Cemetery on Voorhees College property, Denmark, S

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Cemetery on Voorhees College property, Denmark, S.C. (name of cemetery unknown) Surveyed 26 May 1998 by Claire Schuetrum of Columbia, S.C., Sybile Pierce of Sumter, S.C. and Jacob Henry Valentine of North, S.C. Eight tombstones were found; a number of unmarked depression present.

Directions: From the Voorhees College Security hut on Voorhees Road, travel southeast on Voorhees Road for 0.6 miles. Turn left onto S-5-629 and travel for 0.35 miles. Turn left onto an unmarked dirt road and travel for 0.2 miles. Park. Cemetery is in the woods (about a two to five minute walk). Once inside the woods, bear to right. There is no trail and the cemetery cannot be seen through the woods. There is plenty of poison ivy. This rectangular cemetery is completely enclosed by a 3-foot deep ditch that is about six feet wide at the top. Note: The dirt road is privately owned. There is no parking area per se; you are entering the yards of private residences. Please knock and request permission. The woods and the cemetery itself are on Voorhees College property.


The following tombstones were found on property belonging to Voorhees College, Denmark, S.C. 


Decania Dowling
Born: 30th March 1803
Died: 5th October 1857

A friend of widows, orphans, the poor & needy
A ready help
He died of continued fever


Daniel Guess                                                  Elizabeth Dowling Guess
Son of John & Rachel Davis Guess              Daughter of Elizah Dowling
Born: 24 September 1803                              Born 22 March 1809
Died: 16 September 1872                              Died: 24 March 1882


James A Guess
A resident of the Barnwell District, S.C.
Died: 18 March 1851
Age 24 years 8 months

His tombstone erected by a friend Lucia Pinckney


Susan Catherine Guess
Wife of Joseph G. H. Guess
Died: 1869


Sarah Helen Snider
Died 8 June 1855
Age 35 years 10 months 17 days

Her tombstone was broken off below the information.




James Hill                                                                               Nancy Ann Hill
Died: 26 July 1852                                                                Wife of James Hill
Age 35 years 10 months 17 days                                          Died: 9 May 1852
                                                                                                Age 40 years 10 months 21 days
His tombstone was erected by W.J.S & M.U.E.R               She is the mother of W.J.S. or
His tombstone was broken in about 5 pieces M.U.E.R.      She could be mother of both. 


John Guess, Jr. Cemetery located on the campus Voorhees College, Denmark, S.C., under oak tree, across from the Maintenance Shop. There is only one tombstone with information on John Guess, Jr, his wife Rachel Guess (nee Davis) and two of their daughters. We assume that this tombstone was put up at a later date as it has data on four persons of the same family. Sallie Guess must have died as a child.


I cataloged this cemetery several years ago. Claire & I cataloged it again as Claire had never seen either cemetery. If I have the names of the parents I include this also 


John Guess                                                                       Rachel Guess
Born: 15 December 1774                                                Wife of John Guess
Died: 11 Februrary 1858                                                Died: 11 April 1835
Died at a ripe old age, measles took him away
Inserted: son of John Guess & Sarah Davis (nee Davis)

Rachel King                                                                     Sallie Guess
(nee Guess)                                                                     Daughter of John & Rachel Guess
Daughter of John & Rachel Guess
Died: 1840