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Confederate Regiments Raised in Chester County, SC
1861 - 1865

Company H
24th South Carolina Volunteers Infantry
Submitted by Michael McGarity

Copmany H of the 24th South Carolina Volunteers Infantry was made up primarily of men from Chester District, the area around Richburg having the largest number represented. Company H was raised and commanded by Captain J.A. Thomas and Captain W. Lyle Roddey. Once raised, they were assigned to the 24th South Carolina Volunteers by the governor of the State of SC. They have the distinguished honor of being the first volunteers to enlist "for the duration of the war" rather than the 3 - 6 month enlistments most volunteers were signing at the time. By the war's end, they were known as "The Gallant 24th" and distinguised themselves on many battlefields in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Their first assignments were in the defense of Charleston, but later they were attached to the Army of Tennessee. The Gallant 24th was one of the last regiments to surrender, several days after Robert E. Lee surrendered the Army of Northern Virginia to US Grant. The remnants of The Gallant 24th fought on in North Carolina consolidated with the remnants of the 16th South Carolina. There were only 201 soldiers left of the original 1,520. When surrender finally came April 10, 1865 at Greensboro under General Joe Johnson, the men cut the stars and insignia from their battle flag and the company commander rescued the rest. These momentoes are lost now for all time, but their brave banner has a place of honor in the Confederate Relic Room in Columbia, SC.

Sources:  "Enlisted for the War - The Struggles of the Gallant 24th South Carolina"  by Eugene Jones  pub.    Longstreet House,  Highstown NJ, 1997

                  Roll of Confederate Enlistments from Chester County , Chester County Courthouse, Chester, SC

101 total enlistment
Names in Red Survived the War
and/or  were accounted for in Greensboro, NC
April 10, 1865

James Alexander Thomas
W. Lyle Roddey

Fennel, Robert H Bell, Joseph B.         3rd  Sgt.  Brady, Peter                    Corp.
Hamilton, James H Hamilton, Edward G.       Sgt Hamilton, Eli C.               Corp.
McDaniel, J. Martin Lipford, J.A.                 1st Sgt. Hollis, John J.           4th Corp.
Millen, John A.  Lipford, John G.               Sgt. McClintock, Joseph C. Corp.
McGarity, Henderson      Sgt. McClintock, Robert Y.   Corp.
Color Sergeants
Millen, Eli Harper              Sgt. McGarity, J. Andrew      Corp.
Hollis, Peter T.        Color Sgt Simpson, Green S.          Sgt.  
Johnson, William   Color Sgt. Simpson, Thomas           Sgt.
Smith, Riley                  1st Sgt.
Strait, Thomas J.            Sgt
Wylie, Newton I.              Sgt.


Agnew, George W. Bagley, John Bagley, Thomas R. Barnes, Morgan Barnes, Nickerson
Bigham, James W. Boulware, Green F. Boyd, John L. Britt, A Bruce, Hugh T.
Caskey, Joseph H. Caskey, Thomas Cherry, Elijah Cherry, John H. Collins, Jonathan
Collins, Thomas J. Cook, J.F. Covington, James R. Crook, Joseph T. Drumm, Daniel
Elder, Elijah Evans, Thomas H. Fisher, ? Gibson, Osborne Gillespie, Thomas J.
Glover, George Glover, Joseph Hodge, G.W. Hoke, John C. Hollis, T.J.
Johnson, John C. Kee, Hiram Kee, John H. Killian, Henry V. Lemon, James M.
Lemon, John M. Lipford, W.W. McCants, James N. McCaughran, James McClintock, Joseph
McGarity, James McWaters, James D. Melton, Jesse Melton, Mike Miller, Robert M.
Millis, A.B. Mills, Robert Perdue, Leander Proctor, Mike C. Proctor, William M.
Ralph, James L. Ratteree, Thomas Rodman, Alexander K. Sanders, John Leard Sexton, Cornelius
Sexton, Daniel Simpson, William P. Smith, Calvin Stewart, Jackson J. Strom, J.E.
Thomas, Albert Thompson, J.S. Thompson, Solomon J. Wagstaff, J.G. Wallace, Hugh K.
Waters, David P. White, Joseph W. Wilburn, W.F. Wilson, Bird Wilson, George
Wilson, Henry W. Wilson, W.H. Wisher, J.W. Wylie, Brown W. Wylie, Philip C.


