Aquidneck Basketball Team 1917-18; Torpedo Station Monument
Aquidneck Athletic Club Basketball Team, 1917-1918

Aquidneck Athletic Club 1917-1918 Aquidneck Athletic Club Basketball team, "Champs" for 1917-1918. "4th from the left is my great uncle, John Connolly, who died in the explosion at the Naval Torpedo Station on Goat Island on Jan. 26, 1918.  I don't know who anyone else was in the picture. He's buried at St. Mary's with his grandparents, John and Margaret Connolly." Information and scan provided by Pat Wary 2005. Click image to enlarge. For a larger (900kb) version, click here.

Please write me if you have information about the team and/or the members and I will add it here. .

Connolly Boat Alice at Newport This is a postcard of John and his father Michael Connolly in one of Michael's boats, named the Alice, after my [Pat Wary] great aunt. John is to the left and slightly obscured, and Michael is to the right.

The Connolly's had a long history of using Bannister's Wharf; the first John Connolly owned a shop there. [see the scan of the 1858 directory showing Connolly. On the right in the picture is Government Landing.]
Scan provided by Pat Wary 2005

Naval Torpedo Station Monument
Dedicated by the Employees of the Naval Torpedo Station, Newport, R. I.,
To the Glory of God and in Loving Memory of Those Who Gave Their Lives While Serving Their Country at This Station.
For more information about the Torpedo Station, including the 1918 explosion, see this website.
Torpedo Station Monument
In 1930 the Metal Trades Counsel erected a granite monument with a brass plaque to the employees of the Torpedo Station and the commands that followed who died while in the service of their country. Thirty-two names are listed on the monument, 15 with an entry date of 1918 (Two died as a result of a later accident, in May). At some point in the 1960's, this monument was moved to the "Torpedo Station Annex" in Middletown. Today, the "Annex" is home of the Naval Undersea Warfare Center's Newport Division. Although the monument is not available for public viewing, it stands in a prominent place alongside the command flagpole, in front of the Division Headquarters building, on the main road entering the command. The picture of this monument was sent to Pat Wary by Gary A. Steigerwald, Public Affairs Officer, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Division Newport.
Jeremiah Harrington 1893; Frank Loughlin 1893; Michael O'Reagan 1893; Joe C Andre 1918; William G Caswell 1918; John H Connolly 1918; Timothy F Fitzgerald 1918; Joseph Frazier 1918; George L Giblin 1918; Reginald S King 1918; James Mahoney 1918; Joseph G Moitozo 1918; John F Murphy 1918; Horace A Pelletier 1918; Patrick F Shea 1918; George H Spooner 1918; David J Sullivan 1918; Frank E Wyatt 1918; Frank Mazzulla 1931; James E Babcock 1919; Arthur M. Gardner 1940; Ralph A. St. Denis 1940; Fidele Arsenault 1945; Alexander C. MacLellan 1941.
U.S. Naval Underwater Ordnance Station
Peter J. Lada 1955; John R. Lavender 1955; Howard E. Staats, Jr. 1955; Daniel J. Sullivan 1955; Randall J. Whitaker 1968; Anthony Zimon 1955

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