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Was first incorporated as a city in 1784, but, owing to dissatisfaction amon the people, the city charter was surrendered in 1787, and in May, 1853, by an almost unanimous vote, it was re-incorporated.

The population of Newport, in 1850, according to the United States Census Reports, was 9,563; at the present time (July, 1856) it is estimated (resident population) 11,000.

The City Election is held on the tird Wednesday in April, and the City Government is organized first Monday in June. 

William J. Swinburne.

John C. Braman, Philip Stevens, John C. Ailman, Benjamin Freeborn, John G. Weaver.


Benjamin B. Howland

Clerk of Common Council--Benjamin Marsh, 2d City
Treasurer--George Freeborn
City Sergeant--Charles Cozzens
City Marshall--Robert Seatle
Overseer of the Poor--Sylvester R. Hazard
Inspector of Nuisances--Sylvester R. Hazard
Collector of Taxes--William H. Barker
Judge of Probate--George W. Taylor
City Solicitor--Charles C. Van Zandt
Assessors of Taxes--James G. Topham, George W. Taylor, Moses Nerman,
      Clark Burdick, Seth W. Macy
Committee of the School Fund--Henry Castoff, John D. Dennis, George W. Taylor
Commissioners of Newport Asylum--George A. Armstrong, Job A. Peckham, Nathan H. Gould,
      Benjamin Freeborn, Samuel Stearn, Samuel S. Peckham, Henry O. Tifft, Ira French,
      Benjamin Marsh 2d
Keeper of Asylum--James Simmons
Harbor Master--Anthony Stewart
Keeper of Jews’ Synagogue--Wm. C. Thurston
City Crier--Thomas Cutter
Auctioneers--Samuel A. Parker, Elias D. Beede, Francis Stanhope, Robert Seatle,
       William S. Vose, Daniel T. Swinburne, William Swan jr., Henry M. Brownell
City Bell Ringers--Philip Sherman, William D. Boss
City Watchmen--John M. Carr, Capt.; John H. Watson, Lieut.; James C. Easton,
      James Clarke, Joseph P. Babcock, John Easton, Samuel J. Marsh, William B. Wilson
Constables--Charles Cozzens, Henry Taggart, Sylvester R. Hazard, William G. Carpenter,
      Robert Seatle, John M. Carr
Corders of Wood--Joseph F. Havens, Royal West, Nathaniel Nason, Truman B. Spooner,
     Oliver Peckham, Philip Dring, Joseph T. Card, John Oman, Samuel Oman
Field Driver--Wm. G. Carpenter
Fence Viewers--Joseph Anthony, Joseph P. Aylsworth
Gaugers of Casks, &c.--John S. Langley, James Henderson, Wm. H. Ailman, Nathaniel H. Langley
Measurers of Grain, Salt, Shorts and Sea Coal per Statute, p. 457--Joseph P. Aylsworth
Packers of Fish--Nathaniel H. Langley, William H. Ailman, Joseph P. Aylsworth
Sealer of Weights and Measures--James B. Aylsworth
Superintendent to Place Stoves and Stove Pipes as per Statute--James B. Brown
Surveyors of Joiners’ Lumber--Stephen M. Stedman, George Hazard
Surveyor of Wood Pit and Charcoal--Joseph P. Aylsworth


Touro Park--Joseph B. Weaver
Mall Washington Square--Philip Caswell jr.
Liberty Square--Benjamin H., Stevens
Equality Square--William P. Congdon
Surveyors of Land--Charles E. Hammett jr., Samuel Brown
Harbor Master--Anthony Stewart
Overseer for Sale of Sand at Easton’s Beach-- ----
Overseer of Sand And Gravel at Fort Woolcot--Street Commissioner
Keeper of Powder House--Thomas J. Lake
Surveyor of Round Timber and Spars--George B. Hazard
In Charge of the clock at State House--Ira Stillman
Pound Keeper--William Kaull
Overseer of Small Pox--Alexander G. Swazey
Beach Constable--Peleg Coggeshall


Rev. A. Henry Dumont, D.D. Chairman; Augustus Bush, Secretary; David M. Coggeshall, Treasurer; Rev. Charles T. Brooks, Henry E. Turner, Duncan C. Pell, George W. Greene, Samuel C. Bailey, Clarke Burdick, Samuel Engs, Philip Canwell, jr., Henry C. Stevens.

