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Hallo Wendy,

today I found your important website. At first some words about me: My name is Wolfgang Horlbeck and I live in Freiberg/Germany. I'm interesting in family tree serach of HORLBECK family. In the years about 1764 two brothers (John Peter and John Adam Horlbeck or Hurlbeck) went from Germany to America. They settled in Charleston/SC and worked there as architects. They have many descendants, and now a lot of Horlbeck people live in South Carolina.

It would be great if I can with your help get a contact to living Horlbeck in your county. The best will be, they are also interesting in genealogy.

The base of my searches is an old german book from 1934 "Die Horlbeck im Vogtland, im angrenzenden Thüringen und Franken". In this book we can find family trees back to about the year 1600. But about the Horlbeck, which went in other countries (most of them to America), there is no further information. Now I try to continue the Horlbeck family trees all over the world to our time, in Germany, in Switzerland and of course in USA.

I could give a lot of information of Horlbeck ancestors from this old book, if anything wants.

I wish you success with your website and hope to hear from you

Wolfgang Horlbeck
Tschaikowskistr. 45
D - 09599 Freiberg


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