John Clarke Cemetery NT007
John Clarke Cemetery NT007
Located 15 ft west of Dr. Marcus Wheatland Blvd. at telephone pole # 12    14 burials  only (behind police sta. "History of Newport County, Rhode Island," New York, 1888, ed. Richard M. Bayles: "On West Broadway is a little cemetery containing the graves of Dr. John Clarke, one of the founders of Newport and pastor of the First Baptist church. He died in 1676. Here also rest the remains of Reverend John Callender and other pastors of this church. Calender died in 1748." Beautiful condition: walled on one side, with an iron fence on a stone base, and padlocked iron gate. There is an elegant sign with the following inscription:

To the memory of Dr. John Clarke, 1609-1676
Clergyman Physician Statesman
Key at & he will meet at lot
United Baptist 30 Spring st, 847-3210   T-F 8-11
John Callender died 1748 H/O Elizabeth (Hardin). NOTE: [Beaman reports no dates legible, weathered. Robert Franklin, writing in 1911-13 calls him another early pastor, gives death date 1748,  inscription "Confident of awakening here reposeth John Callender" (Newport Historical Society, Special Bulletin #10, 1913, p.37)] Elizabeth [Harris] Clarke, first wife of Dr. John Clarke Jane [Fletcher, widow] Clarke died 1672. 2nd W/O Dr. John [married 1 Feb 1671]
Dr. John Clarke died 1676, aged 66. Husband of Elizabeth & Ann Abby, [first] wife of Joseph W. Eddy, died 1816 Anna Louise Eddy died 1828
Anna Maria, wife of Joseph W. Eddy, died 1854 Joseph W. Eddy, died 1839 Michael, son of Michael & Phebe Eddy died 1835
Rev. Michael Eddy, died 1835 Phebe, daughter of Michael & Phebe Eddy died 1816 Phebe Eddy, widow of Rev. Michael Eddy, died 1855
Rev. Erastus Kelley 1781, age could be 86yr  

Images provided by Barbara Austin and Letty Champion
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