Almanac for the Year 1898

Almanac for the Year 1898

Mercury Publishing Co., Newport, R. I.

1898 Almanac

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Record of Important Events.
In Newport and Vicinity During 1897,
Taken from the Files of the Newport Mercury.
The record begin Dec. 22, 1896, and closes Dec. 14, 1897.


Dec. 22. Ocean House sold to George I. Merritt Co., New York.

Dec. 24. Daniel Chase, one of the representative citizens of Middletown, died at his home in that town, aged 85 years.


Jan. 6. Fiftieth anniversary of the organization of the Central Baptist Church celebrated with fitting exercises.

Jan. 26. Mrs. Nathaniel Brown suffocated and the house on Warner street, which she occupied, burned.

Jan. 26. Wm. E. Cook of Portsmouth completes a century of life.

Jan. 27. The worst snow and wind storm in years visited Newport, cutting off car and telephone service in the city and mail and telegraph communication from without.

Jan. 28. Mrs. Sarah J., wife of Thomas H. Clarke, died at her home in Jamestown after a brief illness from pneumonia.

Jan. 30. Mr. Collins S. Burrell, a highly esteemed colored citizen, died, the shock so prostrating his daughter that she died on the following Wednesday.


Feb. 22. Rhode Island Society, Sons of the Revolution, entertained with a banquet by its President, Mr. W. Watts Sherman, in honor of Washington’s birthday.

Feb. 29. Newport Artillery Company starts for Washington to attend the inauguration of President McKinley.


March 5. Henry R. A. Carey School turned over to the School Department.

March 12. John E. Lake, chief engineer of the fire department, died after a long illness. His funeral on the 16th was attended by the fire department, the grand Army of the Republic, the Royal Arcanum, American Mechanics, and city officials.

March 18. Col. Thomas B. Carr, a veteran of the Civil War, died.

March 29. Mrs. Mary Hambly, the third oldest woman in Tiverton, died at her home in that town in the 92d year of her age.


April 6. A. J. Kirwin elected chief engineer of the fire department, vice John E. Lake, deceased.

April 7. Election for State officers held. Every Republican candidate received large pluralities.

April 8. Col. C. L. Best died at this home in New York.

April 20. Edward Newton, cashier of the National Exchange Bank, died.

 Newport Area Events for Year 1897 continued:


May 12. C. C. Baldwin, a prominent summer resident, died at his cottage on Bellevue avenue.

May 25. ‘Lection. Inauguration of the State government.

May 25. George Lawton, the well known harness maker, died suddenly.


June 2. Dr. Henry H. Turner, the venerable city physician, died in the 81st year of his age.

June 4. Captain George H. Kelley, for nearly forty years engaged in steamboating in Rhode Island waters, died after a long illness.

June 10. Model Clothing Co’s. store on Thames street burglarized. Burglars captured.

June 21. Mr. Stuyvesant Leroy died.


July 1. Capt. Geo. W. Conley, for seventeen years master of the steamer George W. Danielson, running between Newport and Block Island, retires.

July 12. Newport visited by a severe storm, with gales, lasting two nights and a day and said to be the severest ever known on this coast during the month of July.

July 15. A slight explosion a the Torpedo Station demolished a building and burned two boys severely though not fatally.

July 19. Battleship Iowa visits Newport and is presented with her silver service while here by the officials of the state whose name she bears.


Aug. 3. North Atlantic Squadron, Admiral Sicard, arrives in the outer harbor.

Aug. 4. Newport celebrates her third annual fête, which was more successful than any previous demonstration.

Aug. 15. Newport visited by the heaviest thunderstorm in its history. Lightning struck and burned a house and several hay stacks on the Island. Storm lasted two days.

Aug. 25. Robert D. Wrenn, the American, won in the National Lawn Tennis tournament at the Casino.

Aug. 27. Hon. Charles H. Burdick, state senator, died after a brief illness.

Aug. 27. Ogden Goelet, one of Newport’s wealthiest summer residents, died on board his steam yacht at Cowes, England.

Aug. 31. R. I. Society Sons of the Revolution celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of Rhode Island by a public meeting at the Casino Theatre. Hon. Chauncey Depew and Mr. George A. Littlefield delivered addresses.


Sept. 8. Hon Henry H. Fay, ex-lieutenant governor of Rhode Island, died after a long illness.

Sept. 17. Mrs. Cecilia M. Crandall dropped dead while engaged in her household duties.

Sept. 19. Hon. Wm. J. Swinburne, ex-mayor of Newport, died.

Sept. 22. Hygeia Spa pavilion at Easton’s Beach burned to the ground.


Oct. 2. Mr. H. Wallace Briggs, while returning from a pleasure trip to the Catskills, was stricken with heart failure and expired on the train at Taunton.

Oct. 5. Gunboat Newport put in commission at the Charlestown Navy yard, with Commander Benjamin F. Tilley in charge. She arrived in Newport on Oct. 16, and was presented with her silver service by the citizens of Newport on Oct. 18.

Oct. 27. Michael Moriarty, while at work in the Old Colony freight yard, run over by a train, which was switching, sustained injuries from which he died in less than an hour.

Oct. 30. Patrick J. Galvin, one of Newport’s most prominent lawyers, died in Boston.

 Newport Area Events for Year 1897 continued, PLUS Newport City Government for 1898:


Nov. 2. City Election held. P. J. Boyle reelected Mayor. The Republicans carry the first three wards, the Democrats the fourth and fifth.

Nov. 3. John G. Tyler of Block Island drowned off Crescent Beach.

Nov. 6. William H. Sherman, for many years treasurer of the Savings Bank of Newport, died.

Nov. 9. Mr. And Mrs. John H. Manchester of Middletown, celebrated their golden wedding.

Nov. 15. The people of Zabriskie Memorial Church celebrated the third anniversary of its consecration.

Nov. 17. Hon Edward F. Dyer, ex-Senator from Portsmouth, died at his brother’s residence in Bristol.

Nov. 21. William F. Burden, a prominent summer resident, died suddenly in New York.

Nov. 21. John J. Grimes fell down stairs, sustaining injuries which caused his death.

Nov. 23. Middletown & Portsmouth Street Railway Company incorporated, with the purpose of running an electric road from Newport to Fall River.

Nov. Thanksgiving Day quietly observed.

Nov. 25. Patrolman Michael F. Shea, one of the most efficient members of the Newport police force, died after a brief illness.

Nov. 27. The U. S. District Court gave a verdict in favor of the defendant, in the case of H. W. Leach & Co., vs. City of Newport, to recover for labor and material used in the construction of Bliss Cremator, so called, in 1889.


Dec. 6. Tiverton granted franchise for an electric road between Fall River and Newport to pass through that town. Franchise was granted by Portsmouth, December 134.

Dec. 7. Charles Peterson, a Swede, drowned in the bay while on a fishing and gunning trip. Body recovered Dec. 13.

Dec. 14. News received of the sudden death in California of Rev. Robert B. Peet, rector emeritus of Emmanuel church in this city.

 Newport County Town Officers for Year 1898 for Middletown 
 Newport County Town Officers for Year 1898 for Middletown, Portsmouth, Tiverton 
 Newport County Town Officers for Year 1898 for Little Compton, Jamestown, New Shoreham

Donated and Transcribed by Susan Pieroth
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