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Ferries, Stages, and Steamer Transportation

FERRIES. Newport and Jamestown--Foot Ferry Wharf.

STAGES. Newport, Fall River, and New Bedford--A stage leaves Express Building, 194 Thames Street, Newport, daily, at nine A.M., for Fall River and New Bedford, and leaves New Bedford daily at half-past eight A.M. R. B. Kinsley, proprietor. Fare each way, $1.25.


This route is by steamer from New York, via Newport, R. I., to Fall River, 180 miles, and thence by railroad, 53 miles (one hour and forty minutes), to Boston, On this route are the well known steamers Metropolis (New) 2,300 tons’ burden, Captain William Brown; Empire State, 1,650 tons, Captain Benjamin Brayton; Bay State, 1,600 tons, Captain Thomas G. Jewett; State of Maine, 1,000 tons.

These boats are not surpassed, either in strength or safety, by any other boats over constructed, and are elegantly and substantially fitted up with every thing calculated to contribute to the ease, comfort, and safety of travelers. One of them leaves New York every afternoon (Sundays excepted) at 5 o’clock P.M. (at 4 o’clock in the winter months) touching at Newport, and arrives at Fall River at an early hour the following morning, whence, after a comfortable night’s rest, the traveler may proceed direct to Boston by steamboat train.

Passengers from Boston to New York take the steamboat train, which leaves the Old Colony and Fall River Railroad depot, Boston every afternoon (Sundays excepted) for Fall River, arriving at the latter place in time for an early supper on board one of the above boats, which starts for New York, touching at Newport, immediately on arrival of the train.

Providence passengers are forwarded to and from Fall River by steamers Bradford Durfee, Canonicus or Metacomet.

For all further particulars, see bill of the day.


Summer Arrangement.--The steamer Perry, Captain George W. Woolsey, from June 15th to Sept. 15th, will leave Newport at 5 A.M. and 2 P.M.; leave Providence at 9 A.M. and 6 P.M. connecting with railroads for Boston, Worcester, Albany, New York, Stonington, New London, Saratoga Springs, &c.

Fall Arangement.--the steamer Perry, Capt. Geo. W. Woolsey, from Sept. 15th to June 15th, will leave Newport at 8 1/2 A.M. leave Providence at 2 P.M.

Steamers Bradford Durfee and Canonicus.

Summer Arrangement.--the steamer leaves Fall River daily, at 8 o’clock A.M. or on the arrival of the train from New Bedford; returning, leaves Providence at 8 P.M. and arrives in Fall River at 5 o’clock, in time for passengers to take the cars to New Bedford.

The steamer Canonicus, Captain Nathan Child, leaves Providence daily, for Fall River, and leaves for Newport on the arrival of the cars from Boston. Returning, leaves Newport at 2 1/4 P.M. and arrives in Fall River in time for passengers to take the afternoon train for Boston; leaves Fall River at 4 1/4, and arrives in Providence at 6 1/4.

Each boat touches at Bristol and Bristol Ferry each way.

Winter Arrangement.--the Bradford Durfee leaves Fall River daily at 8 1/2 A.M.; returning, leaves Providence at 2 1/2 o’clock P.M., touching at Bristol and Bristol Ferry (R.I. side) each way.


The steamer Water Lily leaves Taunton daily (Sundays excepted) at 7:30 A.M. and Fall River at 9.30 A.M. for Newport. Returning, leaves Newport at 2.30 P.M. and Fall River at 4 P.M.

The steamer Metacomet, Captain Simmons, leaves Newport daily (Sundays excepted) for Fall River, connecting with Old Colony and Fall River Railroads for New Bedford, Taunton, Cape Cod, and way stations.

141 Thames Street.

The Post Office is open daily (Sundays excepted) from five o’clock A.M. until after the arrival of the second mail from Providence, between eight and nine o’clock P.M.; on Sundays from five to the o’clock A.M. Joseph Joslen, Post Master; David H. Weeden, clerk; George H. Copeland, do.; George S. Lyndon, Letter Carrier; Nathaniel Nason, do.

