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The Smiths


 From the files of Theresa M. Hicks
Professional Genealogist

It would probably be rare today to find two brothers and/or two sisters in the same family who shared the same name, but this was not uncommon in earlier days. I don't know just how widespread the custom was earlier or exactly when it became unfashionable or, perhaps, discouraged because of superstition.

            The Landgrave Smith family had already confounded future genealogists with the several Thomas Smiths: the First Landgrave Thomas Smith (1648‑1694) who married first Barbara Atkins who died in 1687, and then Sabina de Vignon, the widow of John d'Arsens Seigneur de Wernhaut; and the Second Landgrave Thomas Smith (ca. 1670‑1738) who married first in 1690 Anna Cornelia Van Myddagh and second in 1713 Mary Hyrne (ca. 1690‑1776).

            The Second Landgrave Thomas Smith named two of his sons Thomas and two of his sons George. The first Thomas Smith, who married Dolly Dry in 1709, was born in 1691 and died in 1729. The second Thomas, who married Susannah Walker, was born in 1729 and died in 1782. The first George was born in 1693 and was deceased by 1730. He married twice‑- first to Rebecca Blake who died in 1719 and second to Elizabeth Allen. His brother, George, was born in 1732 and died underage and unmarried.

            The other children of Second Landgrave Thomas Smith were:

                        Anne Smith born 1695 died 1738 married (1) James Lawson (2) Benjamin Waring.

                        Barbara Smith born 1697 married by 1715 Edward Hyrne (of New Hanover, N.C.).

                        Sabina Smith born 1699 died 1734 married Thomas Smith, then Thomas Taylor.

                        Justina Smith born 1701 died 1743 married John Moore (of Cape Fear, N.C.).

                        Sarah Smith born 1702/3 married John Bowen.

                        Rebecca Smith born 1704, died young.

                        Rebecca Smith born 1705 died by 1738.

                        Joseph Blake Smith born 1707, died young.

                        Mary Hyrne Smith born 1717 died 1758 married James Screven.

                        Margaret Smith born 1720, died young.

                        Elizabeth Smith born 1722 died 1756 married Thomas Dixson (who married then Emile DeSaussure).

                        Josiah Smith born 1725 died young.

                        Edward Smith died young.

                        James Smith died young.

                        Henry Smith born 1727 died 1780 married Ann Filbein born 1736 died 1762, he married then in 1764 Elizabeth Ball born 1746 died 1787.

                        Benjamin Smith born 1735 died 1790 married 1759 Elizabeth Ann Harleston born 1742 died 1769; married in 1773 Catherine Ball born 1751 died 1774; married in 1775 Sarah Smith who died 1785; married in 1787 Rebecca Singleton (widow of Benjamin Coachman).

            There are two versions of the ancestry of Abigail Smith (1744‑1818) wife of President John Adams (1733/35‑1826), second president of the United States, and mother of John Quincy Adams, the sixth president. One is that she was the granddaughter of William Smith (1666/67‑1735); the other is that she was the granddaughter of James Smith (brother of Thomas Smith (1648‑1694). Abigail Smith (1744-1818) was born in Weymouth, Mass., the daughter of the Rev. William Smith, minister of the Congregational church there. Her mother was Elizabeth Quincy (1721-1775). [Encarta, copyright Microsoft Corporation and Funk & Wagnall's Corporation]

            An early Charleston, South Carolina deed makes reference to a George Smith who executed his will in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and had a son, Archer Smith, of Goose Creek Parish, S.C. At that time, they believed that George Smith was possibly related to Landgrave Thomas Smith. He was! He was the First Landgrave Smith's son and brother of the Second Ladgrave. This George Smith was born ca. 1672/74 in Exeter, England, and died 1753 in Philadelphia. He married Dorothy Archer who died in 1732; married (2) Sarah Pert, widow of Thomas Grimball and Samuel Screven; married (3) Mary (surname not known to this researcher) of Philadelphia.

            It was this George Smith who had a son, Josiah Smith (1704‑1781), who married Elizabeth Darrell (1710‑1759). Their son, Josiah Smith, Jr., kept a diary for the years 1780‑1781 when he was one of the exiles from Charles Town during the British Occupation.

            The Landgrave Thomas Smith family intermarried with another family of Smiths. And from this union of the two Smith families, one Sabina Smith became the grandmother of the famous Robert Mills.

            Other early settlers in the state included Abraham Smith who arrived with the First Fleet on the Carolina. Other passengers on this ship were: Elizabeth Smith, Thomas Smith, Paul Smith, and Thomas Smith (Smyth).

            John Smith (Smyth) arrived in S.C. by 10 March 1675. He had a grant of 1,800 on Ashley River which included the later town of Dorchester and was dead by 1682, leaving a widow, Mary, who married Arthur Middleton, then Ralph Izard. He is not to be confused with another John Smith who was granted patents as a "Cassique" in 1682. This John Smith had a wife, Ann.

