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Thu Mar 1 01:31:40 2001

e-mail address: downeast@tir.com
researching: EYRE ROGERS

I am searching for further information on the Quaker Society of Free Traders, specifically membership circa the 1600s. Robert EYRE, b: 30 Jan 1648, the same day that King Charles I of England was executed, apprenticed under a William ROGERS, merchant of Bristol, England. William ROGERS was a Quaker, a soapmaker and a member of the Society of Merchant Venturers (1667). Robert EYRE settled in Bethel twp, Chester (now Delaware) cnty, Pennsylvania circa 1682 and remained there until his death in 1708. His parentage in England is unknown. There was an earlier EYRE/ROGERS marriage and there arises the possibility that Robert EYRE was apprenticed to William ROGERS based on family connections. William ROGERS had two brothers, Francis and George ROGERS, "Irish traders" and merchants of Cork, Ireland. Each purchased 2500 acres of land from William PENN in Mar 1681 but later resold the land and there is no indication that any of the three ROGERS brothers emigrated to Pennsylvania. George ROGERS left two sons and descendants in the Cork, Ireland area. I've found none for Francis ROGERS. However, in 1695, a Francis ROGERS, soapmaker and ship owner of Bristol, also became a member of the Society of Merchant Venturers. And two later Francis ROGERS from Bristol also became SMV members in 1724 and 1748 so there is the likelihood that Francis ROGERS left Cork and moved to Bristol.


Thu Mar 1 03:22:45 2001

Lynda Bordelon
e-mail address: psalm121@gtcom.net
researching: Jones

I just recently discovered that some of my ancestors were possibly Quakers. I am searching for Hiram Seymore Jones and any information regarding him and his family. He was born in 1798, place not certain, could be NC. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thu Mar 1 04:29:15 2001

Hoda Freifer
e-mail address: mybel@cyberia.net.lb
researching: Reverent father John Coady

Please I need to know anything regarding Rev. John Coady last heard from him, he was at St. Mary's Parish, Chester, Montana 59522, P.O. Box 647, and unother address Malta Montana 59538 P.O. box 70. I live in Lebanon, and under the circumstances we had in our country, I never heard from Rev. John Coady since his last letter sentto me when I was with my husband in England on the December 28 1978. Would you kindly be able to find this kind and loving person for me and for my family which we will all thank you for you help. Since we were in Ghana together he was our family spiritual helper, and I am very greatful to him. Hoda Freifer & family Afaf May & Najat. I hope he remember us when you find him. Thank you in advance for your kind help. --------------------------------------------------

Thu Mar 1 12:29:33 2001

wynn webster
e-mail address: marjorie.webster@worldnet .att.net
researching: webster, james, brinton, wilson

Any info on William Webster b.c.1683 m. Sarah James, 1/4/1721, Chester Co. PA? They had at least 2 children, John and William. --------------------------------------------------

Thu Mar 1 12:33:06 2001

wynn webster
e-mail address: marjorie.webster@worldnet .att.net
researching: webster, james, brinton, wilson

Looking for descendants of Edward Webster b.c.1763, E.Marlborough Twp. Chester Co. Pa and Phebe Wilson.


Thu Mar 1 22:35:57 2001

Dee Barton
e-mail address: DeeLite32@aol.com
researching: HUNNICUTT

Can anyone tell me what it meant when the following was recorded in a monthly meeting "....granted certificate efms"? I cannont find any refererence to what the abbreviation "efms" stands for. Appreciate any help or advise anyone can offer. Thanks! Dee Barton - DeeLite32@aol.com --------------------------------------------------

Thu Mar 1 23:43:47 2001

Jonathan Barclay Clement
e-mail address: ford8n1952@aol.com
researching: Clement Jones Barclay

I am seeking the parents, grandparents ... for my grandmother Bertha Jones Clement. Born 9 July 1873; died 15 May 1966. Married Allen Ballenger Clement on 8 June, 1915. They are both buried at the Haddonfield Friends Cemetary --------------------------------------------------

Fri Mar 2 09:04:01 2001

Peter Lasersohn
e-mail address: lasersoh@uiuc.edu

I am trying to find the location of the meetinghouse of Union Preparative Meeting, in Crawford or Clark County, Illinois. This was a Hicksite meeting, under Honey Creek Monthly Meeting of Prairieton, Indiana. It appears to have closed sometime in the 1870s. Does anyone know where the meetinghouse was located, and if it is still standing? --------------------------------------------------

Fri Mar 2 17:09:48 2001

Mike Wilson
e-mail address: mwtroth@aol.com
researching: TROTH

Recent readings of biographies have revealed that there were a few occasions of a prolific couple gifting an infant to a childless couple. One such prominent example is President Andrew Jackson who, in 1809, legally adopted one of his recently born twin nephews. I have used the LDS microfilms tracing the transfers of a suspect couple to different MM's, but there is nothing I've read yet that has documented the births of their reported several children. As there is a possiblility of an ancestor's roots coming from this beginning (same time, place, name, and disappearing twin) where would be records for me to search of the Haddonfield, NJ, Tred Haven, MD and Third Haven, MD MM notes? I can only guess at this point, but the time period would be between 1785 and 1810 and the areas would be in the eastern Cheasapeake Bay shore of MD, north through DE and to southwest NJ. rgds, Mike Wilson --------------------------------------------------

Sat Mar 3 01:50:40 2001

richenda bridge
e-mail address: silvereel@squirrel.com.au
researching: bridge hudson

residents of crawshawbooth, lancs. 1800- 1860; bridge possibly a blacksmith --------------------------------------------------

Sat Mar 3 13:40:00 2001

Heidi Cluff
e-mail address: hcluff@dcdi.net

I am searching for any information on the surnames posted. John Hammer was the father-in-law and the other names are the last name of his son-in-laws. Their names are Jesse Moore wife Martha, John Blaylock wife Hannah, Robert Cooper wife Mercy or Marcy, Zechariah Robertson wife Nancy, Frederick Needham wife Julia Ann, Elisah Long wife Mary, William B. Anderson wife Elizabeth. Any information would be appreciated. --------------------------------------------------

Sat Mar 3 22:32:05 2001

ada carl
e-mail address: adacarl@cheerful.com
researching: burnside, hunt, horton, bond, beals, mill, cook,

I am looking for the above surnames that run in my family. Would love to converse with an one who may have some of the names in thier line. Thanking you in advance. --------------------------------------------------

Mon Mar 5 11:32:09 2001

Gail B
e-mail address: gabbys@home.com
researching: Willets, Mariam.

I am trying to find out information on a Mariam Willets (I believe this was her surname, as the information I have shows that she was 11 years old in 1830). If anyone can help guide me to the possible place(s) to find out any information, it would be great...or better if anyone knows of any information on a Mariam Willets, that would even be better....Hope to hear from you.....Thanks So much Gail gabbys@home.com --------------------------------------------------

Mon Mar 5 11:51:36 2001

Gail Bush
e-mail address: gabbys@home.com
researching: Willets

I have an antique fabric sampler that I understand was commonly made by young girls in the early 1800's. This sampler was made by girl by the name of Mariam Willets in the 11th year of her age 1830. She was born on 1819. The sampler contains the following verse as well: "Teach me to feel another's wo, To hide the fault I see, That mercy I to others show, That mercy show to me" The info. that follows is: "Miriam Willets her work wrought in the 11th year of her age 1830" Any information that could be provided on this girl and her family would be greatly appreciated. --------------------------------------------------

Mon Mar 5 12:33:42 2001

Cameron La Follette
e-mail address: thehomecountry@onemain.com
researching: HOWELL

I am looking for information on TIMOTHY HOWELL, and his wife, Rebecca. In 1791 he was admitted to membership of Goose Creek Meeting in Loudoun County, Virginia. He died in 1794, Rebecca died a few years later. They had several children, including Susannah, Mahlon and Samuel. Timothy lived in Loudoun County for many years, but he is apparently not buried in the Goose Creek Cemetery, though Rebecca is. He was apparently not born in Loudoun County. I want to know where Timothy Howell came from and where his parents were from. Also, what was Rebecca's maiden name? Please help me if you have any information. I have many cousins (elderly) who would love to know! --------------------------------------------------

Mon Mar 5 15:38:04 2001

Melinda Smith
e-mail address: nycgrl49091@yahoo.com
researching: Eisenberger

Does anyone have information of the Eisenberg family from Lancaster or Intercourse Pa. area? My grandfather was John Eisenberger and my grandmother was Nettie (Brinkley) Eisenberger. My father had brothers: David, William, John, Robert and a sister Sara. --------------------------------------------------

Wed Mar 7 08:40:47 2001

Tony DeSalvo
e-mail address: sogcmtony@aol.com
researching: Lacey

Did the original Quaker calendar use March as the first month on the year. If so when did the conversion to the present day calendar take place? Is there a ref. for this topic? Thanks


Wed Mar 7 13:09:01 2001

Donna Stephenson
e-mail address: Judgestephenson@aol.com
researching: Stephenson/Stevenson

Can you tell me anything about an Edward Stephenson and wife roef, 1756, 5, 28Chesterfield MM, dated 1756,5, 6. Edward died 1760, 5, 1, daughter Elizabeth died 1756, 8, 3. Any help would be appreciated. --------------------------------------------------

Thu Mar 8 08:26:13 2001

James Barker
e-mail address: JIMDAD7@AOL.COM

Can anyone give me the location of pinerige mettinghouse south east of Ashboro in the book souther quaker and slavery --------------------------------------------------

Fri Mar 9 16:55:16 2001

Marlene Bales
e-mail address: marlene@tritel.net
researching: Elliott

I am looking for James possibly T, probably L. Elliott, was in Illinois in 1901. Was very musical, worked at Alton Piano Co . in E. St. Louis Ell. Was employed by Adam Schaaf Co. of Chicago, maker of pianos. E-mail me marlene@tritel.net. Thank you.


Fri Mar 9 17:41:47 2001

Karen Carter
e-mail address: kkcart1@juno.com
researching: Carter, Hollingsworth, Rider, Goff, Hutchison, Gibson, Reese,

I would like directions to the Deep Creek Friends Cemetery, I think in Yadkin County. My ggg grandfather and grandmother is buried there and I am going to Knoxville, TN next week end and if I have time would like to go there if it is not to far, or I might go later in the spring when I can stay and research longer. My ggggrandfather was Isaac Carter. --------------------------------------------------

Sat Mar 10 14:47:42 2001

Marge Micona
e-mail address: mjmicona@aol.com
researching: Spaulding?

My father told us that he was raised a Quaker. He was born in Osborne Co. Kansas in 1866. I would like to know if there was a Meeting in that area and if so, where I could check the records to see if he was listed. --------------------------------------------------

Sat Mar 10 20:40:46 2001

Melveen S. Jensen
e-mail address: mljensen@onewest.net

I am searching for the parents of my ggggrandmother Rebecca Ann ADKINS or FARMER (PARMER). She was born 30 Dec 1812 in PA or NY. She mrd William Perry Barber 18 Oct 1835 in Susquehanna Co., PA. They lived and raised their family in Warren Co., PA. Family tradition has it she was an Indian and may have been raised or lived with a Quaker family. Does someone have a suggestion where I might look to find them? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.


Sun Mar 11 13:25:45 2001

Al Martin
e-mail address: alnjanm@earthlink.net
researching: Mosher, Macombs/McCombs, Badger

I am interested in learing more about the Quaker movements and meatings in Jefferson co, NY between 1750 to 1850. Thank you. Al alnjanm@earthlink.net --------------------------------------------------

Sun Mar 11 15:18:36 2001

Tita Beal
e-mail address: cyberscribbler@email.com

Anyone know how I can reach the family of Virgie Hortenstine from Cincinnati? Worked with her in the civil rights or voter registration movmeents? Read her poetry? She acted on her beliefs -- as the Rev. June Dowdy, a lay preacher from Fayette County, Tennessee said, "she puts her body where her mouth is". She was very influential in my life and in the lives of other students who worked for voting rights (a struggle that apparently has not completely ended). If she's still on the planet, I'd like to talk with her. If not, with her child. --------------------------------------------------

Sun Mar 11 16:18:41 2001

Judith Burke
e-mail address: Judith.Rose@btinternet.com
researching: Grandmother-Maiden Name Rose Willoughby-Married Horace Chapman. Between 1830-1880 Louise Willoughby Great Grandmother

Louise was a caretaker in the original Jordans Meeting House in Amersham Bucks England.She had I am told up to 13 children This was about between 1850-1875. Has anyone information of this family Please? --------------------------------------------------

Sun Mar 11 17:24:49 2001

Carol McNew
e-mail address: cmcnew@rmi.net

I have many Quaker ancestors. My gggggGrandfather Thomas MACY was an original founder of Nantucket Island, MA. I have connections with Zanesfield, OH and the Friends burying ground at Harrisville, OH. SURNAMES: MACY, HOPCOTT, STANTON, THOMAS, ROBINSON, FAWCETT Any connections? --------------------------------------------------

Mon Mar 12 09:50:58 2001

Jeff Bauserman
e-mail address: theboz@ccplus.net
researching: PURCELL

I received a family document this weekend that says my great great great grandmother was a "full orthodox Quaker." Her name is Anne (Annie) Purcell. It says her ancestors came to America with William Penn. I have conflicting reports on who her husband was - either William Foy or Thomas Warne. Whoever it was she met them in Philadephia. I believe she was born somewhere between 1780 and 1805. I cannot find any other information on her - any help would be dearly appreciated. --------------------------------------------------

Mon Mar 12 16:39:54 2001

Eva Snell-Frazier
e-mail address: geoeva@network-one.com
researching: Snell

Looking for Snell that are suppose to be German and Dutch. Commonally called Palintines? Need info on this family from NC. and South Carolina before 1825. Thank you in advance. --------------------------------------------------

Tue Mar 13 20:31:37 2001

Donna Paulin
e-mail address: donnalp@directcon.net
researching: Paulin

I am interested in any information on a Henry Paulin. Found a bit of history on the Bucks Co. Penn. site that mentioned Henry being given a grant of land by William Penn. If anyone has any info on the history of Quakers in Bucks Co. I would appreciate it. I am trying to find out more info. on my gggrandfather Henry Paulin who died in Iowa in 1909. Thanks for the help. Donna Paulin --------------------------------------------------

Wed Mar 14 08:02:54 2001

Pat Barnett Clayton
e-mail address: patcee@inetw.net
researching: Barnett Barnard Bernard

Looking for info. on any Barnetts, Barnards, or Bernards--who might have been Quakers in North and South Carolina in the time period of 1750-1800. We have heard that seven (7) brothers--who might have had the last name of Barnard or Bernard--were ex-communicated from the Church because they married Indian women.After that, they might have changed their last name to Barnett..Especially seeking the name of Uriah Barnett or Uriah Barnard or Uriah Bernard. --------------------------------------------------

Wed Mar 14 16:38:24 2001

Hazel Lawrence
e-mail address: misshazel@hotmail.com
researching: Hackney was originally spelled De Hacquenee

Anyone with the last name of Hackney Belive they came from England and they were Quakers or Society of Friends


Thu Mar 15 10:47:48 2001

e-mail address: redhedz95@juno.com
researching: Wright/Neal/Hambleton

I'm looking for James Hambleton of Bucks co, Penn..Ann Neal of Lancaster Co. Penn and Nancy Ann Wright..possibly from NY area, not sure. She married a John Allison and later was living in Ohio. --------------------------------------------------

Thu Mar 15 14:02:40 2001

Tim S. Dupy
e-mail address: tsdupy@yahoo.com
researching: Meredith, Stanley, Hunt, Macy, Mills, Starbuck

My Quaker roots begin in Surry county, Virginia, then to Guilford county, North Carolina, Henry county, Indiana and finally to Lynnville, Jasper county, Iowa. I am related to Simon Meredith and Samuel Stanley, and my line of direct connection is to James and Mary (Stanley) Meredith of the New Garden MM, Guilford county, North Carolina. Would be most happy to share inf. I have on the above listed surnames and would like to receive inf. on any I have listed.


Thu Mar 15 20:42:52 2001

Dawn Samson
e-mail address: dawnpaulsamson

I am looking for information regarding NEW ENGLAND QUAKERS For the following states: Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts Tinmouth, Vermont Could you please advise which MM they would attend Could you please advise which YM they could come under I am looking for information re: John Rogers (b) 21 Dec 1738 Marshfield, Plymouth, MASS (m) 18 July 1759 Sarah Chapman (b) 05 Sept. 1738 (d) ? Would appreciate any information / suggestions you may have.


Fri Mar 16 14:56:47 2001

Marilyn Rogers
e-mail address: mar7@microcore.net
researching: Kelso (Wm) of Ky.. Moon of Ohio...

Have Quaker Monthly Meeting list showing family from OHIO Newberry Monthly Meeting (am not sure of date). Shows Moon, Diantha and Kelso William and family (John, Joseph, James, Hiram, Mary Ann and Ayner Jane. Diantha married Wm Kelso. Need know what abbreviations mean:con mou;rocf;recrq Any help appr. --------------------------------------------------

Fri Mar 16 19:37:52 2001

vlirginia wherland
e-mail address: wm80@qwest.net
researching: drum,drumm, rypenberg

I am looking for information on Mathias Drum or Drumm abt 1763 in Holland married Elizabeth Rypenberg (abt 1768) married 1787 in New York. They had three sons: Wilhelmus "William" born 20 Mar 1794 in Rhinebeck, Dutchess County New York. David born 28 Sept 1796 in Galltin, Columbia, New York. Daniel born 16 June 1805 in Manorton, Colulmbia County New York. If anyone has any information please forward to me. Thanks, Virginia --------------------------------------------------

Fri Mar 16 20:19:36 2001

jeri m anderson
e-mail address: leonela@qwest.net
researching: middleton,vernon,mills,disbrow,moon

I am looking for any help on these lines. Right now I am desperately looking for information on the marriage of Joseph Middleton and Phoebe Vernon (Beck) I think the date was app.1775, in Wrightbrough Ga. and his parents and family. --------------------------------------------------

Fri Mar 16 23:05:07 2001

Carolyn Rogers
e-mail address: jfleming@1st.net
researching: Coulson,Phillips,Jones

David Coulson born Lancaster County Pa late 1780's early 1790's. I believe his father was Thomas Coulson who may have married to a Ann Stump. David's father died when he was approx 2 years of age. He was bound out to a family by the name of Phillips. David's first wife I believe was a Rebbeca Jones. David first two children were born in Pa and the others in Ohio. I need proof of David's parents, David's marrige,and record of David being bound out. Would appeciate any information you could give me. I'm up against a brick wall and really need your help!-+ --------------------------------------------------

Sat Mar 17 05:49:07 2001

Priscilla Weir
e-mail address: weir150msn.comcatherine gummeremarried Johnson inPhiladelphia
researching: --------------------------------------------------

Sat Mar 17 15:49:12 2001

Judith Ellis
e-mail address: Charles and May Ellis
researching: Ellis - Lovegrove- Maitland

information on The marriage of Charles & May [ne- Lovegrove ] apprx 1870-1880 in Staines Middx. Moved to Peascod Street in Windsor as a funeral director, He was a coachman and kept horses and carriage hearses, in the yard at peascod street. His father was a butcher in Windsor named John Ellis. Has anyone a connection with this family please. Judith Ellis --------------------------------------------------

Sat Mar 17 23:00:14 2001

e-mail address: weefolk@paltech.bc.ca

I am looking for information on what became of the desendants of Samuel Lount, one of two people executed as a result of the Farmer's Rebellion in Upper Canada. I need to know this as part of trying to understand something about how Ontario society has developed. --------------------------------------------------

Sat Mar 17 23:04:59 2001

e-mail address: weefolk@paltech.bc.ca

I am trying to get some information on what became of the desendants of Samuel Lount, one of two people executed as a result of the Farmer's Rebellion in Upper Canada. This information is to help answer some questions about the history of Ontario society.


Sun Mar 18 06:49:19 2001

Judith Ellis
e-mail address: Judith.Rose@btinternet.com
researching: Ellis+Lovegrove+Maitland

Grandfather Charles Ellis, Windsor Berks. GGrandfather John Ellis, a butcher in Windsor apprx 1830-1860. May Lovegrove married to Charles Ellis apprx 1880. --------------------------------------------------

Sun Mar 18 13:45:48 2001

Marie-Sophie Ek
e-mail address: ek.tauberman@mailbox.swipne t.se
researching: Familyname Davidsson and Nordström / Nordstrom

I´m looking for my relatives I knew that my fasters ant lived until she was 94 yeara old. Pleas can you help me. I´m living in SWEDEN. I am 52 years old – this is my family! Nu känner jag alltså till att Lydia gifte sig och antog namnet NORDSTRÖM. Troligtvis är det även hon som levde i USA till sin död 1974 Amerika DAVIDSSON 1881-10-18 Johan August f.1841-12-27 1883-10-05 Carl Gustaf f.1847-12-26 Vissefjärda var dessa herrars födelseort Brödernas brorsdotter emigrerade 1903. LYDIA NORDSTROM SSN 057-52-6225 Residence: 11207 Brooklyn, Kings, NY Born 27 Sep 1880 Died Jan 1974 Issued: NY (1973) Joh Aug Davidsson, 35, Vissefjärda, Småland. Utresa från Malmö 8 juni 1876 till Stillwater, Minnesota. Källkod: 1876:37:1083 C G Davidsson, 33, dräng, Vissefjärda, Småland. Utresa från Malmö 29 juni 1882 till St Paul, Minnesota. Källkod: 1882:4591:3625 Lydia Davidsson, 22, jungfru, Vissefjärda, Småland. Utresa från Malmö 12 maj 1903 till New York. Källkod: 1903:2149:802


Sun Mar 18 13:47:28 2001

Marie-Sophie Ek
e-mail address: ek.tauberman@mailbox.swipne t.se
researching: Familyname Davidsson and Nordström / Nordstrom

I´m looking for my relatives I knew that my fasters ant lived until she was 94 yeara old. Please can you help me. I´m living in SWEDEN. I am 52 years old – this is my family! Amerika DAVIDSSON 1881-10-18 Johan August f.1841-12-27 1883-10-05 Carl Gustaf f.1847-12-26 Vissefjärda var dessa herrars födelseort Brödernas brorsdotter emigrerade 1903. LYDIA NORDSTROM SSN 057-52-6225 Residence: 11207 Brooklyn, Kings, NY Born 27 Sep 1880 Died Jan 1974 Issued: NY (1973) Joh Aug Davidsson, 35, Vissefjärda, Småland. Utresa från Malmö 8 juni 1876 till Stillwater, Minnesota. Källkod: 1876:37:1083 C G Davidsson, 33, dräng, Vissefjärda, Småland. Utresa från Malmö 29 juni 1882 till St Paul, Minnesota. Källkod: 1882:4591:3625 Lydia Davidsson, 22, jungfru, Vissefjärda, Småland. Utresa från Malmö 12 maj 1903 till New York. Källkod: 1903:2149:802


Sun Mar 18 13:47:55 2001

Marie-Sophie Ek
e-mail address: ek.tauberman@mailbox.swipne t.se
researching: Familyname Davidsson and Nordström / Nordstrom

I´m looking for my relatives I knew that my fasters ant lived until she was 94 yeara old. Please can you help me. I´m living in SWEDEN. I am 52 years old – this is my family! Amerika DAVIDSSON 1881-10-18 Johan August f.1841-12-27 1883-10-05 Carl Gustaf f.1847-12-26 Vissefjärda var dessa herrars födelseort Brödernas brorsdotter emigrerade 1903. LYDIA NORDSTROM SSN 057-52-6225 Residence: 11207 Brooklyn, Kings, NY Born 27 Sep 1880 Died Jan 1974 Issued: NY (1973) Joh Aug Davidsson, 35, Vissefjärda, Småland. Utresa från Malmö 8 juni 1876 till Stillwater, Minnesota. Källkod: 1876:37:1083 C G Davidsson, 33, dräng, Vissefjärda, Småland. Utresa från Malmö 29 juni 1882 till St Paul, Minnesota. Källkod: 1882:4591:3625 Lydia Davidsson, 22, jungfru, Vissefjärda, Småland. Utresa från Malmö 12 maj 1903 till New York. Källkod: 1903:2149:802


Sun Mar 18 18:30:43 2001

Shari Marvel
e-mail address: marvels4@juno;.com
researching: Hughes, Davis?