Boys, F. E. Peaslee, Principal Parthenia G. Jones, Mary P. Adams, Assistants
Girls, Mary Ann Wilbour, Principal Mary H. Newton, Assistant


Boys, Mill Street, Z. Allen Cook, Teacher Farewell Street, Henry W. Clark, do
Girls, Farewell Street, Emily Newton, Principal Elizabeth Mumford, and Amelia Barker, Assistants
Girls, Church Street, Mary R. Dennis, Teacher Colored, Hannah Gavett, do



At a Town Council of the town of Newport, holden Newport, May 23, 1853.

Whereas, by the 12th section of the City Charter, passed by the General Assembly of this State, at their May session, 1853, entitled, "An Act for Incorporating the City of Newport," it makes it the duty of the Town Council of the town of Newport, as soon as may be after the passage of said act, and the acceptance of it by the legally qualified voters therein, to divide said town into five wards, as in said section mentioned. And whereas the said charter has been adopted as so provided, within the time named in said act, and in conformity thereto: Therefore, be it ordained that

The First Ward shall be bounded by a line drawn from Gravelly Point along the south side of the Long Wharf, until it comes to the first house on the south side of said wharf; thence up the centre of the wharf to the centre of Thames Street; thence north through the centre of Thames to Farewell Street; thence through the centre of Farewell Street to Long Lane, so called; thence through the centre of said Lane in a straight line to the shore; thence continuing around the northern and western extremities of the town back to Gravelly Point, the place of beginning, including docks and wharves.

The Second Ward shall be bounded by a line from the shore along the line of the First Ward, running through the centre of Long Lane and Farewell Street, and Thames Street to the foot of the Parade; thence to the State House; thence around the south end of the State House to Broad Street; through the centre of Broad Street to Bull Street; up through the centre of Bull Street to Brindley Street; through the centre of Brindley Street to Catharine Street; through the centre of Catharine Street eastward in a straight line to the Pond north of Easton’s Beach.

The Third Ward shall comprise all that part of the town, wharves and docks, southward of the afore-described wards, and northward of a line from the dock, coming up on the south side of the Ferry Wharf Market; through the centre of Market Square; thence across Thames Street, through the centre of Mill Street, to East Touro Street, formerly Bellevue Street; across said East Touro Street to the old Beach Road; thence along the centre of said road to Buena Vista street straight to the Pond north of the Beach.

The Fourth Ward shall comprise all that part of the town south of the Third Ward, to a line drawn from the harbor through the centre of Gridley Street to Spring Street; thence across Spring to the centre of William Street; thence through the centre of William Street to East Touro Street; thence north through the centre of East Touro Street to Bath Road; through the centre of Bath to Easton’s Beach.

The Fifth Ward shall comprise all the southern part of the town, wharves and docks, not contained in the other wards. A true copy, attest. Benjamin B. Howland, Council Clerk. 

Engines, &c.            Stations.               Firemen.
Deluge,                 No.  1, Mill Street,    John H. Greene
Rough and Ready,        "    2, Bridge Street,  Pardon W. Stevens
Pioneer,                "    3, Thames Street,  Benj. H. Stevens
Hope,                   "    4, Tanner Street,  Smith Bosworth
Protection,             "    5, Touro Street,   William Newton
Torrent,                "    6, Spring Street,  Joseph B. Weaver
Hercules                "    7, Howard Street,  Peter J. Lee
Hydraulion,             No.  1, Bull Street,    Jacob Weaver
Hook and Ladder,        "    1, Thames Street,  Samuel Engs
Hose Cart,              "    1, Frank Street,

Thames Street.

Collector--George Turner
Naval Officer--Milton Hall
Deputy Collector and Inspector--George W. Ellery
Surveyor--Elisha Atkins
Permanent Inspectors--Daniel Brown, Stephen P. Slocomb
Occasional Inspectors--Wm. Rider, Geo. Howland, Samuel W. Alger, Edward Smith
Gauger and Weigher--Simon Babcock
Measurer--Henry B. Underwood
Organized 1741. Armory located on Clarke Street.

Officers: Thomas B Carr, Colonel Charles W. Turner, Lieut. Colonel Isaac S. Boss, Major Augustus French, Captain John B. Langley, jr., Quarter Master Henry E. Turner, Surgeon

Are open daily, from Nine A.M. to Two P.M.

