Newport County RI Postcards & Pictures

Newport County Postcards & Pictures
Greetings From Newport (copyright 2003)

Part of the Newport County, Rhode Island, USGenWeb Project

Most of these original postcards, and pictures from "View" books, unless otherwise noted, were printed before World War I, usually before 1910.
All the images are copyrighted by Susan White Pieroth, 2002-5, and are provided for individual use only. They are not to be posted on other web sites, or published in any form without specific permission.
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Click each image to view an enlargement. Sizes vary from 80 kb to 180 kb.

Fishing Fleet, Sakonnet Point Sakonet Harbor. Only the far shore is enlarged. Sakonnet Street View. For an enlargement of the Wilbor (?) store. Click here. Main Stree, Sakonnet Point
Tierney Block, Sakonnet Casino, Sakonnet The Lyman Hotel "St. Andrew-By-The-Sea" Sakonnet
Main Street (Looking South) Sakonnet. Published by S. W. Petty, Sakonnet.    
Little Compton
Mark A. Brownell, 1877, Little Compton "Florence G. Wilbour Res. Little Compton." The Commons, Little Compton Little Compton. The cart looks like it says, "Hirama Mosher."
Methodist Church. It was taken down after being damaged in the 1938 hurricane. "Pikes Peak, Little Compton Commons, Sakonnet, R. I." "First Congregational Church, Little Compton." Mrs. Simeon (Elizabeth) Palmer on right, died 1754. Little Compton
The Old Meeting House, Little Compton Commons, R. I. Betty Alden House, Little Compton
Looking Northwest from Fort Barton, Tiverton, R. I. 1906 From Hummock, Tiverton. See another view from Hummock. From Rail Road Bridge, Tiverton "Barker Heights" Tiverton
F. R. Yacht Club, Tiverton Bay State Street Railway at Andrews Wainting Room, Tiverton, R. I. Main Road, Tiverton. A bank is on the property of the first house, the rest are still there. Snell Bridge, Tiverton
First Baptist Church, Tiverton Stone Bridge Hotel O. W. Pierce's Store. Fish Market in back The Benjamin Barker Residence, Tiverton
Portsmouth, Rhode Island
Lane Leading to site of Memorial Boulder adjacent to "Spring", the source of Founders Brook, so called. The spring was the center of the original settlement. "Pudding Rock" located adjacent to the spring and brook which was the center of the original settlement in 1638. Portsmouth, Rhode Island. The "Portsmouth Compact." The first authentic guarantee of civil and religious liberty in the world. Signed in 1638. "Friends" Meeting House. Erected 1700. Oldest religious structure in Portsmouth, R. I.... Moses Brown School established here Nov. 8, 1784.
Town Hall, Portsmouth, R. I. Mailed 1918. Portsmouth Public Library. Mailed 1907. Portsmouth, R.I. St. Paul's Church, c1906 St. Mary's Church, Portsmouth, c1906
Methodist Church, Portsmouth, R. I. Used 1921. Main Street, Portsmouth Birds - eye view of Benedictine Priory and School of St. Gregory, Portsmouth, Rhode Island. It is still there. "Husking on the Glen Farm, Portsmouth." For an enlargement of the people, click here.
Coal Mine, Portsmouth   Old Toll-House, Portsmouth Stone Bridge, From Portsmouth, R. I., Side

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