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I am looking for info from Chesterfield County, SC; Morven (Anson County) NC; Richmond County, NC, on the following:  Thomas Calhoun ADAMS, Thomas ADAMS, Jesse Eugene ADAMS, Ruth BRIGMAN, Eli BRIGMAN, Sara Francis DEES (Deese), and Alice RAINWATER.  Many thanks.

Does anyone have information on AGGERTON's that were descended from Thomas AGERTON, Sr.  Thomas AGERTON moved to Chesterfield County from Cumberland County, NC, sometime before 1820.  Thank you.

Can anyone give me any information about this ALSOBROOK family?  Anyone known who Willis Wall ALSOBROOK's father was?  Anyone know what became of this son, William ALSOBROOK?  1850 Chesterfield County Census, page 167, b. dw 1956: Willie W. ALSOBROOK, 58, farmer, 8000, SC; Elizabeth P. 38 female, NC; Franklin L. 23 male, farmer, SC; William 16 male, SC; Jane Powell 24 female, SC.  Thanks.

Our great-great grandfather, William M. ALSOBROOK, is listed in the 1850 Dyer County, TN, and 1860 Carroll Parish LA Censuses.  Two out of three censuses show William M. ALSOBROOK born abt. 1831, born in SC.  In 1850, he was in Dyer County, TN, with his bride, Sue Ann (Snow), living with a Pitts family.  A search of GenWeb shows there was an ALSOBROOK in Chesterfield County in 1850.  I am hoping this is either my William's father or a sibling.  The census index lists only a Mary ALSOBROOK, an R.G. ALSOBROOK, and a W.W. ALSOBROOK in the 1830 SC Census and all three are in Chesterfield District.  Any information on these Alsobrooks would be appreciated.

I am searching for information on Arlington ANDERSON of Chesterfield County, SC, Pageland area, born December 02, 1861, married Laura Mangum.  Thanks.

Does anyone have information on ATKINSON's that were descendants from Burnwell ATKINSON (mid 1850 Anson Co.)  Does anyone have information on Ida Rosa HILTON that was married to Thomas WATTS?  Does anyone have information past Willis GREGORY Sr. (b. 1785). Thanks.

  • BAKER - Catherine Baker North, 3/30/2000

Searching for a William Preston BAKER, born in Mt. Croghan, SC, Chesterfield County in 1870.  He was the son of William Perry BAKER and Louisa Sellers Gulledge BAKER.  He also had two sisters, Lou Anna BAKER Richardson, b. July 18, 1857, wife of Frank B. Richardson, residing in Mt. Croghan, SC, and Susan E. BAKER Hendrick, b. Dec. 1860, and married to Jeffe or Jesse E. Hendrick, also living in Mt. Croghan, SC in 1900.  Lou Anna BAKER Richardson was the daughter of William Perry BAKER and his first wife, Mary Caroline McBride.  Susan E. BAKER was the daughter of William Perry BAKER and his second wife, Rebecca Jane Strother, also of Chesterfield County.  William Preston BAKER was the son of the third marriage to Louise Sellers Gulledge BAKER. Any help in finding my great aunts and uncles would be appreciated.  Thanks.

  • BAKER - Otis Madison Baker, Jr., 2/12/2000

I am looking for any information on my grandfather, Otis Madison BAKER, said to be born in Chesterfield County December 21, 1888.  I would like to know his father and mother's name and any information that is available.  I have the family name and have been told that it goes back for many generations.  Thank you.

My grandparents are Joel Eula TAYLOR and Essie Nell BITTLE TAYLOR.  I need any info you can give me on the TAYLORs.  My 3g grandfather was John BITTLE and his son was Burwell who married Lizzie Crawford.  Their son was Augustus Jefferson who married Cindy Lou Burr BITTLE.  I need marriage dates, birthdates, death dates, and anything beyond John BITTLE.

I am currently doing some genealogy research on my maternal parents family.  I'm interested in finding out any information you may have acquired on an Allen BLAKENEY, who lived circa 1870s?  Thank you for your time and consideration.

I am trying to establish the parents of Naomi BLAKENEY.  I believe her to be born between 1790-95.  She was married to Nathaniel EDGEWORTH by 1815, and died Jan. 10, 1845.  Thank you.

  • BOONE - Joann Phillips, 7/12/2000

I am looking for information on my great-grandmother, Annie BOONE, possibly from Chesterfield County.  I know she had a brother, Sebron or Seburn.  I have found a family of William BOONE, age 67, and wife, Rachel, age 50, in the Lancaster County 1880 Census with a daughter, Any (Annie ? ) and son, Sebron.  Their other children were Harriet, William, Mary, George, Smith, Joseph, and Louis M.  I have found Sebron's death certificate in Cabarrus County, NC, listing his parent's birthplace as Chesterfield County, SC. Annie's only child, my grandmother, Rachel Rebecca, married Joe C. Aycock in 1895 in Tradeville, SC.  Any information on these people would be much appreciated.  

