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Transylvania was part of the Hungarian half of the Empire up to 1918; after that it had been ceded to Romania; the records are deposited in the various County archives; replies to queries have been very unreliable but now, since travel to Romania is possible, this can be a resourceful alternative. The "Banat", again an integral part of the Hungarian half of the Empire until 1918, was afterwards divided between Hungary, Serbia & Romania; the Hungarian part has been microfilmed by LDS; the documentation reposing in the Romanian part can be viewed in the archives of Temesvar, the material in Serbia in Beograd (Belgrade); again under the present political climate this latter option may be a bit daunting. The Roman Catholic Church Entries of Lombardy and Venetia, before 1860/66 parts of the Austrian Empire, have only partially been microfilmed and can be examined in the archives of Milano and Venice as well as some of the original records; otherwise the church-books still reposit in their individual parishes - it is therefore best to ascertain exactly where a certain record can be found, also to learn about opening hours.


Bucuresti County
State Archives
Arhivelor Statul
Bdul Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej 29
Sector 5 R-70602
Bukarest Romānia

Alba County
Primaria Municipiului Alba Iulia
Plata Iuliu Maniu 1 R-2500
Alba Iulie Romānia
Tel = 058-813 380

Arad County
Primaria Municipiului Arad
Bd. Revolutiei 75 R-2900
Arad Romānia
Tel = 057-219 652
Fax = 057 253 842

Bihor County
Primaria Municipiului Oradea
Plata Victoriei 1 R-3700
Oradea Romānia
Tel = 059-137 000, 130 753

Bistrita-Nasaud County
Primaria Municipiului Bistrita
Piata Petru Rares 1 R-4400
Bistrita Romānia
Tel = 063-223 923, 224 706

Brasov County
Primaria Municipiului Brasov
Bd. Eroilor 8 R-2200
Brasov Romānia
Tel = 068-116 550, 114 369
Fax = 068 152 628

Cluj County
Primaria Municipiului Cluj-Napoca
Bd. Eroilor 2 R-3400
Cluj-Napoca Romānia
Tel = 064-111 743, 112 551

Harghita County
Primaria Municipiului Miercurea-Cluc
Bd. Timisoarei 11 R-4100
Miercurea Ciuc Romānia
Tel = 066-111 819, 111 464

Maramures County
Primaria Municipiului Baia Mare
Str. Gheorghe Sincai 37 R-4800
Baia Mare Romānia
Tel = 062-417 034

Mures County
Primaria Municipiului Tg. Mures
Piata Primariei 3 R-4300
Targu-Mures Romānia
Tel = 065-132 463, 133 211

Satu-Mare County
Primaria Municipiului Satu Mare
Str. 1 Decembrie 1918 Nr. 13 R-3900
Satu Mare Romānia
Tel = 061 713 550, 713 551

Sibiu County
Primaria Municipiului Sibiu
Bd. Victoriei 1-3 R-2400
Sibiu Romānia
Tel = 069-210 449, 217 711
Fax = 069 216 033

Timis County
Primaria Municipiului Timisoara
Bd. C-Tin Diaconovici Loga 1-3 R-1900
Timisoara Romānia
Tel = 056-190363, 193623
Fax = 056-190 635





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