In the United States, or to British North American Provinces.

Letters in the United States, per 1/2 oz. (fractions same), not over 3,000 miles, 3 c. prepaid; over 3.000 miles, 10 c. prepaid. Advertised letters, 1 c. extra. or from the Provinces, not over 3,000 miles from the line, 10 c. per 1/2 oz.; over 3,000, 15 c., prepaid or not.

Transient newspapers, periodicals, unsealed circulars, or other articles of printed matter, not exceeding 3 ocunces in weight, to any part of the United States, prepaid, 1 c.; not prepaid, 2 c.; each additional ounce or fraction of an ounce, prepaid, 1 c.; each additional ounce or fraction of an ounce, prepaid, 1 c.; not prepaid, 2 c.

Regular Newspapers or periodicals, paid yearly or quarterly in advance, when circulated in the State where published, not weighing over 1 1/2 oz., 1/4 c.; over 1 1/2 oz. and not over 4 oz., 1/2 c. ; every additional oz. or fraction, 1/2 c. When circulated out of the State, all weighing 3 ox. or less, 1/2 c., and each additional oz. or fraction, 1/2 c.

Weekly newspapers within the county where printed and published, single copy free to each subscriber. Small newspapers and periodicals, monthly or oftener, and pamphlets not containing more than sixteen octavo pages, in single packages of not less than 8 oz. to one address, prepaid by stamp, 1/2 c. for each ounce; fractions same.

Books, bound or unbound, not weighing over four pounds, under 300 miles, 1 c. per oz. prepaid, 1 1/2 c. not prepaid; over 3,000 miles, 2 c. prepaid, 3 c. not prepaid.

Publishers of newspapers and periodicals are allowed a free exchange of one copy, and may also send to each actual subscriber, enclosed in their publications, bills and receipts for the same, free of postage.

All printed matter must be sent without cover, or in a cover open at the ends or sides. There must be no word or communication printed on the same after its publication, or upon the cover, except the name and address of the person to whom it is to be sent. There must be no paper or other thing enclosed in or with such printed paper.

To or from Great Britain or Ireland.

Letters.--Each 1/2 oz. 24 c.; 5 c. extra for California or Oregon. Prepayment optional.

Newspapers.--2 c. each, payment in United States.

Periodicals and Pamphlets.--Not over two oz., 2 c. each, and 4 c. each extra oz., payable in United States; and same postage is payable in the United Kingdom, excepting that for the third ox. it rises to sixpence, and each extra oz. is twopence.


THE NEWPORT MERCURY is the oldest but one of the many newspapers published in the United States, and dates from June 12, 1758, at which time the office was opened by James Franklin, eldest brother of Dr. Benjamin Franklin, the press on which the two brothers worked in Boston still remaining in the office. The Mercury was published regularly up to the time of the landing of the British on the island, when the press and types were buried. The fact that the property was so secreted was made known to the British commander, who caused them to set up again, and during the stay of the British they regularly issued the Rhode Island Gazette. After the war the Mercury was again issued, and was published by one family for a period of seventy years, its dimensions gradually increasing from a few inches square to one of the large and respectable sheets of the day. The Mercury is independent on all questions of the day, and is, what it professes to be, a high-toned Conservative paper, adapted to the wants of a large class of readers. It is published and printed every Saturday, by Coggeshall & Pratt, 123 Thames Street; George C. Mason, editor. Terms, $2.00 per annum.

NEWPORT DAILY NEWS--Printed and published by Cranston 7 Norman; William H. Cranston, editor. Terms, $3.00 per annum. Office 144 Thames Street.

NEWPORT ADVERTISER is printed and published weekly by James Atkinson, at 124 Thames Street. Terms, $2.00 per annum, half yearly in advance.

