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All these original postcards, and pictures from "View" books, unless otherwise noted, were printed before World War I, usually before 1910. 
All the images are copyrighted by Susan White Pieroth, 2002-5, and are provided for individual use only. They are not to be posted on other web sites, or published in any form without specific permission. 
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Jamestown (Conanicut Island), Rhode Island
Jamestown real photo card. The Thorndike, Gardner and Bay View Jamestown, R. I. From the Air. The new Thorndike at left.  Ferry Landing and Hotels before 1912. The Thorndike & Gardner were torn down in the late 1930's. Jamestown Landing - Gardner House and Bay View House.
"U.S.O. Clubhouse, Jamestown" Built on the Gardner House site after 1941. Now the Community Center.  Ferry Wharf, Jamestown. Late 1930's or early 1940's. "Conanicut Ferryboat, Jamestown, R. I." Note of a visit in 1914. It held 18 automobiles and crossed in 20 minutes. Along the shore. To the south of the ferry towards the yacht club.
Hotel Thorndike, Jamestown, R. I. This is the earlier building which burned down in 1912. Souvenir of Jamestown, R. I. The Fete Day Parade. 1903 in front of Thorndike. Jamestown Fete Day. In front of the Thorndike. The new Thorndike was built after the first burned. It was torn down in 1938 before the hurricane.
Bay View House. Store at left and hotel were replaced condos that have similar lines. Narragansett Avenue. Bay View is at right. Narragansett Ave., and Bay View Hotel Bay Voyage Hotel about 1945. These buildings are still there.
Dr. Bates' Sanatarium, Maplewood. Built in 1887, it is on Conanicus Avenue. House built in 1776. Built by Governor Caleb Carr's great grandson. Still on Carr Lane. The Old Weeden Homestead. It was torn down in 1930. Shorby Hill, Jamestown, off Conanicus Avenue.
"Residence of C. W. Bailey". This  was built about 1898 in the Shorby Hill section. Seaside Cottage (200 years old) Conanicut Park. It became a camp and is now gone. Country Fair at the Golf Club, Jamestown. Old Grist Mill. The Windmill was built in 1787, and has been restored.
"Baptist Church, Jamestown" built in 1890. The building has been remodeled, including the tower. "St. Matthews Episcopal Church, Jamestown, N. J." Should be R. I. Built in 1880 on Narragansett Avenue, it has been replaced.  Town Hall and Fire Station. The town hall is still on Narragansett Avenue without the tower. Quaker Meeting House, Jamestown, R. I. Built 1786. Still used summers.

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