  • BREWER - Mark Brewer, 5/21/2000

I am trying to find information about the BREWER Mine that was located in Chesterfield County at approximately the time of the Revolutionary War.  There is a reference to it in the 1896 North Carolina bulletin on Gold Deposits of North Carolina.  I am interested in any information on members of the BREWER family that might have lived in the county and presume that a mine by that name would indicate the family was present there at one time.  Thank you.

  • BROWN - James M. Brown, 6/11/2000

I would appreciate any information or leads on the Brown family whose plantation is shown on the 1825 Mills Atlas, Chesterfield District, South Carolina map near the western border on Big Lynches Creek.  I think that my gg grandfather (b. ca. 1813 in SC) migrated from that area to Florida in 1841 (ca.). His mother was Elender BROWN, who came to Florida later, along with John's siblings Edward D., Cornelius B., Caleb and Elisabeth.

  • BROWN - Barbara R. Bryant, 3/28/2000

I am searching for a Margaret (Peg) BROWN, born in Chesterfield County, SC, around 1832/1838.  She had one son, William (middle initial A. or D.) BROWN, born about 1858-1862, who was married to Georgiana Gainey 1885/1890.  Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.  I have found them listed on the census for 1860, 1870, 1880, but cannot find where they are buried, so that I can get correct dates, etc.  Thanks.

As my BURKETT forefathers came from perhaps your area and removed to Butler County, Alabama, about 1825, is there anyone with these names in your files?  Two of the original BURKETTs from this area to Butler County were married to Stapleton and Herrington females.  Land documents from your area show transactions between these families.  Thank you.

I am looking for any information that anyone can provide me concerning the CAULDER, KIRKLEY, RAINWATER and TURNER families in Chesterfield County.  I am originally from Cheraw, and my father is a TURNER and my mother is originally a CAULDER. My maternal grandfather was a KIRKLEY, and both my paternal grandmother and a maternal great-grandmother were RAINWATER.  I have very little information on any of these families, and would like any help you can provide.  Thanks.

Seeking information on the family of John Henry DAVIS, born in Chesterfield County, SC, married Elizabeth  Mae SNIPES, born 1889.  Their children are Dola, Juanita, Richard T., Martha, Mary, John, Mae, Doris and Bratton C. DAVIS, born 1910 (date of birth for other children unknown).  I have quite a bit on the SNIPES side but nothing on John Henry's parents or siblings.  Thanks.

My great-great grandfather was Duncan DEAS/DEES.  Duncan was the son of Absalom DEAS/DEES.  Duncan enlisted in Company "B" of the 9th South Carolina Infantry (Pee Dee Legion) in 1861.  I am unable to find any other information on what happened to Duncan.  I suspect he may have been killed or rendered an invalid during the first few years of the war.  Any information on what happened to Duncan would be greatly appreciated.

Searching for any and all information on Rhelus/Relius (a.k.a. William Aurelius) DEES, married Frances Neoma Funderburk in 1875.  Seeking info on his ancestors and of shooting involving Jim PLYLER.  Thank you.

Looking for names of Sidney Preston DONAHUE'S mother and father from Chesterfield County, SC.  Thank you.

One of my ancestors was John DONALDSON, who was an early merchant in Chesterfield County, SC.  His Rev. War records state that he was from England, and born ca 1745.  his wife was a lady named Sarah, who I have not been able to trace due to the lack of a maiden name.  He moved his family to Richmond County, NC, and died shortly thereafter, in 1781.  He named Ely Kershaw as one of the Executors of his estate.  Would be glad to hear from anyone with a suggestion on where to look for Sarah's family.  She married Daniel Hicks.  

I am searching all NC/SC border counties, including Chesterfield, for the following.  Searching for burial place of Thomas DRAPER and Lucy Coleman DRAPER.  Thomas DRAPER died in 1812 in Union District, SC.  Lucy Coleman was a sister to Frances Coleman, wife of Zachariah Gibbs.  Lucy apparently died sometime between 1800 and 1811.  Some think they are buried at Moncks Corner, SC.  This is a search for any information about where they are buried.  

  • EUBANKS - Marsha Eubanks, 5/31/2000

I'm trying to get information on Julius EUBANKS and Jenny Willeford EUBANKS.  These are my great-grandparents.  Thanks.

I am researching the Evans surname in Chesterfield County, SC.  I am researching my grandmother's genealogy.  She passed away 5 years ago, and she never knew her mother as she died when my grandmother was a baby.  her mother was born in Chesterfield County, her  name was Ada (Alice or Ellise) Evans, she was born around 1900.  She married Ben B. Ogburn and they had 2 children before she died, Ruby (my grandmother) and Harry.  I do not have Ada's parents names yet, that is what I am looking for.  Any help would be so appreciated.  Thank you.