THE HERALD OF THE TIMES is published and printed a weekly by Cranston 7 Norman--Wm. H. Cranston, editor-- at 144 Thames. Terms, $2.00 per annum.

VOL. I. NO. 1. NEWPORT, R. I. MAY 4, 1846

Published Every Morning at 97, Thames street, 
a few doors North of the Post Office, by ORIN F. JACKSON Single copy ONE CENT, or SIX CENTS per week, payable to the carrier.


Five lines, or less, first insertion 25 cts. 
"         "   each subsequent insertion 10 cts. 
Over five lines, first insertion, 3 cents a line. 
Each subsequent insertion, 2 cents a line, A liberal discount made to those who advertise by the year.

V. B. PALMER, is the only authorized Agent to contract for Advertisements for the Daily News, in the cities of Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore, and Boston. ======================================


THOMAS W. BROWN, No. 119, Thames st., would inform his old customers and the inhabitants of Newport and its vicinity, that he has on hand a complete assortment of READY MADE CLOTHING of every description, which will be sold as low as at any other Establishment in the town; also, a complete assortment of Broadclothes, Cassimeres, Vestings, and every other article usually found in a Tailoring Establishment. Persons wishing to obtain the above named articles, at very reduced prices, will do well to call and examine before purchasing elsewhere. 
N. B.--Tailoring carried on in all its different branches and in the most fashionable styles. Cutting particularly attended to. Don’t forget the number, 119. 
May 4               tf-1 ____________________________________________ Fare and Freight Reduced. Regular Mail Line for New-York, via Newport. 
THE Steamer MASSACHUSETTS, Capt. POTTER, will leave here Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings for New York, at about half past 7 o’clock.

The RHODE ISLAND, Capt. MANCHESTER, on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings. For tickets, state rooms and berths, apply on board. Freight on measurement goods 5 cents per foot. 
May 4 tf-1        ANTHONY STEWART, Agent. 

    "Strange that a harp of thousand strings Should keep in tune so long." 
THE subscriber has several chambers to let in his house which is beautifully located directly opposite Trinity Church Burying Ground; he will rent the rooms with furniture, or without, as may best suit the tenant. There is, probably, no more desirable spot in Newport, for those whose souls are not entirely steeped in sin, and wrapped up in the flimsy veil of this world’s delusion; the occupant may sit at the window, and view the last home of man in all its mysterious and solemn grandeur,--and seriously reflect upon the great uncertainty of all things human. Here he can commune with himself, and meditate, in full view of the grave yard, on the final consummation of all things, and anticipate that universal crash, when the earth shall be burned up, and the heavens be rolled together as a scroll. We must reflect upon these things here, and be prepared with our passport when we meet the last Tyler, or we shall receive the fatal mark of the black brush; why, land! what is a few day’s sojourn in this miserable world, compared to a high seat in the Celestial Lodge above, where the Knighthood will be gathered in the pure robes of innocence and beauty: In order to secure the chambers, early application should be made, to
               Sir THOMAS PRATT, K. H. S. 
May 4               3w-1 __________________________________________ ASSIGNEE’S NOTICE GIDEON PALMER, Jr., of the town and county of Newport, Tanner, having made an assignment of all his property and effects, to the subscribers, for the benefit of his creditors,--al those indebted to the said Gideon Palmer, Jr., are requested to make immediate payment, and those having demands, to present them to 
          WM. H. CRANSTON, ) 
          BENJ. G. PALMER,    ) Assignees 
May 4               tf-1
____________________________________________ ELECTION.--To-morrow is the annual election day in this State, and the ceremonies of the inauguration of the Governor, &c., will take place in this town. It will be quite an interesting week, especially as there has been no choice of Governor by the people, and the election of that officer will consequently devolve upon the Legislature.--We shall report the proceedings of that body during the week, and publish them in an Evening edition of the News, within an hour after the adjournment of the Legislature.
DIED In Norwich, on the 11th ult., of consumption, Harriet E., aged 25 years, daughter of Thomas Jackson. K Thus we have been called to consign to the silent grave, a dear, and much beloved sister; one with whom we spent many happy hours, during our youth; and one with whom we have taken sweet counsel since that time. But she has gone, gone, into the presence of the searcher of all hearts, to receive her reward. Death had no sting to her--she was prepared to meet it.--Ed. News. 
               "The Angel of the covenant Had come, and faithful to his promise, stood, Prepared to walk with her through death’s dark vale. And now those eyes, which once beamed loveliness On all around, were closed without a cloud. They sat as sets the morning stay, which goes Not down, behind the darkened west, nor hides Obscurely among the tempest of the sky, But melts away into the light of heaven." In this town, on the 26th ult, after a protracted illness, which she bore with Christian firmness, Mrs. Mary Hopkins, aged 57, daughter of the late Clark Taggart, Esq. In Portsmouth, on the 16th ult., Mary Ann M., aged 8 years, daughter of Mr. Edward Coggeshall. In New Bedford, on the 24th ult., Ada, aged 2 years, only child of Nathan E., and Catharine C. Hammet, formerly of this town. ____________________________________________ 