            Robert Smith, born in Worstead Parish, County Norfolk, England, was the first Episcopal Bishop of South Carolina. He married first Elizabeth Pagett, then Sarah Shubrick, and third Anna Maria Tilghman, widow of Charles Goldsboro of Maryland. The Right Rev. Robert Smith died in 1801 age 73. This was the same year that Mr. John Christian Smith, native of Wuerttemberg died at the age of 50, having been a resident in this country for 30 years.

            The Rev. Mr. Michael Smith was a "missionary" to the Parish of Prince Frederick, Winyaw in 1752. He left to go "north" in 1754, and when he came back, there was some question about his marital status. In 1759, his son, Daniel, was carried to him in Cape Fear, N.C.

            John Carraway Smith, a native of N.C. was living in South Carolina before the Revolution and moved before 1791 to Savannah, Georgia. He married Ann Deveaux, widow of Dr. James Brown. John Carraway Smith and his brother, Aaron Smith, served in the American Revolution.

            To try to sort out these Smiths is not unlike trying to solve the Rubic Cube. And in the end, it may lead to another surname entirely. In 1837, some of the children of James Smith (1761‑1835) and Marianna Gough, petitioned to change their names from Smith to Rhett, so that "the name of Rhett, in the grand Maternal line, now extinct, may be revived and preserved." Some of the family of Smith (now changed to Rhett) came to Columbia, S.C., where there were several other distinct Smith families already settled in what became the greater Columbia area and others in Lexington and Fairfield Counties.

            Stephen Smith who lived on Cedar Creek had a wife, Mollie, who ived to be 115 years old. Their son, Stephen Smith, married Mary Eve Hamiter. By this marriage, the Smiths became connected with the Turnipseeds, Ruffs, and DuBards.

            And then there were the Smyth Smiths. Bartlee Smyth married Caroline Neyle. He died before 1802, and she married later Nicholas Herbemont. Bartlee and his wife are buried at Trinity Episcopal (now Cathedral) Church in Columbia. Bartlee's father, Robert Smyth, died not long after his son. He owned the land on which the rectory of Trinity Church stood.

            The death of Dr. Thomas Stitt Smith is recorded in the records of St. Thomas and St. Denis Parish in 1734. He was, undoubtedly, the Thomas Stitsmith who had two tracts surveyed in what became Richland County. His widow, Anne, married James Pollard in 1735. By 1740, James Pollard and Anne were living in Cape Fear, North Carolina.

            Levi Smith, a native of Virginia, a Tory,, kept a store near McCord's Ferry.

            The Rev. Isaac Smith, a Methodist, preached in 1787 at Colonel Thomas Taylor's in Richland County.

            Peter Smith of Richland County named his wife, Sarah, in his will in 1797. Their daughter, Nancy, married Reuben Gill. Two of the Gill daughters married Martins. Peter Smith's land adjoined that of Thomas Harwell's in 1784 on Gills Creek. A portion of the Thomas Harwell land, located near what is now known as Lake Katherine, was reserved to be used as a cemetery for his descendants. Some of the surnames in the cemetery are: Daniels, Kelly, McDonald, Lorick, Wilhalf, Faust, Gilmore, Marsh, Dryer, Dreher, Devereux, Bowers, Campbell, Cook, Jones, Strange, Edge, Reed, Walker, Due, Barber, Perry.

            Stephen Smith came to South Carolina from Georgia in the late 1760's and lived in Orangeburg District (that part which later became Barnwell County). He married Martha Newman (dau. of Thomas Newman and Martha Shaw). Their children: Sarah Smith, married Thomas Galphin; Ann Smith married Richard Hankinson (2) ____ Lark; Eleanor Smith md. Stephen Collins, Stephen Smith b. 1776 d. 1840; Henrietta Smith md. _______ Robison; Elizabeth Smith b. 1786 d. 1788.

            The Bible of one Hugh Smith (1748‑1821) who married Elizabeth Anderson (1766‑ 1823) lists their children born between 1788 and 1798.  He may be the one enumerated in Georgetwon District, Prince Fredericks Parish in the 1790 census.

            There were at least two John Smiths who were contemporaries in the area which later became Marion County. One of these executed his will in 1797 naming his wife Mary and children: Samuel, John, Mary, James, Ann (Nancy), Elizabeth, Sarah, Martha, Mourning, Cealey. The marriages of these children allied the Smith family with the Berrys, Deers, Watsons, Buckholtz, Tarts, Finkleas, Maces, Bryants, Harrelsons, Thomases, and Molloys/Malloys.