Am researching a Hughes family that lived in Cumberland, MD 1 1840 and later (maybe earlier). I felt they might be Quakers. Sophia Hughes (whose maiden name may have been Davis) was born around 1800. Husband's name may have been George Hughes, Samuel Hughes, or Joseph Hughes. They had two children, at least, Samuel, born around 1837 and Sophia, born around 1840 (my great, great, grandmother).


Sun Mar 18 21:14:51 2001

Avie Penick
e-mail address: Crdochetwitch@aol.com
researching: CAUDLE

I am researching Joshua Caudle and family. He was born in 1770 in Chatum County, NC. From NC they went to TN and then on to Illinois. I do not know what Joshua parents names were. Joshua had 3 children to my knowledge. Their names were Jesse, Isham and Martha Christian. They were all born in TN but lived in Illinois. All information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you --------------------------------------------------

Sun Mar 18 21:16:39 2001

e-mail address:


Sun Mar 18 21:18:58 2001

Avie Penick
e-mail address: Crochetwitch@aol.com
researching: CAUDLE

I am researching Joshua Caudle and family. He was born in 1770 in Chatum County, NC. From NC they went to TN and then on to Illinois. I do not know what Joshua parents names were. Joshua had 3 children to my knowledge. Their names were Jesse, Isham and Martha Christian. They were all born in TN but lived in Illinois. All information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you --------------------------------------------------

Mon Mar 19 08:00:19 2001

charlotte McMillan
e-mail address: cmcmillan.tgc@narbha.com
researching: John and Mary Embree

I have located John and Mary Embree in the Bush River Monthly Meeting in the 1760's. I do not know the names of either of their parents. Where should I search for them? I believe they moved to South Carolina from Pennsylvania. Thank you. --------------------------------------------------

Mon Mar 19 11:50:10 2001

Dot Grant
e-mail address: Deelyla75@aol.com
researching: Stanyan Staniels

Does anyone have info on the whereabouts of the early (1600-1700) records from the Amesbury, Ma. Meetings?


Mon Mar 19 15:13:56 2001

e-mail address: Peschwanz@excite.con
researching: DILLON, Josiah

Looking for info on the DILLON surname. My line starts at: Luke Dillon (b aby 1687 Kilkearney North Ireland.) Luke married Susannah Garrett (b abt 1692 Kilkearney North Ireland) Luke's son Daniel Dillon (b 4 Aug 1713) Daniel married Lydis B. Wright (b abt 1724) Daniel's son Jesse Dillon (b 13 Oct 1753 New Garden N. C.) Jesse's son Jonathan ( b abt 1754-1786 ) Jonathan married Agnes Stanley (b abt 1763-1789) Jonathan's son Jesse (b 20 Nov 1806 Guilford Co. N C) Jesse married Susana BAldwin ( b 6 Mar 1808 Guilford Co NC) Jesse's son Josiah (b 18 May 1843 Grant Co Indiana) Josiah married ? Josiah, I'm told was a Quaker missionary to Alaska. I would like to find more info on Josiah and his daughter Almeda Dillon who married Arthur Schwanz. --------------------------------------------------

Mon Mar 19 19:40:30 2001

Virginia Doudney Chastain
e-mail address: tx7usa@aol.com
researching: Doudney/Dowdney

I am searching for a connection to a William Dowdney who came to the US in 1699 with William Penn and also for a Richard Doudney who came to the US with a group of Quaker pastors. Richard seemed to be a preacher, too, and the story I found told of their persecution once in the US. I do not know if I am related to either of these gentlemen but I've run up against a brick wall looking for my ggggrandfather, Samuel B. Dowdney. (Note: the u and w seem to be almost interchangable in early records.) I would appreciate any information. Thank you. --------------------------------------------------

Tue Mar 20 17:14:01 2001

e-mail address: fayelins@ctaz.com
researching: Robbins,DeLeon

I haven't been able to find any imfo. on Hulda (Robbins) Deleon or her husband Juan Deleon, if any one has any imformations on these two any help would be appreciated, they're my great grandparents --------------------------------------------------

Tue Mar 20 21:12:13 2001

e-mail address: pbscrowther@hotmail.com
researching: Williamson, Brinton, Branson, Bullock, Evens, Martin, Smedley, Kitchin, Wickersham, Dilworth, Hoopes, Woodward, Gilpin, Pusey, Passmore, Woolley

I am looking for the parents of John Williamson born 11 Jul 1690 in Newtown, Chester, PA. I have two possible father's names Daniel Williamson and Arthur Williamson both of whom I have married to the same woman Mary Smith. Does anyone know for sure who the father of John is? John married Sarah Smedley 12 Feb 1714 in the Chester Monthly Meeting, Chester, PA. Thanks for any help you can give me, especially in documenting the sources. The information is coming from somewhere, I just need to find out if it is right!! --------------------------------------------------

Wed Mar 21 07:25:18 2001

Barbara Gibson
e-mail address: gibsonb@post.queensu.ca
researching: Green, Welch

Hannah Sophia Green, born 1854?. Married Charles H. Lyon in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Family story suggests she was Quaker from the US, raised by Green's of Ottawa. Parents either Thomas & Harriet Green or Minius (?) Green & Agnes Service. Hannah had a sister, A. Welch, who lived in Battineau, N.Dakota. Seeking to learn more about family and possible Quaker connections. Respond to gibsonb@post.queensu.ca Thank you. --------------------------------------------------

Wed Mar 21 15:51:44 2001

Mary Lomonoco
e-mail address: mtlomo@nycap.rr.com
researching: Holligan

I am looking for info on origins&descendants of Holligans in Bedford County, VA. Patrick Holligan m. Frankey Howel 12/4/1793; John Holligan [Hollagan] m. Nancy Ayers 7/14/1802; Patrick Holligan m. Elizabeth Arthur 2/17/1884; Thomas [Holigan] m. Mary Jane Pugh 5/15/1846. --------------------------------------------------

Wed Mar 21 21:07:42 2001

Sharlene Shipman Baker
e-mail address: bblsurflaw@aol.com
researching: Wilson, Williams

I am looking for information on my grandfather's family in Cornwall, England. My grandfather was Wilson Michael Williams 1874-1964. His grandfather John Michael Williams 1815- 1883 and his step grandmother Emily Elizabeth Krabbe Williams 1821-1910 were prominent in the Friends church in the area of Falmouth, Cornwall. I have found an article in the Annual Monitor for 1910 on Emily Elizabeth Krabbe Williams. There was also supposedly an article on John Michael Williams when he died. Does anyone know how I could get a copy of the Annual Monitor for 1883? Does anyone know anything about these people?


Thu Mar 22 10:12:33 2001

Lydia Kearney
e-mail address: lydk19@yahoo.com
researching: Baker

I have recently learned that a relative from the mid-1800s was Quaker. Her name was Elizabeth Baker. She married Frederick Schaeffer (Protestant) in 1855. They were from Pennsylvania, probably the Philadelphia area. Quite some time ago, I found a listing in a book about Pennsylvania that seems to be related, although I did not note the name of the book and cannot locate it. It listed Elizabeth's father as Jacob Baker. His children were: Margaret (Harden), Susana (Thompson), Emma (Powell), Jacob, Elizabeth (Schaeffer), and Enich or Erich. In keeping with traditional naming patterns from the time, Elizabeth and Fredrick's children fit with these names. I would guess that Elizabeth was born sometime in the 1830s. Jacob's (Elizabeth's father) parents were listed as Michel (or Michael) and Susana Baker. Their other children were Daniel, Isic and Martha. Martha married a Reverend Charles Jones. If anyone has any information on these people, PLEASE get in touch with me. Thanks! Lydia Daniel's children were: John, William, Sarah and Susana. Isic's children were: George, John and Mary. --------------------------------------------------

Thu Mar 22 13:46:30 2001

e-mail address: genejery@frontiernet.net
researching: Atkinson

Thomas Atkinson, Sr., b. England 1741, son of Henry Atkinson and Ann Parkinson. When did Thomas immigrate to the United States? He is listed as a Patriot in old family records. What did that mean? --------------------------------------------------

Thu Mar 22 14:17:48 2001

gary lewis
e-mail address: ga_lewis@hotmail.com
researching: Lewis

How do I get information on the Terverig MM,Glamorganshire Wales, on a Ralph Lewis and William Lewis abt 1684 to 1696 timeframe. Later moved to Chester Co. Penn where he and broter William was both members of the Society of Friends in Newton Pennsylvania. --------------------------------------------------

Thu Mar 22 22:00:35 2001

Doug Johnson
e-mail address: cakl@yahoo.com
researching: Meyers

Searching for birth father. He was possibly born in Pennsylvania ca 1930-1936. His name is William Meyers (not sure of the spelling). He lived in Le Mesa, California in the late 1950's. He worked at a Bar called Pete's Place in La Mesa. He was briefly married to my birth mother Eleanor Haehlen. They were married in Tijuana ca October-December of 1958. Both my birth mother and my adoptive mother say he was Quaker. Please email if you have any information about him. No pressure or negative ulterior motives involved. Just want to know about him. --------------------------------------------------

Fri Mar 23 12:40:06 2001

Gene Brown
e-mail address: gcbrown@coiinc.com
researching: Brown Kirk

Looking for parents of William Knight Brown and Elizabeth Kirk. Both were (B) abt. 1800 and lived in or near Port Deposit, Cecil Co., MD. They had the following children I know of: Elisha, Hannah, Mary, Helen, Lorenzo, and Wm. I believe Elizabeth may have (D) near 1833 as Wm. K. shows up in Indiana in 1840 with a new wife, Mary Unknown. ANY help appreciated---Gene at gcbrown@coiinc.con---- Thanks much --------------------------------------------------

Fri Mar 23 14:30:18 2001

Barbara Monahan
e-mail address: jbmonahan@aol.com

Seeking information on descendants of Robert Thornborough (m. Sarah Jackson) from Ireland. Son Edward (m Jean Brookbank) emigrated to Lancaster County, PA; son Joseph Thornburg (b. 1728 Lancaster County, PA m. Ann Armfield) died in Guilford County, NC. Beginning in early 1800s, family began migrating to Ohio (Highland County - Fairfield Monthly Meeting of Friends), ending up in Indiana (Randolph County) by the mid-1800s. My grandfather, Oko Otway Thornburg was the son of John Maurice ("Maurice") Thornburg and Matilda Thornburg (his cousin).


Fri Mar 23 17:15:07 2001

Dan Taber
e-mail address: DanTaber@aol.com
researching: Taber, Wing

Friends commonly attended local meetings twice weekly, 1st day and 5th day. In Mass./RI during the 18th Century, almost all Friends marriages seem to have occurred in public meeting on 5th day, perhaps never at 1st day meeting. Was 5th day the traditional wedding day in Friends' society? Was 5th day meeting generally convened about sundown, or earlier in the day? Wondering if wedding vows were traditionally exchanged by daylight or candlelight. --------------------------------------------------

Sat Mar 24 12:28:38 2001

Gill Palombo (nee Bales)
e-mail address: tenerife@btinternet.com
researching: Bales, Ernest married Mallett in Great Yarmouth England 1910-1917 My grandfather, killed in France in June 1918

I am searching for family members & information about my grandparents --------------------------------------------------

Sat Mar 24 17:03:22 2001

Annis Breland
e-mail address: annis@istate.net
researching: Davis Johnson

If I may, I'd like to ask for help on two matters: (1) My ancestor Micajah Davis and his brothers Samuel and William - along with their families - migrated from Louisa Co., VA/Cedar Creek MM to Bedford Co./South River in the early 1780's. I've examined maps of the approximate time period and still wonder what route they, and many other Friends, took on this journey. Does anyone have an educated guess or documented facts to share? (2) There was a Particular Meeting at Seneca, southeast of Lynchburg. I don't find anything about the meeting in Hinshaw's and wonder if anyone could suggest where I might find the minutes. Thank you for your help. --------------------------------------------------

Sat Mar 24 18:56:41 2001

James Nixon
e-mail address: jnixon@ithink.net
researching: Nixon and Hinshaw

My Great Great Grandfather Pierce Nixon and his wife Amey Hinshaw Nixon were both disowned for marrying out of unity. Up until that event my ancestors were Quakers, since then they vary in relegious beliefs. My question is since they were both of the Quaker faith, what did marrying out of unity mean? I will appreciate your reply. Thanks --------------------------------------------------

Sun Mar 25 08:55:20 2001

Joe Benzinger
e-mail address: libjoezing@webtv.net
researching: Twining Hicks

Trying to find info on an American Painter named Hicks who was connected with a Twining Family who owned a farm in Pennsylvania. Believed the farm was in existence in the 1930's and maybe even longer than that. --------------------------------------------------

Sun Mar 25 14:14:05 2001

e-mail address: tnyank200@aol.com
researching: Willits & Boone

The Willits family were active in the Quaker history of Berks county, circa 1750. I would appreciate any information in their participation in the Quaker and/or Hicksite sects. Thanks, Milly --------------------------------------------------

Sun Mar 25 15:56:08 2001

Shirley Ward
e-mail address: carrollsmall@alltel.net
researching: Claiborne Ward

Who are Claiborne Ward's(born in abt 1816 TN)parents? He married Martha P. Cargile. Thanks! --------------------------------------------------

Mon Mar 26 10:06:41 2001

Shirley Jefferson
e-mail address: HAPPYSHIRL@AOL.com


Mon Mar 26 14:31:14 2001

Mary S. Scott
e-mail address: rmgascott@Yahoo.com
researching: Davidson, Moon, Brown, Martin, Mendenhall, Maudlin, Presnall, Wade?

I am looking for any information on Seth Wade of Randolph Co., North Carolina. Seth Wade was possibly born in 1787. His wife was Elizabeth W. (no maiden name known). They may have had as many as six children but I only know information about their daughter Serena (or Surena) Wade. I do not have any death information for Seth Wade or his wife, Elizabeth. Serena Wade was born 16 Sep 1814 in Randolph Co., North Carolina. She married Joseph DAVIDSON on 26 Sep 1834 also in Randolph Co., North Carolina. They had 7 children. Joseph Davidson's family were Quakers for many generations. Whether Seth Wade's family were also Quakers is not known. If you have any information about this particular Seth Wade, I would appreciate your assistance. Thank you. --------------------------------------------------

Thu Mar 29 06:48:05 2001

e-mail address: cnt0712@aol.com

I am researching my father's family. Surnames are HADLEY, LEWIS, BRADFIELD, GIBSON, and SETSER. I know my great grandmother Hannah Arcada Bradfield was a Quaker. Her parents are Benjamin Bradfield and Polly Gibson. I have information from Hannah all the way down to my children. Hannah married Isaac F. Lewis in 1891. I have a copy of their marriage license and their death certificates. My problem lies with Isaac's parents. According to Isaac's marriage license to Hannah, his father's name is Abrah B. Lewis and mother's maiden name is Hadley. On Isaac's death certificate it lists his father as Byril Lewis born in KY, and mother as Sopha Hadley born in KY. James Pollitt, Hannah's brother in law was the informant on Isaac's death, he filled this information out. Here is my problem. I find no information for a Abrah B. Lewis/Byril Lewis/or Abraham Lewis or that is married to a Sopha/Sophia Hadley. Any information I find for a Sophia Hadley has her married to a Byram C. Lewis, both being born in Illinois. I know Quaker's, as my great grandmother and my grandmother, keep pretty good records of family history. But where are my Lewis/Bradfield family records? Who is Isaac's father? Where did James Pollitt get the information? Hannah was living at the time of Isaac's death, she would have known who his parents are, so I have to believe the information came from her?? I am lost as to where to go next. Any help would be appreciated. My families live/lived in Parke, Fountain, and Marshall Counties IN..and Vermilion County IL. Towns we are well populated in are Indianola, Georgetown, and Danville IL. Thank You --------------------------------------------------

Thu Mar 29 11:45:53 2001

mary oswald
e-mail address: ronmarysharon@att.net
researching: Mann/Man

William Man/Mann left New Jersey in 1787 with wife, Ester and 4 sons, 2 daughters, 1 servant, 3 horses & 10 cows and migrated to Niagara, Canada. He was a Quaker well known & much respected. I know his childrens names (Elkana was my husbands ggg grandfather). I have not been able to find any other information on Wm. Man/Mann. Would like to know his parents names and also his wife's last name. Also in the party that went to Canada were Henry Beamer & family. Other names connected to Beamer-Blenkenberg, Smith & Lewis. Thank you for any help. --------------------------------------------------

Fri Mar 30 16:25:55 2001

Norm Sechrest
e-mail address: aj532@lafn.org
researching: Musgrave

Where can I find the specific locations (town/county/state) of the MM listed in Hinshaws books? --------------------------------------------------

Sat Mar 31 10:20:48 2001

Ken Lloyd
e-mail address: arch62@juno.com
researching: Mulberry/Mulbury/Thorne

My g.grandfather came with a brother from France when he was 15 and was raised by Quakers in upstate NY. He changed his name to Joseph Mulberry when he arrived in America and married a Christina Thorne in about 1842. How could I find records or information of Quaker familes who took in children to raise?


Sat Mar 31 15:32:05 2001

Doris Braendel
e-mail address: braendel3634@earthlink.net
researching: PEGG

I am trying to trace the roots of Elias Pegg, a Quaker from Philadelphia (or thereabouts) who came to Franklin County, Ohio by 1813 with his daughter Isabella Clifford Pegg (who was born in Wheeling, WV in 1793, married Henry Innis in Jefferson, Ohio in 1813, and died in Franklin County in 1880). He had another daughter, Mrs. Samuel Fisher, and a son, Joseph, who came to Franklin County in 1833 and married Matilda Crawford. --------------------------------------------------

Sat Mar 31 17:03:35 2001

Gregg Brown
e-mail address: gbrown5320@mindspring.com
researching: Beason (Beeson)

Does anyone have the burial records for the cemetary at Centre MM in Guilford County, NC? Specificially searching for information on Richard and Charity Grubb Beeson (Beason), members of the Centre MM. Richard date of death 1771, Charity Grubb Beason died in 1761.


Sun Apr 1 04:33:29 2001

Ray Norder
e-mail address: RNOrder@aol.com
researching: I am trying to connect with the Young family in DeWitt Ar. Any one have any information about them. I am particularly interested in the family of Howard Young. He recently passed away at the end of March. --------------------------------------------------

Sun Apr 1 19:33:25 2001

David A. Fell
e-mail address: dav249fell@aol.com
researching: Fell, Doyle

In Southhampton County, Virginia, there is an abandoned Quaker cemetery, the Corinth Friend's Meeting Cemetery. This cemetery is located at the intersection of Rt. 623 (Clayton Road) and Rt. 626 (Appleton Road). The cemetery was established in 1882. Can anyone tell me the history behind this meetinghouse and the cemetery? One of my relatives, Joseph E. Fell, b. 1832, Bucks Co., PA, d. 1912, Corinth, Southhampton Co., VA, is buried in this cemetery. Can anyone tell me why he was in Southhampton County? Was he a missionary? A Preacher? Next to Joseph E. Fell's grave is a man named Doyle. Were they missionaries together? Doyle is a prominent name in the Philadelphia area, as was Fell at one time. I would appreciate any information on my ancestor and his friend. Thank you, --------------------------------------------------

Mon Apr 2 11:22:27 2001

Judy Lock
e-mail address: JCLock0514@aol.com
researching: SISLER HENRY

Researching the Henry and Sisler lines in Monongalia County, WV - have a lot of Henry's buried at Burnt Meeting House Cemetery in Monongalia County, WV. Elijah Fuller Sisler - have copy of journal written by his daughter, Grace Sisler. Entries on baptism, deaths and births. Need census records, land records, etc. --------------------------------------------------

Mon Apr 2 21:47:18 2001

Carol Gaiser
e-mail address: gaiser@aa.net
researching: WILSON, CROW, COMER

Is there someone who would check the book that covers Haviland MM in Kiowa Co., KS for me? I am especially looking for the death record for Silas COMER and his wife, Naomi Jane CROW. Thanks. Carol Gaiser, Bellevue, WA --------------------------------------------------

Mon Apr 2 22:04:02 2001

Sharon L. Knoblock
e-mail address: slknoblock@home.com
researching: Austwicke, Barrett, Brown, Chambers, Few, Huntington, Jenkins, Minshall, Oldham, Rogers, Whitfield

Philadelphia Monthly Meeting, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Rachel Minshall, received on certificate from Frandley Monthly Meeting, Cheshire, England, dated: 1m 2d 1697; Source: "ENCYLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN QUAKER GENEALOGY; by William Wade Hinshaw; Pennsylvania Volume, page 598. DEATH: Nottingham Quakers; Rachel Oldham, wife of Thomas and former wife of Samuel Littler; Died the 22nd day 7th month 1762; Source: "BIRTH, DEATH AND MARRIAGES OF THE NOTTINGHAM QUAKERS" 1680-1889; by Alice L. Beard. page 63. Rachel Minshall daughter of John Minchell and Rachel; 1st marriage: Thomas Taylor 9 Jan 1700 Philadelphia, Phildelphia, Pennsylvania 2nd marriage: Samuel Littler 31 Jul 1707 Chester Co., Pennsylvania 3rd marriage: Thomas Oldham 3 Jul 1728 Chester Co., Pennsylvania Thomas Oldham is my ancestor How do I find out where the Frandley MM was so I can search the records. --------------------------------------------------

Tue Apr 3 09:44:30 2001

a miller
e-mail address: millertyme5@yahoo.com
researching: SCRIVEN, SCRIVENS

Looking for info on James Scriven (abt 1693- 1758) from England. Somehow I have a note that says he was the preacher (?) at the Society of Friends Meeting in Oyster Bay, Nassau, NY. He was married to Alice Knowles. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. --------------------------------------------------

Tue Apr 3 10:26:02 2001

sandi bohn
e-mail address: duster@iowatelecom.net
researching: johnson,potter,macey,hough(huff)

looking for parents of hugh johnson-ann potter his wife-both b.abt 1813 in monmouth nj.hough seems to be from ind. wayne co.ind.macey we think from that area also.our records indicate all were quakers. --------------------------------------------------

Tue Apr 3 20:11:25 2001

Nancy Hess
e-mail address: nmhess@epix.net
researching: Brown

My great great granmother was Mary Ann Brown who married Ephraim Pickle (b. Feb. 1841) They lived in Paradise Twp., Lancaster County, PA. I am not clear who her parents were. Their residence was listed in the 1900 census in Bart Twp. neighboring the Paradise Twp. SHe apparently came from a different twp. However, she likely descends from one of the Brown's in Lancaster County. I have several wonderful pieces of info concerning the Brown family, but have been unable to link her to them so far. There was a Brown who assisted Thadeus Stevens in defending the men that were tried for treason following the Christiana Riot. I also have a book detailing a true story (written in 1873) of a William Brown from Brown'd Ford near Cecil County Md. (Neighboring the Lancaster County Line)who assited two fugitive slaves named John and Mary who also had a son named Charlie.) There were also numerous Brown's in Little Britain Twp. I would be glad to hear about any Brown's from this County or anyone who could help me find info on Mary Ann --------------------------------------------------

Tue Apr 3 20:11:58 2001

e-mail address:


Tue Apr 3 20:13:29 2001

Nancy Hess
e-mail address: nmhess@epix.net
researching: Brown

My great great grandmother was Mary Ann Brown who married Ephraim Pickle (b. Feb. 1841) They lived in Paradise Twp., Lancaster County, PA. I am not clear who her parents were. Ephraim and Mary's residence was listed in the 1900 census in Bart Twp. neighboring the Paradise Twp. She apparently came from a different twp. However, she likely descends from one of the Brown's in Lancaster County. I have several wonderful pieces of info concerning the Brown family, but have been unable to link her to them so far. There was a Brown who assisted Thaddeus Stevens in defending the men that were tried for treason following the Christiana Riot. I also have a book detailing a true story (written in 1873) of a William Brown from Brown's Ford near Cecil County Md. (Neighboring the Lancaster County Line)who assited two fugitive slaves named John and Mary who also had a son named Charlie. There were also numerous Brown's in Little Britain Twp. I would be glad to hear about any Brown's from this County or anyone who could help me find info on Mary Ann --------------------------------------------------