  • EVANS - Carl Cummings, 3/28/2000

I am researching the EVANS family in Chesterfield County, SC.  My great-grandfather, Thomas Robeson EVANS was born 29 Dec 1858 in Chesterfield County, SC.  He married Annie Causey Walsh.  My great-great-grandfather was Robert Edward EVANS born 26 Oct 1836 in Chesterfield County, SC.  He married Rebecca Ford Robeson.  I am trying to find his father (believed to be Will John EVANS) and his grandfather (believed to be Enoch EVANS).  Any help on Will, John or Enoch would be greatly appreciated.

  • GANDY - David Gandy, 3/28/2000

I am searching for my great grandfather William GANDY who was married to Mary Ellen McKay (born 1860, died 12/6/1926).  His son, my grandfather was William Wesley "Bud" GANDY (born 12/20/1890, died 6/30/1957 in Concord, NC).  I believe he originated from one of three  South Carolina Counties--Darlington, Chesterfield, or York.  Any information provided on GANDY's in Darlington County would be appreciated.

  • GARVIN - Elizabeth Horton, 6/04/2000

Looking for information on Jacob GARVIN, wife Martha and children.  Thank you.

  • GOODRUM - Elizabeth Goodrum, 2/12/2000

I am searching for information on Nathaniel E.E. GOODRUM born 1812 in South Carolina.  The 1840 census shows him in Chesterfield, SC.  He married 1) Martha? who was born in Ireland; 2) martha Ann Bradley Perkins, who had three children with his first wife:  Mary Ann, born 8/14/1837 in SC; Robert A.T., born 1842 in SC; and Margaret, born 1867.  It is said that he was a doctor and circuit rider.  If anyone has any information on this family, please contact me.  I have hit a dead-end.  Thanks.

  • GRAHAM - Charlotte Graham, 5/21/2000

I am looking for the burial site of three different relatives and their spouses: John GRAHAM b. 1769-1773, d. 1853, and his wife (unsure of her name, possibly Mary Pennington, Mary Finlayson or Effie McGoogan; secondly, Daniel A. GRAHAM b. 1811, d. 1893, and his wife Catherine Parker b. 1812, d. 1895; thirdly, Daniel A. GRAHAM, Jr. b. 1848, d. 1927, and his wife, Mary Ann Eddins b. 1857, d. 1894.  Any information that you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Seeking information on John W. GRANT, b. 1810 in Chesterfield County, SC, husband of Margaret, father of Andrew Jackson GRANT, b. 1835.  Andrew's wife was Sarah Jane McLEOD.  Sarah's father was Daniel McLEOD, and she was believed to be born in Richmond County, NC, in 1834.  Her mother is reported to be Catherine (Katie) McDUFFIE.  Any information will be helpful.

Need to know information on James GULLEDGE, wife's name Elizabeth Sellers; second wife was Etta Melton from Chesterfield County, SC.  Would like to know their date of birth and death.  Would like to know their mother and father's names and births and deaths.  Thanks

I am looking for any information on the Hancock/Smith family of Chesterfield County, SC. My gggg grandfather was William Blakeney HANCOCK and he was married to Tabitha Jackson.  Their daughter, Mary Ann HANCOCK, married William Henry HANCOCK.  Their son, Henry Franklin HANCOCK, b. 1849, d. 1936, married a Margaret SMITH.  Their son (my grandfather) was Wallace HANCOCK.  Please let me know if you can assist.  Thanks.

I would like to know about my ancestors.  My father's name is Lonnie HANCOCK and my grandmother is Maybelle HANCOCK.  Thanks.

  • HATCHER - Cheryl M. Sievers, 5/21/2000

I am researching the HATCHER family of Chesterfield/Marlboro/Horry County(s).  I have information which has been passed to  me from my mother, Josephine HATCHER, who was born in Cheraw, that there was an area commonly referred to as Hatchertown.  This would have been somewhere between Cheraw and Bennettsville.  I am also inquiring as to any information regarding the marriage of Byrdine HATCHER to Frances Pearl Demery, and the birth of Josephine HATCHER.  The  marriage would be about 1926-28, with the birth date being March 19, 1929.  I know that Albert HATCHER, my mother's great uncle, was a resident of Chesterfield County until his death in 1984.  Possible other HATCHERs who were at one time or another residents of Chesterfield County would be Chester, Hebron, Noah, or Foster.  Any information regarding this family would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

A Herrington family lived in Chesterfield County, SC about 1793 to at least about 1803.  I know of siblings of Sarah HERRINGTON (b. 1794, married Wm. HERBERT b. 1787, also of this county), William E. HERRINGTON (b. abt. 1800), James HERRINGTON (b. abt. 1802).  All these children migrated to Mississippi abt. 1820 where they married.  Searching for parents or other siblings.  Am happy to share my info on descendants with others from this line.  Thank you!

