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All these original postcards and pictures from "View" books, unless otherwise noted, were printed before World War I, usually before 1910.
All the images are copyrighted by Susan White Pieroth, 2002-5, and are provided for individual use only. They are not to be posted on other web sites, or published in any form without specific permission. 
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Newport Harbor, Ida Lewis Light, Newport
Newport, Rhode Island
Lime Rock Light, Newport, showing Ida Lewis, the only woman lighthouse keeper in the world. Heroine of many brave rescues. N. Y. Yacht Club Station, Newport Newport Harbor.
This view was reproduced over and over for years, but this card mailed in 1905 is one of the earliest.
A real photo postcard showing the Navy War College at the left.
Government Landing Long Wharf, Newport. Behind the Brick Market Fort Adams. View along the Shore Drive. South From Long Wharf 1912
Washington Square about 1907 Washington Square. Behind the trolley is the State House. On the right is the Opera House. Perry House and Opera House, from the Mall [Washington Square]. The Brick Market has the flag. Washington Square. The Brick Market is far left.
Army and Navy Y. M. C. A. At the far right is the Old Colony House in Washington Square Old State House, Newport, R. I. Usually called Old Colony House. Finished in 1739. "Peanut Joe" Newport. He is in front of the State House. The cart says, "Joe A. Brangazio" Thames Street showing the Aquidneck Bank on the left and Newport House on the right. Mailed in 1913.
Naval Boys on Parade and Thames Street. Talbot at the right is number 212. Thames Street North from Mill St. Thames Street was paved with cobble stones in 1908. Thames St. Looking North (from Cannon Street). The first white building on the right is the customs house built in 1829. The post office is in this location. Post Office (formally known as the Custom House) Franklin and Thames Streets.
Peoples Library Thames Street. Union National Bank & Clarks News Room. View on Thames Street. Masons Gents Furnishing. New York Book Co. Ocean House (Bellevue Avenue)
Newport Artillery Co. (1741) and Second Baptist Church (1656) on Clarke Street. Soldiers and Sailors Monument, Broadway. For a large size of the GAR sign, click here. Odd Fellows Hall (plus Wards Book Store & National Exchange Bank), Washington Square. The 5 and 10 Cent Store and the Army & Navy Y.M.C.A.

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