            Jesse Smith, born 1751, died 1826, at Longs in Horry County. His wife, Mary, was born in 1755. His daughter, Margaret Smith, married John Patterson; another daughter, Sarah Smith, married John Reaves.

            There are numerous Smith families descended from William Smith who died 1819 in Williamsburg Co., S.C.

            Some Quaker families of Smiths moved from Pennsylvania to South Carolina. The records of some of the descendants are in Bush River Monthly Meeting; however, they settled mainly in Union and Spartanburg Counties. Also in Spartanburg, there was the Smith family from Virginia who settled in the vicinity of Glenn's Spring. See Landrum's History of Spartanburg County. And, here again, we find that some Smiths changed their name. John Winn Smith had his name changed to John Winsmith.

            Benjamin Smith born in 1767 died in Laurens County in 1815. He married Malinda Elizabeth Mitchell, and this couple bought the Nimrod Mitchell Land Grant of 1768/69 on Raburn's Creek. Their son, Benjamin Smith, Jr. became a Baptist Minister.

            The Benjamin Smith family of Old Pendleton District is discussed in Simpson's book of that area. The Newton Nimrod Smith Bible went from Anderson County, S.C. to Bartow County, Ga., to Hamilton Co., Tenn.

            Searching for Smiths? They are ubiquitous! Not only that, they may be using an alias! Or maybe they didn't exist at all.

Landgrave Thomas Smith and Smith Families of Charleston, S.C.

Thomas Smith d. ca. 1650. Md. Joane Atkins of Chard, Somerset, England (dau. of John Atkins). She md. ca. 1655 Aaron Atkins who d. 1670. Family was Presbyterian. Thomas Smith and Joane were the parents of I and II. Aaron Atkins and his first wife were the parents of III and IV. Aaron Atkins and Joane Atkins Smith Atkins were the parents of V, VI, VII, and VIII. [See SCHM Issue of July 1927; also Vol. 30.]

I.          The first Landgrave Thomas Smith (1648-1694). Came to S.C. 1684. 1690 Commission to Thomas Smith, one of the Caciques, appointing him Governor. In 1691, he was created a Landgrave. In 1693, he was appointed Governor. Will 1692; codicil 1693. Bequeathed to his friend Colonel Joseph Blake of Colleton County his patent for Landgrave "together with all the baronies, lands, privileges, and dignitites therunto belonging." His Barony was known as Wiskinboo. His will mentions "instruments that belonge to Chirurgery and medicines" and "brick house in Charlestowne cont: four roomes, one above another." He d. Nov., 1694, age 46. Md. Barbara Atkins bapt. 1650 and d. in 1687. In 1687/8 he was md. to Sabina de Vignon by the Rev. William Dunlap [Collections], the widow of John d'Arsens Seigneur de Wernhaut. She d. 1689.  Thomas and Barbara Smith were the parents of (A and B):

            A.        Thomas Smith b. 1664/70 d. 19 May 1738, bd. Goose Creek. Md. 1689/90 Anna Cornelia van Myddagh who d. ca. 1710 (a Belgian, and kinswoman of Sabina de Vignon). He then md. in 1713 Mary Hyrne b. ca. 1690 d. 1776. Her will dated 1769. He was the Second Landgrave Smith. Children by Anna Cornelia numbers 1-10. Children by Mary numbers 11-20. [See Charleston Deed Book VV.]

                        1.         Thomas Smith b. 1691 d. 1729 or will 1730 d. by 1738 md. 1709 Dolly Dry:

                                    a.         Thomas Smith d. by 1736

                        2.         George Smith b. 1693 bd. 12 Oct. 1730 of St. Andrew's d. intestate owned land in North and South Carolina md. 19 Mar. 1716 Rebecca Blake b. 1699 d. 1719. Md. 18 Dec. 1722 Elizabeth Allen (dau. of Andrew Allen): [See Charleston Deed Book TT.]:

                                    a.         Elizabeth Smith b. 1724 d. inf.

                                    b.         George Smith d. inf.

                                    c.         Anne Smith b. 1726 md. the Rev. James Edmonds

                                    d.         Jane Smith b. 1728 md. Charles Faucheraud

                                    e.         Sarah Smith md. Charles Hill who d. 1751, then md. Benjamin Coachman who d. 1779:

                                                (1)        Ann Coachman 1776-1791 md. Charles Glover 1756-1817

                                                (2)        Benjamin Coachman d. 1785 md. Rebecca Singleton. She md. then Benjamin Smith (1735-1790). She d. 1814.

                                                (3)        Harriet Coachman md. ________ Scott

                                                (4)        Sarah Coachman md. Charles DuPont

                        3.         Anne Smith b. 1695 d. 1738 md. James Lawson (will 1715 then of Maryland), then md. Benjamin Waring b. 1690 d. 1739. [See S.C. Bay Vol. 2.]

