House of Representatives - St. Stephen Parish
St. Stephen's Parish
   This is the final list of members of the House of Representatives in the Ninth through Forty-sixth General Assemblies under the Constitution of 1790. At this time the Low Country parishes lost in representation while the emerging Up-Country counties gained representation and political importance with the shift in population. 
    In 1790 the parishes here had three representatives each. In 1809 St. John's, Berkeley retained three and St. James, Santee kept two, but St. James, Goose Creek, St. Stephen, St. Thomas & St. Denis had only one each. St. John's, Berkeley kept two through 1839 and then dropped to one with the other parishes which would cease to be election districts under Constitution of 1865. 
    Persons elected to the House of Representatives from St. Stephen's Parish for sessions of the General Assembly for the years 1791-1864 are listed below. The inclusive dates given are for years in which the member actually served in a session or service was interrupted by death or resignation. 
1791-1795 - Robert Marion was born in 1766 in St. John's, Berkeley, planted Belle Isle, S. C. Senator from St. John's, Berkeley 1802-1805 from which he resigned to serve in the 9th., 10th., and 11th. Congresses from which he resigned in 1810. 
1791-1801 - Peter Porcher, Jr., son of Philip of Oldfield, he was one of several persons of this name.  
1791-1794 - Thomas Cordes, Jr. died in 1799.  
1794-1795 - John Gaillard was born in 1765, admitted to the Middle Temple, London, planted at Windsor plantation, served in the House from St. James, Santee 1791-92, S. C. Senate 1796-1804, resigned on election to the U. S. Senate to which he was elected 1804, 1806, 1812, 1818, and 1824 and served until his death on Feb. 26, 1826, serving as president pro tempore of the U. S. Senate on many occasions.  
1796-1797 - Peter Gaillard who became associated with St. John's, Berkeley.  
1796-1797, 1806-1809, 1830-1831 - Samuel Porcher was probably Major Samuel Porcher of Mexico plantation.  
1798-1799 - O'Neal Gough Stevens who married the daughter of Capt. John Palmer, also represented St. Paul's in the 10th. General Assembly.  
1798-1804 - Theodore Gaillard was a brother of U. S. Senator John Gaillard. He represented Christ Church Parish in the 17th. and 18th. General Assemblies. Died 1829.  
1802-1804 - Peter Porcher  
1804-1805 - John Palmer, Sr. Capt. John Palmer served in Marion's Brigade.  
1800-1805 - John Palmer, Jr. was a son of Capt. John Palmer and served from St. John's, Berkeley in the 19th. and 21st. General Assemblies.  
1804-1808 - Charles Sinkler, born 1780, served in S. C. Senate 1812-1816.  
1806, 1808-1809 - Samuel Dubose, Jr. declined to serve Nov. 26, 1806 and was replaced by Peter Robert.  
1806-1808 - Peter Robert was elected to replace Samuel Dubose, but declined to serve on Nov. 27, 1807.  
1808-1809 - William Dubose, son of Samuel Dubose and Elizabeth Sinkler, S. C. Senate 1825-1836, Lt. Gov. 7 836-1838.  
1810-1813, 1816-1822 - Thomas Palmer, Jr. died May 23, 1822.  
1814-1815 - William Cordes (1783-1818).  
1822-1823, 1826-1828 - Philip S. Porcher, probably a son of Major Samuel Porcher.  
1824-1825 - Thomas Walter Thomas, son of Thomas Hasell Thomas and Anne Walter.  
1828-1829 - John Gaillard Keith Gourdin, born March 10, 1801, son of Theodore Gourdin.  
1832-1833 - Samuel Jerman Palmer (1807-1853).  
1834-1835 - Theodore Louie Gourdin, born May 1, 1790, brother to John Gaillard Keith Gourdin.  
1836-1843 - John Palmer, one of several relatives of that name.  
1844-1845 - Charles Snowden, contemporary of Langdon Cheves.  
1846-1847, 1852-1855 - William Mazyck Porcher, son of Major Samuel Porcher of Mexico plantation. He also owned Big Camp in St. John's, Berkeley, where the warehouses of the Santee Canal Co. had been located.  
1848-1851 - Theodore Samuel Marion, son of Job Marion and his second wife Elizabeth Gaillard.  
1856-1859 - Philip Edward Porcher, born March 2, 1827, son of Philip Porcher and Martha DuBose.  
1860-1864 - J. J. Williams 
Information and Article from
"Historic Ramblin's Through Berkeley"
 written by and used with permission of
Mr. J. Russell Cross