I am searching for Thomas Wilson HICKS who is listed in the 1880 Chesterfield County census with wife, Elizabeth and children:  William, Harrison, Bettie and Sallie.  Then years later, he has relocated to Darlington County and has married Lydia Gainey.  I would appreciate any information concerning the siblings of parents of Thomas and his wife Lydia.  also, what is his first wife's last name?  Thanks.

Looking for descendants of John Wesley WOMBLE, born ca 1849, mother was Jane Wynn, married Elmira Jane HILTON in 1868.  From Chesterfield County, SC, to Navarro County, TX, Elmira Jane died there 1921, John Wesley moved from there to Claxton, Evans County, GA.  Any information on descendants of this family would be greatly appreciated.

Trying to locate information on my grandparents.  They were Lyllian Maxwell Hendrix and Dudley Walker Evans.  Lyllian's grandparents in Cheraw were Mary Ann and Archibald Bennett Horton.  My grandparents birthdates were as follows:  Lyllian born 1 an. 1887, Dudley born 19 Jan 1888.  They both died here in Georgia in 1978 and 1968.  Your help is so appreciated.  

Searching for descendants of Lazarus HUDSON and his NORTHCUTT wife (Narcissa?).  Originally from Darlington, by 1830 Lazarus was listed in 1830 Chesterfield District.  By 1840 he disappears but a Narcissa HUDSON appears and disappears by 1850.  Seems to have been 7 or 8 children counted in the census.  What happened to Lazarus, wife and children?  Wife probably born 1799, Lazarus about same.  Husband Lazarus mentioned in William NORTHCUTT's 1839 probate, but daughter not specifically named.

Looking for info on John L. HUGGINS of Chesterfield County.  He was born about 1840, died about 1902.  his last wife was Maggie Brown.  I am interested in knowing his parent's name, but any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • JACKSON - Lorna J. Rosenstein, 5/29/2000

Looking for information on Edward JACKSON, b. 1755, who married Charity Hill, then Mary hall.  I suspect his brothers might be Isaac, b. 1751, who married Mary ?, and Benjamin B. 1759, who married Jane ?.  Father of all the boys might be Benjamin, b. 1719, who married Amy?  They lived in Chesterfield County, SC before moving to Georgia.  Any information on Jackson's early who moved to Georgia would be appreciated.

  • JOHNSON - Jane Goodrich, 8/01/2000

Looking for information on where I can find info on Jacob or Levi JOHNSON.  Levi fought with Sumpter and was born in Chesterfield County, SC.  I believe Jacob was born there, too.  I suppose it was Cheraw District when they were born.  thanks.

  • JOHNSON - Riki Goodman, 1/23/2000

I am trying to find information on Shelton JOHNSON born June 1, 1876, died June 3, 1904.  I know his parents were J.A.A.W. JOHNSON 1848-1926, and Susannah Hoffman 1850-1927.  They also had a son Ebenezer born 1880.  All of these people are buried at Prospect Methodist Church in Chesterfield County, SC.  I want to know more details on this man because I believe that he must have had some relationship with my grandmother, Eva Martha JOHNSON Oliver who named my father, her first born son, Hyman Shelton Oliver.  He was born a year after this Shelton JOHNSON died.  My grandmother's parents were supposedly John and Nancy JOHNSON.  What relationship were J.A.A.W. JOHNSON and them?  Thanks.

I am searching for info on the following people, most dates approximate: John JORDAN Jr. b. 1787 married Pinckney?? b. 1806, lived near Irvin (Erwin) Branch in Chesterfield County, SC, around 1849, had the following children: 1. William, born 1825, married Margaret GUY, daughter of Theophilus GUY, William's 2nd wife was supposedly Lou CROLLEY (Crowley); 2. Elizabeth, b. September 1828, married Alexander Oliver, b. May 1835; 3. Jerman B., b. 1831; 4. John Wesley, b. April 1833, married Farinett JORDAN, b. Aug. 1837 (daughter of another John Jordan and Charity White); 5. Sarah A., b. 1836, married William WATSON; 6. Squire C., b. 1838; 7. Mary Ann, b. April 1842, married Soloman WATSON, b. July 1834.  Any help would be appreciated.

  • JORDAN - Sandra Jordan Bumgardner, 3/28/2000

Miles JORDAN served in NC Stateline Army 1781-1785 in Warren County near Virginia border.  He lived in Wilmington in 1800.  He would marry Mahala Blue from the Pee Dee River area--possibly Chesterfield County, SC.  They moved to Georgia.  Miles died in 1815.  Thank you for information.

  • KING - Carol Holland, 5/25/2000

I am looking for information on Horace KING, the famous bridge builder.  He was born in the Cheraw District in 1807, and moved to Columbus Georgia in 1832.  His father was Edmund and mother was Susan.  Do you have any info on him?  I've only found a small amount.  Any help you could give me I would great appreciate.  

