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Johnston Beers Map Listings; Page 19

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Johnston, Section 1
District No. 4 Antioch (there is an Antioch Chapel still existing)

O. Angell
C. Atwood
Mrs. Chapman
J. Q. A. Davis
W. Fenner
Mrs. Hopkins
Hopkins & Field
J. Ketton??
E. A. Lawton
"Lawton Hill"
A. Luther Est.
A. Mathetook???
E. Potter
G. W. Ralph
W. Randall
W. W. Richardson
 W. Rogers
W. S. Salisbury
R. Searle
A. Smart
L. Smith
Mrs. Stafford
J. W. Thornton
E. Turner
A. G. S. Waterman
C. Waterman
T. Wiswall???

District No. 9 Bell

S. Aldrich
N. Barden
C. Brown
?.  Eddy
?.  Fenner
S. Ford
J. Mathewson
J. W. Mathewson
P. T. Mathewson
J. McGunigle??
Smith Est.
Miss C. Smith
E? F Smith
J. W. Smith
Miss E. Thurber
G. Thurber
Ira Thurber
A. Wade
E. Waterman
W. Waterman Est.
C. Williams
?. Winsor

District No. 10 Winsor

Brown & Bro.
C. Brown
Mrs. R. Davis
H. Hawkins
?. W. Steere
Deac. Thornton
E. Thornton
P. Thornton Est.
W. L. Thornton
D. Winsor
E. Winsor
Isaac Winsor
M. Winsor
S. Winsor

District No. 6 & 14

R. B. Arnold
Mrs. Arnold
E. W. Brown
L. Brown
M. Brown
T. Brown
Mrs. H. Hopkins
Keech Est.
H. McCaffrey
S. Mill
A. Peck
Mrs.  F. Randall
G. Randall
H. M. Young

Johnston, Section 2
District No. 2 - Vial - Silver Lake

C. Brown
F. Brown
W. H. Brown
?. Crothers
W. Davis Est.
O. Fenner
J. M. King
C. Knight
Mrs. Latham
Mrs. ? McGee
?. Miller
?. Murphy
?. Perkins
C. E. Pettis
M. Potter
W. L. Smith

District No. 3 - Drybrook, Simmonsville, Hughesdale

T. Atwood
L. Blanchard
W. Blanchard
Brown Est.
G. Fenner Est.
T. H. Hughes
A. Keech, 
W.S.? Kemb??
S. Kent
S. Knight
J. Phillips
S. Randall
A. H. Remington
S. Smith
Sprague Co.
W. Steere
Town Asylum
J. Waterman
N. Waterman Est.

District No. 5 Waterman

J. Aldrich, C. Atwood,
Miss P. Brown
E. R. Coffin
H. Colwell
Pocasset Bleachery
E. Potter
H. M. Reed
A. W. Smith
C. Streeker
D. Thornton Nursery
J. Thornton Est.
M. R. Tillinghast
A. Turtellott (Tourtellott)
J. Walch
L. F. Waterman
Miss S. Waterman
A. A. Williams
A. W. Winsor

District No. 7 Triptown

District No. 8 Belknap

Albion Co.
?. Angell
?. Andrews
L. F. Barton
J. Belknap
S. Clemence
J. A. Cram
J. R. Hopkins
P. W. Mathewson
P. Mathewson Hotel
S. Potter
E. Sweet
N. Sweet
?. Thornton
C. Waterman
J. Waterman

District No. 11

District No. 12 Graniteville - Centerdale

E. Angell
N. J. Angell
O. W. Angell
P. Angell
S. Angell
N. Barnes
J. F. ? Barton ?
Mrs. F. Belknap
E. Briggs
Dr. Budlong
W. H. Carey
P. Collins
O. Colwell
V. Colwell
L. Dean
F. W. Bapt. Church
E. O. P. Mathewson
R. Mathewson
T. Naylor
S. Nichols
P. Salisbury
E. P. Searle
W. H. Smith
S. Steere
D. Stellard
D. Sweet Est.
S. Sweet

District No. 13 Dry Brook


Johnston, Section 3

W. H. Almy
T. H. Hughs
A. Lawton
A. Luther Est.
J. B. & E. S. Randall
Mrs. Remington
Mrs. E. Rice
A & W Sprague
H. Young

District No. 1 - Merlino Village - Olneyville

W. Diamond
Mrs. Franklin
Mrs. A. Pike??
J. Waterman
J. O. Waterman

Simmonsville Subscriber's Business Directory

A. White, Superintendent of Chappel Cotton Mills
F. F. Simmons, Trader
A. F. Luther, Carpenter and joiner
Edward Taylor, Stonemason.
A. Waterman, Stonemason.
John Hopkins, Jr., Machine Printer

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