Williams Family Graves in Providence, RI
Williams Family Graves in Providence, RI

Williams Family Cemetery, 1710 - 1871, located in SW part of Roger Williams Park, containing the Roger Williams monumental stone, erected per request of Betsy Williams, Providence, RI.
Roger Williams' monument, front Roger Williams' monument, back
"Erected in accordance of the will of
Miss Betsy Williams who bequeathed
to the city of Providence
the adjoining park, part of the original
of Miantonnomi to Roger Williams"
Sacred to the memory of James Williams
son of Nathaniel & Anna Williams
born June 13, 1752, died Nov. 3, 1809
in the 58th year of his age
Sacred to the memory of Mary Williams,
wife of James Williams, & daughter of
Stephen & Marcy Waterman,
born Oct. ??, 1757, died Aug. 14, 18??
in the 69th year of her age.
Sacred to the memory of Rhoda Williams
daughter of James & Mary Williams
born June 20, 1787, died March 25, 1864
in the 77th year of her age.
Sacred to the memory of Betsey Williams
daughter of James & Mary Williams
born June 29, 1790, died Nov. 27, 1871
in the 82d year of her age.
In memory of Charles Williams,
son of James & Mary Williams,
1781 - 1844
63 years
Here lieth the body of James Williams,
son of Joseph Williams and Lydia his wife
who was born September 24, 1680,
died June 25, 1757, in the 77 year of his age
He was of a modrate temper & easy mind
.. he to peace was chief ... he did live in peace...
We hope it may last to eternity.
In Memory of Joseph Williams, son of James Williams, and Elizabeth his wife, who was born Octo 28, 1709, died July 16, 1761, in the 52d year of his age
Now grim death hath changed his place
He hath gone the way of Human Race;
Down to the grave where he must lie,
Till he ... by the Lord on High.
In Memory of Elisabeth, dau(ght)-er of
James and Mar ... Blackmar
and wife of James Williams
who departed this life March ...
in the 80?? year of her age
In memory of Sarah Williams,
daughter of James Williams & Elisabeth, his wife,
who was born December 4, 1707.  She
died August 4, 1735, in the 28 year of her age
.. not at this for the hour is comeing in the which all
that are in the Graves here his voice John
In memory of Elisabeth, wife of William Hynes
and daughter of James & Elisabeth Williams
who was born October 21?, 1716?, died in June
1750 in the 34th year of her age
Here lies the body of Joseph Williams,
son of Roger Williams, Esq.,
who was the first white man who came to Providence
He was born 1644, he died Au 17th, 1724, in the
81st? year of his age
In King Philip's War he courageously went through
and the native Indians he bravely did ...
and now he's gone down to the Grave ..
...   Please Almighty God his Body ...
In Memory of Lydia Williams, wife of Joseph Williams, Esq.,
who died September the .... 172?? ...
... year of her age.
In memory of Bathsheba Williams,
who died Aug. 16, AD, 1724,
aged 65 years
Celestial powers that piety regard,
from you my last labours wait their reward.
In Memory of Mary, wife of Thomas Williams
& daughter of James Blackmar & Mary his wife,
who died July 1st?, 1717,
Blessed are the dead which die in the LORD.
Here lieth the body of James Blackmar,
who departed this life August ye 9th, 1710
Now to the grave his body is gone and we know not when it will return .....    rest of his race
and meet the Lord Jesus
 In Memory of Mary, wife of James Blackmar,
and daughter of Wm. Hawkins
who departed this life February 1724
In Memory of Bennajah Williams
who died Jan. 23 A.D., 1823
aged 73 years, 2 mo. & 11 days
How lov'd, how honour'd once avails thee not,
To whom related, or by whom begot;
A heap of dust alone remains of thee,
Tis all thou are, and all the proud shall be. (signed J. J. F.)

Mary Williams 1717
There were other unreadable field stones in the fenced in yard.

 Images, information & transcription by Beth Hurd, 2004

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