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    Odom-Hay Cemetery

Located on private property about 1/4 mile off the Govan Rd. southeast of
Georges Creek Baptist Church.

Geo. Odom   Died Sept 17, 1839
Daniel A. Odom   Died 13 Nov 1836
Allen M. Odom   Died 31 May 1847
Geo. Roberson Odom   Died 7 Apr 1851
Agnes L. Odom Roberts   Nov 24, 34;    Oct 25, 52
Gerard Odom   3rd Dec 38, 28;    Aug 60 [or62?]
Adelena A. Odom   27th Nov 30;    Nov 62
Daniel A. Odom   7th Sept 36;    Time Death Unknown

(The previous names and dates are on one stone labeled "1800 Repd."  Note
that the dates are not written in the same format. The stone appears to be brick
covered with concrete.  George Odom is shown as having a house near this
location in the 1825 Robert Mills Atlas.)

Sara Virginia Hay    [No dates]
W. A Hay    Co. B  14 S C Militia  CSA     [No dates evident]
Sallie C.    Wife of Willie A. Hay, Sr  July 31, 1848;  Nov. 15, 1910
C. Isadadore Hay   Oct 26, 1878;   Jan 16, 1894
Mrs. ______   Died March 21, 185-(4?)   Aged 66 years    [broken stone]
Charles Colcock Hay   Mar 22, 1872;   June 1874
Mrs. R. L. _____     1874       [broken stone]