Tue Apr 3 21:46:32 2001

G D Wilson
e-mail address: TheSarge@speedy1.net
researching: BRIGGS

Would like to know if anyone can tell me about William & Ester BRIGG's Family (Redstone MM, PA pg 12,) of Short Creek Recd's of Births Roll 23/24 info. I'm trying to connect a Bela BRIGGS, however, I do know that he had to have another name (First), I found a George Green Briggs age 9, 10 mos b 1798, also a William age 7 (3mos) b 1810 could one of these two young men have went by (BELA), and then ended up with after parents died, with this family, Mellor, John & Jane Family???? They lived in Muskingum Co, Oh, and Bela died young, is buried in Norwich Cem, Norwich Oh, with wife Elizabeth Miller age 17 supposed to have died during child birth Hope, someone can Help, all documents pertaining to BELA (Marr Death, etc) doest give any other name. MY BRICK WALL --------------------------------------------------

Thu Apr 5 08:14:59 2001

William Hampton
e-mail address: hamptonw@erols.com
researching: Haines & Prickett

Searching for information on Eliza Haines (b. abt. 1809), married Charles S. Prickett (b. abt. 1809). Both were probably from Gloucester County, NJ. Also, Hannah Haines (b. ?), possibly sister to Eliza. Hannah married twice, Wm Albright and Joseph Calley. --------------------------------------------------

Thu Apr 5 18:26:05 2001

sandi bohn
e-mail address: duster@iowatelecom.net
researching: potter-macey-hough(akahuff)johnson hugh (1&2)

in LDS files& worldconnect project hugh johnson jr (2) is listed with ID:11926 his bd. of 7-16-1813 in monmouth co. nj.d 1-4-1891 harden co. iowa. It says his parents are hugh johnson-- -mary potter. his 1st. wife was ann potter b 4-27-1813 in monmouth co. nj. I'm hitting brick walls on these ggggrandparents. thanks for any help sandi --------------------------------------------------

Thu Apr 5 22:02:22 2001

Karen (Chance) Peters
e-mail address: jdkpeters@aol.com
researching: Sharpless, Radd, Chance, Howard

I am trying to locate any solid documentation re: marriages between these families; am finding many conflicts in posted information re: the marriage of Benjamin Chance, son of Samuel & Rebecca, born 1753 in PA, ? members of Chester Friends Society, married to Jane Howard in 1773 (note that she was removed from the rolls for marrying out of Unison), and the question of a marriage to Rachel Sharpless, who has been listed as born in 1742 or 1750, in NC. A second Benjamin Chance, born ca. 1750 in ?Orange, NC, gets really muddied with conflicting records showing a first marriage to Ruth Edwards, a second to Elizabeth Radd (may be Grimes), and still other references also showing him married to Rachel Sharpless as well. Can anyone clarify any part of this for me? Would be most grateful! Thanks, --------------------------------------------------

Fri Apr 6 06:53:02 2001

Margaret Schmidt
e-mail address: margo2323@aol.com
researching: Allen, Wiles

Searching for any record of John, possibly James, Allen, born about 1808, married Rosilla Jane Wiles. Said to be a Quaker minister who came from Virginia or Maryland, preached in Pennsylvania, moved to Ohio. --------------------------------------------------

Sat Apr 7 16:39:40 2001

Steve Anderson
e-mail address: globalcd@infowest.com
researching: Balch, Colley

Was there a Quaker meeting house around Leroy, Lake Co., OH or Painesville? --------------------------------------------------

Sat Apr 7 19:38:50 2001

e-mail address: scrapple92@aol.com
researching: Harper, Reeder

Was hoping someone had information regarding Alice Harper m. James Reeder. Both were born in central Pa about 1800- 1820. Children are Robert, James, Charles, Amos, Theodore, Elizabeth and Ida. Alice's father may be Amos Haper who was killed in the Battle of Lundy's Lane during the War of 1812. --------------------------------------------------

Sun Apr 8 22:03:06 2001

Alison Childs
e-mail address: acnz99@hotmail.com
researching: CHAMBERS

Who are the Coonyites, is this part of the quakers? I am researching my grandmother and her parents. Isobel (Bella) Chambers was born in 1896, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Chambers (nee McGivern) They owned a farm in Ballinphellic, Dunderrow, Cork, Ireland. Apparently they were Quakers and refered to themselves a Coonyites. I am faily new at Irish reseach and am finding it quite difficult. Could anyone point me in the right direction to find out where I can start looking for futher information...ie to find out who the coonyites are, if it is related to Quakers, if so based on where my family lived where they might have attended meetings and where I can find out more about the area they lived. I would be very grateful for any help. --------------------------------------------------

Mon Apr 9 11:40:34 2001

Lori Justus
e-mail address: justus- 5@mediaone.net
researching: Beals/Bales

I'm searching for information on Rev Russel Bales/Beals. His wife's name was possibly Emma. One of their children was named Isaac Mendenhall Bales who m. Anna Violetta Rhodes. Russel probably would have been born in the early 1800's. Thank you for any help! --------------------------------------------------

Tue Apr 10 15:28:13 2001

e-mail address: JROBERTSON@Prodgy.net
researching: --------------------------------------------------

Tue Apr 10 15:30:27 2001

e-mail address: JROBERTSON@Prodgy.net

I am looking for the name of the wife of Francis Smith died Feb 1877 in Ohio. His wife was a quaker please let me know how to find this info. thank you --------------------------------------------------

Thu Apr 12 01:45:45 2001

mark thatcher
e-mail address: marksong@webtv.net
researching: hookedup77

where can i print out my biorythems for free


Thu Apr 12 14:21:06 2001

Betty Hester
e-mail address: bjh@elvis.com
researching: Buser-Beerbower

I am searching for any info on the Buser family that lived in Ladoga,Montgomery County, Indiana. Ida Buser married Beerbower 1874 in Ladoga,Indiana. Any help would be appreciated email me directly at bjh@elvis.com. Thanks Betty --------------------------------------------------

Fri Apr 13 19:17:58 2001

B R Zeigler
e-mail address: jzei690016@aol.com
researching: Phillips, Ramey, Young, Gray

I am searching for information regarding the following persons who were descendants of at least one African American parent each: Mariah Gray, Henry Phillips (who was married to Mariah Gray around 1900-1910, Horace Ramey (Born in Mississippi about 1860); Mary Young (who was married to Horace Ramey around 1890-1898). --------------------------------------------------

Sat Apr 14 13:18:37 2001

e-mail address: HILO80@YAHOO.COM
researching: ROBBINS, PAGE


Sat Apr 14 22:34:30 2001

e-mail address: mal@neonramp.com
researching: KING

Looking for information on Meshack and Shadrach KING, born circa 1777 in MD, possibly sons of Thomas KING. Family known to have been MD, PA, WV(VA), and OH. --------------------------------------------------

Sun Apr 15 08:53:13 2001

Judith Burke
e-mail address: Judith.Rose@btinternet.com
researching: Chapman-Willoughby

Rose Chapman b 1915 Amersham, Buckingham, England d/o Rose Chapman [nee;Willoughby] d/o Sophia or Alice Wiloughby who could have looked after Quaker property in Amersham between 1860-1900 I am looking for any records of the Willoughby family in this area at this time. My great grandmother Sophia or Alice Willoughby had many children I believe. Please can any one help, I am still climbing the mountain blind on this one. --------------------------------------------------

Mon Apr 16 10:03:23 2001

S. Newton
e-mail address: sbnewton@earthlink.net
researching: Hodgin, Reynolds

I have read all March & April queries to date. I would like to finish reading February queries, but for several days have not been able to call up ANY of the archived months. "Reload" does not help. Can anything be done at the posting end? --------------------------------------------------

Mon Apr 16 10:04:24 2001

e-mail address:


Mon Apr 16 14:49:09 2001

Julianne N. King
e-mail address: hoolieking@aol.com
researching: Edwards

Searching for the parents and siblings of Sarah Jane Edwards(b.July 9, 1811) who travelled from NC c. 1828 to Richmond, IN in the great migration. A possible father is David Edwards, b.1790, md. Margaret O'Dear in 1810. Disowned by New Garden Meeting in 1810. Does anyone have a list of the descendants of Hanuel Edwards who joined the New Garden Meeting in 1754 (per Hinshaw, vol I, p. 73).


Mon Apr 16 14:51:32 2001

glenn dunavan
e-mail address: gdunavan@westriv.com
researching: RICE EDMONDSON

Are there any Quaker resource books that cover Talbot and Caroline Maryland. --------------------------------------------------

Mon Apr 16 20:36:08 2001

Margie Reese
e-mail address: margiereese@hotmail.com
researching: REESE/REECE


Tue Apr 17 09:36:11 2001

Cecilia B. Parke
e-mail address: davcel@gate.et
researching: Park/e/s, Heath, Pegg

Looking for information on John Park/e of Bethlehem twp. HunterdonCo., NJ. b.. 1703, m. widow, Mary Pegg Heath about 1748 in NJ. Mary was a Quaker. Her deceased husband was Richard Heath, also a Quaker, until he divorced his first wife. John Park believed to be a widower with grown children when he married Mary. John might have had a brother Jonah Parke and Joseph Parke.


Thu Apr 19 09:23:57 2001

Scott Hatch
e-mail address: inspectorhatch@netscape.net
researching: Scott

Looking for info on Simpson Scott & wife Winiferd,"have no maiden name for her" Simpson died abt 1798 in Pasquotamk County, NC. He left A widow & 3 children at least, Edward, Polly and Dorcus. Winifred later remarried to Cornelius Clarke. Any info helpful, Thanks. --------------------------------------------------

Thu Apr 19 11:04:54 2001

Diane Land
e-mail address: CrafDy1954@aol.com
researching: PALMER VARICK

Thomas Palmer of Chester Co. PA m .(abt.1800?) ? Varick. They had Charles, Washington, Mary and unknown female (our line). The Varick family was to have come over with Wm. Penn but I cannot find any Varicks listed on the passenger list of the ship "Welcome".The only Varicks I can find lived in the NY city area.Please email me with any leads.Thanks. Diane --------------------------------------------------

Thu Apr 19 20:30:06 2001

Bryson Bailey
e-mail address: hbb2@gte.net
researching: Hunt, Jay. Vestal, Glover, Mercer, Job(e)

I am searching for any information on Sarah Hunt, b. 25 Dec. 1780 in New Garden MM, Guilford Co., NC. She was the daughter of Isaiah Hunt and Elizabeth Floyd. I can't find any further information on her. Does anyone know who she married? My ancestor, William Wilkie, married a Sarah Hunt ca1796 in NC. On the 1860 census of Cleveland Co., NC, Sarah is 81 years old and born in NC. William's family lived in the Rowan- Orange-Guilford area of NC from 1759 to around 1790 before moving to York District, SC. William travelled to and from NC to SC before settling down in Rutherford Co., NC. His wife, Sarah Hunt, and Isaiah Hunt's daughter Sarah match up almost perfectly. Although the Wilkie's were Baptists, they had a history of marrying Quaker women. Any information or help will be greatly appreciated. --------------------------------------------------

Thu Apr 19 22:09:54 2001

e-mail address: exlos@peoplepc.com
researching: BROWN

Seeking information on Rhoda Ann Brown who married Hiram Lamont in Ashtabula County, Ohio in 1848. Any information would be greatly appreciated! --------------------------------------------------

Sat Apr 21 06:14:53 2001

Debra Odekirk
e-mail address: cro@fastol.com
researching: Hoggatt and Emmons

Iv'e found very little on these names from macouping co. Illionis. One research area has speculated that they may have Quaker background. thanks for any help, Debra --------------------------------------------------

Sat Apr 21 07:01:05 2001

e-mail address: janlin@psoith.net
researching: Ingle,Caroline

Searching for information on Caroline Ingle. Her daughter, Sarah Ingle Swift died in February 1932 in Rockland Co. NY. Caroline went to England in 1870 in order to get funds for her work in the Quaker Church. She is the subject in a book on the Quaker Est in United States. I know no more and only hearsay on her background. She is my g.g. grandmother. Her daughter Sarah is my g,grandmother. If you have any information please contact me. Many thanks for your interest and help. --------------------------------------------------

Sat Apr 21 07:02:15 2001

e-mail address:


Sat Apr 21 17:55:59 2001

Vicki Joyce
e-mail address: vosborn219@home.com
researching: Lucas, Cowgill, Baldwin

I am looking for the father of Robert Lucas of Longbridge Deverill, Wiltshire England and Sutton Veny, Wiltshire, England. Robert was born about 1630 and married Elizabeth Cowgill about 1651. Their children were: John b. 2-11-1654 Elizabeth b. abt. 1656 Giles b. 7-13-1657 Edward b. 7-14-1659 Mary b. abt. 1661 Rebecca b. abt. 1661 Sarah b. abt. 1663 Robert b. 8-17-1663 Robert moved to Bucks Co. PA in 1679 and settled in the Fallsington Township. His wife and chilren came in 1680. --------------------------------------------------

Sat Apr 21 19:16:11 2001

Vicki Joyce
e-mail address: vosborn219@home.com
researching: Baldwin

Looking for William Baldwin b. abt. 1631 in Southrope, Hook Norton, Oxfordshire, England. He married Mary and had a son Francis b. 4-20-1657. Francis went to Chester Co. PA and married Cicely Coebourne about 1686. --------------------------------------------------

Sun Apr 22 16:36:08 2001

Glenn Dunavan
e-mail address: gdunavan@westriv.com

Is there an Encyclopedia of "American Quaker Genealogy" That covers Maryland. --------------------------------------------------

Mon Apr 23 10:01:37 2001

Glenn Dunavan
e-mail address: gdunavan@westriv.com
researching: Warfield

Looking for Warfield and Covey in Talbot or Caroline county Maryland in the late 1700's to 1800's --------------------------------------------------

Mon Apr 23 12:38:23 2001

Glenn Dunavan
e-mail address: gdunavan@westriv.com
researching: RICE Scott

Map shows Third Haven Friends Meeting House(1682) near Easton, Maryland. My distant grandmother(Sarah Rice) was said to be Quaker. Was this a Quaker meeting house and are there any records. Dan Rice was her brother. Time early 1800's. --------------------------------------------------

Mon Apr 23 14:00:54 2001

e-mail address: Font314@aol.com
researching: Hewes/Hughes

Absalom Hewes/Hughes served in the Revolutionary War. He married Miss McCormick . He was from North Carolina. Their son David Hughes/Hewes served in the War of 1812. He married a Miss Meadows from Virginia Their daughter was Margaret Hewes/Hughes. All my infor. is by word of mouth. Doyou have any data? Thankyou. --------------------------------------------------

Wed Apr 25 05:57:17 2001

ray wright
e-mail address: MadArvin1@cs.com
researching: wright little

seeking any info on elenor little and nathan wright that married in monongalia county va. in 1797........this nathan may have been born 1760-1765 maryland then migrated to va. and greene county pa.thank you..........ray wright --------------------------------------------------

Fri Apr 27 21:44:28 2001

bob damm
e-mail address: dam286
researching: dont't have one

I have a bet with another fisherman in Leroy,Saskatchewan that there is no pickeral in Sask. -they are walleye. I say they are walleye. Who's right? --------------------------------------------------

Fri Apr 27 21:45:14 2001

e-mail address:


Sun Apr 29 08:40:41 2001

S. Newton
e-mail address: sbnewton@earthlink.net
researching: Hodgin, Reynolds

The E-mail address for Linda (April 21 message) does not work--tried twice. For a reply, please post the message again with updated address. --------------------------------------------------

Sun Apr 29 08:42:37 2001

e-mail address:


Sun Apr 29 14:02:39 2001

Glenn Dunavan
e-mail address: gdunavan@westriv.com


Sun Apr 29 14:11:31 2001

Glenn Dunavan
e-mail address: gdunavan@westriv.com

Talbot county Maryhland. In the 22nd Jan. 1737 will of Caleb Clark he leaves 10 Pounds "To repairs on Tuckaho Meeting House and graveyard" Will lists a brother Edward, teastor's share of Brigantine "Rebeckah" Lists wife as Rebeckah. Also looking for a Edward Turner of Talbot County Maryland will 1732/33 any descendents out there? --------------------------------------------------

Tue May 1 06:40:44 2001

Debra Reed Fannon
e-mail address: fannond@hotmail.com
researching: Bray, Webb

Dear Fellow Researchers; I am seeking any information at all about STOGNER BRAY and his family who lived on the Fisher River in North Carolina. He had a son who migrated to Grainger County Tennessee before going to Missouri. If anyone knows this family, please contact me at fannond@hotmail.com. Thanks.


Tue May 1 13:29:01 2001

e-mail address: NAKASONE37@HOTMAIL.COM

SEEKING INFO ON SCATAMACCHIA FAMILY MEMBERS. POSSIBLY WITH QUAKER ROOTS. --------------------------------------------------

Wed May 2 08:56:13 2001

Susan Carlson
e-mail address: carlsoto@river.it.gvsu.edu

I am searching for suggestions on how to verify the date and place of death for my gggg grandfather, James Johnso. who supposedly died in Wayne Co, IN on May 5, 1838. I have searched alll of the Heiss MM records Indiana but failed to see this date given anywhere. I also searched some unpublished Quaker sources at Allen Co. Public Library and did not find anything there, either. James married Ruth Mills, who died in 1801. He married as his second wife Miriam Jones in 1803 while a member of Westfield MM in North Carolina. The family came to Wayne Co. IN about 1812. Other than that, the only reference to him in the Heiss books is that he and second wife Miriam were rocf Whitewater MM, IN at New Garden MM, Wayne Co. as of 12-20-1834. I descend from Sarah Johnson, dtr of James and Ruth. Sarah married Micajah Jones. Any help is appreciated. --------------------------------------------------

Fri May 4 09:28:21 2001

Glenn Dunavan
e-mail address: gdunavan@westriv.com

CLARKS IN MARYLAND. I have reference to Tuckahoe Meeting House in my research. I have, thanks to your help found the hamlet of Tuckahoe and on a map of the political division of Tuckahoe Hundreds but these are in Caroline County. still trying to find location of the Tuckahoe Meeting House. I have found the Tuckahoe Creek seperating Talbot and Caroline counties and a reference to Tuckahoe bridge in connection with the town of Hillsboro. The hunt is interesting but if anyone can help pinpoint the location I would appreciate it. I know that it was an outreach of Third Haven at Easton. My families records show a predoominance of material about Talbot County. I have an 1733 census notation of Edward Clark in the Tuckahoe Hundred, Talbot County. Census records show: Edward Clark, 1690; Dorchester County, Fishing Creek Hundred Edward Clark, 1723; Somerset County, Baltimore Hundred Edward Clark, 1749; Somerset County, Militia My family tree lists an Edward Clark, b. about 1693 in Talbot County and d, before 1769 in Talbot County, Does this fit with anyones name list. we list Henry as his son born 1724/25. --------------------------------------------------

Fri May 4 11:28:26 2001

Frank DeHaven
e-mail address: fdchas@hotmail.com
researching: West, Abigail DeHaven, Peter

I would like any info on Abigail West, born about 1740. I think she may have been born in New Tolland, CT and gone to Philadelphia about 1760. I would also like a copy of William Penn's letter to the Germans.


Fri May 4 13:35:16 2001

James Thorne
e-mail address: tho1mrz2@penn.com
researching: Moore,Thorne{?},Beaman{?}

My grandfather Jesse Thorne was scolled on Tuckahoe, NC. My GreatGrandfather Thorne's daughter Margaret Thorne married Joseph Warren Moore of Jones County NC. Is there a Quaker connection? --------------------------------------------------

Fri May 4 15:08:12 2001

Carolee N Diamond
e-mail address: William Sell abt 1680
researching: Sell/Sells/Sills

I am looking for information about William Sell b abt 1680 married in 1702 to Janes Wessels in NYC. William and Jane had James Sells, Jane Sills, Ann, Mary and Frances and probably more. William was a excise customs officer in NYC 1701-1702. He moved his family to Setauket, LI, NY. And in 1718, purchased land in Wading River. Where James (d. 1757) his son married and raised his family William, James, Phineas, Wessels, John and Mary. John and Phineas wer Quakers. James and Wessels married into Quaker families. I believe there might be an earlier history of William Sell before 1700. I would appreciate any help. --------------------------------------------------

Sat May 5 10:29:35 2001

Paet Burcham
e-mail address: paetlb@juno.com

Searching for information on William Thomas BURCHAM, b.Jan 22, 1855, Noblesville, Ind. d.Mar. 13, 1925 Noblesville, Ind. Married Angeline FOX b. May 21, 1862 (Indiana) d. 1921. Son Ralph BURCHAM b. 1893 or 95, Noblesville, Ind. Looking for ANY information on William T. and other ancestors. Have several daguerreotypes of BURCHAMS that look like they were done in the late 1840's-early 1850's. All in Quaker garb. Any information on this family would be appreciated! --------------------------------------------------

Sat May 5 13:48:34 2001

Denise Hudson
e-mail address: cdhudson@peoplepc.com
researching: Farnsworth, Corliss, West, Wing, Shattock

I just ordered a microfilm pertaining to the Quakers in Shrewsbury, Monmouth County, New Jersey. I'm not sure of the dates. I'm hoping it's the 1700's. If anyone needs a look up please e- mail me. --------------------------------------------------

Sun May 6 10:46:21 2001

Marquyta Frost
e-mail address: JFrostsr@aol.com
researching: Elliott

Looking for information On John D. Elliott, an English Quaker who came to the U.S. on the Mayflower. One of his descendants was Mary Elliott who was born on July 6,1817 in Columbiana and married Andrew Pettit. --------------------------------------------------

Sun May 6 15:17:43 2001

Maria Rossana Broggi
e-mail address: mrbroggi@excite.com
researching: Deacon

Looking for Herbert (maybe George) Deacon, from Ohio(born in the early 1800's). One of his descendants,probably a son, Jorge Deacon, lived in Lima, Peru around 1890. He was an osteopathic doctor, married a Cecilia Mujica and had six children. One of them, Jorge Herbert Deacon Mujica was my grandfather. Any information on the Deacon family from Ohio would be appreciated.


Sun May 6 20:56:25 2001

e-mail address: hshideaway@earthlink.net
researching: Williams

Searching for info regarding Williams family of Montgomery County PA, Plymouth Township. Date; early 1700's. Father's name: Rees. Children: David, Rees, Isaac, Catharine, Ruth and Phebe. Phebe married John Hoopes. Also, related to the Hugh Griffith family. --------------------------------------------------

Mon May 7 12:31:43 2001

e-mail address:


Mon May 7 12:36:17 2001

e-mail address: RPAUL@JUNO.COM


Tue May 8 08:26:37 2001

Donald Jamison
e-mail address: donjamison@saber.net
researching: Webster Jamison Jemison

Looking for info re marriage between Robert Jemison/Jamison and Ruth Webster in 1778. They went from Chester Co, PA to Botetourt Co, VA, ca 1786. Their fourth child was named Isaac Webster Jamison.I would also like any info re ancestors. --------------------------------------------------

Tue May 8 14:33:36 2001

Rhonda Duffey (nee MORTON)
e-mail address: rduffey3@home.com
researching: MORTON, WARE, BROWN

Have traced my family back to JAMES WARE who married RUTH BROWN. Both are buried in what I believe to be a Quaker cemetary in or near Camden NJ. Ruth died in the mid 1850's and James in the mid 1860's. Both were born around 1800. If you have any information that ties to this please contact me. I will post more info later.


Tue May 8 17:59:19 2001

Don L.Parrish
e-mail address: ewitnes@flash.net
researching: Cashat, Cashatt.