                        4.         Barbara Smith b. 1697 md. by 1715 Edward Hyrne b. ca. 1694 d. 1750/58, of New Hanover, N.C.

                        5.         Sabina Smith b. 1699 d. 1734 md. 1714 Thomas Smith b. 1691 d. 1723/4 md. then Thomas Taylor: [See these children also in the line of Thomas Smith b. 1691 d. 1723/4; also as the grandchildren of Mary Hyrne Smith.]

                                    a.         Benjamin Smith (1717-1770)

                                    b.         Thomas Smith (1720-1790)

                                    c.         Ann Smith d. young

                                    d.         Sabina Smith md. Andrew Taylor

                        6.         Justina Smith b. 1701 d. 1743 md. 1719 John Moore d. 1729, of Cape Fear, N.C.:

                                    a.         James Moore

                                    b.         John Moore

                                    c.         Rebecca Moore md. _________ Hamilton

                        7.         Sarah Smith b. 1702/3 md. John Bowen

                        8.         Rebecca Smith b. 1704 d. infant

                        9.         Rebecca Smith b. 1705 d. by 1738

                        10.       Joseph Blake Smith b. 1707 d. young

                        11.       Mary Hyrne Smith b. 1717 d. 1758 md. 1736 James Screven b. 1706 d. 1758:

                                    a.         Daughter Screven (Elizabeth, Mary, or Barbara) md. James Brisbane

                                    b.         Thomas Smith Screven b. 1741 d. 1804 md. 4 times

                                    c.         James Screven b. 1743 d. 1778 md. Mary Odengsells (variant spellings)

                                    d.         Martha Screven b. 1747 md. William Baker

                                    e.         John Screven b. 1750 d. 1801 md. twice

                        12.       Margaret Smith b. 1720 d. young

                        13.       Elizabeth Smith b. 1722 d. 1756 md. Thomas Dix(s)on (will 1769). He md. then Emile DeSaussure. Of James Island, St. Andrew's Parish:

                                    a.         Elizabeth Dixon

                                    b.         Rebecca Dixon

                                    c.         Mary Dixon

                                    d.         Thomas Dixon

                                    e.         John Dixon

                                    f.          Harriet Dixon

                                    g.         Emile Dixon

                        14.       Josiah Smith b. 1725 d. young

                        15.       Edward Smith d. young

                        16.       James Smith d. young

                        17.       Henry Smith (inherited title of Landgrave) b. 6 Aug. 1727 d. 8 Dec. 1780 md.  Sep., 1753 Ann Filbein b. 1736 d. 1762. Md. 1764 Elizabeth Ball b. 1746 d. 30 Apr. 1787. Of Goose Creek:

                                    a.         Mary Hyrne Smith b. 1755 d. 1756

                                    b.         Thomas Smith b. 3 June 1757 d. 21 Nov. 1822. Of Westoe. Md. 23 Nov. 1775 Edith Smith b. 1755 d. 14 July 1812 md. 1815 Jane Morgan b. 1787 d. 1836:

                                                (1)        George Henry Smith b. 1 Sep. 1793 d. 26 Aug. 1848, bd. Yeamans Hall. Md. (1) Maria Day d. 19 Aug. 1836 md. (2) 4 Oct. 1837 Eliza Fishburne Lockwood b. 22 Aug. 1815 d. 7 Sep. 1891.

                                                            (a)        Thomas W. Smith b. 1822 d. 1824

                                                            (b)        Susan Mary Day Smith b. 25 Dec. 1823 d. 27 Oct. 1871 md. 1 Feb. 1849 Thomas Postell Lockwood

                                                            (c)        Thomas Henry Smith b. 27 June 1840

                                                            (d)        Elizabeth S. Smith b. 8 Feb. 1842 md. William Stevens Brown

                                    c.         John Filbein Smith b. 1759 d. 1760

                                    d.         Anne Filbein Smith b. 1761 md. John Smith Waring, Jr. b. 1757 d. 1786. She md. (2) Henry Bonsall

                                    e.         Henry Smith b. 1765 d. 1766

                                    f.          Son Smith b. & d.

                                    g.         Catherine Smith b. 1768 d. 1836 md. John Ernest Poyas [John Ernest Poyas md. Rachel dau. of Daniel Bourget]

                                    h.         Elizabeth Smith b. 1770 d. 1846 (Her aunt was Mrs. Ann Waring b. 1754 d. 1826)

                                    i.          Judith Ann Smith b. 1771 d. inf.

