Belle Isle Plantation Family Cemetary
Belle Isle Plantation
Marion Family Cemetery
On the marker on the gate leading to Belle Isle Cemetery is:
General Francis Marion, Swamp Fox, a native of Berkeley County. Our rank is few but true and tried. Our leaders frank and bold. The British soldier trembles when Marion's name is told. (by Bryant). 
Marion, General Francis
d/27 Feb.1795 in 73rd year
Marion, Francis **Oldest grave in the cemetery    
To preserve to posterity this Burial place of on honored son replaces the crumbling and broken tomb nearly a century old with this enduring memorial cut from her own granite hills estaperpetua.    

Sacred to the memory of Gen. Francis Marion who departed this life on the 27th February 1795, in the sixty-third year of his age.  Deeply regretted by all his fellow-citizens. History will record his worth and rising generations embalm his memory as one of the most distinguished patriots and heroes of the American Revolution which elevated his native Country to honor and independence and secured to her the blessings of Liberty and Peace.  This tribute of veneration and gratitude is erected in commemoration of the noble and gallant exploits of the soldier who lived without fear and died without reproach.  

Marion, Mary Esther
Relicit of Gen Francis Marion
d  26 July 1815 75 yrs.

Underneath this stone lies the mortal remains of Mary Esther Marion relict of General Francis Marion who died on the 26th July 1815 aged 75 years among the many virtues of this of this amiable lady were those of piety charity affection benevolence and humanity particularly to her domestics she died  lamented as she lived esteemed by all who know her this monument sacred to the memory of the deceased is erected by desire of the late Keating Lewis Simons (as directed in his will in testimony of his gratitude, friendship, and affection for her)    

DeVeaux, Ann Peyre
w/o S. G. Deveaux
d/o Francis Peyre
d 23 Apr.1823 28 yr
In memory of Anne Daughter of Francis Peyre and wife of S.G. Deveaux died 23rd April 1823 aged 23 years mother thou art gone to rest and this shall be my prayer that when I reach my journeys end thy glory I may share. 
DeVeaux. Stephen G.
d.Sept. 1850 63 yrs
Sacred to the memory of Stephen G. Deveaux who died 6th September 1850 aged 63 years Husband thou and gone before to meet thy just rewards eternal happiness grant that the beams of light divine be shed over the pilgrims journeys end till she is called to join with thee a glorious immortality may angels guard thy slumbering, until the judgment day.
Marion Theodore Samuel
d Apr. 1827 63 yrs.
DeVeaux, Robert Marion
Eldest s/o Stephen G.
& Ann Peyre DeVeaux
12 Nov.1812-18 May 1813
Beneath this stone lie the remains of Robert Marion Deveaux eldest child of Stephen C. Deveaux and Ann Peyre who was born Nov.13th 1812, and died Mar 14th 1813. 
Marion, Charlotte
w/o Theodore Samuel Marion
d Aug 1791, 32 yrs
Brown, Mrs. Elizabeth Ann
w/o Rev. Manning Brown
d/o SG & AP DeVeaux
8 Mar. 1825-19 Dec. 1860
Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Brown wife of Rev. Manning Brown and daughter of S. G. and A. B. Deveaux Born March 8, 1825 Died Dec'r 19, 1864 "yea doubtless and I count all things but loss for the Excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord" "Jesus is my Savior" 
Porcher, George
9 Feb. 1863-2 Sept 1869
Screven, Annie Deveaux
d/o Stephen G. & Ann P. DeVeauz
w/o Heber Screven
18 Jul 1841-4 Feb 1868 
Porcher, Kate C.
w/o John P. Porcher
28 Aug 1889-11 Aug 1928
Screven, Ammie DeVeaux
d/o D H & A DeV Screven
2 Dec.  ? -30 Dec. 1868
Ammie Deveaux daughter of R.H. and A. Screven Born Dece 2nd 1867 Died Dece 30th 1868
Porcher, Anna
23 Feb. 1864-5 Oct. 1864
Clements, Gabriella DeVeaux
w/o Richard  Clements
12 Sept 1816-29 Jan 1908
Gabriella Deveaux widow of Richard Clements born September 12, 1816 Died June 29, 1908 
Dubose, Emma 
d/p Theodore S. and Jane S. Dubose 
d 1 Aug. 1833 11 mo. 
Sacred to the memory of Emma daughter of Theodore S. and Jane S. Dubose who died on the first of August 1833. Aged Eleven months and a few days.
Dubose, Elizabeth 
w/o Samuel Dubose, Jr. 
d.16 June 1859, 21 yr 1 mo.
 Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Dubose wife of Samuel Dubose Junior who departed this life on the 16th day of June 1809 aged 21 years and one month.
Porcher, George 
son of Dr. John P. & Anna 
A F Porcher b. 12 Mar. 1839 
Cedar Springs Plantation 
St. John's Plantation 
St. John Berkley 
c/13 Nov. 1859 Charleston
George Porcher, son of Dr. John P. and Anna F. Porcher Born at Cedar Springs Plantation St. John's Berkeley, March 12, 1839 Died at Charleston, Nov. 13, 1859
Markers below moved from Trinity Church, Black Oak their remains rest in original graves covered by cement slabs and under Lake Moultrie.    
Clements, Gabriella DeVeaux 
Porcher, Dr. John Palmer 
Porcher, George 
Porcher, Kate C. 
Porcher, George 
Porcher, Anna 
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