I am looking for a the Parents of a Winnefred Cashat, Cashatt.b. 1780-1785 va or nc. Married 6-27-1801 Davidson CO,NCAnsel Parish,Parrish. They lived in and around Randolph ,co. all their lives rasing ten children and dying there between 1850 and 1860. Thank you for your time to read this. --------------------------------------------------

Wed May 9 09:43:15 2001

e-mail address: adamhoffmann


Wed May 9 09:44:54 2001

e-mail address: adamhoffmann@yahoo.com
researching: dont got none

ok. i am learning in school, and we read about shakers, which are supposedly "shaking quakers". we have been asked to locate the meaning of the shaker tree, or i don tknow what you call it, but i can't find it anywhere on shaker sites. is it possible that it is a quaker item? if so, what does it mean? --------------------------------------------------

Wed May 9 12:43:22 2001

Robert Shepherd
e-mail address: rs2405@hotmail.com
researching: Maris, Mendenhall, Palmerton, Nichols, Rogers, Smith, Jones, Pugh, Fawkes, Jenkins

Trying to locate the article on the Maris family. I have lots of Quaker lines. My info is good, just not guaranteed flawless. --------------------------------------------------

Wed May 9 12:48:24 2001

Robert Shepherd
e-mail address: rs2405@hotmail.com
researching: bonsall, kinsey, palmer, evans, gillingham, newlin, wilbur, sherman, cook, ditto

http://geocities.com/robbi01/quaker/index.html --------------------------------------------------

Wed May 9 17:06:53 2001

Wilma Willman
e-mail address: wilmapearl@email.com
researching: Scott and Bull

I'm trying to find the parents of Tasy (tacy) Bull who married Moses Scott in 1794 in Addison Co. Vermont, (Ferrisburg) I have found the children's records in the Quaker meetings in Ferrisburg, but have not been able to find the marriage or parents of Moses and Tacy in the records. Can anyone help???????? Thank You............. --------------------------------------------------

Thu May 10 19:04:52 2001

Nancy Brantingham
e-mail address: njlb38@msn.com
researching: Brantingham

For Adam Hoffmann: About the Shakers. According to a couple of Quaker history books I have, they originated with a woman named Ann Lee in England. She was converted under the preaching of Jane Wardlaw, a Quaker. Jane Wardlaw preached that the kingdom of God was at hand, and Jesus would return as a woman. Ann Lee began to preach, and was put into prison at Manchester, England for disturbing the peace. She finally "moved to America with seven companions, and formed the first Shaker settlement at Watervliet, near Albany, N.Y.". New Paragraph. "The Shaker belief agrees in certain respects with that of the Quakers, from whom the original Shakers were an offshoot...." --------------------------------------------------

Sat May 12 04:21:21 2001

R. L. Cooke
e-mail address: Cookerl3@aol.com
researching: Cook, Cox, Jenkins, Thompson, Harbert, Evans, Gaunt, Russell.

Looking for information about David Jenkins, Sr. and Elizabeth Cox, m. 5th mo. 14, 1754, Warrington MH, York Co., Pa. Elizabeth Cox, b. abt. 1732, was the dau. of Thomas Cox & Mary Cook. David & Elizabeth had nine children: William, Isaac, David, Jr., Thomas, Mary, Jesse, Amos, Elizabeth & Enoch. --------------------------------------------------

Sat May 12 12:49:32 2001

Eleanor Dobbs
e-mail address: edobbs@wbtv.net
researching: Butler Young Sargent Wood Murphy

Chester PA seems to be one site and New Hampshire another for these people. Without saying so, they expressed the Quaker belief in their actions. Does anyone know how to trace Quakers? --------------------------------------------------

Sat May 12 18:14:01 2001

Barbara Head Ward
e-mail address: bobandbarbara1@juno.com
researching: OSBORN

My gr gr grandfather was David Osborn b. 1806 m. Cynthia McKee. They lived in Hamilton Co OH and migrated to Indiana. David died in 1973 and is buried in Tippecanoe Co IN. Cynthia's name is not on the grave stone, and we do not know what happened to her. I am searching for David's parents, and would very much appreciate any help. I can provide much information about his children, grandchildren, etc. Thank you. --------------------------------------------------

Sat May 12 23:40:26 2001

e-mail address: ssavey@kih.net
researching: Johnson

Searching for information on Abenezr, Jonathan, Joseph, JOHNSON, posssibly Quakers, Sol. Township, N.J., later Joseph and Abenezr JOHNSON moved to Pa., Then to Bourbon Co., Ky., then to Fleming Co., Ky. Also connected to the above was Lewis JOHNSON, b. March, 1779, came from Pa. to Fleming Co., Ky., Lewis JOHNSON was in business with Abenezr JOHNSON and they owned land in Scott Co., In. Joseph, Ebenezr's brother lived in Scott Co., In. and later in life was listed as being in the household of Ebenezr [1850] census, Fleming Co., Ky. Both Abenezr and Joseph were in the Rev. War and both lived to be over 100 yrs. of age. I also need to find how Abenezr, Joseph, and Jonathan JOHNSON, were related to Lewis JOHNSON. Hope someone can help me. Lewis JOHNSON was my GT.GT. Grandfather, my dad said they called him "OLD SWEED", and that he was related to Ebenezr JOHNSON, but he did not know how. THANKS, in advance. --------------------------------------------------

Sun May 13 17:58:49 2001

e-mail address: Supersquirrel48@aol.com
researching: CAUDLE

There is a message posted about Joshua Caudle but There is no posted Email adress to contact. Could some one help me contact this person? Thank You --------------------------------------------------

Mon May 14 00:24:13 2001

Sandra Hatch
e-mail address: lonepine@aol.com
researching: Phillips in Pennsylvania in early 1800's.

Have a "story" that ancestor Joseph Phillips McIntire's, who was born @ 1815 in Belefonte, Ctr, PA, were Thomas McIntire and Agnus Phillips who was a Quaker. Any info? --------------------------------------------------

Mon May 14 07:07:06 2001

Samantha DeSanto
e-mail address: ssdesanto@msn.com
researching: MOORE

I am trying to find a John L. Moore married to Sarah Gilliam. Sarah's parents were Charls or Charles Gilliam married to Anne Smith in 1799? There record was found in the Guilford Co. NC I do not know that much about John L. Moore or Sarah Gilliam. I do know that they must of moved to TN in the early 1800's since that is where I find their children. They had 4 boys and they were: William Gilliam Moore died during the civil war. Charles Moore also I believe died during the civil war. Albert B. Moore was in the civil war and after he married I think he moved to a different part of TN. Henry Clay Moore I have the most info. on he was my gggrandfather. I have his recollections of the war from the Daughters of the Confederacy. I was told that there were Moore's that were Quakers also. If you have any info. Please contact me at ssdesanto@msn.com --------------------------------------------------

Thu May 17 18:27:32 2001

Neal L. Schooley
e-mail address: nlschooley@aol.com
researching: Schooley Lacey Price

I am interested in knowing if you have information on the following people. Rueben Schooley (1764-1825) in Virginia. He was married to Esther Lacey who died January 1, 1817 and was certainly a leader in the Quaker community, probably Loudoun Co., VA. Their son, Mahlon, married Elizabeth Brown who died between 1840 and 1850. They were married in 1820. Thank you. --------------------------------------------------

Fri May 18 18:57:11 2001

e-mail address:


Fri May 18 19:00:57 2001

e-mail address: Peschwanz@excite.con

I have been told that Josiah DILLON was a Quaker missionary to Alaska but have found no "proof" of this. Is there any one that can confirm this for me?? Josiah married Elizabeth MOORMAN. Thanks for any help on this!!! Colleen --------------------------------------------------

Sat May 19 02:10:25 2001

Michael Elliott
e-mail address: jumamike@nwa.quik.com
researching: ??? What does that mean?

I live in Rogers, Arkansas, in the Northwest corner of the state. Are there any meeting places in this area. Also, where can I go to learn about my Quaker heritage. I know I had two great-aunts (the Elliott sisters) who went to Alaska during the Klondike gold rush era to set up a mission house, but I don't know much more about them. My parents are dead and I haven't been able to find any family records. I am wanting to become an active Friend but don't know how to go about it. Any assistance would be greatly apprecited. --------------------------------------------------

Sat May 19 08:53:01 2001

Fran J.
e-mail address: flj92868@yahoo.com
researching: HALL and DIX

My gggrandfather was William Hall. He was married to Achsah Moore in Henry Co. in 1846 -this info. is in the Indiana State Lib. They had six children who are listed in the family bible, one was Josiah Francis Hall who was my ggrandfather. I would like earlier info. on the Halls in this line. Also Josiah's wife, Cyrena Dix. Her parents were Mary Canaday and Johnathan Dix. There is a lot on the Canaday's on the internet and there is even a notation of her marriage to J. Dix. What I can't find is anything on Johnathan Dix. Can anyone help me? Thank you. Fran J. --------------------------------------------------

Mon May 21 10:50:35 2001

James Dennison Edwards
e-mail address: jimedwards@systec.com
researching: Edwards

I am looking for information on Alexander Edwards and his descendants. Members of the Quaker meeting in Montgomery County, PA, 1645. --------------------------------------------------

Mon May 21 16:26:55 2001

Mary Tull
e-mail address: mtull@chestercity.com
researching: Baily, Cloud, Short,Taylor

I am searching for decendants of Joel Baily, married to Ann Short, who had five children Mary, Ann, Daniel, Isaac, and Joel. They settled in Chester Co., Pennsylvania, in 1718. --------------------------------------------------

Mon May 21 22:37:37 2001

Laurel Leidner
e-mail address: laurelleidner@js-net.com
researching: Hoopes

In my ancestor, Daniel Hoopes' will he bequeathes his "Negro Tom" to his first born son. I was shocked when I first read this since I know that Quakers were fiercely anti-slavery. I would like to understand this relationship better. Someone suggested he was an indentured servant. --------------------------------------------------

Tue May 22 02:30:45 2001

G Duncan
e-mail address: gduncan@altavista.com

I am researching the Michigan Quakers of the late 1840s and 1850s period. I would appreciate any assistance with names and issues involved in this area. Of particular interest are the Quakers at Battle Creek and their involvement with abolistionists like Sojourner Truth. Thanks for any help you can give. --------------------------------------------------

Tue May 22 11:01:37 2001

Kenneth L. Strattan
e-mail address: kstrattan@worldnet.att.net
researching: Strattan

I am lokking for information about the quakers in early Evesham, NJ Daniel Strattan was an ancester of mine as well as his father Mark Strattan and His father William. They came over with the Braddocks in the early 1700s --------------------------------------------------

Thu May 24 01:36:16 2001

e-mail address: a_20_20@yahoo.com

Is quaker oats suitable for vegans? Thank you. --------------------------------------------------

Thu May 24 03:45:06 2001

Dorothea Batten
e-mail address: dot3883@beeb.net
researching: Batten

Any information,please, on any Battens. Have come to a grinding halt! --------------------------------------------------

Sat May 26 02:27:41 2001

e-mail address: teten001@hotmail.com
researching: i dont have any.

hi was wondering if any quakers may have migrated to australia during the ninteenth century. if so where abouts. thank you very much --------------------------------------------------

Sat May 26 14:29:47 2001

Marlene Hoar
e-mail address: rhoar@global.co.za

If there are any of the above families who had relatives immigrate to South Africa in the mid 1800's, please contact me. --------------------------------------------------

Sat May 26 17:51:29 2001

Steve Henkel
e-mail address: stevepipit@aol.com
researching: Elijah Walton 1787-1856 (of the "Byberry Waltons") and his wife, Mary "S" 1789-1868

In a search to find the maiden name of Elijah Walton Jr.'s wife, Mary "S" (per her gravestone), we came across the following 6 notes from the London Grove MM (per PA Hist Soc Abstracts): 5-3-1809 (3 May 1809): Fallowfield complains of Elijah Walton for marriage by a hireling minister to one not a member. Isaac Hayes, John Broomhall, and Joseph Pennock to take an opportunity with him. 6-7-1809 (7 Jun 1809): No opportunity with Elijah Walton yet. 7-5-1809 (July 5, 1809): Report that Elijah Walton endeavored to justify his conduct. Case continued. 8-9-1809 (9 Aug 1809): Committee in Elijah Walton's case continued. 9-6-1809 (6 Sep 1809): Testimony signed against Elijah Walton: Samuel Gitchel and Abraham Rakestraw to offer him a copy. 10-4-1809 (4 Oct 1809): Testimony against Elijah Walton returned and recorded. Apparently Elijah married Mary without strict adherence to Friends rules, and was excommunicated for doing so. Can anyone suggest any records which may help identify when and where Elijah and Mary were married, and more importantly, how we might determine Mary's maiden name? Thanks for any help you can give. --------------------------------------------------

Sat May 26 23:24:57 2001

ethel snowden
e-mail address: ethel_snowden@hotmail/com
researching: Bailey

I'm trying to find any information on my ggrandmother Florence D (Flossie) Bailey Libby. She was b.4 April 1882 in Deering now Porland ,Maine. She died 1 March 1933 in Westrbrook, Maine. She married Richard E. Libby in South Windham 3 May 1900. I'm trying to locate information on her family mother father etc., and what indiantribe she was descended from. Thanks for any help. Ethel --------------------------------------------------

Mon May 28 12:48:16 2001

S. Newton
e-mail address: sbnewton@earthlink.net
researching: Hodgin, Reynolds

In response to Kristen's 5/26 inquiry about Quakers in Australia: a 1994 handbook called Quakers Around the World says "In 1832, James Backhouse and George Washington Walker [English Quakers]visited Australia and worked among Friends in many areas. As a result small meetings were formed in several states. In 1902...[was held] the lst General Meeting of Australian Friends, recognized as a Quarterly Meeting of London Yearly Meeting." [An independent] Australia Yearly Meeting was established in 1964, and in 1994 had 1032 members in "7 regional,13 local" and 23 other less permanent groups. There was 1 regional meeting in each state. (p.90) Backhouse's 1843 account of his several-year stay in Aust. mentions groups of Quaker settlers in Hobart (where the lst Quaker meeting was held in 1832), Kelvedon, and Launceston in Tasmania; Sydney in NS Wales (lst meeting 1834); and Port Adelaide, S. Australia (lst meeting 1937). In 1985, William Oats published a history of Quakers in Aust in the 19th Cent. called A Question of Survival. Notes I took from a review of it say in his research he found 864 members (adults & children) from the UK who had migrated to Aust. before 1862, plus an additional 300+ with some con- nection to Friends. --------------------------------------------------

Mon May 28 12:52:23 2001

e-mail address:


Mon May 28 13:02:30 2001

e-mail address: DAMOM75@MEANS.NET
researching: WRIGHT, DILTS

SEEKING INFO ON JOHN WRIGHT. ABT 1815 M, ELIZABETH LINDSEY --------------------------------------------------

Mon May 28 13:04:53 2001

e-mail address: DAMOM75@MEANS.NET
researching: WRIGHT, DILTS

SEEKING INFO ON JOHN DILTS M. ELIZABETH HAYS --------------------------------------------------

Tue May 29 07:38:58 2001

Imogene Vanderburg
e-mail address: didvan3@alltel.net
researching: Hunt, Campbell

My 4th gr-grandparents, Ralph Hunt and Rachel(Campbell) Hunt were Quakers. They were born,grew up and married in New Jersey, they would have been born around 1735-1745. I suspect they were in or around the Maidenhead, NJ; Sussex County, NJ area. No marriage record has been found for them but their first child was born in 1764. In 1765 they moved to York County, PA and in 1772 they moved again to Union County, SC where they joined the Bush River MM. The Bush River MM records are the first Quaker records I have found for them but I believe they were Quakers and was traveling with Quakers on each of these moves. I am looking for the parents of Ralph and Rachel and for thier marriage date/information. Their first child, a son, was named Samuel. If they went by the naming system of that time, Ralph's fathers name would have been Samuel. Any, any information about this family would be greatly appericated. --------------------------------------------------

Tue May 29 22:13:54 2001

Sharman Meck Carroll
e-mail address: PAFAMROOTS@aol.com
researching: Bailey,Cooper,Barnaba(by),Pickup

I'm new is Quaker research. I'm looking for John R. Bailey BAbt 1831 in Columbia,Lancaster, Pa -d. 1872. married 31 Jan 1856 Philadelphia,Pa. to Rachel B. Cooper b. 29 Mar 1837 Sadsbury, Chester Co., Pa.-d. 24 Jan1916 remarried to William C. Ferry on 23 Sept 1872. They had a daughter Caroline. From Rachels' first marriage had two children: Morris J. Bailey born 11 Oct 1856 Columbia, Lancaster, Pa. and Phoebe E Bailey b 24 Aug 1857 D. before 1907 in city of Phila,Pa. She married John W. Pickup between 1891-1893 don't know were. Possible Phila.,Pa. If you were quaker and lived in Columbia, Lancaster, Pa. weretheir meeting house be? Why would they travel to Philadelphia or possible living there at the time of ther marriage? If living in the city were would the meeting house be? Rachels' children from first marriage were born in Columbia, Lancaster, Pa. Morris J. Bailey b. 11 Oct 1856 Phoebe E. Bailey b. 24 Aug 1857 She married J. W. Pickup. John and Rachel must have came back to Lancaster? Was this family quakers? All the names and place lead me to beleive they were? Can anyone help me sort this out? Phoebe E. Bailey who married JOhn W. Pickup died possbile in Phila between 1900 and 1907. Phila.City. If you were quaker What meeting house would you go to and were would the cemetery be? My e-mail address: Pafamroots@aol.com --------------------------------------------------

Wed May 30 17:28:42 2001

Marlene M. Fitzwater
e-mail address: fitzm@hcri.com
researching: Fitzwater, Cheney

Does anyone have information on the ship Welcome, specifically details about the voyage that brought William Penn and my ancestors, Thomas Fitzwater and his two sons to Philadelphia in 1682 and about the ship itself. Also, looking for location of meeting records in Philadelphia and Rockingham (Brock's Gap), Virginia.


Thu May 31 09:20:25 2001

Bill Raiford
e-mail address: civilwarbill@msn.com
researching: RAIFORD BEATON

I'm interested in sharing information with those researching the Corinth Friend's Meeting House in Southampton County, Virginia. The Meeting House was established by my ancestors. Bill --------------------------------------------------

Thu May 31 12:18:20 2001

Sally Welham
e-mail address: kenWelham@aol.com
researching: COBB MAY

Cobb Caleb Leonard born Ipswich Suffolk 1866 married May Frances born Ipswich 1869 married Ipswich 1897 she was subject (as schoolgirl) of a painting by a German artist called "Quaker Girl" --------------------------------------------------

Thu May 31 12:59:16 2001

terrell Jones
e-mail address: wtj1

Can anyone tell more about a section of Bald Eagle State Forrest that was at one known as "Nigger Hollow"?


Thu May 31 13:53:51 2001

Janet Van Buskirk
e-mail address: towan1lb@powwwer.net
researching: Ellison? or Elizer? or Elisor

William of this name was born in Morgan County Ohio in 1819 . He stated his parents wre both born in Pennsylvania. I'm seeking further information on his family as siblings or farther back. would like to know if anybody could tie their family with mine. he married in 1845 to hen rietta Gardner of amesville Ohio and they moved to Illinois and to Ks. --------------------------------------------------

Sun Jun 3 10:56:15 2001

Barbara Hauer
e-mail address: Indysluv@aol.com
researching: Randall/Randal/Randel/Randle, etc.

Does anyone know the identity of Greenberry Randall, who married Betsey Adams in Sumner County, Tennessee, about September 19, 1810? Also, who is the Nancy Randall who married Samuel Lamar in Sumner County, Tennessee, about November 7, 1816? --------------------------------------------------

Mon Jun 4 12:51:56 2001

Nancy L. Owen
e-mail address: nancyo@gbso.net
researching: SUSAN KELLEY b. Canada West, in 1831. Her parents were: "JEMIMA" and JOHN D. KELLEY. They were living in Guelph, Ontario. John D. Kelley had come from Jerusalem, Yates Co. New York. "JEMIMA" MAY HAVE BEEN BORN IN JERUSALEM, OR HER PARENTS, AND MOVED TO ONTARIO, SOMETIME BEFORE 1831.

wILL THERE BE ANY QUAKER "MEETINGS" that would have recorded SUSAN KELLEY'S birth, or her mother's surname?


Thu Jun 7 22:13:48 2001

Traci Lynn
e-mail address: Trarorden@aol.com
researching: Ratliff

I am searching for Hannah Ratliff she married a McReynolds her father (name unknown) Had a Quaker book from Indiana --------------------------------------------------

Fri Jun 8 04:40:45 2001

Al Webster
e-mail address: awebster15@home.com
researching: Researching following names: Webster,Lundy,Willson,Widdifield,Shotwell,Fones,Feake,Thorne,Winthrop,Bow ne and Overton families.