Seeking information on Chesterfield County descendants of William KINNEY (McKinney) through his son Thomas.  William supposedly married Sallie Parks circa 1750 in the Waxhaws of SC.  They are believed to have had a son named Thomas who lived in another county.  William and Sallie then moved to the Old Jersey settlement in North Carolina.  Thanks.

Looking for information on John H. LANG and Frances A. TEEL.  Death certificate for their son, Charlie Franklin LANG, show both to be born in Chesterfield County, SC.  If you have any info on these three individuals, please contact me.  Thanks.

  • LYONS - Brenda, 6/12/2000

I'm looking for Lyons who may have lived in Cheraw, SC.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  He was born in Spain in 1832, I don't know when he moved to SC.  Thank you.

I am searching for information on the family of Arabella ? McDONALD or McDANIEL (married name) b. about 1793 somewhere in South Carolina.  In the 1820 census (name shown as McDaniel) and the 1830 census (name shown as McDONALD), she was a widow with children in Chesterfield County, SC.  She had at least four children: Eliza, John, Duncan, and Caroline, born between about 1809 and 1815.  Her mother was Mrs. Lucy Hunley of Kershaw County, SC, but we believe Arabella's father was an earlier husband of Lucy's, name unknown.  Arabella's daughter, Eliza, married James Martin, probably in SC, and daughter Caroline married John McKee Barnes in Kershaw County, SC.  Sometime in the late 1830's, the entire family migrated to Alabama.  Would like any information on Arabella McDONALD/McDANIEL's husband, father, or children.  Thank you.

I am looking for a John McFARLAND early 1800's or late 1700's who settled in Chesterfield County, SC. He had a son named James McFARLAND b. March 10, 1825 and married to Sarah A. Johnson b. July 25, 1829, both in SC. Thanks.

I know both McLeods and McIvers settled in Cheraw and Society Hill.  John McIver's law office is, I believe, a historic site on Main St.  Any information you could provide me with would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

  • McLEAN - David McLean, 8/02/2000

Looking for Charles McLEAN or son, Lovick, in or around Chesterfield County, SC in early 1800's.  Thanks.

Interested in any information that could be shed on the family of James McMILLAN found on the 1800 Chesterfield County, SC Census (page 111).  My James McMILLAN settled and died in Autauga County, Alabama, in early 1800's, but showed birth place as SC, trying to connect.

  • McQUEEN - Horace McQueen, 3/04/2000

Any information on Robert McQUEEN family of Cheraw, about 1820 and later.  Robert McQUEEN was married to Cecilia Ellerbe and were members of St. David's.  Robert McQUEEN was one of hosts for Lafayette on his Cheraw visit. My gg grandfather, Taylor McQUEEN, was christened at St. David's about 1830.  Have lost all records of Robert McQUEEN and wife Cecilia after the 1830 census.  Where did he come from and where did he go?  Thanks, ... a thinkful Texan with SC roots.

  • McQUEEN - C.V. McQueen, 1/23/2000

I am looking for any information on John Taylor McQUEEN born February 14, 1827.  Thanks.

I am searching for information on my great grandmother's family.  Her name was Eliza Jane MEACHAM.  I believe her to be the daughter of Jackson and Margaret MEACHAM.  Eliza Jane was married to Neil McLaurin in Anson County May 30, 1872.  They were the parents of 8 children: Daniel Jackson (my grandfather) born 1873, Margaret Ann (Maggie), born 1875, John Neil born 1876, Elizabeth Jane (Lizzie) born 1878, Eliza Belle born 1880, Gilbert Joseph born 1884, Martha Ellen (Mattie) born 1886 and Albert Hugh born 1890.  I think some of the daughters married men from Chesterfield County.  I don't have any information on her parents or where they came from.  Hopefully, someone has knowledge of this family.  Thanks.

About 1800, there was a small migration of people from South Carolina, most seemed to be Baptist.  I am trying to find out why.  I am also curious of any of the CARROLL's, MOON's (Moone) or HARP's lived in Chesterfield District between 1775 and 1800.  My great-grandmother was a MOON, her father was Jesse MOON, who became a Baptist preacher of some importance in frontier Kentucky.  He was said to have come from Chesterfield District, South Carolina with his mother and at least two siblings, Elisha and Charles White MOON.  Jesse was born September 24, 1795 in South Carolina.  Can't find any more on him.  He preached in Kentucky until 1869, thenhe and his second wife, Nancy Cutlip, moved to Evansville, Indiana, then on to Missouri where he died in 1875.  Thanks.

My ggg grandmother, Levica Cook, was born in Chesterfield, SC, in 1805, daughter of John Cook and Ruth MOULTRIE.  I need proof that Ruth MOULTRIE was the daughter of Joseph MOULTRIE.  Any help would be appreciated.