At the Annual Meeting of the Artillery Company, on Tuesday evening, April 28th, 1846, the following gentlemen were elected Officers for the ensuing year:-- Christopher G. Perry, Colonel. 
Chas. D. Weeden, Lt. Colonel, vice Wm. H. Henderson. George Burroughs, Major. 
Benjamin A. Mason, Captain. 
Thos. E. Townsend, Quarter Master. 
Henry E. Turner, Surgeon, 
James H. Demerest, 1st Sergeant. 
Thomas B. Carr,      2d        " 
James Barton,         3d         " 
R. P. Clark,             4th        " 
Charles Clark,         5th        " and Armorer ____________________________________________ Charlotte Cushman and her sister, are at Dublin, setting the Ireshmen wild with delight. ____________________________________________ 
As soon as the fashionable season commences, we shall publish a daily list of the arrivals of visitors at all the Hotels in town. 

Gov. Jackson will probably arrive in the boat, this evening, from Providence, when the usual salute will be fired by the Artillery Company. ___________________________________________ 
To-morrow will be a great day for Egg-pop and Blue Eggs, in Newport. From the demonstrations already made in the stores about street; we anticipate a very lively Election. ___________________________________________ 
The Artillery Company will make their first appearance to-morrow in their new uniform, to escort the Governor and Legislature, from Townsend’s to the State House, at 10 o’clock. ___________________________________________ 
Our friends in the Country, who do not reside more than thirty miles from Newport, can have the News sent to them, every day, free of postage, by the new Post Office law; will they not avail themselves of this opportunity to obtain a Daily Paper, for a trifle more than what they would have to pay for a weekly? ___________________________________________ 
Hon. Albert C. Green, U. S. Senator from this State, arrived at his home in Providence, on Friday morning last. ==================================== MARRIED In this town, last evening, by the Rev., Mr. Smith, Mr. Robert L. Tilley and Miss Ann Maria, daughter of the late Adam Burdick, all of this town. 

In New York, on Wednesday last, Capt. Charles Russell, Jr., of Ocean Lodge No. 5., I. O. of O. F., and Miss Ann Elizabeth Moffit, eldest daughter of Mr. Simon Moffit, all of this town. 

In Providence on the 28th ult., by the Right Rev. Bishop Henshaw, Mr. Joseph Tisbatts, of Providence, and Miss Louisa A. Wilson, of this town. 

In Middletown, on the 23d ult., by the Rev. Mr. Williams, Mr. Robert S. Chase, Jr., and Miss Amirantha, daughter of Thomas G. Rogers, Esq., all of Middletown. 

In Portsmouth, on the 26th ult., by Rev. Mr. Bryant, Mr. Albert H. Essex, of Windham, Conn., and Miss Lydia S., daughter of Mr. David Barker of Portsmouth. 