                                    j.          Harriet Smith b. 1772 d. 1822 md. Richard Scott

                                    k.         Mary Ann Smith b. 1774 d. 1825 (Her aunt was Mrs. Ann Waring b. 1754 d. 1826)

                                    l.          Sarah Smith b. 1776 d. young

                                    m.        Jane Ball Smith b. 1778 d. 1778

                        18.       Thomas Smith b. 1729 d. 1782 md. 1751 Susannah Walker:

                                    a.         Mary Hyrne Smith b. 1754 d. 1765

                                    b.         Edward Hyrne Smith b. 1761 d. 1766

                                    c.         Robert Smith md. Elizabeth Withers:

                                                (1)        Elizabeth Smith md. _________ Cheeseboro

                                                (2)        Maria Louisa Smith md. Dr. Samuel Cordes

                                    d.         Henry Smith md. _______ Bealer

                                    e.         Susannah Smith b. 1778 md. _______ Bruce, then md. Andrew Smiley

                        19.       George Smith b. 1732 d. an infant, underage and unmd. [See Charleston Deed Books QQ & VV.]

                        20.       Benjamin Smith b. 15 Sept. 1735 d. 22 July 1790. Md. 20 Dec. 1759 Elizabeth Ann Harleston b. 1742 d. 1769. Md. 1773 Catherine Ball b. 1751 d. 1774. Md. 1775 Sarah Smith who d. 1785 (dau. of George Smith). Md. 1787 Rebecca Singleton Coachman (widow of Benjamin Coachman) who d. 1814:

                                    a.         Thomas Smith b. 1760 d. 1821 md. 1788 Esther Screven b. 1765 d. 1801 md. then Mary Buchanan md. then Frances Baker (nee Withers)

                                    b.         Sarah Smith b. 1762

                                    c.         Mary Hyrne Smith b. 1765 d. 1768

                                    d.         Elizabeth Smith b. 1770 d. 1780

                                    e.         Benjamin Smith b. & d. 1774

                                    f.          Benjamin Smith b. 1776

                                    g.         George Harleston Smith b. 1780

                                    h.         Sarah Elizabeth Smith b. 1782

                                    i.          Catherine Smith b. 1783

            B.         George Smith, M.D. b. 1672 or September, 1674, Exeter, England d. March, 1753, Philadelphia. M.D. Degree 1700 in Scotland. Lived at one time in Jamaica. Md. Dorothy Archer (daughter of John Archer of Jamaica) who d. 24 Jan. 1732. Md. then Sarah Witter widow of the Rev. William Pert/Peart, also widow of Thomas Grimball and Samuel Screven. After her death, he md. Mary _____ of Philadelphia. He was willed the brick house in Charles Town by his father. No children from the second or third marriage. Family:

                        1.         Archer/Archar Smith b. 1702 - will 1760. Md. Edith Waring, daughter of Benjamin Waring d. 1713. Of Goose Creek: [See Charleston Deed Book QQ.]

                                    a.         Dorothy Smith bapt. 1733 d. by 1760

                                    b.         Thomas Smith d. young

                                    c.         Archer Smith b. 1734 - will 1769 md. Mary. Mentions 2 lots and house in Dorchester:

                                                (1)        Thomas Smith (inherited plantation at Beech Hill)

                                                (2)        Ann Smith

                                    d.         George Smith (will 1786, merchant) md. Elizabeth Waring: [See S.C. Equity - Richardson Vol. III p. 466.]

                                                (1)        John Smith

                                                (2)        Archer Smith d. 1804/5 md. 1776 Florence Waring md. (2) Mary Anne:

                                                            (a)        Mary Anne b. 1784 md. 1803 Thomas Smith Screven, Jr.

                                                (3)        Daniel Smith

                                                (4)        George Smith md. 1783 Elizabeth Smith (dau. of Josiah Smith):

                                                            (a)        Sarah E. Smith md. Charles T. Brown

                                                (5)        Savage Smith md. Elizabeth Cuttino (his 2nd wife)

                                                (6)        Edith Smith b. 1755 md. 1775 Thomas Smith b. 1757 d. 1821 (son of Henry Smith (1727-1780)

                                                (7)        Sarah Smith d. 1785 md. 1775 as his 3rd wife Benjamin Smith (son of Thomas (1670-1738)

                                    e.         John Smith md. Ann Odingsell (dau. of Charles and Ann Grimball Odingsell) of Antiqua. She md. then 2 Mar. 1725 Benjamin D'Harriette. Ann d. 1754. Benjamin md. then Martha Widdicomb, widow of James Fowler (will 1753). Benjamin d. 17 Feb. 1756.  Martha d. 1760. Children:

                                                (1)        John Smith

                                                (2)        James Smith

                                                (3)        George Smith

                                    f.          Daniel Smith

                                    g.         Sarah Smith md. 1745 Benjamin Waring b. 1723 d. 1763

                                    h.         Susannah Smith md. 1745 Thomas Waring who d. 1764; she md. then Elijah Postell:

                                                (1)        Thomas Waring

                                                (2)        Edith Waring

                                                (3)        Ann Waring

                        2.         Josiah Smith b. 25 Dec. 1704 d. 19 Oct. 1781, Philadelphia. Md. Elizabeth Darrell b. 1710 d. 1759. He was ordained 1726 as a Presybterian Minister. Graduated Harvard, Mass. in 1725. Lived at one time in Bermuda:

                                    a.         Josiah Smith, Jr. b. Cainhoy, St. Thomas Parish 15 Sep. 1731 d. 12 Feb. 1826, Charleston, S.C. md. 15 Apr. 1758 Mary Stevens b. 1741 d. 1795 (dau. of Dr. Samuel Stevens & Mary Smith):

                                                (1)        Elizabeth Smith b. 19 Feb. 1759 d. 30 July 1759

                                                (2)        Samuel Smith b. 21 Feb. 1761 d. 1829 md. Caroline Tennent

                                                (3)        Mary Smith b. 24 Feb. 1762 d. unmd. in 1834

                                                (4)        Elizabeth b. 6 Jan. 1765 d. 1811 md. Dec., 1783 her cousin George Smith, Jr.

                                                (5)        Josiah Smith b. 1767 d. 1780

                                                (6)        William Stevens Smith b. 1773 d. 20 Aug. 1837 md. 24 Mar. 1796 Juliette Lee Waring b. 1777 d. 1817

                                                (7)        Edward Darrell Smith b. 1777 d. 1819, Mo. md. 11 Nov. 1802 Sarah Tucker North

                                                (8)        Ann Martha b. 16 Sep. 1780 d. 31 Oct. 1859 md. 1 Nov. 1801 Charles Tennent b. 1774 d. 1838

                                    b.         Ann Smith b. 1743 d. 1818 md. 15 May 1770 Edward Darrell b. 1747 d. 1797

                                    c.         Martha (Patty) Smith md. Jan. 1770 Daniel Bordeaux, Esq., merchant

                                    d.         George Smith (will 1784) md. Mary (will 1795):

                                                (1)        Josiah Smith

                                                (2)        George Smith

                        3.         Thomas Smith

                        4.         Mary Smith md. the Rev. Nathan Bassett, then md. 16 Apr. 1744 John Dart, Charleston merchant who d. 16 Nov. 1754. He had md. (1) Hannah Livingston d. 1742, widow of the Rev. William Livingston. John Dart md. 24 Apr. 1746 Mary Hext, a widow.

                        Children of Thomas Grimball (will 1721) and Sarah Witter (dau. of James Witter):

                                    Paul Grimball

                                    Thomas Grimball

                                    Isaac Grimball

                        Children of Samuel Screven (will 1731) and Sarah Witter (dau. of James Witter):

                                    William Screven md. Sarah

                                    James Screven md. Mary Hyrne Smith:

                                                General James Screven

                                                Thomas Smith Screven

                                                Martha Screven md. William Baker

                                                Elizabeth Screven md. James Brisbane

                                                John Screven md. Eliz. Pendarvis

                                    Mary Screven md. Thomas Dixon

II.         James Smith. Minister. Moved to Boston. [Some sources claim that Abigail Smith (1744-1818), wife of President John Adams (1733/35-1826), was the granddaughter of this James Smith.]

III.       Barbara Atkins

IV.       John Atkins

V.        Aaron Atkins

VI.       Richard Atkins

VII.      Joanna Atkins

VIII.     Ellen Atkins

Thomas Smith md. 1662 Sarah Boylston; she d. by 1715. This line is questioned. See article in SCHM by Langdon Cheves.

.seq level1 \h \r0           Sarah Smith b. 1664 d. 1664

II.         Thomas Smith b. 1665 d. 1690 at sea md. Elizabeth Schenckingh d. 1751 age 81 (dau. of Barnard and Elizabeth Schenckingh). He of Massachusetts. She md. then William Smith, merchant - will 30 Aug. 1710. [See Charleston Deed Book OO.]