Would appreciate sharing lineage to any of the above named families or any info you may have. Thanks. --------------------------------------------------

Sat Jun 9 10:42:14 2001

Harriet M. Wellenstein
e-mail address: garbonzo@ctctel.com or winter months, garbonzo@viewpointrv.com
researching: Ridgeway-Hamilton

The Ridgeways came from Virginia and did the Hamiltons come with them? --------------------------------------------------

Sat Jun 9 11:55:35 2001

michelle Bartorelli
e-mail address: mickeyruggles@cs.com
researching: pyle, chalfant, baker

I am searching for Sarah E. Chalfant who married to Isaac Pyle ca. 1827. From Chester Co., PA. They were married in Wilmington, De. and he was removed from the quaker church 6 mos. later. I think Sarah was Baptist. They had children, one of whom was Isaac Newton Pyle who was Quaker and married Sarah Baker. I am searching also for any info on Sarah Baker also. Any info would be greatly appreciated! --------------------------------------------------

Sat Jun 9 16:11:44 2001

Dyann Chantler
e-mail address: dyann.c@sympatico.ca
researching: Rogers, Chantler

I have some information for Dawn Samson, her letter is dated Thu. Mar. 15, 2001. If you could please pass my e-mail address on to her I know that she would be happy to receive the information that I have. Also I am trying to trace some information on the Chantler side of the family that originated in England. Moses Chantler was born 1793 and had a brother Nathaniel. Moses emigrated to Canada and settled in Ontario. I know that he was married to Sarah (no last name) who also originated from England. I have no knowledge as to when or where they were married. They are listed in the 1871 census living in the town of Meaford, St. Vincent Township, Grey County Ontario Canada. I know very little about them and was wondering if you could lead me in a direction to follow. Anything that you could come up with would be greatly appreciated. --------------------------------------------------

Sun Jun 10 02:18:58 2001

David Hollister
e-mail address: david@hollisterd.freeserve .co.uk
researching: Hollister

I would like to exchange information on the ancestors of John Hollister who married Johanna Treat. --------------------------------------------------

Tue Jun 12 11:35:46 2001

Pauline Poustie
e-mail address: JPoustie@aol.com
researching: Moore

I am trying to find my greatgrand mother's marriage to William Davis about 1869 Esther was born in 1852 in Elmsett Suffolk William was born in 1840 in Berkshire. --------------------------------------------------

Tue Jun 12 18:40:33 2001

Trisha Hamilton Leo
e-mail address: D_T_Leo@msn.com

Looking for information on John Martin (FITZ) Randolph b 1829 who married Lydia C Woodruff abt 1849, had i son, George Randolph ( had dropped the Fritz)b 1850-1850. I am looking for George and his mother Lydia, it is rumored that Lydia died bf 1853 when John remarried in 1853 to Anna E DeCamp. --------------------------------------------------

Tue Jun 12 19:49:55 2001

e-mail address: hambones@netmcr.co,
researching: Davis/Stanton

Seeking information on the parents of JAMES DAVIS b. 1796 in either Moore or Guilford Co., NC. Married CHRISTIAN STANTON May 22, 1823. (Center & Concord MM, Guilford Co., NC)


Wed Jun 13 14:55:03 2001

Brenda Gill
e-mail address: bgill@lightlink.com
researching: Healy

Looking for information on Christopher Healy who was a Quaker Minister. I am trying to locate a copy of the "Memoir of Christopher Healy" I have found one site but either the book is no longer being printed or they are no longer active. Area NY/PA


Wed Jun 13 16:19:29 2001

shirley Dunn
e-mail address: ladyfan2@netzero.net
researching: Thomas- african American family

Hello List I am looking for a father of a co worker of mine . and she has no computer, so I'm helping her. she never knew her father, because her mom divorced him when she was quite young, and she did not tell her anything about her father, and the mother is deceased now, and this precious lady has been searching , she wonders if maybe he is still alive? or does she have sisters and brothers? . he married Lena Bell Harris in Cleveland Ms in 11/1947 his name is Alonzo Thomas and his father name is Perry Thomas from AR. thanks for all the help I know a fellow researcher gives. please email me direct --------------------------------------------------

Wed Jun 13 21:22:08 2001

ethel snowden
e-mail address: ethel_snowden@hotmail.com
researching: black

I'm trying to locate the direct family history of Charles Black could have a B. for the middle intial. He was born in 1823 in Limington, Maine. He married Huldah Libby of Windham, Maine in 1843 or 44. Huldah's sister Sarsh Jane also married a Black first name Joab. I can't conect them as family or anyone else. He should have indian blood line. His daughter was my gggrandmother.I would appreciate any help I can get as every place I have found Charles his is a first generation, he had to have a family line somewhere. Thanks for any help. Ethel --------------------------------------------------

Wed Jun 13 21:27:04 2001

ethel snowden
e-mail address: ethel_snowden@hotmail.com
researching: Baker

I'm trying to locate the family line of Josiah Cooper Baker, he was born15 March 1844 in Freeman or FArmington, Maine. He married Christina (Jenny Lynd) Rattek Sheak in Denver, Colorado 23 Nov. 1881.They were my gggrandparents. Their daughter Ethellind Baker Roberts was my ggrandmother, she lived in Waterboro, Maine. They are suppose to have indain blood line. I would appreciate any help in tracking his family. Thanks, Ethel --------------------------------------------------

Wed Jun 13 21:31:55 2001

ethel snowden
e-mail address: ethel_snowden@hotmail. com
researching: bailey

I'm trying to locate the family of my great grandmother Florence D. (Flossie) Bailey Libby. She was born4 April 1882 in Deerng (which is now Portland, Maine). She married Richard E. Libby 3 May 1900 in South Windahm, Maine. They were divorced in March 1919. She died in Westbrook, Maine 1 March 1933. She has indian blood line. I can not find a record of her birth or her parents and would like to know them for the family history. Thanks for any help you can give. Ethel


Fri Jun 15 15:41:05 2001

Phyllis E. Spaulding
e-mail address: projectdoc@earthlink.net
researching: Hamton Hampton John or Andrew

Looking for info an a John Hampton who left Scotland in the 1680's or thereabouts and came to New Jersey and settle in Middletown, Monmouth or Matawan. The family were loyal to the British cause and had there property confiscated in 1783. They migrated to St. John, New Brunswick Canada. Would like info pertaining to either and Andrew or John in N. J. or N. B --------------------------------------------------

Sat Jun 16 10:45:31 2001

C Brault
e-mail address: cbrault@cshore.com
researching: Reed, Cook, Wierman, Joyce

I am looking for books on Warrington Monthly Meeting and Burial Grounds in Wellsville, Warrington Township, York, Pa. Iam also looking for "Menellen, Marriages and Miscellany" Quaker Records 1780-1890Or any records on Quaker Meetings of York and Adams County, Pa. For the 1700's and 1800's. Any help will be appreciated. --------------------------------------------------

Sat Jun 16 10:47:34 2001

C Brault
e-mail address: cbrault@cshore.com
researching: Reed, Cook, Wierman, Joyce

I am looking for books on Warrington Monthly Meeting and Burial Grounds in Wellsville, Warrington Township, York, Pa. I am also looking for "Menellen, Marriages and Miscellany" Quaker Records 1780-1890Or any records on Quaker Meetings of York and Adams County, Pa. For the 1700's and 1800's. Any help will be appreciated. --------------------------------------------------

Sun Jun 17 12:05:41 2001

M. Lynne Hindman
e-mail address: marondy@hotmail.com
researching: Hutchinson

Looking for Volney Powers Hutchinson born April 20, 1818 in Ohio, Mahlon Hutchinson and G. P. T. Hutchinson also born in Ohio. The family moved from Ohio to Indiana, Vigo and Vermillion counties, before Indiana was a state and before the counties had been formed. It is reported that the mother is Susannah Powers Hutchinson but the father's name is unknown. Also any information concerning George Hutchinson from the English speaking settlement in New Jersey during the 1700's. George was a Quaker distiller. --------------------------------------------------

Sun Jun 17 12:39:33 2001

J Watson
e-mail address: 114110,351@compuserve.com
researching: Von Der Pfordten

My Great Grandfather was Frederick Von Der Pfordten who was the German Consul in Malta around about 1860 to 1880. Do you know of anyway I can search for living relatives or any details of family and decendants? --------------------------------------------------

Mon Jun 18 13:39:21 2001

Teresa Wagner
e-mail address: WagnerAT@home.com

I am researching the HOLLOWAY family from Randolph County, Indiana - some moved to Wells County, Indiana. The THORNBURG family married several times into this family. Also researching the EMLEY family from Huntington, Indiana. Lots of family information on all of these families. Teresa Wagner Grand Rapids, Michigan --------------------------------------------------

Mon Jun 18 15:12:50 2001

e-mail address: james12509@msn.com
researching: HICKS OR HIX



Mon Jun 18 15:13:21 2001

e-mail address: james12509@msn.com
researching: HICKS OR HIX



Mon Jun 18 15:13:55 2001

e-mail address: james12509@msn.com
researching: HICKS OR HIX



Wed Jun 20 14:56:52 2001

Lynda Elimon
e-mail address: LEsong@home.com
researching: Elleman, Ellemon, Elliman

I am seeking information about 2 individuals. 1. ELLEMAN (ELLERMAN, ELLEMON), Abner listed in the 1779 Newberry, Ninety Six District, SC census. I have found information about his will, administrated by John and William Elemon in SC in 1796. I know his parentage but want to find out if he married or had children. 2. ELLEMAN (ELEMAN, ELEMON), Jesse b. ca 1790 in SC m. Winnaford. They lived in Sumner Co., TN in 1838, in Muhlenberg Co., KY in 1860. I cannot locate his parents. Jesse is my gg grandfather. He is age 70 in KY. Any help is deeply appreciated. Thanks. Lynda Elimon --------------------------------------------------

Thu Jun 21 12:16:56 2001

e-mail address: brinwood@chibardun.net
researching: McPherson, Holiday (Holliday)

Especially looking for any trace of Duncan McPherson, wife Sarah, possibly in vicinity of White Water or White Lick Indiana MMs, sometime between 1813-1880. Had sons John Templeton McP (born c.1813 in NC) and Randall McP (c. 1815). Randall m. Hannah Hadley c. 1840 in Indiana. We have accessed most records of John and Randall, can't find Duncan/Sarah anywhere, alive or dead, except indirectly through John/Randal census records. --------------------------------------------------

Fri Jun 22 09:00:36 2001

Denise Hudson
e-mail address: cdhudson@peoplepc.com
researching: Jenkins Jennings ?

I am looking for the family of Lettice Jenkins (Jennings). According to Hinshaw "Evesham Monthly Meeting" I found that on 11-9-1792 she was disowned for having married out of unity. She married a William Goldy about 1791. The line reads; Goldy 11-9-1792 Lettice, (f. JENKINS) mou dis. I am assuming he was Baptist since he is buried in the Baptist cemetary in Pemberton, Burlington Co., NJ Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, --------------------------------------------------

Sun Jun 24 01:36:57 2001

Amy Cooper
e-mail address: amyandtomcooper@hotmail.com

We are staying in the Netherlands for a month. Are there any Friends Meetings here? We live in Leiden. My husband is here at the university on a research fellowship. --------------------------------------------------

Sun Jun 24 10:55:35 2001

Robert Dean
e-mail address: Rdean91059@aol.com
researching: Swank, Bair,Wise, Wentz

My Grandmother was a Swank,(Ethel Myrtle May)- Her father was John Swank, mother was Lucinda Bair. I belive they were Quakers whose parents left PA and came to IN. John's parents were Christoper Swank and Mary Wise. Lucinda's parents were John T. Bair and Mary Wentz.Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, --------------------------------------------------

Tue Jun 26 23:16:39 2001

marie baily
e-mail address: quepasa041@aol.com
researching: NJ anderson, reid, craig

looking for info my ancestors that were living in New Jersey about1700 around Monmouth CO.-John Anderson, John Reid and Archibald Craig-they were said to be Quakers, originally descended from Scotland --------------------------------------------------

Wed Jun 27 17:55:29 2001

Sarah Robbertze
e-mail address: sarahclaws@hotmail.com
researching: Morthland, Master, Vale?, Miller

Two Questions - 1. Many of my questions and that of a distant relative could be answered if we could find the monthly meeting notes for Warrington Monthly Meeting, York County, PA. There were what I hope were copies in the Genealogical Library in the Historical Society of PA in Philadelphia years ago when the security in such libraries was appallingly lax. Even then volumes I wanted were missing, and since then the volumes I had read have disappeared. Unfortunately, I did not take proper notes when I did read them, so all the volumes before 1873 would be useful. I thought they might be at Swarthmore or Haverford College libraries, but neither site seems to want to list the very details like that that would make further research worthwhile. Does anyone know where they are and how they can be accessed? 2.A distant relative and I are trying to connect her progenitor Abraham Morthland to my progenitor Hugh Morthland. Hugh bought a patent from the Penn Brothers in 1743 in Warrington Township. There is no record that he ever attended a Quaker meeting, but most of his eight children joined and married Quakers. Their names - Mary, William, Charles, Agness(married a non-Quaker),Rebecca, Samuel, Margaret, and Hugh. Abraham could be the son of any of the sons, but we think Samuel (married twice) is the most likely. Does anyone have any records of these families? --------------------------------------------------

Wed Jun 27 23:46:11 2001

Roy Scarr
e-mail address: scarr@one-name org
researching: SCARR

John Scarr was born into a Quaker famly in 1786 in Askrigg, Yorkshire. He married in Kirby Moreside and appeared in Ireland from i825 onwards. I can find no trace of any children. His brother Geroge and his very large family followed and may have spread out to various parts of Ireland. More information o this family would be very welcome. --------------------------------------------------

Fri Jun 29 13:43:27 2001

Geoffrey Pope
e-mail address: phanloan@earthlink.net
researching: POPE

William Pope, b. abt. 1634 Bristol, England s/o Richard Pope was in Nansemond Co., VA by 1656 and died in Isle of Wight Co. VA abt. 1707. I have read in several places that William was a Quaker. William had among others a son Henry Pope, who married Sarah Watts. I am hoping to find birthdate and verify exact relationship to Henry Pope of Samuel (I) Pope, who died in Craven Co., NC in 1758. This Samuel had wife Sarah and five known children b. betw. abt. 1746 and 1757: Elizabeth, Samuel II d. Barnwell Dist. SC 1818 (my 3d great-grandfather), John, Mary and William. Some sources have it that Samuel I was the youngest child of Henry and Sarah; others show that his father was Joseph Pope, a son of Henry and Sarah which of course makes the latter his grandparents. All info gratefully received. Geoffrey Pope --------------------------------------------------

Sat Jun 30 10:03:05 2001

C Brault
e-mail address: cbault@cshore.com

I am looking for the parents and any siblings of Zachariah Reed (born 21 July or Sept 1781) - Married to Mary Cook at the Friends Meeting House , Warrington Township, York County, Pennsylvania about 1803. They had seven children: Henry C., George, Ann, Jesse, Sarah, Samuel and Maria. Zachariah and Mary are buried at Warrington Burial Ground next to the Meeting House. I am also looking for the parents and any siblings of Deborah Joyce (born about 1807) - Married Henry C. Reed about 1833. I don't know were they were married (maybe at Warrington Meeting House , Menallen Meeting House or Huntington Meeting House). They had four children: Maria, William H., Samuel and Carolyn. I believe that Deborah and Henry are buried at the Friends Burial Ground next to the Menallen Meeting House. --------------------------------------------------

Mon Jul 2 18:32:14 2001

Phyllis Sentman
e-mail address: granny@wserv.com
researching: Edwards, Leech

Looking for parents of Sarah Leech, who married James Edwards ca 1813. James lived in Middletown Twp., Delaware or Chester Co., Pa. She and James had four children, Enos, Hannah, Pennock, and Milton. --------------------------------------------------

Wed Jul 4 08:09:49 2001

e-mail address: VCBWALSH@MSN.COM
researching: HOWLAND


Thu Jul 5 18:53:38 2001

Judy Smith Magons
e-mail address: magonsjai@aol.com

From Nine Partners Meeting in Dutchess Co NY to Addison Co NY - The Barton family were Quakers between 1750 and 1850. Seeking name of wife of Caleb Barton m before 1750 at Great Nine Partners Tract (first name Rose) - their children: Thomas, William, Lewis, Millicant, Sarah, Roger, Joseph, Rachel. Caleb Barton was son of Joseph Barton and Abigail Lewis of Westchester Co NY. Son of Caleb Barton was Solomon Barton m (1) to Charity Haight and (2) to Phoebe Quimby, daughter of Aaron Quimby of Northcastle, Westchester Co NY. Son of Solomon Barton was James Barton, b 1792 in Monkton, Addison Co NY, m 1834 in Ferrisburg to Phebe Scott, daughter of Moses Scott Jr. and Tacy Bull. Who was Moses Scott Jr.'s mother? Sarah Hand or Mary Ballard? Who were Tacy (or Jane Tacy) Bull's family? Were they also Quaker? Was Tacy Bull a descendant of Gershon Bull who was a witness at the wedding of Solomon Barton and Charity Haight at Nine Partners on 6 Oct 1773? Thanks! --------------------------------------------------

Fri Jul 6 06:34:50 2001

christina Hill
e-mail address: stevenh@iinet.net.au
researching: Moss

I am looking for any information on Benjamin Moss of the Bristol area U.K. after 1692 --------------------------------------------------

Fri Jul 6 06:36:40 2001

e-mail address:


Fri Jul 6 15:43:09 2001

Larry Wilson
e-mail address: lwwilso@dellepro.com
researching: John Echman Wilson

John Echman Wilson Birth - 1806 in Pennsylvania Death - 5/6/1891 in Arkansas Wife Nancy Waley Birth - 1805 in Delaware Death - ???? They were married June 1st , 1833 in Belmont Co. Ohio There marriage certificate shows that they "Affirmed" their ages rather than swearing them to be true.This would follow Quaker discipline. --------------------------------------------------

Fri Jul 6 18:58:01 2001

William P Thompson
e-mail address: billydogtrot@aol.com
researching: Scattergood

My mother was Barbara Scattergood, daughter of William Barker Scattergood of Petoskey, Mich. I understand we are decendents of Thomas Scattergood. He lived in a cave in what is now New Jersey in 1687, so I am told. Is this true and what was his wife's maden name? --------------------------------------------------

Fri Jul 6 22:07:40 2001

Marlene Bales
e-mail address: marlene@tritel.net
researching: Elliott

I am looking for ancestors of James Elliott, alive in Alton Ill. in 1909. James worked for the Alton Piano Co., was employed by Adam Schaaf of Chicago, a maker of pianos. James had a son Mitchell Dea Elliott born in 1882. Would like any info anyone might have. Thanks Marlene --------------------------------------------------

Sat Jul 7 15:01:05 2001

Linda Lofty
e-mail address: linda.lofty@btinternet.com
researching: Lofty

I am looking for anything about the Lofty family who I have found to be Quakers in Hethersett Norfolk and South Mimms in Herfordshire around the 1700s --------------------------------------------------

Sat Jul 7 15:39:35 2001

jeanie lauke
e-mail address: jeaniealogist@yahoo.com
researching: Jones, Atkinson, Griffith, Watkins, and Williams

Looking for other descendant of Peter Jones and Jane Watkins and their son Robert Jones (1698-1765) Philadelphia and his wife Catherine Griffith (1705 to abt 1746). Their daughter Janes Jones (1728-1768) married out of unity to John Atkinson (deceased before 1795) believed to be a Quaker, from NJ but his family not proven. John and Jane Jones) Atkinson had 7 children William, Amos, Catherine, Beulah, Phineas, Martha, and John. These children were place in different homes by the Quakers, after the death of their mother. --------------------------------------------------

Sun Jul 8 07:57:05 2001

J Mitchell
e-mail address: JacquelineCaskey@bigpond.com
researching: Mitchell, Fenwick

My relative James Mitchell married Jesse Fenwick in Perth Scotland. I am trying to track down information prior to 1862 about their livelihood and religion in the areas of Blairgowie and Perth. They moved to Sydney Australia as free passengers and moved to Queensland. Their history and religion is very sketchy however I believe that were not happy with the education of their children in Australia. How do i track down the historical information and the religious information concerning their marriage etc. Would it have been in a Quaker Meeting House or would the marriage have been done in a church? Can you help? --------------------------------------------------

Sun Jul 8 12:01:17 2001

Michelle Mansfield
e-mail address:
researching: BURGE

I would like to know anything about the Burge family who were members of the Society of Friends in Bristol, Gloucester circa 1700-1900, in particular Isaac, William, Richard and George Burge. It appears the family may have split at some point with some members going to Somerset. Anyone who has any info on Somerset / Bristol, please let me know. --------------------------------------------------

Sun Jul 8 20:27:21 2001

e-mail address: Lady_Dragon_Fly@email.com

Just a small note to those who reside in Washington, Oregon and even Idaho. Write to saveourkids@boardermail.com and find out how to stop state agencies from hurting our children any furthur. --------------------------------------------------

Mon Jul 9 17:01:14 2001

Sharon Molesworth
e-mail address: cjsranch@prodigy.net
researching: Calkins (Caulkins), Austin, Woodruff, Jones

Looking for information on Jared G. Caulkins b. 10/13/1788 in Danby VT. He married Susannah Austin b. 6/18/1792 in Danby VT. They moved to Michigan and died there. This line eventually married into the Woodruff (Ohio) and Jones line. Woodruffs are: George W. (married to Frankie Jones), Florence, Gertrude, Walter, and others. I have a source who says Jared is the son of Stephen Caulkins and another who cites Daniel. Help!!! E-mail me at cjsranch@prodigy.net. Thanks for any assistance--will willingly share any info I have. --------------------------------------------------

Tue Jul 10 09:15:35 2001

Opal M. Shappie
e-mail address: usafo@msn.com
researching: George Richard WEE Lisa Gabriella Wee (birthright Quaker)

Are there any grants available for Quakers. Is there a web site? --------------------------------------------------

Tue Jul 10 09:51:52 2001

John Rees
e-mail address: jdreescon@aol.com
researching: Rees

I am looking for information on Moses Rees who died in Ohio in 1861. I believe his ancestors came through Virginia from King of Prussia Penn He was a Quaker his wife was Lydia Rochill who he married in Clinton County Ohio, She was a member of the Quaker church in Clinton county ohio at the time of her death in the late 1800s


Tue Jul 10 12:52:40 2001

Julia Parton
e-mail address: pierotrose@aol.com
researching: Mattingly

My Grandmother was Anna ( i believe her middle name was Irene but not sure) Mattingly. Don't know when or where she was born. but she had my mother Betty Jane Mattingly out of wed lock on My 14, 1924 in Shirley Indiana. I know my Grandmother was born a Quaker and that's all i know. Please if any one has any information on my ancestors please e-mail me at: pierotrose@aol.com --------------------------------------------------

Tue Jul 10 18:35:07 2001

Monika Nikore
e-mail address: mnikore@yahoo.com

I'm assisting on a book project that deals with the early settlements of Quakers in PA and MA. This is going to be a self-published book and we are working on a small budget. I would appreciate any suggestions you have regarding Museums, Collections, Archives that might be able to provide images, etchings, paintings etc. that depict the history of Quakers. Thank you in advance for your assistance. --------------------------------------------------

Wed Jul 11 10:36:15 2001

Robert Herbert
e-mail address: stillkickin1947@yahoo.com
researching: Cheseltine, Gass, Guy,Brown.

Quakers were on my grandmother's side of my family..they were a very conservative group, meeting in each others homes,keeping no written lists or records,being independant of any higher power other than GOD in all matters of Faith, and living each day as the Spirit lead them. They called themselves "independant, conservitive" Quakers. I have been unable to locate any info on other Quakers of this sort, Does anyone have any thoughts and ideas on this? I have in my moving across the USA found some akind in central Calif. but no body here in the east can tell me a thing...Since I am the only one of all the children and grandchilren to semifollow them I would like to know something more about what drove them... --------------------------------------------------

Thu Jul 12 11:18:21 2001

Elizabeth Park
e-mail address: park@lsb.state.ok.us
researching: Mead

On December 30, 1769, the Quaker Church declared that my ancestor Hannah Rhodes, who married Robert Mead,was married out of unity and was thereby disowned. What does this mean?


Fri Jul 13 09:33:50 2001

Carroll E. Bond
e-mail address: cbond@shentel.net
researching: Bond

Looking for information on Peter Bond and his wife Alice and the Bond Family's connection to "LITTLE FALLS FRIEND'S MEETING" located in Fallston, Harford County, Maryland in the 1660's. Also information on how this meeting house got started. Respectfuly, Carroll E. Bond --------------------------------------------------

Sat Jul 14 04:18:09 2001

Ruth Voshell Stonesifer
e-mail address: rstone17@epix.net
researching: Hunn, Kitchen, Luff, Ball, Peck

Looking for Quaker Cemetery possibly named "Marby". Found a reference in someone research for a burial of Ezekiel Ball d 1812 near Port Penn DE Came from the 'Oranges'area of NJ. Tombstone unearthed in 1916.


Sat Jul 14 04:19:15 2001

e-mail address:


Sat Jul 14 19:52:38 2001

Patty Hunter
e-mail address: mamieclayjw@aol.com
researching: Batchelor

visit my genealogy page to see information on my Batchelor's dating back to 1600's in England. http://www.pahunter-6.cityslide.com --------------------------------------------------

Sun Jul 15 07:14:14 2001

Michelle Thomas
e-mail address: mthomaslds@juno.com
researching: Cook & Hussey

I am looking for the records of the Quaker Church that used to be in Unity Maine. The organization is no longer in existence, although the building and cememtary are still there. Where did all of the records go? Can anyone help? --------------------------------------------------

Sun Jul 15 13:22:11 2001

e-mail address: sycchair@aol.com
researching: Beals

Decendant of John Beals Jr/Sarah Bowater's son John Jr/Margaret Hunt. Looking for information on wife of Robert Beals LUCINDA married August 30, 1828 in Jefferson County TN Lost Creek. Thanking you in advance. --------------------------------------------------

Sun Jul 15 14:57:38 2001

Challys Beals
e-mail address: saraalixbeals@hotmail.com
researching: Beals

I am searching for any information on James Alexander Beals. Born 1860? We believe in TN. He married Martha Hester McClary They had children in Washington Co Missouri. Any help would be appreciated. --------------------------------------------------

Mon Jul 16 12:33:45 2001

brian leonardi
e-mail address: brian.leonardi@ntlworld.com
researching: wildman/wainwright

all my relatives have now passed on and as a child i can remember going to stoke on trent to see relatives with my mother,i can remember going down a road to a t junction and houses going left and right both leading to dead ends.my mothers maiden name was elsie may wildman and she lived in nottingham and married a local lad my father james walter leonardi,she had a sister names clara wainwright who also lived in nottingham and we were told that all relatives in stoke on trent were quakers and the male side worked at the brewery needless to say im trying to find lost relatives to help me on my quest for more knowledge and to find lost kin anyone with any information please get in touch best regards --------------------------------------------------

Mon Jul 16 19:39:51 2001

e-mail address: megolassie@aol.com
researching: horner levi horner and Anna Dunlap, Mullica Hill, New Jersey 1800's

Trying to find info on levi horner and his wife anna(nee)dunlap; in the early days lived in friesburg, nj and then moved to mullica hill, new jersey. Probably lived sometime in the 1800's. My great-grandmother(daughter of levi and anna) was married to a thomas Ingraham who was not quaker. --------------------------------------------------

Wed Jul 18 11:26:31 2001

brian leonardi
e-mail address: brian.leonardi@ntlworld.com
researching: florence wildman/nee eaton elsie may leonardi/nee wildman

im trying to find my mothers/grandmothers relatives who lived in stoke on trent in the 1950s. i remember visiting them once but with mum and all her relatives now gone im at a dead end if anyone could throw any light on them please e-mail me --------------------------------------------------

Thu Jul 19 13:25:22 2001

Antoinette W. Vawter
e-mail address: avawter1@email.msn.com
researching: Inman Williams

Trying to forge links to Sarah "Sallie" Williams, b. 1806 in St. Asaph's Distr. of Hillsboro, Orange, NC. She became the wife of John A. Lay 16 on March, 1829, there. Sarah was blessed with a sister, Catherine "Caty" Williams, who did not marry. All of these individuals continued to live at the same location and were still alive at the end of the 1800s but this was now Alamance County, NC.