I am looking for info on Susanna NELSON, b. circa 1851.  She was a housekeeper for Benjamin OUTLAW and had three children by his son, James Wesley.  They never married, so the children bear the NELSON name.  They were James Press, b. 25 Dec 1880; Ida Elizabeth (Lizzie), b. Oct 1883, married about 1909 to Lee Carlton Warren; and John Andrew, b. May 1877,married 1905 to Mary Ann Davis.  (These are my grandparents).  All children were born in Chesterfield County.  Have not been able to find any info on Susanna's parents or where she was born.

  • NICHOLSONLinda Jean Nicholson MacKenzie, 3/04/2000

Seeking information regarding Donald NICHOLSON, Merchant, who died in Cheraw, Chesterfield County, SC, on 5 February 1823.  He had a brother, John NICHOLSON, who died in Prince Edward Island, Canada ca. 1820, both probably born in Scotland.  Have probate records relating to both.  Would like to exchange information.  Thanks.

I am researching the William McKay family tree and found several ancestors that were related to NICHOLSON's.  The family Bible that is one of my primary sources contains the following passage:  "the Nicholsons came to America in 1775...landed in Wilmington and settled in North Carolina near Fayetteville.  From there they moved to Chesterfield District South Carolina.  They were originally from Invocrarra (sp?) in Scotland."  The relatives that bear Nicholson middle names were Angus Nicholson McKay (b. February 10, 1813) and in the next generation, Hugh Nicholson McKay, second son of John Andrew McKay and Mary Jane Postell (b. April 21, 1843).  The McKays migrated from Rowan County and Richmond County, NC, around 1775, and settled in Chesterfield County, SC.  It is possible that they were either traveling with the Nicholson's when they migrated or inter-married early in the 1800's.  I have reconstructed much of the McKay family history from 1774 to present, but the Nicholson's are a big unknown.  Your help would be greatly appreciated.

  • NORRIS - Linda Norris Pearson, 7/20/2000

I am looking for information of Joel NORRIS, b. 1771 in Cheraw District, who married Tamar Green.  He was one of at least eight children born to William NORRIS who married Unknown Notley.  Joel's Will was probated in Warren Co., GA, by one son, Morgan NORRIS in 1833.  I believe he (Joel) is my 4th great-grandfather, but can not make needed connections.  Any help would be appreciated.

I am looking for info on John Alexander NORRIS married to Mary Rial, b. 1796, lived for a while in Anson Co., NC.  Thanks.

Am anxious for any information you might have on Robert PASLAY/PAISLEY who lived in Cheraw and was overseer of the poor at St. David's.  He was Capt. under Francis Marion and moved to Laurens District in the 1790s.  Am particularly interested in burial ground of his wife who I believe to be either a Cox or an Anderson.  Any information appreciated.

I am searching for my great-grandparents who are buried in Chesterfield County, but have had no luck so far.  The first is John PATRICK, who died around 1897 (in NC, I think) but was buried in or around Cheraw.  I don't know his middle initial. He left a widow, Annie Belle Hammond Patrick, and four small children.  

The second great-grandparent is William D. BROWN, who died abt. 1890, and was buried in Chesterfield.  His mother's name was Margaret BROWN; his widow was Georganna Gainey BROWN.  His mother died after his death.  I have been to Chesterfield and searched records for both John PATRICK and William D. BROWN (and Margaret 'Peggy" Brown) but found nothing.  If anyone has any info on either of these people, I would greatly appreciate your sharing with me.  Thanks.

  • PERKINS - John H. Perkins, 7/12/2000

I have John H. PERKINS in Chesterfield County Courthouse Township on all census 1850-1880.  His age ranges from 32 (1850) to 62 (1880); and in every case, his birthplace is listed as VA, as were his parents.  1850 census lists a wife, Nancy J. (maiden name unknown), age 19, born in SC, as were her parents.  Need any information pertaining to this couple, to whit, actual birth places and specific dates, marriage place and date, death dates, place, and burial.  Actually, any and all information gratefully appreciated.  Thanks to all.

Looking for info on Elisha PITTMAN of Chesterfield County. His wife was Martha Jane ?, born 1876, died 1918.  I think she is buried at Fork Creek Cemetery around the Jefferson area. They had a daughter named Bessie who married Chapman L. Sullivan.  Thanks.

Looking for information on Isabella POLSON or POLSTON.  Had a daughter, Elizabeth Lewis, that died in 1920 in Chesterfield, SC.

  • PURVIS - Laurel Francis, 5/21/2000

I am looking for information on George PURVIS born in Chesterfield County, SC, and married to Caroline McRaney about 1830.  I think his mother's first name was Rachel and she was originally from Wales.  I will appreciate any help you may have.