            A.        Thomas Smith b. 1691 d. 1723/4 (Only son of first marriage - which marriage Langdon Cheves does not believe took place. He believed Thomas was a son of William. However, note that William below is identified as the eldest son of William Smith.) Md. 1714 Sabina Smith b. 1699 d. 1734 (dau. of Thomas Smith (1670-1738). She md. then Thomas Taylor. See also Evolution of a Federalist, Rogers:

                        1.         Benjamin Smith b. 1717 d. 29 July 1770, Speaker of the Commons House of Assembly, md. 1740 Ann Laughton who d. 29 Feb. 1760. Md. 20 Oct. 1760 Mary Wragg (dau. of Joseph Wragg and Judith DuBosc. Judith Wragg d. 1769):

                                    a.         Thomas Laughton Smith b. 1741 - will 1771 md. 1763 Elizabeth Inglis (dau. of George Inglis):

                                                (1)        Elizabeth Smith md. David Campbell

                                                (2)        Ann Laughton Smith md. Thomas Fraser

                                                (3)        Claudia Smith md. Henry Izard

                                                (4)        Maria Smith md. (1) John Deas, Jr. (2) Dr. John Ramsay

                                                (5)        Catherine Smith

                                                (6)        Harriet Smith md. (1) John Poaug (2) William Crafts

                                    b.         John Smith b. 1743 d. young

                                    c.         Ann Smith b. 1745 md. 1763 Isaac Motte

                                    d.         Susannah Smith md. 1775 Barnard Elliott (d. 1778) md. then Patrick Carnes

                                    e.         William Laughton Smith b. 1758 d. 1812 md. 1786 Charlotte Izard b. 1770 d. 1792. Md. (2) Charlotte Wragg:

                                                (1)        Ralph Smith b. 1785 d. 1824

                                                (2)        George Smith b. 1786 d. 1828

                                                (3)        Thomas Laughton Smith d. 1817

                                                (4)        Anne Caroline Smith md. Peter Pederson

                                                (5)        Elizabeth Wragg Smith md. Thomas Osborn Lowndes

                                                (6)        William Wragg Smith b. 1808 d. 1875

                                    f.          Catherine Smith d. young

                                    g.         Benjamin Wragg Smith (by 2nd marriage) d. young

                                    h.         Judith Smith (by 2nd marriage) md. James Ladson

                                    i.          Mary Smith (by 2nd marriage) md. John Gibbes

                                    j.          Sabina Smith (by 2nd marriage) d. young

                                    k.         Charlotte Smith (by 2nd marriage) d. young

                                    l.          Joseph Allen Smith b. 1769 d. 1828 (by 2nd marriage)

                        2.         Thomas Smith b. 1719/20 d. 21 Aug. 1790 (of Broad Street) md. 1744 Sarah Moore b. 1728 d. 1774 (dau. of Roger Moore (1694-d. by 1753) md. 1721 Catherine Rhett (dau. of William and Sarah (Cooke) Rhett):

                                    a.         Roger Moore Smith b. 4 Aug. 1745 d. 30 July 1805 md. 1768 Mary Rutledge b. 1747 d. 1832/37. He was a Revolutionary Soldier:

                                                (1)        Thomas Rhett Smith b. 1768 d. 1829 md. 1795 Ann Rebecca Skirving b. 1778:

                                                            (a)        William Skirving Smith b. 1799 md. 1819 Elizabeth Sarah McPherson b. 1795 d. 1858:

                                                                        i)          Cornelia McPherson Smith b. 1823 d. 1891 md. 1853 Alfred Raul (?) M.D. b. 1815 d. 1885 [DAR Papers]

                                                (2)        Roger Moore Smith b. 1770 d. 1808

                                                (3)        Sarah Rutledge Smith

                                                (4)        Mary Rutledge Smith b. 1772 d. 1774

                                                (5)        Caroline Smith b. 1773 md. Charles Rutledge

                                                (6)        John Rutledge Smith b. 1775 md. 1799 Susan E. Ladson

                                                (7)        Benjamin Burgh Smith b. 1776 d. 1823 md. 1803 Ann Stock

                                                (8)        Hugh Rutledge Smith b. 1778 d. 1780

                                                (9)        Andrew Smith b. 1779 d. 1782

                                                (10)      Mary Sabina Smith b. 1783 d. 1784

                                                (11)      Anna Mariah Smith b. 1785 md. Charles Parker

                                                (12)      Edward Nutt Smith b. 1785 d. 1786

                                    b.         Thomas Smith b. 1748 d. 1749

                                    c.         Benjamin Smith b. 1749 d. 1750

                                    d.         William Smith

                                    e.         Sarah Smith b. 1752 d. 1 June 1784 md. John McKenzie, then md. 16 Mar. 1773 Thomas Bee b. 1739 d. 1812. Thomas Bee had md. (1) in 1761 Susannah Holmes who d. 1771 md. (3) in 1786 Susannah Bulline.