"Chester Guards"
Co. E
6th Regiment South Carolina Volunteers

                        Source:    "The Bulletin" Chester District Genealogical Society     Vol. XI  Number IV   December 1988


                                                                                      O. Hardin          Captain

C.W. Sanders      First Lieutenant J.P. Sanders       First Sergeant J.A. Sanders               First Corporal
E.C. Wilkes          Second Lieutenant J.P Hardwick     Second Sergeant  R. Wilkes                      Second Corporal
J.W. Wilkes          Third Lieutenant  R. Sand               Third Sergeant J. B. Humphries         Third Corporal
G. Williams          Fourth Sergeant S. Leroy Boyd             Fourth Corporal
Wm. Mayfield      Fifth Sergeant H. Carter Jr.                 Fifth Corporal
J.W. Carter                  Sixth Corporal
Anderson, J.G. Allen, T.J. Alexander, J.S.   Atkinson, J.B.  Allen, Chas.  Allen, T.
Brakefield, Thos.  Bass, J.G.  Brown, William Cornwell, Eli  Carter, J.S  Carter, Blake
Carter, Abner  Carter, William  Carter, Thomas  Chalk, Thomas  Cabarriss, J.O.  Cranford, T.
Clock, T.  Cracker, Calvin  Coln, Ira S. Coln, Alexander Cook, W.C.  Dodds, J.W.
Douglass, G.C. Estes, A.J.  Estes, Robert  Estes, J.D. Estes, Preston  Foote, L.B.
Ferguson,  ?  Grant, J.M. Grant, H.H.  Grant, Jasper Grant, Alex Grier, J.G.
Griffin, J.G.  Hardin, T.C. Hudson, Evans  Hudson, Thomas Humphries, J.G. Hardin, R.
Johnson, W.D.  Kirkpatrick, J.M. Kirkpatrick, F.G.  Kirkpatrick, J.M. Kitchen, A.F. Lucas, John
Love, G.A.  Leonard, Jos. Lambert, C.S.  Mayfield, W.J. Mayfield, Thos. Mayfield, J.F.
Morris, W.T.  McDowell, S. Melton, A. McLuny, T.M.  Otis, T.H.  Pressley, Jas.
Pressley, Thos.  Pendergrass, W. Pendergrass, J.H. Robbins, J. Robbins, Wm. Ruff, Zach
Sammons, W.D.  Thomas, J.A.L. Thomas, Robt.  Vaughn, F.C.  Wilkes, Allen Wilkes, Monroe
Woods, William  Wise, L.S. Whitehead, A. Worthy, E.J. Wise, A. Wilkes, Garland
Wader, J.A.

"Chester Blues"
Co. F
6th Regiment South Carolina Volunteers

Source:    "The Bulletin" Chester District Genealogical Society     Vol. XI  Number IV   December 1988


E.C. McClure        Captain

S.F. Atkinson    First Lieutenant  Eli Elliott                First Sergeant R.M. Duntery          First Corporal
W.H. Gill          Second Lieutenant J.T. Elliott       Second Sergeant  John Strong   Second Corporal
Dennis Colvin Third Lieutenant R.C. Week          Third Sergeant J.N. Carothers    Third Corporal
J.H. Smith         Fourth Sergeant W.H. McLure     Fourth Corporal
William McAliley  Fifth Sergeant William Crawford Fifth Corporal
R.M. Duntery      Sixth Sergeant D.H. Wilson          Sixth Corporal
Atkinson, W.R. Allen, George Anderson, W.H. Bollick, W.A. Brice, C.S. Brawley, W.H.
Babcock, S.G. Black, Edward Castles, J.F. Castels, W.A. Crawford, George Carlisle, T.P.
Carlisle, A.R. Calvin, John Cornwell, W.J. Cammon, J.S. Corkle, William Davis, W.J.
Duffy, R.M. Duffy, R.L. Etaw, P.R. Fowler, H.J. Farrar, Thomas Gaston, J.L.
Gaston, J.N. Henderson, David Hyman, Isaac Jaggers, J.H. Johnson, O. Killian, J.H.
Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, W.P. Kennedy, J.P. Lipford, H.M. Lipsey, W.M. Lipsey, R.M.
Lee, W.H. Latham, William Miller, William McKee, John Jr. McDaniel, E.J. McAlliley, Samuel
McKeown, James McNinch, T.A. McCormick, Robert McElduff, J.A. Neel, J.F. Nicholson, W.M.
Neeby, B.M. Orr, Frank Orr, James Owens, J.T. Parrott, J.P. Patterson, G.P.
Pope, M.L. Pope, J. Prince, Samuel Parrish, W.C. Pratt, W.S. Phillips, G.W.
Phillips, G.Y. Roberts, W.G. Roley, G.W. Romare, P. Stucker, R.W. Shannon, H. Jr.
Simril, J.R. Shirley, E. Sweal, Robert Stone, J.F. Scaife, R. Scaife, John
Thomas, W.L. Thomas, J.A. Varnadore, Samuel Wright, E.F. Wagers, Andrew Wathers, James
Wagstaff, J.G. Werkesson, R.

