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Robison Graveyard

"The old Robison graveyard is on the edge of the swamp near Millet station on the old C&WC Railway. About 1930 only two tombstones were still standing. The old Robison home stood nearby" From "The Dunbar Family of Barnwell County, South Carolina" By Elizabeth William DeHuff, 1950.
Today, a fence to keep livestock out encloses the cemetery and you have to remove the undergrowth to read the markers. Survey supplied by Julius Keith Peeples, 1998.

Anice Rachel Black
Entered into Rest
Oct 12, 1886
Blessed are the dead
who believe in the Lord

to the memory of
Thomas J. Black
Born July 15, 1841
Died October 14, 1880

To the memory of
Little Eddie
Infant daughter of
Paul Delacy
Born July 2, 1864
Died September 16, 1866
Dearly Loved

William Raymond Black
Born Feb 26, 1837
Died April 25, 1857

Edward Junius Black
Born Oct 30, 1805
Died September 1849

Robert Reid Black
Born June 16, 1846
Died August 8, 1847

George Heward Robison
Born January 1, 1768
Died September 27, 1853

Elizabeth Robison
Born March 1767
Died July 8, 1830

* These graves are together

Peter Edwards Jr.
April 3 1923
Dec 17, 196_

2 unreadable gravesites

* These graves are together

Violet Edwards
Died Jan 11, 192_
Age 82 yrs.
A tender mother and
Faithful friend

Wife of Jack Mitchell
Died Dec 13, 1917
Age 40 yrs.
Not _blest though
where we shall ___
to part no more

* These graves together

In memory of
Isom Dicks
Died Sept 10, 1902
Age 80 yrs.
at rest

*This gravesite seperate

25 grave depressions unmarked