                                    f.          Peter Smith b. 1754 d. 1821 md. 1776 Mary Middleton

                                    g.         Benjamin Smith b. 1757 d. 1826 md. 1777 Sarah Dry

                                    h.         Rhett Smith b. 1759 d. 1760

                                    i.          James Smith b. 1761 d. 1835 md. 1791 Marianna Gough:

                                                (1)        Sarah Smith b. 1792

                                                (2)        Elizabeth Smith b. 1793

                                                (3)        Thomas Moore Smith* b. 6 Nov. 1794 d. 26 Dec. 1860 md. 20 Feb. 1823 Caroline Barnwell b. 1805 d. 1876

                                                (4)        Mary Barnwell Smith b. 1796

                                                (5)        James Henry/Hervey Smith* b. 1797 d. 1855 md. 1818 Charlotte Haskell (dau. of Elnathan anc C. Thomson Haskell)

                                                (6)        Benjamin Rhett Smith* b. 1797

                                                (7)        Marianna Smith b. 1799

                                                (8)        Robert Barnwell Smith* b. 1800

                                                (9)        Claudia Smith b. 1802

                                                (10)      Emma Smith b. 1803

                                                (11)      Alfred Smith b. 1805

                                                (12)      William Rhett Smith b. 1807

                                                (13)      Edmund/Edward Smith* b. 1808

                                                (14)      Albert Moore Smith* b. 1810 md. Elizabeth Barnwell Smith b. 1814

                                                *Those marked petitioned in 1837 to change their names from Smith to Rhett ...that the name of Rhett, in the grand Maternal line, now extinct, may be revived and preserved.

                                    j.          Mary Smith b. 1764 md. 1784 John Faucheraud Grimke b. 1752 d. 1819

                                    k.         Anne Smith b. 1765 md. Hugh Rutledge

                                    l.          Rhett Smith b. & d. 1767

                        3.         Ann Smith

                        4.         Sabina Smith md. Andrew Taylor: [Mentioned in will of brother, Benjamin Smith 1770]

                                    a.         Ann Taylor md. William Mills:

                                                (1)        Robert Mills

            B.         William Smith, eldest son, planter of St. Philips, d. 1741 md. Elizabeth Williamson:

                        1.         Elizabeth Smith md. Nicholas Burnham

                        2.         Sarah Smith

                        3.         Rebecca Smith

                        4.         Margaret Smith md. 1756 Thomas Evance b. ca. 1730 d. 1777:

                                    a.         Margaret Evance b. 1765 md. Charles Cantey

                                    b.         Charlotte Evance b. 1767 d. 1826 md. Thomas Cordes b. 1753 d. 1806

                                    c.         Thomas William Evance b. 1770 d. 1770

                                    d.         Rebecca Evance

            C.        John Smith of Colleton Co. d. 1753 md. Margaret Williamson:

                        1.         Andrew Smith

                        2.         Joseph Smith

                        3.         Ann Smith md. Elijah Prioleau:

                                    a.         Margaret Prioleau

                                    b.         Samuel Prioleau

                                    c.         John Prioleau

                        4.         Phebe Smith - will 1780 md. Thomas Farr - will 1775:

                                    a.         Thomas Farr

                                    b.         John Farr

                                    c.         Nathaniel Farr

                                    d.         Joseph Farr

                        5.         Charlotte Smith - will 1776

                        6.         Catherine Smith md. John Waring:

                                    a.         John Waring

                                    b.         Peter Waring

                                    c.         Richard Waring

                                    d.         Benjamin Waring

                        7.         Amarinthia Smith md. Benjamin Elliott. He had md. (1) in 1750 Mary Odingsell.

            D.        Anne Smith d. 1743 md. 1738 Thomas Dale

            E.         Catherine Smith (will 1761) md. 1749 William Greenland

            F.         Amarinthia Smith b. 31 Oct. 1696 d. before 1732 md. 1719 Benjamin Gibbes who d. 1721. She md. then Peter Taylor (d. 1 Oct. 1765) whose second wife Mary d. 1759. He md. then 21 Oct. 1762 Mrs. Ann (Moore) Swann (dau. of Robert Moore & Catherine Rhett, and widow of John Swann of Cape Fear, N.C.)  Inscription St. James, Goose Creek: Peter Taylor, Esq. d. 1 Oct. 1765, aged 67 years. And by him lies his first wife, Mrs. Amarentia Taylor and their son Joseph:

                        1.         Sarah Taylor

                        2.         Joseph Taylor

            G.        Benjamin Smith d. an infant and unmd.

III.       William Smith b. 1666/67 d. 1735. Of Massachusetts. [Some sources claim that Abigail Smith (1744-1818), wife of President John Adams (1733/35-1826), was the granddaughter of this William Smith.]

IV.       John Smith b. 1670/d. 1688

V. Son Smith b. 1681

Major William Smith, vintner, in S.C. by 1694 b. 1674 d. 29 May 1721. Children:

Ann Smith b. 10 June 1690 d. 27 Aug. 1758 md. 11 July 1708 Nathaniel Partridge d. May, 1722

Rebecca Smith b. 21 Dec. 1693

William Smith b. 10 May 1696 d. 29 June 1753

Sarah Smith b. 1 Jan. 1698