Register Report - DRYDEN

by Sam Behling

First Generation

1. WILLIAM DRYDEN/DRIDEN/DREYDEN. Born in Of Walton, Cumberland, England. Child:

2 i. DAVID

Second Generation

2. DAVID DRYDEN Esq. (William DRYDEN/DRIDEN/DREYDEN1). Born in Of Staffe Hill, Cumberland, England. David married Isabel NICHOLSON, daughter of . Born in Of Staffe Hill, Cumberland, England. They had the following children:

i. Thomas.
3 ii. JOHN (-1584)
iii. Isabel. Isabel married Thomas WARWICK.

Third Generation

3. JOHN DRYDEN (David2, William DRYDEN/DRIDEN/DREYDEN1). Born in Of Canons Ashby, Northamptonshire, England. John died on 3 Sep 1584 in England. Buried in Canons Ashby, Northamptonshire, England. John married Elizabeth COPE, daughter of Sir John COPE & Bridget RALEIGH. Born in England. They had the following children:

4 i. Erasmus (->1619)
ii. George.
iii. John.
iv. Thomas.
v. Nicholas.
vi. Elizabeth.
5 vii. BRIDGET (ca1563-<1645)
6 viii. Emme
ix. Mary. Mary married Francis FOXLEY. Francis died aft 24 Nov 1617.

Fourth Generation

4. Sir Erasmus DRYDEN (John3, David2, William DRYDEN/DRIDEN/DREYDEN1). Erasmus died aft 1619 in England. Education: B.A. Oxford 1577. Erasmus married Frances WILKES. They had the following children:

i. Charles
ii. John
iii. Erasmus
iv. Henry
v. James

5. BRIDGET DRYDEN (John3, David2, William DRYDEN/DRIDEN/DREYDEN1). Born ca 1563 in England. Bridget died in England bef 2 Apr 1645; she was 82. Bef 1588 when Bridget was 25, she first married Rev. Francis MARBURY, son of William MARBURY & Agnes LENTON, in England. Born bef 27 Oct 1555 in Of Alford, Lincolnshire, England. At the age of <1, Francis was baptized in Soper Lane, London, Middlesex, England, on 27 Oct 1555. Church of St. Pancras. Francis died in England bef 14 Feb 1610/1611; he was 54. Occupation: English clergyman. They had the following children:

i. Mary (ca1588-1643)
ii. John (Died Young) (<1589-)
iii. ANNE (<1591-1643)
iv. Bridget (Died Young) (<1593-<1598)
v. Francis (<1594-<1656)
vi. Emme (<1595-)
vii. Erasmus (<1596-1627)
viii. Anthony (Died Young) (<1598-<1601)
ix. Bridget (<1599-)
x. Jeremuth (<1601-)
xi. Daniel (Died Young) (<1602-<1611)
xii. Elizabeth (Died Young) (<1604-<1613)
xiii. Thomas (ca1607-)
xiv. Anthony (ca1608-)
xv. Katherine (ca1610-1687)

Bridget second married Rev. Thomas NEWMAN. Born in Of Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, England.

6. Emme DRYDEN (John3, David2, William DRYDEN/DRIDEN/DREYDEN1). Born in England. Emme married William BURY Esq.. Born in Of Grantham, Lincolnshire, England. They had one child:

i. Bridget (<1602-1688)

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