Memories of Uncle [William] Mazyck Porcher
Memories of Uncle Mazyck Porcher
Copied from the handwritten diary of Miss Anne Linton Sinkler
     Anne Linton Sinkler, my grandmother, for whom I am named had a magnificent voice.  Emily Wharton (Sinkler), great Uncle Charles'  wife also had a beautiful voice and when they were all living at Eutaw Uncle Mazyck Porcher who lived at Mexico Plantation 15 or 16 miles down the River Road used to often drive up and spend the evening just to hear them sing. 
     Uncle Mazyck was quite a character if he was dining with anyone and they had a dish he liked he would calmly take it all.  The Yankees burned Mexico and made him walk from Mexico to Eutaw and told him they would hang him at day light.  He said "You do not dare do it."  Every year for the rest of his life he came up to Eutaw on the anniversary and asked to be allowed to go in the wing room where he was a prisoner.  We children were dying to know what he did in there. 
Map of Peter Porcher's Plantations