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Roll of
Company F. 3rd Regiment
South Carolina Cavalry
Confederate States Army 
This roster appeared in "The Barnwell People" Newspaper, dated January 5, 1899
Note: This list was copied from microfilm at the Barnwell County Public Library. Some initials may be incorrect because of the copy quality.

H. C. Smart (dead)

D. A. Warnock
R. H. Gifford (dead)
W. F. Mole (dead)
L. F. Youmans
D. H. Platts (dead)

B. P. Fitts (dead)
John Cone
O. J. Harvey (dead)
M. M. Lightsey (dead)
James Wooten (dead)
W. H. Youmans

G. L. Lightsey (dead)
M. Loadholt
Alph All
C. M. Gray
H. B. Harvey
H. H. Peeples
S. J. Fitts
James Hamilton

Edward Anderson (dead)
E. E. Anderson
C. C. Anderson
James Anderson (dead)
J. W. All
J. C. All
James All
O. B. Brant (dead)
G. W. Bessinger (dead)
L. M. Bryan
William Bowers (dead)
W. B. Bowers
C. N. Bowers
G. M. Bowers
R. W. Buford
Alonzo Blackwell (dead)
M. P. Bassett
P. J. Brunson (dead)
W. W. Brunson (dead)
W. E. Brunson
A. M. Brunson (dead)
J. O. Brunson
Alfred Brabham
James Bradley, killed in battle
Dave Bradley, (dead)
J. M. Brown
V. A. Chisolm
Riley Cope
S. K. Connelly (dead)
Robert Corley (dead)
Thomas Corley (dead)
J. R. Compton (dead)
D. P. Dawson (dead)
T. J. Dawson (dead)
H. M. Deer
R. J. Fitts (dead)
William Fitts (dead)
Richard Fitts (dead)
James R. Fitts
E. H. Forrester
R. B. Gooding (dead)
M. M. Gooding
J. D. Griffin (dead)
Dick Gooding (dead)
O. P. Griffin
W. H. Griffin (dead)
W. R. Ginn
I Hadwin, (died in prison)
H. W. Harter
J. L. Harvey, (wounded in battle)
C. F. Harvey (dead)
O. L. Harvey
J. M. Harvey
G. M. Harvey
R. A. Harrison (dead)
J. W. Harvey (dead)
S. E. Harvey (dead)
Thomas Hickson
Bailey Hickman
E. B. Johns
F. Johnson
F. D. Johnson (dead)
Obed Johnson (dead)
T. W. Jenkins (dead)
William Jenkins, (died in prison)
Benjamin Jenkins
J. F. Kearse
G. B. Kearse (dead)
H. W. Kearse
C. J. Kearse (dead)
E. M. Kinard (dead)
L. J. Kinard
Calvin Kinard (dead)
G. W. Kinard (dead)
J. E. Kittles
A. R. Loadholt
John Lightsey
J. H. Lightsey
J. A. Lightsey
John Miley, (wounded in battle)
Alfred Muligan
R. H. Mixson
J. H. Montmollin (dead)
J. C. McMillan
John Mears (dead)
Henry Myrick
William Nix (dead)
John Platts (dead)
W. A. Platts (dead)
David Platts (dead)
H. E. Peeples
J. A. Perritt (dead)
S. B. Perritt (dead)
J. B. Phillips
F. B. Priester (dead)
Henry Parnell (dead)
R. W. Richardson
Josiah Ritter (dead)
Jacob Ritter (dead)
Thomas Rizer
Hansford Rizer (dead)
J. R. Reid (dead)
J. B. Reid
E. Joe Ruth (dead)
T. J. Riley (dead)
R. D. Smart
Asa Simmons (dead)
C. L. Smith
K. S. Smith
Moses Sanders (died in prison)
G. C. Sanders (dead)
Gus Sanders (killed in battle)
C. W. Sease (dead)
James Trowell (dead)
Jonathan Trowell (dead)
David Terry
Giant Tuten
Jasper Tuten (dead)
D. W. Williams
J. L. Williams
R. H. Williams (dead)
J. M. Williams (dead)
J. D. Williams (dead)
Eli Williams (dead)
A. C. Williams
Perry Williams (dead)
G. W. Weekley (dead)
J. M. Weekley
J. J. Walker (dead)
Jonas Wooten (dead)
L. W. Youmans
E. C. Youmans (dead)
J. J. Young