Fri Jul 20 12:22:48 2001

e-mail address: GoodguyNTN@aol.com
researching: Casteel

I was hoping that someone would have a list of Quaker Cemeteries in Philadephia. My family lived there in the late 1600's and early 1700s. --------------------------------------------------

Fri Jul 20 20:02:44 2001

Betty (Latta) Kitchen
e-mail address: kitchen2@adelphia.net
researching: Latta, Mendenhall Latta, Mendenhall

I have been told that Lucinda (Latta) Mercer was a Quaker. Her parents John Latta, b 1784 in PA and Anna Hockenbury, b 1793 in PA moved to West Va then to Monroe County, OH where they bought land and eventually died. His will is probated in 1866. Does anyone know anything about this family or their possible Quaker roots probably in Pennsylvania? The other children were John Copeland Latta, Julia A. (Latta) Poole, George Madison Lattea, James Abel Latta, Samuel Seymore Latta, Catharine (Latta) Morris & Sarah Jane (Latta) Nalley. John Mendenhall, from PA, think he also settled in Monroe County,Oh. His spouse we think is Sarah Scott. Children John, possible Isaac, Jane (Herlan) Mendenhall, b 1817, d 1904, came from Scotland when she was l year old. Can anyone connect them with the Quaker Church? thanks, betty


Sat Jul 21 06:26:38 2001

Jo Mapel
e-mail address: jmapel@mastnet.net
researching: Dyer

Searching for WILLIAM DYER b abt 1813-15 married to ESTHER NEILL born abt 1817 both in PA. In 1860 the family including children were living in Lawrence, Mercer Co., NJ at the Princeton Post Office. 1850 Census puts them at Nottingham P.O., Mercer Co, NJ. Family records list them as buried at Rockville, N.J. Does anyone know this family? Does anyone know any Quaker communities, cemeteries, or monthly meetings for this area? Children were William Henry, Jesse, Clark (Polly), Sarah Elizabeth, Jammes L., George Washington, Mary Louise. --------------------------------------------------

Mon Jul 23 10:49:42 2001

James Barker
e-mail address: JIMDAD7@AOL.COM

Can anyone tell me anything about the Frazer ,Frazier Family in GUILFORD,RANDOLPH COUNTY Mon Jul 23 15:47:32 2001

Pat Page
e-mail address: ptrpage


Mon Jul 23 15:47:32 2001

Pat Page
e-mail address: ptrpage


Mon Jul 23 15:51:35 2001

Pat Page
e-mail address: ptrpage@cs.com
researching: Jackson

Searching for John Elijah and Margaret Jane Jackson late 1700's early 1800's. In Virginia and North Carolina.


Tue Jul 24 16:05:42 2001

Joan V. McGovern
e-mail address: jvmcgovern@mindspring.com
researching: Henry Ewell

Henry Ewell is my 8th gr grandfather. The Ewells were Quakers...I want to know if anyone can tell me if the grandchildren and later generations living in MARSHFIELD, MA were also Quakers? --------------------------------------------------

Wed Jul 25 15:04:15 2001

sandy albertson
e-mail address: santeek@aol.com
researching: albertson, nugent

i am searching for the parents of john albertson, bd. 1805,davidson co., n.c. married rebecca nugent same co. in 1825...that is far as i can get back...can you help..also any siblings of john ..i know their kids...i am decendent of joseph..the only one who came to mo. john and rebecca came inland to morgan co, in..and died there.. --------------------------------------------------

Wed Jul 25 21:48:25 2001

Sharon Richardson
e-mail address: Sharmail45@cs.com

Searching for info on Henry Crawford and family, b. 1783, Long Island, NY; d. 1870, Pickering, Ontario, Canada (buried Friends Cem in Pickering). Married Hannah (believed maiden name Widderfield) ca. 1826; d. 1872 (buried Friends Cem., Pickering). Believe children to be: Mark; Henry Wilson (m. Matthews); Barbar Holmes (m. Pike);Joseph Carpenter (m. Woodward); Elizabeth R. (this is my ggm - m. Charles Torr - when ?, where?); Mary Rosanna (m. Hick); William Frederick (m. Hick); Albert (m. Vangant). --------------------------------------------------

Fri Jul 27 09:58:41 2001

Laura Taylor
e-mail address: taylorla@qwest.net
researching: Gilham

I am looking for a Elizabeth Gilham (last name could be spelled differently). Born 4 Oct 1780 in Wilmington, Highland, OH, died abt 1850 White River Township, Randolph, Indiana. Married Samuel Chaffings Lee 14 Jul 1801 in Wilmington, OH. Looking for any info on her family and siblings. Believe she could have been a Quaker. Would appreciate any information. taylorla@qwest.net


Fri Jul 27 15:02:59 2001

john ray
e-mail address: johnray12@hotmail.com
researching: curl

looking for peter curl parents . they were quakers in ohio --------------------------------------------------

Fri Jul 27 22:42:21 2001

Carolyn Cress
e-mail address: carolyn@campbell.com
researching: Cress, Perkins

I found Jacob, Minerva and their children in Grayson,County, VA. Where did Minerva Perkins move to after her husband's death in the Civil War? I found her son Calvin Mc Cress in Russell, County with his wife Drucilla White and their Children. Below is all the info I have on Minerva Perkins and her family. Anyone with additional information, could you please let me know. Person Sheet Name: Jacob Robert CRESS ---------------------------------------- Birth: 1830 NC[1] Death: 4 Jun 1861 Occupation: Farmer in Grayson County, Virginia[2] Spouses: ---------------------------------------- 1: Minerva PERKINS[3] Birth: 1831 VA.[1] Father: Joseph PERKINS (1793-) Mother: Mary (1795-) Children: CALVIN MC (1854-1890) Winlow (1856-) Rhoda E. (1859-) Notes for Jacob Robert CRESS Civil War 50th VA Inf. 6/4/1861. Died hosp. Blue Sulphur Springs, WV CRESS, JACOB ROBERT, 21, Laborer, 1860 GCC HH#1200, Co. D, 50th VA Inf., Enl. 6/4/61 at Forks of Wilson Creek. Died in hospital at Blue Sulphur Springs, WV. --------------------------------------------------

Sat Jul 28 12:04:12 2001

Cliff Hunter II
e-mail address: khunter@sundial.net

PLACE, DATE AND CIRCUMSTANCES OF THEIR ORIGIN, THE FACTS OF THEIR DEVELOPMENT, THE DISTINCTIVE POINTS OF THEIR BELIEF, THE CHIEF FEATURES OF THEIR POLITY, THEIR PECULIAR USAGES, AND THE STATISTICS OF THE VARIOUS BODIES. From the "Report on statistics of churches in the United States at the Eleventh Census, 1890," By Henry K. Carroll, and from other publications separately cited. This data was compiled by Ambrose M. Shotwell, of Concord, Jackson Co., Mich. copyright 1895/97 This data covers 9 pages in A.M.Shotwell book title "OUR FAMILY ANNALS" and if you e-mail me directly, I can send you a JPG FILE of 1 or all 9 pages from this book. e-mail me at: khunter@sundial.net --------------------------------------------------

Sat Jul 28 12:08:36 2001

e-mail address:


Sun Jul 29 18:31:52 2001

David Stratton
e-mail address: sale_ds@access-k12.org

I am looking for information regarding the Redstone MM in Brownsville PA. I do have Hinshaw's record and a copy of Tom Hill's Directory. --------------------------------------------------

Tue Jul 31 21:46:14 2001

Audrey Hausen
e-mail address: AEHausen@aol.com
researching: Cox, Vuncannon

I am attempting to locate information regarding Henry Cox who was born 2/4/1824 in Randolph County, NC, his wife, Julie Elma (Vuncannon) Cox, and their children, Nancy, Ann, Elias, and Caroline (there are probably more). I know that they were married in Randolph County, NC on 8/25/1849 in Randolph County but I don't know where they went after that...perhaps to Indiana where his brother, Isaiah Cox lived in Hamilton County, or Iowa, where his other brothers, James Logan Cox and William Cox lived. If anyone is familiar with Henry and his family, I would welcome information about them. Thank you.


Fri Aug 3 05:48:36 2001

Jon Arnow
e-mail address: Huguenot10@aol.com
researching: Steinert, Stinard, Stinnard

I have looked through some of the information provided online for research and have not found much on Quakers in Westchester County, New York. I was wondering if the Library at Albany, New York would have much on the Quakers in this village. There was a Quaker house of worship across the street from St. Peter's Episcopal Church , near Westchester Square ( now part of the Bronx) . I have a map from about 1870 showing it just down the street from the funeral home on the opposite side of the street from the church. I would like yo know where the records from this church are and how I would be able to view them for information on my Stinnard , Steinard, Stinard ancestors , who , I was told , were Quakers. Thanks to the list ahead of time. --------------------------------------------------

Sat Aug 4 14:39:17 2001

Johnnie Yelvington
e-mail address: yelvington@netzero.net
researching: Fincher

I have found that some of my ancestors were Quakers and were from North and South Carolina. Will exchange info.


Sat Aug 4 18:47:00 2001

e-mail address: sss1942@yahoo.com
researching: ROACH

Not sure if the Roach family had any Quaker connection, but was in Orange County, NC, around the Haws River in 1806. Is there any information about Quakers of that area that might help me find the parents of William Buck Roach? --------------------------------------------------

Sun Aug 5 12:50:31 2001

Pauline Poustie
e-mail address: jpoustie@aol.com
researching: Mower (Moore)

My greatgrand mother was Esther Moore who I have discovered was from a Quaker family in Suffolk England she married William davis I believe in London in 1869 or 1870 but I have not been able to obtain the certificate,William was a Wesleyan , can anyone point me in the right direction. --------------------------------------------------

Mon Aug 6 03:19:21 2001

e william
e-mail address: littlmum@aol.com
researching: Wildman, Henthorn

can anyone tell me anything about Mabel Wildman who married Isaac Henthorn in Ireland December 1697. She is supposed to be of the Quaker faith according to all accounts given by the family researchers, but cannot find any birth or death certificates etc., I know they had a son James Henthorn in 1705 and that he attended Trinity College Dublin. would appreciate any information however small.


Mon Aug 6 10:33:35 2001

Mary Young
e-mail address: tom@conknet.com
researching: Batter, Butcher, Antrim, White

Any information on the parents of John W. White born in Nort Carolina, in 1760. Our brick wall! Thanks.Probably Quaker. --------------------------------------------------

Mon Aug 6 20:46:47 2001

e-mail address: shelbymom@hotmail.com
researching: Warren, Butler

I recently found out that my Great Grand parents were birth right Quakers. I am trying to locate information about them. My GGGrandmother was Laura Mary Butler, she attended Earlham College from 1880 to 1884. My mother says she then went to work for the Quaker church...My GGGrandfather was George Morton Warren, a railroad conductor, born in 1857. Any information would be greatly appreciated. My traditional internet searches aren't working for this branch of my tree. --------------------------------------------------

Wed Aug 8 15:12:27 2001

e-mail address: sycchair@hotmail.com
researching: Beals, Macy, Mace, Gillaspy, Keller

Anyone have access to Vermilion County MM records on any of these names? 1828-1860. Thanks. --------------------------------------------------

Wed Aug 8 21:25:57 2001

Evelynne M. Ritter
e-mail address: e.m.ritter@worldnet.att.net
researching: Logan, Griffith, Beals, Connelly, Mills, Philips, Hammer, Hadley, Clayton, Schooley, West.

Seeking any/all information on John BEALS b:@1660 in Wales. Married Mary Clayton daughter of William CLAYTON and his wife Prudence (?). John Beals father was (a) William BEALS b:@1625 possibly in Wales. Mary CLAYTON was born @1665 also in Wales and immigrated to the Pennsylvania Colony with her parents, date unknown, possibly 1680. John BEALS immigrated to the Penssylvania Colony @1681/82. John Beals died @1726, Mary Clayton Beals died @1727. There are record of only three surviving children: JOHN BEALS (JR?) b:@1687 d:@1750 at Philidelphia?, JACOB BEALS b:@1689 d:@ 1760, JAMES BEALS b:@1690 d: unk. JOHN BEALS JUNIOR married his cousin MARY CLAYTON. We believe we are descendents of John Beals Junior and his wife Mary Clayton. Our direct ancestors were DAVIS BEALS SENIOR & his first wife RACHEL WEST. We have some of the data on the family of David and Rachel West Beals through to our Grandparents, MARION & MERLE GRIFFITH LOGAN. We need to fill in the gap between JOHN BEALS SR his wife MARY CLAYTON & their parents. As well as any/all information on DAVID BEALS SR and both of his wives (1)RACHEL HAMMER & (2)ELIZABETH NELSON MITCHELL and their parents. David Beals Senior's parents were ISSAC BEALS SENIOR & his wife HANNAH (?). --------------------------------------------------

Wed Aug 8 22:55:50 2001

Loretta BM(Sunderland)Young
e-mail address: songbird@sk.sympatico.ca
researching: William Yonge - Robert John Yonge - John Yonge

William Yonge came to Georgia. He was a loyalist and later moved to the Toronto,Ontario Canada - Napanee area.


Fri Aug 10 21:54:12 2001

Winfred R. Ball
e-mail address: wrball7@aol.com
researching: Ball, Brown, Wood, Rattiken, Hague

Looking for info on John or McFarlene or John McFarlene Ball and his two wives (first is unknown, 2nd is Mary Hague); his son James Ball and his two wives (1st is Mary Hague, 2nd is Ruth Wood); Henry Ball and his 2 wives (1st is Jane Rattiken, 2nd is Mary M. Carter). The time frame is between, around 1730 and 1856. The places is in Farfax Co., Loudoun Co., Va. and Jefferson Co., Carroll Co., Columbiania Co., Oh. Also any other Ball Family that may be mention at the meeting during that time. --------------------------------------------------

Sun Aug 12 04:23:05 2001

Gary Wilson
e-mail address: gdwinco@frontier.net
researching: Wilson

I read the discussion about how the Quakers used a different dating system. In an 1850 and 1860 census my gggrandfather was shown as born in 1848. He had it as 1847. Could this account for the difference? He was born in January. All family members seem to be one year off. It could be I found the wrong tribe too!! thanks Gary --------------------------------------------------

Mon Aug 13 12:25:40 2001

e-mail address: BJGelvin@usa.net
researching: PADDOCK, REYNOLDS,

Alanson REYNOLDS b. Feburay 5,1800 in Dutchess Co., N.Y. m. Mary (Polly)PADDOCK ca. 1830 in Dutchess Co. Do not date of her birth They are buried in Cayuga Co., N.Y. Need information on both. Thank you. --------------------------------------------------

Mon Aug 13 12:26:20 2001

e-mail address: BJGelvin@usa.net
researching: PADDOCK, REYNOLDS,

Alanson REYNOLDS b. Feburay 5,1800 in Dutchess Co., N.Y. m. Mary (Polly)PADDOCK ca. 1830 in Dutchess Co. Do not have date of her birth They are buried in Cayuga Co., N.Y. Need information on both. Thank you. --------------------------------------------------

Tue Aug 14 10:38:33 2001

e-mail address: stuinks@cs.com
researching: MAXWELL

my 1 greatgrandfather was a JAMES MAXWELL. listed in census as born in kentucky. birth year ca. 1823-24. lived in montgomery co. ky>schuyler co. mo.> hancock co. il.where it is believed he died 1870-74.his wife elizabeth(payton) maxwell and his children: roan, barbara, uriah and hezakiah, mary sarah, and hugh douglass all moved to appanoose co. ia.looking for james parents. --------------------------------------------------

Tue Aug 14 12:18:51 2001

vicky Bradley
e-mail address: vndander@wizard.com
researching: Bradley

I was told by the Pennsylvania historical society,that a relative in the 1600`s was possibly Quaker,his name was Francis Bradley married to Rebecca,had 6-7 kids,if anyone has info please contact me at vndander@wizard.com he was scot-irish, my site is at http://www.geocities.com/vndander/index.html Thanks --------------------------------------------------

Tue Aug 14 22:32:12 2001

Lisa Larimore
e-mail address: jazzdans@pacbell.net
researching: Burgess

I have heard that one of my ancestors, Shelton Burgess, was a Quaker. Does anyone know anything about him? Lisa --------------------------------------------------

Wed Aug 15 07:36:36 2001

valmai dingle gano
e-mail address: bridget2000_oz@yahoo.com
researching: Lovina Yager, or Yaeger thank you

Any record of this name this person born in Washington town KS but the name sounds like it may be from PA or INDIANA.. --------------------------------------------------

Sat Aug 18 00:25:47 2001

Marilyn Miller
e-mail address: memiller@hoosierlink.net
researching: Teague, Cooper, Hubbard

I am looking for info regarding Rev. Prudence Teague and her husband, Samuel Teague, Jr. She was an early minister of the Friends church in Wabash, IN. Her husband was a descendent of Edward Teague- his grandfather was Capt. Elijah Teague. I want to get a more well-rounded picture of the lives of Samuel and Prudence- where she was trained to be a minister, were they wealthy, could they have been involved in the Underground Railroad, I am trying to establish an explanation for why, when they moved to the Wabash area in 1850, they built a beautiful, large brick home and an elegant, huge, show-type bank barn on their 256 acre farm. Why would they have needed such an extravagant farmstead and how did they afford it? --------------------------------------------------

Sun Aug 19 06:06:42 2001

Anthony E. Duncan
e-mail address: Anheduncan@aol.com
researching: Sanders

Looking for William Sanders, born abt. 1660 in Virginia, Nasemond Co., supposed to have had Quaker meetings in his home. He was married to Mary Hall. Like to get further information about parents or children. --------------------------------------------------

Sun Aug 19 17:38:20 2001

Pat Nichols
e-mail address: karonh@surfsouth.com
researching: Straw

I am looking for information about my great grandmother her name was Sarah F. Straw. Her father could have been Sylvester Straw. Sarah was born in Tennessee 1 Sept. 1882 --------------------------------------------------

Sun Aug 19 20:56:31 2001

e-mail address: gdunavan@westriv.com

Surnames. CLARK; TURNER; ATKINSON; JUDKINS; RICE; SCOTT; ROE. Looking for information on Edward Clark, Jr abt 1693- 1769 Wife Phebe Turner, possibly daughter of Edward Clark, d 1732/33. Son Henry Clark 1724-1773 wife Jane Atkinson daughter of Thomas Atkinson and Rachael Judkins All of Talbot County or nearby. Thanks, Glenn


Tue Aug 21 10:51:10 2001

e-mail address: jjungemann@home.com
researching: Livezey Kinsey

Grandmother Alice Kinsey in Ohio was descended from the Thomas Livezey line of Philadelphia 1682. Her mother, Rebecca Jane Livezey, married John Franklin Kinsey, son of Jeremiah Kinsey and grandson of John Franklin Kinsey. Does anyone have information about the Kinsey lineage? --------------------------------------------------

Tue Aug 21 23:30:58 2001

e-mail address: lisa071573@aol.com
researching: Cooper

Does anyone know of a site that shows descendants of Coopers? I have a Caludia Marshall Cooper in my tree(she married in 1878) who is supposedly descended from a William and Mary Cooper at Cooper's Point NJ. Claudia was also said to have been related to James Fenimore Cooper in some way. Any info is appreciated :) --------------------------------------------------

Fri Aug 24 09:09:59 2001

Hazel Price
e-mail address: foxyhazel@hotmail.com
researching: Capper

I am trying to find the names of my great great grandfathers parents. The family were a big Quaker family and had been for several hundred years. His name was Samuel James Capper and he was born in Islington in 1826 . He married Harriet Ann Turner in 1858. His predecessors included Mary Capper 1755-1845 who was a Quaker minister and has a file in the historical manuscripts commission. I would think his entry of birth in London would give this info but I live in Durham so that looking there myself is not possible. Can anyone help? --------------------------------------------------

Sat Aug 25 13:29:15 2001

Carol Morgan
e-mail address: carol35lorac@cs.com
researching: CADWALLADER

I am searching for the children of ABNER AND HANNAH CADWALLADER. They were in CLINTON COUNTY, OH. Thank you.


Sun Aug 26 10:11:32 2001

Ray Thigpen
e-mail address: wrightsborough@alltel.net

I have probably posted this non-QUERY in the wrong place. For that I apologize. But I did want folks to know that within the next few days I will be posting much information regarding the Quaker Wrightsborough settlement in Georgia. Records posted will consist of births, marriages and deaths of many of the Quaker folks that migrated to the Wrightsborough Georgia Township. You can find the pages at: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~wrightsborough/ Hope you will find information that will help you!!!! Ray Thigpen --------------------------------------------------

Sun Aug 26 13:06:57 2001

Jona kay Runyon
e-mail address: tom94@iwon.com
researching: Holder/Hunt

I was told that when my gr gr gr grand parent first came to the States that they were Quakers. The names I have them by are William and Mary Hunt Holder. His name might be Simeon William or William Simeon Holder. There first child was born in 1860, so I would say they were born around 1840, any help would be appreicated. I believe they came from England on the English Mayflower Thanks you --------------------------------------------------

Sun Aug 26 19:27:50 2001

e-mail address:


Sun Aug 26 20:10:27 2001

james oliver
e-mail address:


Sun Aug 26 20:13:20 2001

james oliver
e-mail address: oliverjs@coredcs.com
researching: Griffith John

What information do you have about Griffith John, who came to Pennsylvania in the late 1600s? --------------------------------------------------

Sun Aug 26 20:15:41 2001

e-mail address:


Mon Aug 27 17:16:27 2001

William Hawk
e-mail address: gpppppp@aol.com
researching: Hawk, Leonard/

Looking for any HAWKS or LEONARDS who would have been born in French Lick Twp., Orange County,Indiana,and known to be Quakers. The earliest antecedant I have with this surname is ISAAC BENJAMIN Hawk b. 8 Oct 1876 in Orange Cty. His wife was Emmaline Leonard b. 24 Nov 1867. --------------------------------------------------

Tue Aug 28 16:42:33 2001

Kathleen Bone
e-mail address: kbone@holtonks.net
researching: Van Voorhis or Voorhees Friend Miles

My great grandfather was Cornelius Voorhis and his wife was Mary Miles. They lived in Preble Co. Ohio and are buried in the Wheatville Cemetery there. Cornelius' father's name was Luke Voorhis, a native of New Jersey. Would like to hear from anyone who has connections to this family. --------------------------------------------------

Tue Aug 28 23:10:03 2001

W. Craig Morden Davidson Burtch
e-mail address: loyalist19@hotmail.com
researching: Morden-Durham possibly Trenton N. J. or Easton, P.A. between 1742 and 1776.