Can anyone assist me in identifying the parents of Oliver ROSCOE and his siblings?  Oliver was born about 1824 in South Carolina according to the censuses. He first appears on the 1850 census as head of household and is listed on the 1860, 1870, 1880, and 1900 censuses.  He served in the S.C. 1st Infantry CSA during the Civil War.  His widow applied for a CSA pension in 1901.  He was married to Caroline "Linnie" Steen about 1844.  Oliver's mother may have been named Mindu or Minda.  There was an older woman named Mindu Rascow enumerated in his household in the 1850 census.  He may have had a brother named Riley RASCO or William Riley RASCO who is also a head of household in the 1850 census and later censuses of Chesterfield County.  Oliver may have also had sisters named Elizabeth, Rachel, Marie, and Rebecca and possible another brother named John.  Depending on which census you read, the surname of this family is sometimes spelled Rascow, Rascoe, Rasco, Ruscoe, and Roscoe.  

It has been suggested and placed in the Roscoe Family File at the Hartsville Genealogical Library that Oliver was a son of a John RASCOE of Marlboro County and that this John RASCOE left his first family and had a second family by a Lucinda or Lucy Clark in Marlboro County.  Other than the notations of this possibility, I have seen no real proof that this is so.

I would appreciate hearing from and exchanging information with any descendants or persons have any genealogical data on any of the above mentioned persons.  Any help will be appreciated.  

I am looking for info on my grandmother, Clanda RAMSEY born 5/5/1910 and resided in Cheraw, SC, Chesterfield County.  Her parents were Sarah and Clarence RAMSEY.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

  • RIVERS - Richard Bennett, 5/21/2000

Looking for info on Carl A. RIVERS and Minnie A. Teal RIVERS, mother and father of my grandmother Eula Mae RIVERS Bennett.  Lived in Cheraw Chesterfield County, SC.  Note:  Lewis Franklin Bennett, if you are still scanning this page, this is your nephew, Richard W. Bennet; I have additional info that we might share, e-mail me.

  • RIVERS - Donald Rivers, 2/12/2000

My gr-gr-grandparents, Frederick W. RIVERS and Synthia Matilda Knight, moved from Chesterfield County, SC to Houston, Winston County, AL, in the mid 1800's.  I am looking for a history or family stories about them and their ancestors, William and Elizabeth RIVERS, Frederick RIVERS and Sarah Purvis, and their parents.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

I am researching my ancester Wiles Goram ROBERSON, b. 26 Feb 1810 in Kershaw District, Chesterfield County, SC.  He married Elizabeth Thurman, later moved to Georgia and was a Methodist preacher.  I know that his parents were William ROBERSON and Ruth Melton both of Chesterfield County. Any clues on Wiles siblings or his parents would be appreciated.  Thanks.

  • SHAW - Jo Deason Federspiel, 1/23/2000

Seeking information on Martha SHAW (b. ca. 1854), married James K. Kissiah, ca. 1874.  Listed in 1880 Chesterfield County census.  Mother was a HALL.  Thanks.

  • SMITH - Judy Womack, 5/21/2000

Am looking for info on Riley SMITH and family listed in Chesterfield County from 1810 to 1860.  Believe at least one son is A.B. or Elisha Smith listed in the 1860 census.  Another son is probably Nevin SMITH, also listed in the 1860 census.  Am trying to contact with a Riley Smith who went from South Carolina to Tennessee to Missouri to Arkansas and then Texas.  Will share all info I have.

  • SMITH - Judy Womack, 4/09/2000

Looking for info on Riley SMITH shown in 1830, 1840 and 1850 census for Chesterfield County, SC.  Trying to see if he is an uncle, father, or cousin to Riley SMITH shown in Marion County, Arkansas in 1850.

Looking for info on Spiers SULLIVAN of Chesterfield County.  He was born about 1767 or 1766, died January 9, 1860, he was born in NC and moved to SC in the 1790's.  His wife was Eunice or Rebecca Knight?  She was born 1775 and died 1862, and had children named Thomas, Joseph and John.  Thanks.

Researching Wylie and Albert Green (James Albert?) TADLOCK.  Wylie TADLOCK was born 2 September 1816 in Chesterfield County, SC.  He married Jane R. Boyles 6 February 1840 in Perry County, Alabama.  She was born 20 March 1817 in Perry County, Alabama.  He died 17 December 1893 in Navarro County, Texas.  She died 22 October 1880 in Navarro County, Texas.  Albert Green (James Albert) TADLOCK was born in 1805 in Chesterfield, SC.  He married Malinda C. Boyles 5 September 1832 in Perry County, Alabama.  She was born in 1815, in Tennessee.  He died in 1874 in Perry County, Alabama and she died in 1876 in Perry County, Alabama.  Will exchange data.  Thanks.

  • TADLOCK - Glenda Bowling, 3/28/2000

I am interested in anything that I can find out about the Chesterfield County TADLOCKs.  From 1810-1840 census shows the family, Joshua, Wylie, Thomas, Albert all or some of these during each of those census years.  I am particularly interested in Joshua TADLOCK who appears to be the father.  There were no TADLOCK's mentioned in the 1800 Census and in 1850.  Wylie, Joshua, and Albert show to have been in Perry County, Alabama.  Interested in finding out where they were in 1800 and where Joshua was born.  Census lists Virginia.  Thanks.

