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Hello, My name is Mattie Truewell and I don't know if I have the right person. I'm look for my father's family. His name was Ira Truewell but when he was older he changed his name to Robert Lee Truewell. I wanted to know if there is any information on Isisah Truewell born 7-29-38 die in 1965. He's buried in your county. I pray that you can help me. Thank You so much. God Blessed. Mattie Truewell


DeWitt Family:
I have been researching the DeWitt family in Horry County, and am interested in the DeWitt famiy in Berkely. I found some court papers referring to a Joseph DeWitt living in Berkely county in the early 1700s. If anyone has any information on this family I would greatly appreciate it. I will be happy to exchange any information I may have. My DeWitt family has ties to the Vereen family which was in Berkely also. Thank you Jan Drew Derrick


Our ancestor, William Grassell Taylor, was born in 1813 in Charleston, SC, and christened at the Circular Church. His parents, James Taylor & Mary Thomson, were married at the Circular Church in Charleston in 1812. Do any of the censuses show other than the head of the household? Trying to find who James or Marys parents were. James & Mary would have been born around 1790. Then Id love to know if William Grassell Taylor had any siblings. Do you have any other suggestions? Would appreciate any help you can provide. Thank you, Carol Jones...Horsham, PA


I am interested in locating my Smith ancestors, Angus and Adeline Smith, who resided both in Charleston and on Sullivan's Island (last known address was at 33 Wall Street on Sullivan's Island c. 1886). I am thinking that I would like to see if you can find them in the 1860 (he was active in the Charleston area during the Civil War) & 1880 census records. They were married sometime in the 1850s, in Charleston. I found them in the 1870 Christ Church Parish census (do not have actual copy of census record, but got info from another person) and they were listed as follows:

Angus Smith, born in 1827, in Scotland, m. Adeline Lawrence, born 1834. Children were: John Gray Smith, age 19 (my g. grandfather...have death certificate); Angus Smith (have death certificate), 8, and born in LA; Elizabeth, 16; Adeline, age 11; Mary, age 3; Abraham, 7 months. I have found that Elizabeth married a man named John Oscar Moisson on July 2, 1873 and they lived on Sullivan's Island. They had the following children together: Joel Oscar Moisson, born on Sullivan's Island, Elizabeth Virginia Moisson, Thomas O'Keif Moisson, Leonnie Moisson, John Ervin Moisson, and George Marks Moisson.

There was an older son born to Angus, possibly from a first marriage whose name was James or Joseph Smith.

The youngest child of Angus and Adeline Smith, Jeannette A. Smith, born c. 1875, on Sullivan's Island, was orphaned sometime in 1886. She spent two years in an orphanage before her brother-in-law, G. Del Guidice, took her in to live with him and his family, in 1888. So, this means Angus, head of household died, or maybe both parents died around the same time?

Angus Smith was a deep sea diver and salvage engineer, by profession. It is my belief that he was THE diver who, along with his partner, David Broadfoot, also from Scotland, brought the Hunley up from Charleston Harbor twice during the Civil War. He worked closely with General Beauregard, keeping in touch with him even after the War. In addition, he continued to hold on to most of the salvaging contracts conducted in Charleston Harbor, after the War, and became quite wealthy doing so. However, after the early 1880s, information on him is generally lost from most of history. The only indication of this family is found in the information concerning Jeannette A. Smith being taken in by the orphanage in 1886, while living at 33 Wall Street, on Sullivan's Island, where she was born.

Angus Smith was actually, Capt. Angus Smith, and he ran the North Atlantic Blockade in 1861, having been caught by the North. His ship, the "Adeline," and all of its cargo was confiscated by the North, but he and his crew were freed because they were all Scottish and English citizens could not be taken prisoner (documented). Several of his sons were deep sea divers, including my g. grandfather, Capt. John Gray Smith m. Elizabeth Josephine Knapp, who was captain of several tug boats in Charleston Harbor, among other occupations.

I hope that this extra information can help locate my ancestors in the census records. Thank you so much for any help you can give me. I will gladly cover all of your personal expenses.

Sincerely,Patricia Jordan


Isaac Williams born 1780 in SC according to the 1850 Census. He married Nancy Temperance (last name unknown) also born in SC, according to LDS in 1802 in Abbeville, SC. Abbeville has no record of this. He died in Fayette Co, TN August 1, 1859. Brent Holcomb suggsted to one of Isaac's descendants he might have been the son of Isaac Williams who received a 100 acre grant in Berkeley County, SC 19 Sept. 1770. or That he is the son of Isaac Williams, Revolutionary War Soldier, Newberry Co, who received 200 acres in 96th Dist. in 1785. Also, he may have been son of James Williams or John Williams both of Newberry Co Sc. So far we haven't found him. Three of the male family members have matched HP41, which Adrian Williams, Webmaster, says indicates we came from the area of Old 96th Dist. which would indicate Berkeley Co. perhaps. We certainly appreciate your assistance. One other thing, they appear to be Methodists as he and Nancy belonged to Ebeneezsr Methodist Church in Fayette Co, TN, and are buried in Smyrna Cemetery nearby. Many members of the family are still Methodists. They also were very close to the family of our ancestors, The William Griffins. Their oldest daughter, Temperance bl. 1805 in NC, married Jehoiakim Griffin and my ancestor Caleb Griffin married Margaret Williams, Isaac's youngest daughter. Thank you again for your assistance. Adele Graham

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