Newport Historical Society
Newport, R. I. October, 1912

Officers and Members of the Society.


President, Daniel B. Fearing
Vice-President, Roderick Terry
Recording Secretary, Robert S. Franklin
Corresponding Secretary, George H. Richardson
Treasurer, William S. Sherman
Librarian, Edith May Tilley
Curator of Coins and Medals, Edwin P. Robinson

Committee on Finance
Col. C. L. F. Robinson Rev. George Vernon Dickey

Committee on Library and Museum

George H. Richardson Dr. Edwin P. Robinson

Committee on Buildings and Grounds
George H. Richardson Jonas Bergner

Robert. S. Franklin

Nominating Committee
Charles M. Cottrell Miss Antoinette Peckham
George Andrews Moriarty, Jr.

Committee on Bulletin
Rev. Roderick Terry Hamilton B. Tompkins

Committee on Revision of By-Laws
George Andrews Moriarty Mrs. Charles Gardner
Robert S. Franklin, Rec. Secretary

Committee on Increase of Membership
Mrs. T. A. Lawton Dr. Nathan A. Estes
Miss Edith May Tilley, Librarian


Daniel B. Fearing William S. Sherman
Roderick Terry Edwin P. Robinson
Robert S. Franklin Hamilton B. Tompkins
George H. Richardson Jonas Bergner

Life Members

Allen, John B. Newport, R. I. Allen, William Newport, R. I.
Ames, Mrs. Samuel Providence, R. I. Auchincloss, Mrs. Hugh D. New York
Auchincloss, Hugh D.  New York Batonyi, Aurel  
Belmont, Aurel New York Belmont, Perry Washington, D. C.
Bergner, Jonas Newport, R. I. Birckhead, Mrs. William K. New York
Brown, Mrs. Harold Newport, R. I. Clarke, Joshua P. Newport, R. I.
Davis, Theodore m. Newport, R. I. Dring, Miss Carrie Fall River, Mass.
Dunn, Thomas Newport, R. I. Fahnestock, Gibson Washington, D. C.
Fearing, Hon. Daniel B. Newport, R. I. Franklin, Hon. Robert S. Newport, R. I.
Gammell, William Providence, R. I. Gerry, Com. Elbridge T. Newport, R. I.
Gibbs, Mrs. Theodore K. Newport, R. I. Goelet, Robert New York
Greene, Charles H. Battle Creek, Mich. Grosvenor, Miss Rosa Providence, R. I.
James, Arthur Curtiss New York Kane, Delancey A. New Rochell, N. Y.
King, George Gordon Newport, R. I. McAdam, Samuel Newport, R. I.
Marquand, Rof. Allen Princeton, N. J. Marquand, Henry Bedford Hills, N. Y.
Mason, Miss Ellen Boston, Mass. Mason, Miss Ida Boston, Mass.
Moriarty, Geo. Andrews, Jr. Boston, Mass. Patterson, Peter Newport, R. I.
Peckham, Job A. Newport, R. I. Phinney, Theodore W. Newport, R. I.
Post, Edward C. New York Powel, Thomas Ives Hare Providence, R. I.
Rives, George L. New York Safe, Mrs. T. Shaw Newport, R. I.
Sherman, Mrs. Wm. Watts New York Smith, Miss Esther Morton Philadelphia, Pa.
Swan, Mrs. James A. Newport, R. I. Swan, James A. Newport, R. I.
Tilley, Miss Edith May Newport, R. I. Tompkins, Hamilton B. New York
Tuckerman, Mrs. Alfred G. Newport, R. I. Tuckerman, Alfred G. Newport, R. I.
Vanderbilt, Mrs. Cornelius Newport, R. I. Vanderbilt, Mrs. E. French Newport, R. I.
Webster, Hamilton Fish Newport, R. I. Wetmore, Hon. George Peabody Washington, D. C.

