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Bob Letson wrote to regarding the Kent County, Rhode Island 1790 Federal Census of Coventry Town: "I find repeated here a error in the indexing of this census.  I have viewed microfilmed copies of the original pages and find that the following names have been entered incorrectly:

Jeremiah Litson
Michael Litson
Robert Litson

Each of these last names are spelled Letson in the handwritten copy.  The handwriting on this page really does not distinguish clearly between i's and e's, except that if one looks at the writing carefully he discovers that the i's are carefully dotted.  There are no dots over the i's in Litson.  The correct spelling of the names is Letson."


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Abbett, Pardon - to - Arnold, Oliver
Arnold, Oliver - to - Bennett, Abel
Bennett, Arthur - to - Brown, Josiah
Brown, Josiah - to - Carr, Peleg
Carr, Rhody - to - Colvin, George
Colvin, James - to - Davis, Marey
Davis, Mary - to - Fenner, Jeremiah
Fenner, John - to - Gray, Jacob
Gray, Jacob Jun - to - Haywood, Joseph
Hazard, Benjamin - to - Hyde, Timothy
Hyema, Pardon - to - Lake, David
Lake, Edward - to - Marshall, Samuel
Martain, Joseph - to - Niles, Nathaniel
Niles, Quash - to - Phillips, Richard
Phillips, Richard - to - Reynolds, Stephen
Reynolds, Tanner - to - Sheldon, John
Sheldon, John - to - Sprague, John
Sprague, John - to - Thurber, Darius
Thurber, Edward - to - Waterman, William
Waterman, William - to - Wilcox, Noah
Wilcox, Oliver - to - Yung, John


The pages are about 250KB, they will take a while to load

Page 10  Bristol: Barrington to Bristol Town 
Page 11  Bristol: Bristol Town to Warren 
Page 12  Bristol: Warren to Kent: Coventry 
Page 13  Kent: Coventry to East Greenwich 
Page 14  Kent: East Greenwich to Warwick 
Page 15  Kent: Warwick 
Page 16  Kent: Warwick to West Greenwich 
Page 17  Kent: West Greenwich to Newport: Jamestown to Little Compton 
Page 18  Newport: Little Compton to Middleton to New Shoreham 
Page 19  Newport: New Shoreham to Newport Town 
Page 20  Newport: Newport Town 
Page 21  Newport: Newport Town 
Page 22  Newport: Newport Town 
Page 23  Newport: Newport Town to Portsmouth 
Page 24  Newport: Portsmouth to Tiverton 
Page 25  Newport: Tiverton 
Page 26  Providence: Cranston 
Page 27  Providence: Cranston to Cumberland 
Page 28  Providence: Cumberland to Foster 
Page 29  Providence: Foster to Glocester 
Page 30  Providence: Glocester 
Page 31  Providence: Glocester to Johnston 
Page 32  Providence: Johnston to North Providence 
Page 33  Providence: North Providence to Providence 
Page 34  Providence: Providence 
Page 35  Providence: Providence 
Page 36  Providence: Providence 
Page 37  Providence: Providence to Scituate 
Page 38  Providence: Scituate to Smithfield 
Page 39  Providence: Smithfield 
Page 40  Providence: Smithfield to Washington: Charlestown 
Page 41  Washington: Charlestown to Exeter 
Page 42  Washington: Exeter 
Page 43  Washington: Exeter to Hopkinton 
Page 44  Washington: Hopkinton to North Kingstown 
Page 45  Washington: North Kingstown 
Page 46  Washington: North Kingstown to Richmond 
Page 47  Washington: Richmond to South Kingstown 
Page 48  Washington: South Kingstown 
Page 49  Washington: South Kingstown to Westerly 
Page 50  Washington: Westerly 

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