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    Many of our new members and even some of our old members have asked this question. Organized in 1973, the Berkeley County Historical Society was incorporated with the purpose of "discovering, preserving, and studying all books, pamphlets, and traditions touching on or pertaining to the history of Berkeley County, SC - to aid and encourage individuals and associations in the compiling and publishing of historical data covering Berkeley County; to establish and collect memorabilia for a museum; and to undertake the preservation of historic buildings, sites, monuments, and markers. 
PUBLICATIONS - From small pamphlets, to full length books, the Society actively promotes the publication of important research about the history of Berkeley County. 
SEMINARS & LECTURES - The Society conducts periodic seminars and lectures to promote Berkeley County's rich heritage to a wide audience. Diversity is stressed and past program topics have ranged from cemetery preservation to the training seminars for tour guides. 
TOURS - One of the Society's most rewarding programs involves organizing and conducting tours of Berkeley County's many historic sites. Groups, both large and small visit historic plantations, churches and homes. In addition, special "members only' tours and "crawls" are scheduled throughout the year. 
SPECIAL PROGRAMS -  Special programs, such as designer houses, the Adopt a Highway Project, and in 2001 the special program was The Landmark Conference. 
MUSEUM - The Society was the founding body of the Berkeley County Historical Society Museum. The Museum has now become a separate entity but there is still a close connection. 
Vice President  
Membership Chairman  
St. James/Santee  
St. Stephen  
St. Thomas/St. Denis  
Berkeley/Lower St. Johns  
Berkeley/Upper St. Johns  
Goose Creek/Upper St. James  
Goose Creek/Lower St. James 
Anne Propst  
Bettye Shealy  
Anne Keller  
Nat Hopper  
Jean Crosby  
Martha Mizell  
Mary Rudloff  
Jean Guerry  
Willis Rahn  
Celeste Singletary  
Jean Crosby  
Ernest Hoenck 

Executive Board Members: 

Oliver Buckles, Jean Crosby, Jean Guerry, Ernest Hoenck, Nat Hopper, Anne Keller,Martha Mizell, Anne Propst, Willis Rahn, Mary Rudloff, Bettye Shealy, Celeste Singletary, John Tiencken, Joan Wells and Wiley Winters. 

    The purpose of the Berkeley County Historical Society is to collect and preserve history, educate the public, and encourage historic preservation in Berkeley County. Support for the Society is provided by membership dues, seminars, sale of books,  tours, and special events. The Society operates under a 501 (a) (2), not for profit organization, from the Internal Revenue Service.  
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