Sustaining Members

Berwind, Mrs. Edward J. New York Binney, Mrs. William Providence, R. I.
Bispham, Mrs. George T. Phila., Pa. Clarke, Miss Elizabeth H. Cambridge, Mass.
Codman, Miss Martha C. Washington, D. C. DeForest, George B. New York
Drexel, Mrs. John R. New York Duncan, Mrs. Stuart New York
Dunn, Mrs. Thomas Newport, R. I. Emmons, Arthur B. New York
Gammell, Robert Ives Providence, R. I. Glyn, Mrs. William E. New York
Havemeyer, H. O., Jr. Providence, R. I. Hazard, Miss Caroline Peacedale, R. I.
Hunter, Miss Anna F. Newport, R. I. Huntington, Mrs. Samuel E. Brooklyn, N. Y.
Jacobs, Dr. Henry Barton Baltimore, Md. Jenckes, John Newport, R. I.
Lawton, Mrs. Thomas A. Newport, R. I. Ludlow, Edward L. New York
Norman, Mrs. Bradford Newport, R. I. Norman, Guy Newport, R. I.
Pierson, Gen. J. Fred New York Rives, Dr. William C. Washington, D. C.
Robinson, Mrs. C. L. F. Hartford, Ct. Schreier, Eugene Norfolk, Va.
Sedgwick, Robert New York Spencer, Mrs. Lorillard Newport, R. I.
Sturgis, Frank K. New York Terry, Rev. Roderick Newport, R. I.
VanAlen, J. J. Kettering, Eng. Vanderbilt, Alfred G. Portsmouth, R. I.
Weaver, Miss Sarah C. Newport, R. I. Webster, Mrs. Hamilton Fish Newport, R. I.
Winthrop, Edgerton L. New York Woodward, Mrs. William, Sr. New York