  • TEAL - Glenn Teal, 5/21/2000

I am seeking information on a Benjamin F. TEAL who lived in Chesterfield District of South Carolina.  He was a son of my 3G grandfather William TEAL and Isabella McRae.  Also seeking information on Elizabeth TEAL also a daughter of William and Isabella TEAL. She married a Hezekiah Lisenby and lived in the Chesterfield area also.  I believe both Benjamin F. TEAL and Elizabeth TEAL were born in the 1820's in Chesterfield area.  Thanks for any help.

My research came to a dead halt with Coker THERRELL b. abt 1770 in SC, married to Statia UNKNOWN.  I recently found information on a Jane LISONBEE b. abt 1788, in Chesterfield, SC, who was married to Johnathan THERREL, d. 1803.  Johnathan and Jane had a son named Coker.  The dates don't work for me, but possibly there's some connection that will help me find the Coker and Statia I need?!  If you have anything that might help, please contact me.  Thank you.

John Burnett TIMMONS, son of Simion TIMMONS and Penelope BURNETT of old Marion District, SC, b. circa 1827, married Sarah Penelope KING, b. 1833, daughter of Henry James KING and Frances Caroline BRYAN, granddaughter of Turner BRYAN and Frances G. BURNETT of Chesterfield County, SC.  John B.'s mother and Sarah's grandmother were sisters, daughters of John BURNETT of old Marion District, SC.  In 1860 Census, John B. and Sarah P. showing living near several McNairs with P.O. Cheraw.  Their children were Frances P. (fem) b. circa 1852, Simion b. circa 1854, Sarah P. b. circa 1856, John B. born circa 1858.  Sarah probably died 1860-1863.  Looking for data on Sarah and John and descendants.

  • TURNAGE - Bonita K. Wallace, 5/21/2000

I am looking for information on my grandmother's people that lived between Chesterfield and Cheraw.  Their surname was TURNAGE.  The family is buried at Mount Olivet Church cemetery.  My grandmother was Maggie TURNAGE Wallace.  Janie TURNAGE Gentry, Ethel TURNAGE King is a couple of her sisters and some of her brothers were William and Wallace.  If you can help me with any information your help will be greatly appreciated.

I am looking for Ussery's that lived in Anson County, NC, in the 1750's and 1760's.  William and Sarah USSERY lived there in 1763 and their children were born there.  Only proof is son, Peter USSERY, his tombstone b. 1762, NC.  William had a grandfather William who was granted land there in 1769.  It was left to them in the 1770's.  I would appreciate any help you can give me.  Thank you.

  • WALLACE - Bennie H. Wallace, 4/09/2000

My great-great-great grandfather was William WALLACE; born about 1814, in Cheraw, Chesterfield, SC; died 19, march 1886 in Cheraw, SC, and buried in the Parker's Cemetery, Chesterfield County, SC.  His wife was Effie McDuffie, born 7 Sept. 1815, in Anson County, NC, died 16 March 1906, in Cheraw, SC, and also buried in the Parker's Cemetery.  I have unsubstantiated information that Effie was orphaned and adopted by the McCoy family in Anson County, NC.  I know that William's father was Isom (sp) WALLACE.  I am trying to find information on their ancestors.  Any information on the Wallaces or McDuffies would be appreciated.

I have worked my way back to William WALLACE, born Sept 1814 in Cheraw, SC, died March 18, 1896, in Cheraw, SC, buried in Mt. Olivet Church Cemetery.  He married Effie McDUFFIE about 1836, born Sept 7, 1815 in Anson County, NC, died March 16, 1906 in Cheraw, SC, buried in Mt. Olivet Church Cemetery.  I have decent information from my family from them one, but have no information as to their ancestors.  Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

  • WARR - Glenda Hickman, 1/23/2000

William "Will" (1867-1941) and Minnie WARR (1870-1947) raised a family in McBee, Chesterfield County, SC. They had four boys called Edward "Bud", Alton, Harley, "Buck" and William "Bill".  They had one daughter, Eva.  Eva had a son named Homer (b. 1925, McBee) who also lived with Will and Minnie.  They were farmers.  Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • WATERS - Jo Morris, 2/12/2000

Does anyone have any information on the James WATERS who was in the 1790 census for the Cheraws?  I would really appreciate any help on this.  Thank you.

  • WHITE - Charles Allbright, 5/23/2000

My mother was Geneva Mae WHITE born in Chesterfield County, SC, Jan. 16 between 1915-1921.  Any one having information about family please contact me.

I am searching for any information on people with the last name WILKERSON born in Chesterfield County, SC, or nearby counties in the mid 1900's or earlier.  I have very little information prior to 1946, but would gladly share with anyone.  Thank you.



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