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Rhode Island Genealogy web site at Yahoo The Rhode Island Ancestors Group Home Page Rhode Island Genealogy mail list at Yahoo Rhode Island Ancestors Group Mail List

If you have any questions about Rhode Island and/or New England Genealogy, History, Customs, or anything in general this is the list for you, the list members can and will answer most any question you may have This is a mail list where we can freely share and communicate with other members who have Rhode Island and New England Genealogical/Ancestor/Historical interests, announce meetings/reunions, discuss cemetery clean-ups, customs, traditional foods common to Rhode island and New England, announce family research sites The Rhode Island Ancestors Group is made up of persons who have many Rhode Island and New England ancestors, they are well versed in Rhode Island and New England Genealogy, History, and Customs They are here to help each other, help newbies, help everybody involved in Genealogy in Rhode Island and New England This is the same group of persons who were so helpful to others on the RIGENWEB list until they were driven away by the current mail list administrator Feel Free To Join

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These Pages contain information specific to Kent County Rhode Island along with some state and national information. It is hoped that the information contained here will help you better understand who some of the residents were, where Kent County information may be found and how to contact  others that may be working on families of your same interest.

My main purpose is to acquire and post information that will be of use to others doing genealogy research in Kent County Rhode Island,  Click here for tips on how to find specific information about specific persons and places, if you are new to these Pages, Genealogy, and/or the internet please check the FAQ Page  for answers to most of your questions.















The Rhode Island Groups at Yahoo, aka The Rhode Island Friends Fun list, is the best place there is to learn about and discuss Rhode Island Genealogy and History, also a good place to meet some very friendly people who can answer most any questions you may have about Rhode Island The majority of the listers are the same ones who were so helpful on the RIGENWEB mail list until it was destroyed by the current RIGENWEB mail list administrator They will bend over backwards to help you in your Genealogy research

The Rhode Island Friends Fun list is a group of online friends with a common interest in Rhode Island, it's history, heritage, genealogy, traditions, and humor. This list is a place for mixing humor with genealogy and other subjects that are not proper for the Rootsweb Rhode Island Genealogy List. There aren't too many rules. There is the usual rule about flaming-don't. The only other rule is that there are to be no political discussions. It is hoped that there will be no need for further rules. Have fun and smile!

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Here is a sample of some of their activities   Rhode Island Friends Luncheons


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Helpful tips

Following are tips on how and where to obtain information about specific persons and places in Rhode Island

Type in the names of the persons you are researching, if they are listed in any of the databases you will be given links to them, some of them include Gedcoms you can download, it is very similair to FTM's "World Family Tree" except it is all free.
World Connect Project
Enter a surname of interest and you will receive all of the information housed at rootsweb about that particular surname.
Surname Resources at Rootsweb
Click on the state of your choice, then on the county of your choice and you will receive all of the resource information housed at rootsweb available for that state and/or county
State and County Resources
Check the various query and surname lists in Rhode Island, you will find the Surnames: of families being researched in Rhode Island along with the names and email addresses of the researchers, you will find that they are willing to exchange information with you
Query and surname Pages
Post your message to the RIGenWeb query Pages at:
Use the following surname search engines to locate other persons who are researching the same Surnames: as you: The "Surname Helper" search engine, searches through over 1800 surname lists around the world:
Surname Helper
Search the "Rootsweb Surname List(RSL) it contains hundreds of thousands of Surnames: and their researchers:
Roots Surname List

Frequently Asked Questions And Research Tips

Q - Where do I begin?

A - Get organized, if you are new to Genealogy and/or the internet the following sites will help get you started.

·  Cyndi's List - FAQ - For those new to genealogy and/or the Internet

·  National Genealogical Society - Suggestions for Beginners

·  RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative

·  RootsWeb: Newbies Letter

·  LDS FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service

Q - Where can I find information about my ancestors

A - The following sites contain all types of Genealogical information, best of all there are no charges or fees of any type, there are many sites on the internet THAT DO have charges for the same information.

·  The USGenWeb Project - Home PageTHE USGenWeb PROJECT is a non-commercial enterprise with free information and services available to the public. Volunteers throughout the United States are creating COUNTY CENTERS for Internet genealogical research for EVERY COUNTY in the United States. On the USGenWeb Home Page you will find a Map of the USAFrom there choose the state of your interests, then choose the county of your interests. As you browse the Pages, you will find some consistent elements. All counties will have an area for:

·         QUERIES - Posting & reading

·         LOOK-UPS - Requesting Volunteer to do look ups

·         Surnames: - Listing Your Surnames: (for that county)

·         LINKS to Related Pages and Vital statistic sources

·         BIBLIOGRAPHY of helpful addresses

·         MAIL LISTS, most of the States and/or Counties have mail lists for you to subscribe to that will put you in contact with others who may be researching your same interests.

o        The WorldGenWeb Project

·  RootswebThe Internet's Oldest and Largest Genealogy site on the internet.

·         Rootsweb Search Engines

·         RootsWeb: Newbies Letter

·         User Mailing Lists Hosted by RootsWeb

·  The Mormon Church, LDS, has been doing genealogy research for hundreds of years. They have Family History Centers around the world, in the USA they are located in several of the larger cities, their main library is located in Salt Lake City.They do have some fees but they are very minimal and are for supplies and materials only.They now have an online site that has just recently been set up and is still in the testing stage.All though this site contains an enormous amount of information it does not compare to the amounts found in their local libraries.

·         LDS FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service

Q - How do I locate other persons who may be researching my same Genealogy lines?

A - Through search engines, query Pages, and mail lists

Surname search engines

The Surname Helper search engine will search through thousands of online Genealogy databases, Surname Pages, and Query Pages for the Surnames: you request.They will return Pages of links to the information, the posted information will usually contain the email address of the owner or contributer of the information.

·  Surname Helper Search for a Surname

Site Search Engines

The following engines will search their respective Pages

·  LDS FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service

Mail Lists

Mail Lists are one of the most useful Genealogy tools on the internet, there are lists for just about every topic, area, and surname that you can think of.Through the lists you can contact others who may be researching the same interests as you.You will find thousands of mail lists and instructions on how to subscribe to them at:

·  User Mailing Lists Hosted by RootsWeb



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