Annual Members

Abney, John R. New York Andrew, Mrs. Frank W. Washington, D. C.
Armstrong, William A. Newport, R. I. Baker, Darius Newport, R. I.
Ball, Alwyn, Jr. New York Barker, Dr. Christopher F. Newport, R. I.
Barker, Francis S. Newport, R. I. Barker, Ralph R. Newport, R. I.
Benjamin, George H. New York Bergman, Isaac B. Newport, R. I.
Bliss, Richard Newport, R. I. Britton, Miss Selah W. Natchez, Miss.
Brown, Mrs. John Nicholas Newport, R. I. Buffum, William P. Newport, R. I.
Bull, Mrs. Charles M. Brooklyn, N. Y. Burdick, Clark Newport, R. I.
Burdick, D. J. Fall River, Mass. Burdick, Edwin S. Newport, R. I.
Burlingham, Hiram Newport, R. I. Cabell, Walter Coles New York
Carr, George H.  Newport, R. I. Case, Philip B. Middletown, R. I.
Caswell, John R. New York Chadwick, Mrs. French E. Newport, R. I.
Champlin, John D. New York Coggeshall, Dr. Henry New York
Cooper, Rev. Joseph Newport, R. I. Cortazzo, Madame Newport, R. I.
Cottrell, Charles M. Newport, R. I. Creighton, Mrs. J. McPherson Newport, R. I.
Davies, Julian T. New York Davis, Rear Admiral Charles H. Washington, D. C.
Davis, Galen Newport, R. I. Derby, Mrs. Richard C. Newport, R. I.
Dickey, George Vernon Newport, R. I. Downing, George Fay Newport, R. I.
Dyer, Herbert Newport, R. I. Easton, Arthur H. Newport, R. I.
Easton, Dr. Charles D. Newport, R. I. Edds, George A. Newport, R. I.
Edgar, Miss Lucille R. Newport, R. I. Elliott, Mrs. John Newport, R. I.
Estes, Dr. Nathan A. Newport, R. I. Estes, Mrs. Nathan A. Newport, R. I.
Ford, Mrs. Thomas G. Florence, Italy Franklin, William B. Newport, R. I.
Gale, Mrs. M. J. Newport, R. I. Gardner, Mrs. Charles Newport, R. I.
Garrettson, Hon. Frederick P. Newport, R. I. Graham, Howard S. Philadelphia, Pa.
Hague, Arnold Washington, D. C. Haley, Dr. Byron H. Newport, R. I.
Hammond, James B. New York Hammond, Ogden H. New York
Hazard, Miss Abby C. Newport, R. I. Hendy, Prof. Henry S. Newport, R. I.
Higbee, Edward W. Newport, R. I. Hill, Mrs. Walter N. Newport, R. I.
Hillhouse, Mrs. Charles B. New York Hoffman, Charles F. New York
Hoppin, Samuel H New York Horton, Hon. Jeremiah Newport, R. I.
Howard, Mrs. Ezra W. Newport, R. I. Howland, Mrs. Joseph Newport, R. I.
Hughes, Rev. Stanley C. Newport, R. I. Hulbert, Rev. Gustavus L. Newport, R. I.
Josephs, Mrs. Lyman C. Newport, R. I. King, Miss Georgianna G. Newport, R. I.
King, Mrs. LeRoy New York King, LeRoy New York
King, Frederic R. New York Kling, Charles H., Jr. Newport, R. I.
Lawson, John A. Newport, R. I. Leavitt, Miss Blanche Newport, R. I.
Lee, William H. Newport, R. I. Levey, Max Newport, R. I.
Lichter, Rabbi B. A.   Lippitt, Hon. Charles Warren Providence, R. I.
Lippitt, Mrs. Charles Warren Providence, R. I. Luce, Rear Admiral Stephen B. Newport, R. I.
Macomber, Isaac Portsmouth, R. I. Marvin, Miss Elizabeth B. Newport, R. I.
Mason, Dr. John J. Newport, R. I. McLennan, John K. Newport, R. I.
McMahon, Andrew K. Newport, R. I. Morgan, Mrs. Wm. Rogers Newport, R. I.
Morrison, Charles E. Newport, R. I. Mumford, Joseph P. Philadelphia, Pa.
Murdock, Rear Admiral Joseph B. Boston, Mass. Naval War College Newport, R. I.
Norman, Maxwell Boston, Mass. Norman, Riginald Portsmouth, R. I.
Nowell, Mrs. Thomas S. Newport, R. I. Noyes, Mrs. Boutelle Newport, R. I.
O'Neill, Thomas J. Newport, R. I. Pattison, Mrs. E. J. Boston, Mass.
Peckham, Miss Antoinette Newport, R. I. Peckham, Mrs. Felix Newport, R. I.
Peckham, Thomas P. Newport, R. I. Perry, Marsden J. Newport, R. I.
Petterson, Gustof L. Newport, R. I. Phillips, Hon. Taylor New York
Pinniger, Mrs. David Newport, R. I. Pitman, T. T. Newport, R. I.
Powel, Miss Mary E. Newport, R. I. Pumpelly, Prof. Raphael Newport, R. I.
Richards, Edgar Newport, R. I. Richardson, George H. Newport, R. I.
Ridlon, John Dr. Chicago, Ill. Rosengarten, Mrs. Frank H. Philadelphia, Pa.
Russo, Marco Newport, R. I. Sage, Mrs. George E. Newport, R. I.
Sanborn, Hon. John P. Newport, R. I. Shanahan, Dennis Newport, R. I.
Sheffield, Hon. William P. Newport, R. I. Sherman, Albert K. Newport, R. I.
Sherman, Miss Elizabeth G. Newport, R. I. Sherman, Dr. William A. Newport, R. I.
Sherman, Mrs. William S. S. Newport, R. I. Sherman, Dr. William S. Newport, R. I.
Shipley, Miss Hannah T. Bryn Mawr, Pa. Smith, Mrs. R. Manson Newport, R. I.
Spencer, John Thompson, Philadelphia, Pa. Stanhope, Clarence S. Newport, R. I.
Stetson, George R. Washington, D. C. Stevens, Miss Austin Newport, R. I.
Stevens, Miss Harriet L. Newport, R. I. Stevens, Miss Katharine M. Newport, R. I.
Stevens, Miss Maude L. Newport, R. I. Stickney, Mrs. Albert Newport, R. I.
Storer, Dr. Horatio R. Newport, R. I. Sullivan, Dr. M. H. Newport, R. I.
Swinburne, Miss Elizabeth H. Newport, R. I. Tailer, T. Suffern Newport, R. I.
Tanner, Benjamin F. Newport, R. I. Taylor, Grant P. Newport, R. I.
Thaw, Benjamin Pittsburgh, Pa. Thompson, Frank E. Newport, R. I.
Turner, Capt. William G. Newport, R. I. Underwood, Mrs. Wm. J. Newport, R. I.
Van Alen, Mrs. Garett A. Albany, N. Y. Vanderbilt, Reginald Portsmouth, R. I.
Vernon, Miss Elizabeth Newport, R. I. Wetherell, Col. John H. Newport, R. I.
Wharton, Mrs. Henry Philadelphia, Pa.    