Ralph Morden md. Ann Durahm in or around Trenton, N.J. or Easton, P. A. c1750. They came to Upper Canada (Ontario) c1783/87. They were said to be Quaker, although two of Ralph's brothers did serve in the K. R. R. N. Y. --------------------------------------------------

Wed Aug 29 16:03:11 2001

Dolores Meermans
e-mail address: dmeermans@worldnet.att.net

Hello everyone. Just found my line of Wildman Quakers..to recent...Am now searching for info on life, dates etc., of Searching for...info on...Andrew Wildman circa 1854 Indiana and his son Joseph B. Wildman. Andrew married Miss Wealthy E. Sparks, and they had a son Joseph Wildman, born 1878 in Martin County Indiana. JBWildman apparently moved to Ames Iowa and raised his daughter, Grace/Josephine Wildman...then later moved to be a City Manger of Miami Oklahoma. Am most interested in learning about the lives of Joseph B. Wildman of Indiana, Iowa, Oklahoma, his wife, Dot Jones, born in Kansas...as they are our grandparents..Also, Looking for descendants of Opehlia, Grace, Maude Wildman who are the children of Andrew Wildman..as they would havae children who are our cousins. Thanks much...Dolores Meermans at dmeermans@worldnet.att.net Thanks for this wonderful site. --------------------------------------------------

Wed Aug 29 18:45:35 2001

Charles Ely
e-mail address: elymocharles@netscape.net
researching: Ely, SCOTT, JUDY

I am looking for information on Isaac Ely and Sarah or William Scott. Isaac had a son Benjamin, by a previous wife. I am looking for records around the Reading, PA area. The time frame is from about 1740 to 1760. I do not know which if any meeting he is recorded in. Thank You --------------------------------------------------

Fri Aug 31 09:31:07 2001

Debora Jefferis
e-mail address: deborasjefferis@aol.com
researching: Jefferis

I am looking for information on Robert Jefferis and Emmor Jefferis. Robert came to Pennsylvania from Wiltshire England in the 1600s. I am trying to find the names of his parents. Also, I would love to hear from any of my "long lost" relatives.


Fri Aug 31 21:45:18 2001

Lorraine Richards
e-mail address: LR441@aol.com
researching: Lee; Pratt; Taylor

I'm searching for more information on Jesse Lee, born 2/28/1833 to John Lee & Hannah Morris. They moved from Indiana to Iowa. They were granted Three Rivers Meeting on July 16, 1853. I believe Three Rivers is in Warren Co. Iowa. On Dec 24, 1860, my husband's great grandfather, Jesse Lee married Sabina Pratt in Des Moines Iowa. I'm looking to make a positive connection to Jesse, son of John & Hannah. The family thought the mother's name was Mary Hall. Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated. Sabina's parents were John Pratt & Lucinda Linda Taylor. Lucinda's parents were George Taylor and Mary Early. Thank you. --------------------------------------------------

Sat Sep 1 00:09:35 2001

Garth MacGirr
e-mail address: garthmacgirr@home.com
researching: McGirr

Can anyone help me to translate the abbreviations that appear in the minutes of the monthly Quaker meetings as shown in the Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy, 1750-1930? TIA --------------------------------------------------

Sat Sep 1 11:13:45 2001

Fannie M Monroe
e-mail address: fmmonroe@aol.com

Can someone tell me where the Kingwood Monthly Meeting was located. It is not in the index of The Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy. Thank you in advance. --------------------------------------------------

Sat Sep 1 17:38:08 2001

Harold Stout
e-mail address: haroldlee@msn.com
researching: Stout, Leonard, Benton, Hart, Mannes

looking for proof , that Jacob Stout was a child of Peter Stout(DOB1763) and Ellen or Eleanor (Leonard) Stout. he would have been born around 1794. Have located some of the family Mary, Zacharias,Anassa, and Elizabeth. Elizabeth married a Jesse Benton in 1809. she married Jacob Mills in 1833. Jacob Stout married Catherine Ruble 1809 in Greene co . Tenn. I have a bond in my file to prove it.. they were Quakers. but not strick Quakers..Have located some records thru Quaker system. Must be more .they removed fm Tenn. to Ohio some time around 1810 as Jacob was a private in War of 1812 for Capt. Thomas Wisbey of Ohio. in 1800 mother Eleanor REquested to return to Center MM from lost Creek MM. have 1800 census of family in Gilford NC. lost trail fm there. if any of these people Ring a bell with you and your family. Please contact Haroldlee@msn.com .. I have most of the story.. will be glad to share.. Joseph leanord, Jesse Benton, John Hart, Elisha Manness. all lived in or around Greene co. Tenn. Hawkins co, Jefferson co. Roane Co. and Greene co. Harold --------------------------------------------------

Sat Sep 1 23:24:46 2001

e-mail address: RAYWHILL@aol.COM
researching: HUSSEY


Sun Sep 2 10:03:30 2001

Jacquelyn B. N'Jai
e-mail address: Nj0216@aol.com

Does the Quakers still have the prison release program? And if so how do I get in touch with someone? Thanks --------------------------------------------------

Sun Sep 2 11:36:51 2001

Sandy Graley
e-mail address: bonediggin@bestnetservices.n et
researching: Stanley,Hutchens

I'm researching the Stanley family out of Va. for a friend. I'm trying to connect this Stanley with my Quaker Stanleys. I have the family of William Stanley, Sr., born about 1709 in N.C. His wife was Elizabeth. One of their sons was born in Prince George Co., Va. and several of the family migrated to Russell, Wise, and other counties. Anyone with info on this family that would connect them to the Quaker religion, please, email me. My own line is through Thomas Stanley of England and his son, James, born 1688. Thanks, --------------------------------------------------

Sun Sep 2 13:46:23 2001

Allan A. Hick
e-mail address: ahick@golden.net
researching: Crawford, Widdifield, Hoagland

Researching Henry Crawford who married Hannah, believed to be Widdifield, whose father was Mark Widdifield and mother was Susannah Hoagland. I would like to know for sure that Hannah's maiden name was Widdifield. Her and Henry Crawford were married in Pickering, Ontario and are buried there. Henry was born in 1783 and died in 1870. Please help, if you can. --------------------------------------------------

Sun Sep 2 15:56:42 2001

Lynn Armstrong
e-mail address: lynnarmstrong@juno.com
researching: Elmore/Hibdon

I am looking for the family of Vina Elmore who married John Hibdon. She was born in 1777 in VA and died 1825 in Warren Co TN. Also I am looking for information on Mary Elmore who married Peter Hibdon a son of the above couple. Sincerely, --------------------------------------------------

Mon Sep 3 09:01:28 2001

e-mail address: mcanale1@rochesterrr.com
researching: titus

hello every one i am looking for a stephen benjamin titus who was born in dutchess co new york.b april 28,1796 die aug 24 1878 in monroe co new york he marrried a miriam whitney in 1819 miriam whitney born may 17 1801 in ellington ,tolland co,,ct.


Mon Sep 3 23:00:35 2001

Ann Scarbrough Perrine
e-mail address: perrineap@mindspring.com
researching: Robert Scarbrough b.17O8 moved to Tenth Legion area in Va. near Smith Creek .

Has anyone found the location of his home there? --------------------------------------------------

Tue Sep 4 11:40:13 2001

Norma M. McNinney
e-mail address: starbird3@earthlink.com
researching: Elizabeth Tule/Toole born in N.J. on May 3, 1834. Married John McNinney/McNiney abt. 1855. He died May 5, 1863 in Burlington, N.J.

I am trying to find out if Elizabeth Tule & John McNinney were Quakers. They had some Quaker family living in South New Jersey. --------------------------------------------------

Fri Sep 7 10:06:14 2001

mandy mauney
e-mail address: mandym@shelby.net
researching: whitaker from pa

i'm looking for any whitakers that were quakers from lake timahoe ireland and settled in pa. --------------------------------------------------

Fri Sep 7 13:32:52 2001

John W. Zimmerman
e-mail address: zekejr@networksplus.net
researching: Zimmerman, Schmidt(Smith), Peitsmeyer, Walliger, Krohne, Koelling, Hake

Seeking information on my quaker family that came to America from around Eidinghausen, Minden, Westphalia, Prussia about 1834. --------------------------------------------------

Sat Sep 8 14:04:29 2001

Roland R. Stansbury
e-mail address: rolstans@aol.com
researching: Gulaelma Cox

Gulaelma Cox married Charles Gorsuch Stansbury of Baltimore Maryland. They left Baltimore, Md. for Louisiana in 1819. Her father may have been James Cox of Baltimore. She died in Louisiana in 1824. I would appreciate any information on Gulaelma Cox or leeds concerning Gulaelma or her family. --------------------------------------------------

Sun Sep 9 18:27:39 2001

Edward MacDonald
e-mail address: emac1935@hotmail.com
researching: Coffin Hoag Briggs Weaver

Anson MacDonald lived in Quaker Street Village , Schenectady Co. N.Y. about 1830. He had 16 children and some of them married into the Coffin - Briggs - Hoag - Weaver families of Friends. Will share information. --------------------------------------------------

Mon Sep 10 10:17:39 2001

e-mail address: pablo4@hotmail.com
researching: bite me

why does quaker oat meal taste so good


Mon Sep 10 16:47:41 2001

Joan Ausnow
e-mail address: rwa74@msn.com
researching: Overman/Fisher

I am looking for any information on Andrew Fisher and Deborah Overman who married in 1857 in Clark County, IN. Deborah's mother's name was Rachael. --------------------------------------------------

Fri Sep 14 12:26:04 2001

Debbie Callison
e-mail address: CllsnDbr@cs.com
researching: William Edmundson

William Edmundson 1627-1712 born in Little Musgrave, Crosby Garrett Parish, Westmoreland, England. He was buried in The Friends Graveyard in Ireland. I can't locate my notes on the exact place. He was called "The Great Hammer of Ireland", he traveled with George Fox 3 times to British West Indies and the American Colonies. I have found through reading Edmondson Family Association Bulletins that he had his journal published in Dublin,1715; Tract #72 Association of Friends, Philadelphia,PA 1887; The Bulletin of Friend's Historical Association Bulletin Volume 42 Number 1 Spring 1953, an article by Frank Edmundson,M.D. I would be very interested in obtaining any help in locating these publishings of his life. From what I have read, he sounds to be a very interesting man, who had many trials in his life.


Fri Sep 14 16:50:17 2001

Ray Thigpen
e-mail address: rthigpen@alltel.net

I recently visited WRIGHTSBOROUGH Georgia and took pictures there of the township. If you would like to see them, please visit the webpage at: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~wrightsborough/ Enjoy! --------------------------------------------------

Sat Sep 15 12:36:27 2001

Maureen Landress
e-mail address: rmlandress@juno.com
researching: EARLE

Looking for any information on Ralph Earle and his connection to the early Quaker settlement in Leicester Massachusetts. The firt "meeting house" was built on his farm there in 1732. --------------------------------------------------

Sat Sep 15 18:24:25 2001

e-mail address: RICKYHILBILY93@AOL.COM
researching: GOVER,ELIZABETH SHE WAS B.AUG 18.1785 LOUDOUN CO. VA D.OCT 13.1836 --------------------------------------------------

Sun Sep 16 12:46:41 2001

Maureen Landress
e-mail address: rmlandress@juno.com
researching: EARLE

Looking for any informatin on the Quaker settlement of Leicester Massachusetts. My Earle ancestors were memebers of the Society of Friends and started the first meeting house there in 1732. That is all the information I currently have on them and the settlement. --------------------------------------------------

Mon Sep 17 19:39:58 2001

Evelyn Harper Jackson
e-mail address: hegayle@epowerc.net
researching: Jackson, Harper, and Smith

Does anyone know where Eno, North Carolina was? Mary Miller, a quaker from New Garden Monthly Meeting, married Isaac Jackson s/o Thomas, had seven children and then moved to Eno. What monthly meeting would they have joined? Does anyone have any info, also, on John Harper/Elizabeth Smith Russell? --------------------------------------------------

Tue Sep 18 09:53:42 2001

Lorann Walters
e-mail address: lorannw@excite.com
researching: West, Hale, Harvey, Heald, Harlan

Searching for information about the Wests who lived in Montgomery co MD and attended Sandy Spring or Indian Spring MM... Isaac A West, wife Letitia Child(?), son Henry C or Henry G West, who married Emily Hale in Clinton Co Oh. Henry's daughter Effie Louisa West was my great grandmother. --------------------------------------------------

Thu Sep 20 10:14:04 2001

Scott Aaron
e-mail address: rtanyon@yahoo.com
researching: Kipp, Jesse

Looking for info on a Jesse Kipp, born in NY (1804). Married an Eliza Morgan. Had a son Darwin (born in Ont. Canada) and a Daughter (Anna Marie Kipp). Any info on this family line would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks! Scott --------------------------------------------------

Sun Sep 23 09:31:20 2001

Bronwen Holden
e-mail address: b.a.holden@rmcs.cranfield.a c.uk

I am trying to trace information on the Religious Freindly Society who were actively involved in helping the internees on the Ilse of Man. My grandfather Joseph Kotschy was internend there during the first world war. If anybody can help I would be most grateful. --------------------------------------------------

Sun Sep 23 14:03:39 2001

Marie-Sophie Ek
e-mail address: ek.tauberman@mailbox.swipne t.se

Marie-Sophie Ek e-mail address: ek.tauberman@mailbox.swipnet.se researching: Familyname Davidsson and Nordström / Nordstrom I´m looking for my relatives I knew that my fasters ant lived until she was 94 yeara old. Please can you help me. I´m living in SWEDEN. I am 52 years old – this is my family! Amerika DAVIDSSON 1881-10-18 Johan August f.1841-12-27 1883-10-05 Carl Gustaf f.1847-12-26 Vissefjärda var dessa herrars födelseort Brödernas brorsdotter emigrerade 1903. LYDIA NORDSTROM SSN 057-52-6225 Residence: 11207 Brooklyn, Kings, NY Born 27 Sep 1880 Died Jan 1974 Issued: NY (1973) Joh Aug Davidsson, 35, Vissefjärda, Småland. Utresa från Malmö 8 juni 1876 till Stillwater, Minnesota. Källkod: 1876:37:1083 C G Davidsson, 33, dräng, Vissefjärda, Småland. Utresa från Malmö 29 juni 1882 till St Paul, Minnesota. Källkod: 1882:4591:3625 Lydia Davidsson, 22, jungfru, Vissefjärda, Småland. Utresa från Malmö 12 maj 1903 till New York. Källkod: 1903:2149:802


Sun Sep 23 14:04:51 2001

Cornelia Warner
e-mail address: fenenga@mminternet.com

these people were through-out England, but focused mostly in Woodbridge, Suffolk, Colchester, England, Surrey and London. they start as far back as 1624. if you think their may be a connection, please contact me. the one name I listed that is not Quaker is Richards. if anyone knows anything about Hezekiah Richards of Colchester, please contact me.


Sun Sep 23 17:40:29 2001

e-mail address: sskaggs11@msn.com
researching: Rogers/Rodgers

Needing some information on my grandmother Ellie Mae Rogers/Rodgers this was her maiden name, She was 1st married to a Franklin, Than a Lymon Wilcoxson, My granmother Ellie was from Greensburg, Ky. Any information that i could get from any one i'd appreciate, Needing to find out her mom's names and where they were from , Thank u , Can e-mail me at sskaggs@msn.com --------------------------------------------------

Sun Sep 23 20:02:45 2001

Sherry Young
e-mail address: Sherryold@hotmail.com
researching: Pancoast Lowmaster Mears

I need more exact info on MORDECAI PANCOAST, born abt 1769 probably at West River,near Indian Spring, Ann Arundel County,MD. (He is the son of Adin Pancoast and Abigail Boone. She died on March 14, 1808 in _____________Ohio.) Mordecai died ___________after 1811 in Frederick County,MD ?- Memorial stone for him in Friends Cemetery in Catawissa,PA. He married Mary Mears, born April ll, 1782 in Catawissa, Northumberland County,PA and who died ________. I descend from their son, James C. Pancoast born April 8, 1799 in PA but died in Wyandot Cty,OH - Buried at Mission Cemetery. Thanks for your help. Adin served in Rev. War. --------------------------------------------------

Mon Sep 24 15:21:53 2001

Deborah Wright
e-mail address: dwright3@stny.rr.com
researching: Campbell

Looking for Great-grandfather. Information I have is from elderly aunts who disagree on some points. Great- grandfather's name is William Campbell. Lived in NYS. Wife's name is Elizabeth Carlos (DeCarlos?). I have no birthdate or death date as they were both deceased before aunts were born (1927 & 1929). According to stories, he played bagpipes, wore kilts on special occasions and would dance jigs. So I would guess he came right from Scotland. They had 4 or 5 sons and 1 daughter. Son William was a fireman is NYC, lost a leg. Son John died in NYC around the 1930's. Son Walt, Verbank area(?). Son Russell Hart Campbell, my grandfather, born 1889 (Bangall, Dutchess Co. NY) died 1966 (Millbrook, NY) place of death was a hospital, Rosary Hill(?) Hawthorne, NY. He was married to Mary Elizabeth Gershey (born in Boston area, baptized at St. Michael's Cathedral, her father was a gilder of books). There was an Albert but aunts weren't in agreement whether he was a son or nephew. They name Lillian as daughter . Grandfather Russell did not have anything to do with relatives. Grandmother said great-grandfather Campbell was a Quaker (She had actually attended a Quaker meeting once, wheter it was with her father or mother-in-law, no one could tell me. [Gram was Irish Catholic with priests for uncles or cousins.]. Have searched throughout Dutchess Co. Cemetaries have come up with nothing. Local records for Bangall/Stanfordville, NY show no information for a couple years before and after my grandfather's birth. My nephew is also searching but we are using same limited information. Any help will be apreciated. Thank you. --------------------------------------------------

Tue Sep 25 10:35:49 2001

e-mail address: DONA116@JUNO.COM
researching: MILLS, BAKER, HARMAN


Wed Sep 26 10:13:11 2001

Lillie Gaul
e-mail address: liljoe@theriver.com
researching: LUNDBECK & William VAUGHN

Lundbecks from Glocester Co, NJ William Vaughn Bartholomew Co, IN --------------------------------------------------

Fri Sep 28 11:50:31 2001

e-mail address: lsmcgee2000@hotmail.com
researching: Payne/Paine

Any information on Adam Payne/Paine who was reported to be a Quaker preacher that did alot of traveling. He was in Ohio as early as 1799. He was killed at the beginning of the Black Hawk War in Illinois, 1832. Thank you. --------------------------------------------------

Sat Sep 29 09:03:48 2001

William Coffman
e-mail address: willcoff@hotmail.com
researching: BARCLAY - COOPER

Seeking info family history/children of CALVIN COOPER(dpob unknown- poss died ca 1779 in PA) wife ELIZABETH (maiden name dpob unknown).Rumor he was Quaker leader in Lancaster Co PA in mid-late 1770s. Daughter SARAH COOPER (1771-1841) married WILLIAM BARCLAY of Lancaster Co and were parents of SARAH BARCLAY (1805-1880) married to ROSS ALEXANDER CAMPBELL of Lancaster Co. Thanks. Bill willcoff@hotmail.com --------------------------------------------------

Sun Sep 30 08:06:39 2001

Dorothea McCowan
e-mail address: d.mccowan@worldnet.att.net
researching: West, Chalfant,McCowan

Seeking descendants of Enos/Enoses West listed in the 1870 census for Chester Pa. born circa 1843, wife Sarah, born circa 1850,issue: Georgianna age 3, Samuel 6mos. 1880 census, wife is Hattie, born circa 1854, additional issue Enos, age 9, Sarah, age 8, Charles, age 4, Thomas, age 1, and Margie, age 2mos. He is the son of Robert and Catherine. We are descended from his uncle John West and his wife Hannah Kiles West. Would like to share family information, we have bible records.


Mon Oct 1 20:09:32 2001

Marsha Mooney
e-mail address: MLYNNM55@aol.com
researching: Lundy,Large,Collins,Willson,Overton,Boone,Edwards

I am looking for the family of Catherine Boone Born 1 Feb 1755 in Guilford Co.,NC. Later moved to Grayson Co.,Va. I have that she is the daughter of Joseph Boone. Rumor has it she is related someway to the family of Daniel Boone but I am unable to verify. She married Issac Edwards of the Hannuel Edwards line. Can anyone help me with this or any other of the names I have listed. --------------------------------------------------

Tue Oct 2 07:40:28 2001

Dixie Richardson
e-mail address: rbrickroom@aoal.com
researching: Haworth

Item found in Journal of North Carolina Genealogy, Fall, l963 concerns a Quacker Haworth relative. Item reads: "John Wright maried in South Carolina to Jemima Haworth, daughter of James. John Wright a son of John. Twelve children- Jesse b. l769, m. Ann clearwater, James, Joseph m. Susannah West, John, d. at birth, another John m. Sarah Haworth, Joshua m. __Sumner, Jonah, m. Sarah Terrell, Joab never married, Joel m. Martha Johnson, Judith, m. Nabo Grant, Jane never married, Jemima m. Thomas Drapert(?) The children noticed all their names began with a J so they named their horses Jack and Jill and their dog Jowler. -From Haworth Mss., Greensboro, N. C. Library." I am looking for William Richardson b. N. C. l800 who m. Ruth Haworth in Indiana in l829. Was he a Quaker to? ~~ Dixie Richardson, Indianapolis, Indiana. --------------------------------------------------

Tue Oct 2 19:23:42 2001

e-mail address: black@cut.net
researching: Whittier/Whitear/Whityear or Cromwell

Has anyone ever seen someone named Lyman Whittier(with whatever spelling it might be) married to Helen. Don't know what year but he could be a Quaker in Gloucester. Haven't been able to scare him up in other resources. --------------------------------------------------

Fri Oct 5 07:47:40 2001

Rita Haynes
e-mail address: rrhaynes@mediaone.net
researching: Welch/Suddith

What was the name of the meeting place for Fauquier Co Va? Could someone do a look-up for these records in Fauquier Co for me? Please email rrhaynes@mediaone.net Thank you, Rita --------------------------------------------------

Sat Oct 6 11:19:42 2001

R. Mahaffey
e-mail address: Cundiff1815@aol.com
researching: Cundiff

Looking for information on Benjamin Cundiff, or any Cundiffs from Kansas. --------------------------------------------------

Sat Oct 6 11:47:07 2001

Jo Hunt
e-mail address: johunt@home.com
researching: LARKIN/ANTRIM

My great-great-great-grandfather, Jonathan Larkin and my great-great-great-grandmother, Keziah Antrim, are believed to have been married in the Burlington, NJ meeting house. I ran across some mention of this some time ago but have had no success in finding it again. Does anyone have any information concerning their marriage?


