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Johnston Map From Johnston Town Hall
Click the image to view the whole map as it hangs on the wall.

Detail One
Belknap section
names include J. F. Barton, B. Cambia, A. Lake, S. C. Clemence, W. H. Mathewson, School No. 8 (Belknap school, being restored in 2003), Jas. E. Belknap, J. W. Mathewson, J. Williams Est., M. A. Searles, F. Diemunde, R. T. Angell, S. H. Clemence, S. Gindone, Quarry, J. R. Hopkins, Rice & Corey, Allendale Station, Mrs. L. Irons, D. Irons, C. Irons, Miss E. Barnes (for whom an elementary school is now named), Ellen E. Irons, T. Naylor Est., G. T. Naylor, W. Harris, H. Sweet, Mrs. A. Sweet, G. T. Batchelder, G. E. Olney
Detail Two
Centredale and Graniteville sections
names include Mrs. B. Searles, Mrs. Z. Searles, G. E. Mowry, O. Colwell, A. G. Angell, G. E. Olney, Mrs. A. Sweet, W. Harris, A. Sweet, Allendale Station

Detail Three
Graniteville section detail
names include Mrs. S. Deane, L. Deane, O. P. Sherman, Jr., J. Barnes, K. Knight, N. Angell, Belknap Est., G. Sweet Est., Greystone Mill (on the east side of the Woonasquatucket River), Miss Nugent, Mrs. McLaughlin, R. Williams, Mrs. Jencks, Miss L. Mathewson
Detail Four

Olneyville section detail (now Providence)
Plainfield Street, Dyer Avenue, Hartford Avenue, Neutaconkanut Hill
names include: John Phillips, Mrs. Randall, Chas. A. Brown, C. K. Brown, M. Venner, T. Sarle Est., J. Crother, Wm. E. Waterman, Israel Wilcox, J. Erskine, C. Fletcher, Mrs. McGee, D. ODonnell, G. W. Davis, Mrs. Stockwell, --- Murphy

Detail Five

Hughesdale village detail
names include: N. Waterman Est., T. S. Hughes, Carter & Holer Ice Ho., J. Tarrier, J. Brown et. al., J. W. Waters, Hughesdale Company Chemical Works, S. H. No. 13, M. E. Church, Mrs. S. Saunders, B. A. Patton

Detail Six

Whaley's Corner detail, Fountain Spring
Names include:  School No. 9, P. Acrey, Mrs. S. M. Barden, C. Ford, D. Wade, Elisha Evans, Miss A. F. Winsor, N. S. Winsor, J. M. Winsor, A. Whaley, A. Wiley, D. Devall, A. E. Potter, Mrs. L. Winsor, H. Carey

Detail Seven

Simmonsville detail
Names include:  A. & J. Remington, Mrs. D. Kimball, S. Randall, R. A. & H. A. Keach, G.Pistock, A. Graham, A. Sheldon, L. Carroll, A. Waterman, School No. 3, Abbie Pierce, B. F. Almy, B. Young, A. Rosso

Detail Eight

Manton section (now Providence)
names include:  H. A. Sessions, W. L. Barnes, I. Middlebrook, Mrs. Nichols, Manton Station, school

Detail Nine

northwest section of Johnston
Almy Reservoir, Oak Swamp Reservoir

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