Associate Members

Angier, Miss Abigail A. Newport, R. I. Benson, Mrs. Harriet Newport, R. I.
Bigelow, Francis H. Cambridge, Mass. Brackett, Mrs. Charles Newport, R. I.
Brightman, William E Newport, R. I. Brownell, Miss Ella W. Newport, R. I.
Brownell, Miss Nancy Newport, R. I. Buenzle, Frederick J. Newport, R. I.
Burlingham, Rev. Edward J. Babylon, N. J. Burlingham, Mrs. Thomas Newport, R. I.
Casey, Rear Admiral Silas Washington, D. C. Casey, Miss Sophie P. Washington, D. C.
Chase, Miss Edith E. Newport, R. I. Chester, Charles E. Boston, Mass.
Du Fais, John Newport, R. I. Fowler, Miss Sybil A. Providence, R. I.
Franklin, Mrs. Robert M. Newport, R. I. Goddard, William D. Newport, R. I.
Hart, Simon Newport, R. I. Hayes, Robert S. Newport, R. I.
Hazard, Miss Mary A. Newport, R. I. Holland, Mrs. Katharine B. Newport, R. I.
Jones, Rev. William Safford Newport, R. I. Marsh, Mrs. Herbert L. Newport, R. I.
Mustard, Mrs. John Newport, R. I. Nichols, Miss M. B. Newport, R. I.
Nichols, William S. Long Island, N. Y. Olney, George W. New York
Perry, Howard B. Wakefield, R. I. Powell, Mrs. Frank Newport, R. I.
Price, Brig. General Butler D. Washington, D. C. Rogers, Mrs. Elisha Norwich, Conn.
Sherman, Miss Annie A. Newport, R. I. Smith, Miss Elizabeth B. Newport, R. I.
Stedman, Mrs. Pascal H. Newport, R. I. Stewart, Mrs. John Newport, R. I.
Tilney, Robert Philadelphia, Pa. Tetlow, Mrs. Albert Taunton, Mass.
Titus, Mrs. Harry A. Newport, R. I. Tracy, Dr. Dwight  
Underwood, Mrs. Nicholas Newport, R. I. Vernon, Mrs. J. Peace Newport, R. I.
Vose, Miss Caroline M. Newport, R. I. Ward, Howard Gould Newport, R. I.
Weaver, Miss Susan J. Newport, R. I. Wharton, Jos. S. Lovering Philadelphia, Pa.
Willard, James Le Baron New York Willard, Miss Mary Adams Newport, R. I.
Wing, William Arthur N. Bedford, Mass. Wood, Trist New Orleans, La.

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