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Walker Cemetery

The Walker Cemetery is located about 3 miles north of Blackville, SC. Tkae State Highway #3 north from the city to the junction of County Road #32, turn west and proceed about one mile. The cemetery is located just to the south, in the woods. This survey was taken in October 1995 by Ralph Lancaster and Adele Lancaster Rogers.  Corrections and additions supplied by Lawrence M. Hunter Jr. 11/18/2001

Hankinson, Luke      6-6-1902     4-2-1903

Wise, Viola V Walker.   6-20-1854    7-1-1896 Wife of John Wise, daughter of William Walker

Hankinson, Mary Edmonia Walker   5-12-1863    2-12-1897   daughter of William P. Walker

Walker, William  P.     6-6-1806     6-26-1873 son of William Walker

Walker, Nathaniel  (Marked only by bricks) Founder of HealingSprings Baptist Church and father of William Walker

Walker, Mary Hankinson  11-10-1820    12-31-1909  wife of William P. Walker

Walker, Winton Thomas   12-19-1855    2-5-1929   son ofWilliam P. Walker

Walker, Celestine Mims   2-4-1861   9-25-1938  Wife of Winton T Walker

Walker, Edith A.   5-20-1884    2-20-1961   Daughter of Winton T.Walker

Walker, John Mims   4-3-1898    3-12-1967   son of Winton T. Walker

Walker, Mary Missouri   11-7-1901       3-10-1999  daughter of Winton T. Walker

Walker, Leila Celestia   6-30-1887   10-14-1970  daughter of Winton T.Walker

Walker, Helen Davis    9-10-1874   11-29-1959  Wife of William Pinkney Walker

Walker, William Pinkney   1-19-1882   8-17-1941  son of Winton T. Walker

Helen Marvine Walker born 10-26-1909  Daughter of William Pinkney and Helen Davis Walker

Odom, Nellie Ray   4-14-1843    12-4-1883

Ray, Emma M.    11-14-1834    8-23-1883   wife of W.T. Ray

Ray, William Thomas    9-22-1844    9-1-1887

Templeton, Ann Ray   8-21-1844    5-25-1910

Ray, Ann Alice Walker   4-27-1812    7-3-1879 wife of Rev. J J Ray, daughter of WilliamWalker

Ray, Rev. J. J.    12-30-1802    2-3-1868          Founder of Mount Calvary Baptist Church

Walker, William   11-7-1777    3-15-1837  S.C. Lt. 2nd Reg. Oswalds S.C. Troops War of 1812 son of Nathaniel Walker

Ray, Mary Lydia Gaskins  3-10-1829   1-14-1884

Hart, John K     9-29-1846    4-4-1897  (Relationship to Walker/Ray families currently unknown)

Walker, Albert N.

Walker, Ashton    son of William Pinkney Walker