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Rutledge Chat Room Schedule

If you would like to schedule a formal discussion, please send an e-mail with the your request to the Webmaster. The Rutledge Chat Room is always available for informal discussions any day and time not already reserved and does not need to be scheduled in advance with the Webmaster.

Date Day Time Guest Discussion Topic
05-17-98 Sunday 08:00 p.m. EST

All Members & Guests

Future Discussion Topics and Guests

Welcome to the World of Internet Chat!
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Before you begin, we'd like to give you some general pointers:

  • It's normal to be nervous before a chat, and we all have different ways of showing it. For some of us our fingers get cold and for others our heart starts beating a little faster.

  • Correct spelling and grammar are important, but it's okay to make a mistake while typing real-time. It's more important to get the thought out in an expedient manner than to spend time thinking about your mistakes.

  • By joining our discussion group, you've agreed to support the rules. If you have not read them yet, you can see them at: . It's important that you're familiar with Talk City Ordinances. They will be enforced to make the experience enjoyable for all.  Also, keep in mind that this is a family environment.  Don't think that because it's after midnight (your time) the kids will all be in bed!

  • There's always someone around to help with problem conference attendees.Most of the time the other people in the room will put the pressure on the offenders to stop but you can always send a message to a City Standards Advisor (CSA) by typing /msg CSA Help!

  • The main point to remember is to be considerate of others. We hope that your participation will enrich your Rutledge Family research. Please let us know if you have any ideas and suggestions for future discussions and chats.

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