1863. 
  80. W.E. Jenkinson, Clarendon. Died since the war. 
  81. Daniel Jeffords, Clarendon. 
  82. J. Warren Jackson, Clarendon. Was wounded at Burgess Mill, Va. In 1864; died since war. 
  83. Robt. B. James, Clarendon. 
  84. James Jones, Clarendon. Died of disease at Mt. Pleasant, S.C. in 1863. 
  85. Thos. W. Jones, Clarendon. 
  86. Ransom Kolb, Sumter. Discharged in 1862. 
  87. Felix King, Clarendon. Murdered at a party in Charleston in 1864. 
  88. G.I. Lesesne, Clarendon. 
  89. John W. Lloyd, Clarendon. 
  90. Henry W. Lloyd, Clarendon. Died of disease in Charleston in 1864. 
  91. Rufus Lackey, Sumter. 
  92. John B. Livingston, Clarendon. Volunteered at the age of 16 in the Manning Guards when that company went to Virginia; was discharged on account of his youth and ill health; as soon as he recovered his health he joined Co. H. Calvary and remained with them till close of war. He is now auditor of Orangeburg County. 
  93. H.J. McLeod, Clarendon. Wounded at Pocataligo in 1862. 
  94. John H. Mahoney, Clarendon. Discharged by furnishing a substitute and later entered the army and served till close of war. 
  95. Dallas F. Mahoney, Clarendon. Wounded near Savannah, Ga. 
  96. Sam P. Mathis, Williamsburg. Was transferred to infantry in 1862. He is now a prominent citizen of Texas. 
  97. Robert P. Mayes, Sumter. 
  98. R.E. McFaddin, Clarendon. 
  99. Nathan Nichols, Clarendon. Was a substitute. 
  100. Wm Nettles, Jr, Sumter. Discharged in 1862 for being underage. 
  101. Joseph A. Osteen, Sumter. Died since the war. 
  102. Caleb C. Osteen, Sumter. Died of measles in Charleston 1862. 
  103. David W. Osteen, Sumter. 
  104. Thos. W. Prichard, Sumter. 
  105. Joseph Pack, Clarendon. Died since the war. 
  106. John Pack, Sumter. Was a substitute for T.A. Way; died since the war. 
  107. Elijah Pack, Sumter. 
  108. Robt. R. Pack, Clarendon. Died since the war. 
  109. Samuel D. Pierson, Clarendon. 
  110. Samuel A. Rigby, Clarendon. 
  111. George T. Roberson, Clarendon. S.A. Rigby and G.T. Roberson were of Northern birth, and had only been in the State a few weeks when the war broke out. They cast their fortunes with the Southern people, joined Co. H., 5th Cavalry, were true to the cause, and served through to the end. Mr. Roberson died in Manning since the war. Mr. Rigby is now one of the most properous merchants in Manning. 
  112. John M. Rowe, Clarendon. Died since the war. 
  113. Thos. D. Rodgers, Sumter. Died since the war. 
  114. Robt. M. Rodgers, Sumter. 
  115. Henry T. Rodgers, Sumter. Discharged in 1862. 
  116. William L. Reynolds, Clarendon. Company commissary. Discharged in 1862 on account of old age. Died since the war. 
  117. Eugene W. Rivers, Sumter. Lost an eye by an accident in Pocataligo in 1863. 
  118. Charles M. Richardson, Clarendon. Died since the war. 
  119. Wm. W. Roberts, Clarendon. Was a substitute for R.R. Dingle. 
  120. Henry L. Ragins, Clarendon. Was discharged in 1862 to enter the Citadel Academy as a student at Charleston. After the war he changed his name to Henry R. Thomas, and is now one on the railroad commisioners for this State. 
  121. Lawrence Ragin, Clarendon. Died since the war. 
  122. Rufus A. Ragin, Clarendon. Died since the war. 
  123. John F. Ragin, Clarendon. Died since the war. 
  124. Charles C. Ragin, Clarendon. 
  125. William D. Rodes, Sumter. 
  126. Fred S. Reams, Sumter. 
  127. Ira L. Reams, Sumter. 
  128. Thos. J. Stone, Sumter. 
  129. Lawrence Stone, Sumter. Died of disease at Charleston, 1863. 
  130. Robt. S. Spann, Sumter. Discharged in 1862 by furnishing substitute. 
  131. Joseph M. Skinner, Clarendon. Wounded on the coast in South Carolina in 1865. 
  132. Harvey Skinner, Clarendon. Transferred to infantry. 
  133. John S. Thames, Clarendon. Died since the war. 
  134. Richard D. Thames, Clarendon. Now residing in Berkeley County. 
  135. William D. Williams, Clarendon. Died since the war. 
  136. Henry F. Windom, Clarendon. Clarendon. Died since the war, near Manning. 
  137. T. Adams Way, Clarendon. Discharged by furnishing a substitute in 1863. Now chairman of the board of county commissioners for Clarendon county. 
  138. Wade Ward, Clarendon. Died of disease on the coast in 1863. 
  139. Robert P. White, Clarendon. 
  140. James R. White, Clarendon. Was transferred from Co. I, 23rd Regt. Infantry. 
  141. Anthony White, Sumter. 
  142. Benjamin A. Walker, Clarendon. Was detailed as regimental commissary and was entrusted with several special missions. Is now a successful merchant in Manning. 
  143. J. Henry Watson, Sumter. Now a deputy sheriff of Sumter county. 
  144. W.M. Wells, Sumter. 
  145. William Wise, Clarendon. Died since the war. 

* George Washington Gaymon (ca. 1815 - 17 December 1890) - "Died suddenly at Panola last Sunday night, Washington Gaymon, Colored, aged about 75 years. He was a well-to-do farmer and was respected by his neighbors. In 1861 he went into Confederate service as a bugler in the 5th SC Cavalry, Co. H." (Abstracts from the Manning Times Volume I by Dee Schmidt. Page 15, 17 Dec 1890)

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