"Boyce Guards"
Co. G
6th Regiment South Carolina Volunteers
Source:    "The Bulletin" Chester District Genealogical Society     Vol. XI  Number IV   December 1988


A.M. Shedd        Captain

P.P. Macfie    First Lieutenant  T.M. McCants               First Sergeant J.S. Robinson         First Corporal
J.M. Phinney Second Lieutenant D.V. Frazier                  Second Sergeant J.D. Cureton      Second Corporal
U.C. Trapp    Third Lieutenant L.H. Trapp              Third Sergeant A.P. Irby               Third Corporal
J.R. Delleney         Fourth Sergeant J.C. Ketchim       Fourth Corporal
J.W. Sloan              Fifth Sergeant J.W. Babb                  Fifth Corporal
L.M. Bookhart    Sixth Corporal
Armstrong, W.A. Boyd, J.W. Brice, W.M. Brown, A.S. Brown, J.G. Brown, J.T.
Brown, P. Brown, F.C. Camack, S.Y. Carlisle, J.H. Cohen, J.H. Cook, S.H.
Cotton, Z.A. Craig, R.E. Curry, W.P. Davis, J.H. Dunn, David Durant, Thomas
Fenley, J.P. Ford, William Gibson, H.J. Gibson, W.J.A. Gilbert, W.B. Glass, J.H.
Gregg, J.H. Gregg, C.D. Hardin, James Hawes, L.W. Hogan, Jasper Jenkins, J.B.
Ladd, A.W. Ladd, G.D. Leitner, C.E. Lewis, J.A. Long, H.C. Lyles, J.T.
McAerduff, H.R. McCreight, J.T. McCreight, J.W. McGinniss, William McKinstry, W.D. Miller, William
Milling, W.A. Nelson, F.C. Parnell, W.M. Powell, ? Robertson, N.C. Robertson, D.H.
Robertson, J.B. Ribinson, J.B. Robinson, T.H. Robb, J.R. Saddler, J.M. Sloan, R.B.
Smith, J.H. Stevenson, Samuel Stevenson, William Sprinkle, T.J. Tinkler, J.C. Tinkler, R.A.
Turner, A.Y. Watt, B.F. Watt, T.C. Wyrick, Jesse Wooten, James Wooten, Wesley
Yarborough, W.G.

"Calhoun Guards"
Co. A
6th Regiment South Carolina Volunteers
Source:    "The Bulletin" Chester District Genealogical Society     Vol. XI  Number IV   December 1988


J.T. Walker        Captain

J.L. Agun         First Lieutenant  R.A. Crawford               First Sergeant J.H. Crawford         First Corporal
J.M. Words      Second Lieutenant H.O. Brawley               Second Sergeant J.A. Stucker      Second Corporal
B.J. Randel    Third Lieutenant S.C. Morrison           Third Sergeant J.H. Wix             Third Corporal
R.A. Pagan        Fourth Sergeant B.F. Brackston       Fourth Corporal
T.F. Clinton              Fifth Sergeant W.D. Simpson                 Fifth Corporal
Fred Babcock    Sixth Corporal
Anderson, A.T. Anderson, S.T. Arnold, William Beackham, T.C. Beckham, L.A. Bockstron, J.M.
Blair, J.G. Boyd, C.A. Brand, R. Bawn, M. Boulware, T.M. Bolick, E.D.
Brooks, J.W. Carter, A.C. Clarke, J.J. Cornwell, William Cornwell, Thomas Cornwell, W.J.
Crain, W.H. Crosby, J.M. Coleman, W. Chisholm, F.M. Castles, William Culp, J.W.
Cox, D.M. Carroll, daniel Chambers, J.L. Covington, J.P. Darby, John O. Dunlap, J.W.
Dunnovant, T.J. Dorcey, J.A. Davis, J.W. Eaves, N.R. Ferguson, G.W. Ferguson, G.D.
Fry, J.M. Guy, J.S. Guy, A.H. Glover, George Gunhouse, J.L. Hickman, C.
Hardin, E.L. Hardin, W.H. Hover, A.J. Hutson, Sharner Johnson, J.H. Jordan, G.W.
Kennedy, A.D. Kelsey, J.R. Lackey, W.J.D. Lee, E.V. Loring, A.H. Lucas, W.J.
McGloughton, S. McFadden, W. McFadden, T. McCarmack, W.H. McKeown, J.J. McKeown, E.T.
Morrison, R. Nail, W.F. Poag, Thomas J. Poag, R.M. Pardue, William Roberts, John
Reice, J.B. Ross, W.H. Ross, John Reid, T.S. Roney, Robert Reid, James
Rader, J.A. Rader, E.O. Ross, Francis Roden, J.D. Smith, W.F. Stringfellow, J.J.
Stringfellow, W. Shannon, E.M. Stokes, J.B. Sanders, E. Turner, W.S. Walker, W.S.
Walker, James T. Wilson, C.S. Wright, E.C. Wilks, David Williams, E. Wilson, G.W.
Wylie, R.S.