AQUIDNECK BANK--Express Building, Thames St., Newport--Incorporated 1854. Capital, $100,000. Rufus B. Kinsley, President; Timothy Coggeshall, Cashier. Rufus B. Kingley, Joseph H. Record, John Wilbour, Samuel C. Bailey, Samuel S. Peckham, William P. Sheffield, Abraham T. Peckham, George B. Knowles, Thomas Coggeshall, Directors. John W. Vose, Benjamin H. Lawton, Clerks. Semi-annual meetings, January and July. Dividends payable January and July. Discount, Mondays. BANK OF RHODE ISLAND--219 Thames Street, Newport--Par value of shares, $100. Incorporated 1795. Capital, $100,000. Peleg Clarke, President; W. A. Clarke, Cashier. Nathan B. Hammet, Wm. C. Gibbs, Theophilus C. Dunn, Peleg Clarke, Wm. A. Clarke, Wm. Gardner, Augustus N. Littlefield, Directors. George P. Hammett, Clerk. Annual meeting, first Monday in January. Dividends payable first of January and July. Discount, Thursday.

MERCHANTS’ BANK--153 Thames Street, Newport--Par value of shares, $100. Incorporated 1817. Capital, $100,000. Silas H. Cottrell, President; Charles D. Hammett, Cashier, Richard Swan, John V. Hammett, Silas H. Cottrell, Seth Bateman, David J. Gould, George A. Richmond, Wm. B. Sherman, Directors. Thomas A. Spencer, Clerk. Annual meeting, first Wednesday in October. Dividends payable first Wednesday in April and October. Discount, Mondays.

NEW ENGLAND COMMERCIAL BANK--193 Thames St., Newport--Par value of shares, $50. Incorporated 1818. Capital, $75,000. George Bowen, President; George T. Weaver, Cashier. George Bowen, Josiah S. Munro, Henry Tisdale, Wm. H. Ailman, Thos. S. Stanhope, Samuel Allen, Directors. Charles P. Gilpin, clerk. Annual meeting, first Tuesday in January. Dividends payable first of January and July. Discount, Tuesday.

NEWPORT BANK--3 Washington Square--Incorporated 1803. Capital, $120,000. William Vernon, President; H. C. Stevens, Cashier. William Vernon, William Stevens, Edward F. Newton, Edward T. Allen, Russell Coggeshall, William Brownell, John Rogers, Samuel B. Vernon, William Newton, Directors. Annual meeting, first Wednesday in January. Dividends payable January and July. Discount, Tuesday.

RHODE ISLAND UNION BANK--178 Thames Street, Newport--Par value of share, $95. Incorporated 1804. Capital, $165,000. Charles Devens, President; Robert P. Lee, Cashier. Robert P. Lee, Charles Devens, Wm. Sherman, Wm. Littlefield, Wm. C. Cozzens, Edwards King, Directors. James G. Cozzens, Clerk. Annual meeting, first Tuesday in January. Dividends payable first of January and July. Discount, Wednesday.

THE TRADERS’ BANK--161 Thames Street. Newport--Incorporated 1836. Capital, $88,080. Edwin Wilbur, President; Benjamin Mumford, Cashier. Edwin Wilbur, Benj. Marsh, Henry Y. Cranston, Jos. T. Perry, Oliver Read, Wm. W. Hazard, T. Mumford Seabury, John Allan, and John H. Cozzens, Directors. William Crooke, Clerk. Annual meeting, first Monday in July. Dividends payable January and July. Discount, Thursdays.

NEWPORT SAVINGS BANK--153 Thames Street, Newport--Business transacted at the Merchants’ Bank. Incorporated 1819. Amount of deposits, about $550,000. Benjamin Finch, President; Samuel S. Gyles, Treasurer; B. B. Howland, Secretary. Number of depositors, 2,200.

CODDINGTON FIVE CENT SAVINGS BANK--Oliver Read, President; Edward W. Lawton, Vice-President. George W. Taylor, William J. Swinburne, Henry Y. Cranston, Alfred Smith, Job A. Peckham, Charles E. Hammett, jr., Thomas Coggeshall, John C. Ailman, George Cozzens, Directors. Benjamin Marsh 2d, Secretary; Joseph H. Havens, Treasurer. 

127 Thames Street. Incorporated 1853. Capital, $120,000. Henry Bull, President; John Bull, Treasurer. Henry Bull, Silas H. Cottrell, Samuel Engs, William G. Peckham, Joseph I. Bailey, Directors. F. C. Sherman, Superintendent. 

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