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Short Staple Cemetery
Located off Highway #74 near Morris Chapel between Barnwell and Olar
Inventoried by Jennings Rountree, 1990
Hagood, Anna Sams   b. 10-12-1846    d. 3-7-1940
Hagood, Thomas Barrett  b. 9-25-1841   d. 6-24-1917
Hagood, Thomas Oswald   b. 3-26-1870   d. 6-24-1917
Hagood, Agnes Eliza  b. 8-29-1871   d. 10-22-1871
Hagood, Edwin Augustus  Color Bearer, Co. E.  Hagood Regt., CSA
Bellinger, S. N. Co. G. 1st SC Inf., CSA
Barrett, Fannie  b. 10-6-1851   d. 1-30-1873 daughter of Edwin & Eliza Hagood
Hagood, Edwin Augustus   b. 1810  d. 1863
Hagood, Eliza Barrett  b. 1812   d. 1895
Hagood, Ann Barrett   b. 1836,  d. 1837
Rouss, Katherine Hagood   b. 11-19-1865   d. 12-6-1953  wife of Charles B. Rouss Jr.
Hagood, Robert Harper   b.   4-1797   d. 1-12-1825
Hagood, Ann O'Hear   b. 11-25-1774   d. 5-27-1848
Hagood, John Adrian   b. 1-2-1838   d. 10-18-1843  son of James O. &  I. M. Hagood
Hagood, Ella Rosa   b. 12-4-1838   d. 9-11-1852  Daughter of James O. and I. M. Hagood
Hagood, James   b. 11-15-1844   d. *11-15-1870
Another Stone  Hagood, Col. J.R., b. 11-15-1844   d. *12-15-1870  son of James O. & I.M. Hagood
(This is a large fallen stone and there may be more info on the back side)
Hagood, India M.   b. 9-3-1810  d. 3-6-1877  wife of James O. Hagood
Hagood, Mary Eloise   b. 3-16-1845  d. 4-15-1875  dau. of J.O & I.M. Hagood
Hagood, James O'Hear M.D.  b. 10-8-1804  d. 1-17-1873  graduate of Univ. of Penn. 17 yrs. as a practicing Physician
Hagood, Col. Lee  b. 10-31-1846    d. 12-26-1890
Hagood, 1st Lt. Lee   b. 8-26-1877  d. 8-6-1967  55 Coast Arty.
Hagood, James   b. 4-7-1875    d. 5-26-1892   2nd son of Leee and Katherine Rosa Hagood