Mon Oct 8 06:51:33 2001

e-mail address: eben219@aol.com
researching: HUMPHREYS/JOBES

I believe my Humphreys and Jobe families came to America (probably from England) together to the PA Quaker area. John J. Humphreys and David Jobe. Would appreciate ANY info on these families. --------------------------------------------------

Tue Oct 9 20:48:54 2001

Henry Lockhart IV
e-mail address: henryiv@cfi.net
researching: Bartlett. My Mother's maiden name was Bartlett And I grew up in Easton, MD where my mom took me to the Third Haven Meeting at least two times a years. Now there are some some deep stirings in me which miss this part of my life very much. It is now apparent that I have been a Quaker all my life no matter how hard I may have pulled awy from. . Funny, now I realise I understand a great deal more. This is rather hard to explain, but I am learning more everyday. My wife and I now live on the panhandle of Florida. I just think my Quaker roots are tuging on me. --------------------------------------------------

Wed Oct 10 06:05:53 2001

e-mail address: 7194@torchlake.com
researching: Kelly/Kelley/Killey

Hello, I am looking for information on Samuel Wing Kelly/Kelley/Killey that was born abt. 1770 and died in Dutchess County New York on Mar 9, 1840. I have found records of Samuels marriage to Margaret Hoag in Quaker records nine partners monthly meeting Dutchess County New York. Can anyone first explain to me what Nine partners means?? I know this was in Oblong so I am not real sure if Nine Partners is a town hall name ect..? Also I found a record for a Removel in the same place and was wondering what removel meant? Was it because someone didnt follow the rules or was it cause they died ect??? As you can tell I am not real familiar with the Quaker religion and I totally apologize. But I am trying to learn. I also found Samuel and Margarets parents in the same records but I couldnt find any of Samuel or Margarets childern? I know that Margaret died in 1816-1817 and that leads me to my next question? I know that Samuel remarried a Miss/Mrs. Munger and if she wasnt of the Quaker belief was this marriage allowed? Could she convert? would there be record of this?What would happen if she wasnt Quaker and they got married? Any help with this subject would be wonderful! Again I apologize for all the questions! Thanks for any help on this subject! Ann You can reach me at 7194@torchlake.com --------------------------------------------------

Wed Oct 10 10:01:45 2001

Judy Roberts
e-mail address: winni96888@aol.com
researching: Haworth Bonds Tuggle Quick

Seeking info on ancestors of James S Bonds, born abt 1812, in Christian County, Kentucky. Married Annis chrisman; later Sarah Tuggle. thank you. --------------------------------------------------

Fri Oct 12 10:46:26 2001

Jerry Edwards
e-mail address: ziggy@bestonline.net
researching: Edwards/Nalley(?)/Hiett/Hiatt/Mote/Patty

Does anyone know if the Mm records for Great Capon or any in Frederick Co., VA are published? --------------------------------------------------

Sat Oct 13 22:08:02 2001

Gaye Sheffert
e-mail address: dj_gj@hotmail.com
researching: Barnes/Lindley

Brinsley Barnes I and his wife Elizabeth Lindley were reported to be Quakers. He was born abt 1715 in Ire. or possibly Penn and died 05 May 1796 in Wilkens Co. NC Sources have the marriage as 1733 in Chester PA. She was born August 4, 1720 in Ire (some sources say Penn) and died in Orange Co. NC on 01 Feb 1775. I am looking for something definitive on ancestry and connections to Quaker religion. Thank you for any help you can provide. --------------------------------------------------

Sun Oct 14 20:33:12 2001

Dorothy B.
e-mail address:


Sun Oct 14 20:39:06 2001

Dorothy B.
e-mail address: Dessbee@aol.com
researching: KIRK

My Great-grandfather was Solomon W. Kirk. I know he was in Little Britain Twp. Lancaster County, PA. with his family in the 1840 census. I am searching to find the parents of Solomon and where he was born. The census states that it was Delaware, but could that mean Delaware County?. The information I have states he was born July 15 (16)-1816 and died 12-31-1885. Served in the Civil War along with his sons, Hiram, William and Chandler Kirk. Any information or leads would be appreciated. --------------------------------------------------

Mon Oct 15 14:02:03 2001

Esther Newman
e-mail address: ednewman@prodigy.net
researching: WADE, OAKFORD, NOBLET, CAM - NJ

I am trying to identify the wife of Samuel Oakford, whom I believe to be a Wade. Probably a daughter of Samuel Wade, brother to Edward. They named a child Wade Samuel Oakford. (Sometimes seen as Wade Oakford, and other times as Wade Samuel or just Samuel. W. Samuel m. Mabel Cam 25 Mar 1700, Salem Co., NJ. Two known children: William and John. Who did William Oakford marry? His children were Lettitia, Ann, and Mary. --------------------------------------------------

Tue Oct 16 15:49:07 2001

Carmen Frankiewich
e-mail address: camp6@tcsn.net
researching: Hubbard, Canfield, Hunt

I am looking for information regarding Ira Hubbard. He was in the War of 1812 and is buried at the Old Quaker Cemetary in Lowville, Lewis Co. New York.He was born in 1794 and died in 1873. He was married to Almira Hunt. --------------------------------------------------

Tue Oct 16 20:47:57 2001

Tom Hendrix
e-mail address: hendrix1@pa.net
researching: Starbuck

Attempting to identify and locate brother of Fred Starbuck, b. 10 Nov 1906, died Aug 1983 in AZ, married to Vera Hendrix. --------------------------------------------------

Wed Oct 17 11:40:15 2001

Sheila R. Crabb
e-mail address: cscrabb@solidnet.com
researching: Kinman,Smith,Johnson

Looking for records from Buckingham Meeting, Bucks County,PA. My John Kinman married Maragret Smith May 5, 1762 at B.M. Bucks County. Looking for her parents. There son Nathan was born 1763 in Bucks County, also looking for his wives surname, he married Jane..... about 1789. Anyone working on this Kinman family, I would be willing to share. My Johnson's were in Chester county, at New Garden meeting. Looking forward to hearing from wonderful Quaker researchers. Thank You! --------------------------------------------------

Thu Oct 18 11:40:13 2001

e-mail address: dee@alaska.net
researching: SEAMAN

Phoebe Seaman(b 2/16/1809, d 3/3/18/56, bur Plainfield Burial Grounds Row I - #286 NH, dau of Jonas Seaman and Martha Anthony) m 11/19/1835 William Williams. I would like information about William Wiliams' parents and background. I am also seeking information as to whether they had any children besides William Henry Williams (b 11/14/1843, d 3/1/1918). Any information would be wonderful! Thank you.


Fri Oct 19 16:32:28 2001

e-mail address: chatmor@msn.com

i am looking for information on quaker burial beliefs during the period of 1800-1850. any information would be appreciated. what were they buried in? their own clothing or a cloth shroud? --------------------------------------------------

Mon Oct 22 19:00:41 2001

Ruth M. Kennington
e-mail address: rkenning1@yahoo.com
researching: Seton, Seaton, Seatoun, Draney, Park

The Seton, or Seatons were very active in Aberdeen, Meldrum, Mounie, Auguhorthie, and Lethenty. Need a breakthrough with the four brothers John, Alexander, Thomas, and James who were driven from Scotland when Queen Mary Died, to Ireland then to America. Draney was in Ireland and married Sarah Seton and stayed in Ireland. It is believed that Thomas stayed in Ireland and the other three came to America. Their father was Alezander Seaton annd Mother Margaret Louder of Edinberg, Midlothiam, Scotland. Any help would be appreciated. We believe them to be Quakers at that time. --------------------------------------------------

Mon Oct 22 21:38:40 2001

connie sorsby
e-mail address: conniesorsby@charter.net
researching: christen

i'am trying to find out about my greatgreatgrandfather johann christen born in 1810 and married a malinda thompson if anyone can help me i would be so lucky. my greatgreatgrandfather was from switzerland i don't know if he was born there or not but in lived in tyler county west virginia . my father always said we were what they called black dutch what does this mean? thanks so much email soon --------------------------------------------------

Tue Oct 23 00:48:26 2001

Chas Knightsbridge
e-mail address: cknightsbridge@hotmail.com
researching: Laura Seacord

Visiting Niagra falls many years ago - a statue of the above was pointed out to me - I was advised she was a distant relative on my mothers side Ne Pentz Could anyone advise any further as I was advise that they were Quakers and had been forced to leave the states for religious beliefs and that she had been part of an underground movement to bring people from the states to Canada --------------------------------------------------

Tue Oct 23 16:12:38 2001

Barbara Jean McNamara
e-mail address: mart2542@aol.com
researching: McNAMARA

My grandfather, John McNAMARA, b. 30 Apr 1884 in Lexington KY, was orphaned by age two and raised in the Eaton OH or Richmond IN area by "Aunt Laura and Uncle Will" (no surname). We believe he may have been raised Quaker. He ran away from home about age 18 and never went back. Uncle Will supposedly was a wheat farmer in Preble Co OH or Wayne Co IN area. I actually know nothing about the life of John McNAMARA prior to December 1907 when he went to work as a fireman for the L&N Railroad in Cincinnati OH. He married Lula May Franks on March 16, 1910 in Covington KY. He remained with the L&N Railroad, transferring to Mobile AL in 1919, and died in Mobile on 17 Sep 1947. If you have any information that would help me locate the family of my grandfather, please get in touch with me. Thank you. --------------------------------------------------

Wed Oct 24 08:29:25 2001

Tami Corbin
e-mail address: DRoosterCat@aol.com
researching: reeves

I am searching for any information on JESSIE REEVES. I have previously been told that I can find out about him thru the Encyclopedia of Quakers, 1750-1930. I would greatly appreciate any info you may have on him or his relatives. Thank you so much...Tami Corbin --------------------------------------------------

Thu Oct 25 08:22:43 2001

Jeanine Scholz
e-mail address: scholzje@yahoo.com
researching: Cranmer

Was does it mean if if individual is listed as being received at the Abington Monthly Meeting in Nov, 1738? Jeanine --------------------------------------------------

Sat Oct 27 08:23:55 2001

e-mail address: mgbehrends@juno.com
researching: JONES

HI, I'm looking for ancestry info. on Lewis Jones (b. May 7, 1774 in Randolph Co., NC, son of a Thomas Jones) who married Eleanor or Elinder White (b. Apr. 28,1772 in Orange Co., NC,d. June 1850 in Indiana, the daughter of William and Katherine (Lindley) White) on Oct. 15, 1795 in Orange Co. My mother and I would sincerely appreciate any information about our Jones ancestors. THANK YOU!!! --------------------------------------------------

Sat Oct 27 11:56:35 2001

Don Fleming
e-mail address: DKFleming1@aol.com
researching: Southwick, Aldrich, Fowler, Daniels, Bartlett, Mann, Taft

I am descended from L&C Southwick of Salem, Mass, through Daniel, Daniel, Jonathan, John, George, and Baruch A. Southwick. I have often wondered why Baruch took his wife and three daughters from the extensive Quaker community near the Mass/RI line and moved to western Illinois (betw. 1845 and 1862). It just doesn't seem reasonable that he would leave 200 years, and six generations, of heritage, as well of thousands of cousins, to move 1000 miles to the west. Does anyone have any information on this subject? Don Fleming --------------------------------------------------

Sun Oct 28 09:08:12 2001

Renee Cannon
e-mail address: rccmsgc@aol.com
researching: Cannon

My ggggrandfather, William Cannon (b. 1792, Henry Co, VA) is supposed to be a brother to Horace Cannon. Horace Cannon was one of 6 orphans left by Samuel Cannon and Mary Porteus Cannon. I know that William has a sister Elizabeth. The only names of the 6 orphan children that I have seen are Helen, Sophie, and Horace. Horace was raised by quakers, I don't know what became of the rest of the children. Thank you. --------------------------------------------------

Mon Oct 29 14:57:51 2001

Annette Marrrs
e-mail address:


Wed Oct 31 11:13:59 2001

David Stratton
e-mail address: sale_ds@access-k12.org
researching: Henkle

I am researching William Down Henkle who was said to have taught at Green Mount College in Richmond Indiana. The school is said to have been associated with the Hicksite branch. The period is question is pre-1865. Thank you. --------------------------------------------------

Sun Nov 4 06:17:29 2001

e-mail address: rozzles@blueyonder.co.uk

looking for 'cousins' - 1600- 1700's..Chesterfield Meeting, Derbyshire. Can SKS point me in the right direction....best wishes.Rozzles --------------------------------------------------

Wed Nov 7 05:39:31 2001

Linzi Dixon
e-mail address: sexywelshchic@hotmail.com

I'm compiling a Community Profile of Quakers Yard and need to find any information possible regarding the Quakers, how Quakers Yard came about and anything else that I could use in my Community Profile. A history of Quakers Yard in South Wales located south of the Merthyr Tydfil Area. I would very mucj appreciate it if you could help me regarding this.


Wed Nov 7 12:56:06 2001

Stacie Long
e-mail address: heartnsoul420@yahoo.com
researching: Hunt

I'm trying to find any info on Nathan Hunt founder of Gilford College --------------------------------------------------

Wed Nov 7 23:03:36 2001

verna seifert
e-mail address: VLS@BEDFORD.NET
researching: SMITH AND JONES

TRYING TO FIND THE PARENTS OF James Smith AND Mary Jones who were married in 1762 in York Co.Pa.Attended the Warrington MM. Later they transferred to the Menallen M M AROUND 1790 give or take a few years. Thanks for any info you can give Verna email vls@bedford.net --------------------------------------------------

Thu Nov 8 18:54:18 2001

Jenny Rasmusson
e-mail address: jenealogy@snet.net
researching: Hoge, Higgs, Walker, Coppock, McCreary

Looking for Jonathan Higgs/Hoge who married Catherine and died before 1778; child Mary Higgs/Hicks born bet 1764 and 1778. Jonathan Higgs probated in West Augusta county, VA (now Westmoreland county, PA). His wife Catherine remarried to Peter Stacy and removed in 1787 to Kentucky and later Indiana. Is this Jonathan Hoge/Higgs a son/related to Jonathan Hoge of same area/Cumberland county? Glad to share info. --------------------------------------------------

Sat Nov 10 09:29:03 2001

Thelma Fish McMullen
e-mail address: fourjets@epix.net
researching: Woodford VanHart

Looking for parents & ancestry of Joseph WOODFORD[1792 PA or NJ]m. Nancy VanHart[1790 NJ 1864 PA} res. Bucks Co PA & Lawrenceville, NJ prior to 1840. Nancy known to be 1 of 10 ch-parents unknown. Any help appreciated & will reimburse


Tue Nov 13 18:53:40 2001

Sarah Baird
e-mail address: cherbear04@hotmail.com
researching: Bates,Daniels,Trudall

Hello! I would greatly appreciate if anyone had any information about George Bates (b.1625, York, VA) or his son, (John Bates, b.1655, York, VA). Or anyone else related to the Bates family. Sources have stated George Bates was an influencial Quaker, and we have found his will which proved so. If you have anymore information about him or his family, please email me (cheerbear04@hotmail.com) or respond to this query. Thank you! --------------------------------------------------

Wed Nov 14 20:19:15 2001

e-mail address: Family_Finder@excite.com
researching: Dillon, Moorman

Looking for info on Josiah Dillon born 18 May 1843 died 12 Jan 1921, who was a Quaker missionary. Would like info on his mission work to Alaska and Jamaica. Josiah was married to Elizabeth Moorman. Thanks!! Colleen --------------------------------------------------

Fri Nov 16 02:48:29 2001

Pam Miller
e-mail address: sinatra@magiclink.com
researching: Carey (Cary), Quaintance, Fisher, Benbow, Kirk, Mendenhall

I have seen numerous records stating that William Quaintance (b c 1719) married Tamsin Buffington (b c.1723). A recent letter informs that that this is incorrect. The writer offered no proof (yet), but states that Tamson was really a dtr. of George Orson..thus, she was Tamson Orson. In attempting to prove (or disprove) this, I came across a will of Elizabeth Buffington Freeman in which she gives articles of clothing: "To sister Hannah Dean, to cousin Mary Dean, sister Lydia Martin, cousins Mary and Betty Martin, sisters Mary Turner, Phebe Buffington, Susanna Hanson and DAMSON QUAINTANCE, articles of wearing apparel." The will is dated November 27, 1748/9 and was proved 6 months later. Now I am thoroughly confused! Does anyone have documentation of a marriage between William Quaintance and Tamson (Damson?) Buffington? --------------------------------------------------

Fri Nov 16 19:37:23 2001

e-mail address: janeeasley@ev1.net
researching: Smith, Stubbs, Adams

I'm up against a wall on finding James and Betty Adams Smith whose son, J.D.Smith married Sarah(Sally) Stubbs born in GA. Sarah's father is Rowland Stubbs,from GA. He is son of William and Sarah Ikenor Stubbs. William was son of William Sr. and Elizabeth Hubbard Stubbs. We know that J.D. and SArah were maried in the home of her brother William STubbs in Talledego Alabama but cannot find his father or him before the marriage. Do you have any info on this family.Would appreciate any you have. We have been told they were of Quaker background. Thank you, Jane --------------------------------------------------

Fri Nov 16 21:12:30 2001

e-mail address: Dynaclass2@aol.com
researching: Benjamin Hazard

Would be interested hearing from anyone who lives near the Smith-Clove Meeting House and cemetary in Woodbury,Ny.Have relatives buried there plus pictures of g granfathers farm called Ferndale farm. Have visited serveral times but am interested about area and the history there.Thanks --------------------------------------------------

Fri Nov 16 21:14:32 2001

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Fri Nov 16 21:15:10 2001

e-mail address:


Fri Nov 16 21:15:44 2001

e-mail address:


Sat Nov 17 14:34:41 2001

Ian H. McEwan
e-mail address: ian@mcewanconsulting.com
researching: McEwan and Sinclair

My father's name was Francis a birthright Quaker born in South Shields England. His father was James and mother Helen Barbara Sinclair also likely Quaker, born in Lerwick, Shetland Isles. Any more information welcome- I am a novice at geneology! Ian --------------------------------------------------

Sat Nov 17 19:47:40 2001

Steve Kosareff
e-mail address: SKosareff@home.com
researching: Charles Francis Jenkins Grace Love Jenkins Margaret Jenkins or Margaret Love

I am writing a book on the invention and marketing of television and searching for surviving relatives of "father of mechanical television" Charles Francis Jenkins (born August 22, 1867 near Dayton, Ohio; died June 6, 1934 Washington, DC), his wife Grace Love Jenkins (1862-1943) and their niece, Margaret (last name? Jenkins? Love?) who was living in 1931. The Jenkins' reportedly lived on New Hampshire Avenue in Washington, DC and are buried together in the city's Rock Creek Cemetery. Mr. Jenkins is not to be confused with the botanist of the same name who passed away in 1951. Please contact me if you can be of help. --------------------------------------------------

Sat Nov 17 20:20:08 2001

Sharon Dunbaugh Allen
e-mail address: magic@southwind.net
researching: DUNBAUGH

Looking for any info on Elizabeth Dunbaugh, probably in PA area ca 1800/1810;also Ida, same period. --------------------------------------------------

Sat Nov 17 20:49:34 2001

L. Harrington
e-mail address: lassrewhite@yahoo.com
researching: Lawrence

I am trying to do research on my grandfather Thomas Lawrence who was a Quaker in Liverpool cira 1900 to 1950. He had three other siblings who also became members of the Society of Friends at the same time. Their names were James, John and Pricilla Mary. Any information pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. --------------------------------------------------

Sun Nov 18 13:22:35 2001

Gayle Baldwin Struska
e-mail address: gstruska@eot.com
researching: Dennis, Howland, Newland,

I am looking for information on Robert Dennis. He was caption of the ship "Truelove" (also looking for passenger list. sailed from the port of London 6/10/1635. landed on Cape cod. Also touched at Portsmouth, RI. He also sailed the ship "Phillip" the previous year. He remained at Yarmouth, MA and was active in the affairs of the colony. 1656 he signed a deed to Andrew Hallot for a house and land in Yarmouth. I am looking for any information on Robert and his decendents. In 1656 Robert purchased from Job Hawkins of Boston, twenty acres of land in Portsmouth, RI --------------------------------------------------

Mon Nov 19 05:36:57 2001

e-mail address: 02jborton@bromsgrove-school.co.uk
researching: Borton

I am doing a school project on quakerism and can you give some info. or/and pictures of your meetings Thanks for your help --------------------------------------------------

Tue Nov 20 10:33:08 2001

Michael Stamm
e-mail address: westroots@aol.com
researching: West

My ggGrandfather was Isaac Allen West and I have been looking for his parents for a few years. This last fall I found this document. I dont know who wrote it and have not verified it yet. I have read the posts on Thomas and Matthew and would like information on the followig or if anyone could help verify any of it or add to it. Thanks Mike Stamm -------------------------------------------- THIS IS A DOCUMENT COPIED FROM THE "WEST" FILES LOCATED AT THE WILMINGTON, CLINTON CO.,Ohio HISTORICAL SOC. Our immigrant ancestor was Matthew West, birth date unknown, who came to Lynn, Massachusetts 1634 or1635, from Evercreech, Somersettshire, England. His wife's name is not known. He moved to Rhode Island, where he served as a Member of the Assembly. Edward, John and Robert came to Massachusetts about the same time and are, presumably, brothers. Matthew was entered as a tailor and accepted as a freeman March 9, 1636. He moved to Rhode Island and is known to have been at Newport as early as l641. His children were born in England and were; 1. Nathaniel, who died in l659. He and his wife organized the Baptist Church in Rhode Island. He had one son, Nathaniel, who lived with his grandfather and is mentioned In his will. 2. John, became a freemen in l655 3. Robert, died in 1697, married Elizabeth Cornwall and lived at Providence. He had three sons: Joseph, John, and Robert . 4. Bartholomew married Catherine Almy, born about l634, a daughter of William and Audry Almy They moved to Shrewsbury, New Jersey, where Bartholomew served in the Assembly and where he died about l672, and Catherine died in 1703. 5. Francis, who remained in Rhode Island and who had two sons: Francis and Richard. Bartholomew and Catherine Almy West were married about 1650 and moved to Monmouth County, New Jersey, about 1666, and were among the founders of Shrewsbury. Here, Bartholomew served as a member of the first Assembly of East Jersey in 1667, and here he died about l672 and was buried on his own land. Their children were: 1. Bartholomew, who remained in Rhode Island with his Grandfather Almy 2. William, who married Margaret Wardell, daughter of Eliakin Wardell and the widow of Ephraim Allen. 3. John, who married, October 15, 1694, Jane Wing, a daughter of Joseph and Jerusha Mayhew Wing, and a Granddaughter of Thomas Mayhew. John West died in March, 1728, and was buried beside his wife, Jane, in the West burial plot on their farm. They had eleven children: Bartholomew, who married Susanna Shin; Joseph; John; Stephen; Mayhew; Jerusha: Catherine; Judidah; Audry: Lavinia: and Jane. Bartholomew West, the eldest son of John and Jane Wing West, married, October 5,1727, Susannah Shinn, daughter of James and Abigail Lippincott Shinn, and a granddaughter of Restore Lippincott and Hannah Shattuck and of John and Jane Shinn. Their sons were all in the Revolutionary War, and Bartholomew died of small pox contracted from son, William, who had caught the disease from the British while a prisoner at New Brunswich, from which place he escaped. The children of Bartholomew and Susannah West were: 1. John. 2. Mayhew, married Margaret Ressell. 3. Mary, married Jacob Stelle. 4. Hannah, married Jonn Ford. 5. Jane. 6. William, who married Anna Stout, granddaughter of Richard and Penelope Van Princess Stout John West, son of Bartholomew and Susannah Shinn West, married on January 27, 1780, Elizabeth Alien in Old Swedes Church, Philadelphia, and moved to Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Their six children were: Isaac Alien, born September 8, 1784; Louisa; Mary Ann; Charles: Elizabeth: and Sarah. Isaac Allen West, the eldest son of John and Elizabeth Allen West, married Letitia Child at Heath's Tavern, Newtown, Pennsylvania, August 23, 1807. They lived in Pennsylvania until about 1809 or 1810, and moved to Maryland before l8l6. Allen West (Isaac Allen) was a wheelwright, and' he and his family were members of' the Society of Friends at the Sandy Springs Quaker Church, north of Washington, D.C, Here. the West's lived for 20 Years, moving to Ohio in 1836 or 1837. Isaac and Letitia Child West's children were: I. Mary West, born May 14, 1808. 2. John West, born January 26, 1809 3. Charles West, born December 17, 1811 4. Sarah West, born December 13, 1813 5. Henry Child West, born July 20, 1816 6. Elizabeth West, born December 1 , 1818 7. Hannah Ann West, born April 20, 1821 8. Laura West, born October 22, 1823 9. Robert H. West, born June 11, 1827 Isaac Allen West died at Wilmington, Ohio September 4, 1844 aged 60 and his wife, Letitia, died May 18, 1860. Their 5th child, Henry Child West, was born July 20, 1816, died January 12, 1886, married November 28, 1839, Emily Hale, born April 7, 1818 and died December 24,1890. --------------------------------------------------

Wed Nov 21 14:56:59 2001

Skip Miller
e-mail address: ssmillers@netzero.net

I have a question about a very early (and famous) Quaker, Samuel Shaddock/Shaddocke/Shattuck (b. abt. 1620 England; m. Grace; d. June 6, 1698 Salem, MA), and someone I believe to be his daughter. I am descended from Mercy/Mary Shattuck (b. March 16, 1654 Salem, MA; d. April 2, 1710 Beverly, MA) and her husband Andrew Elliot. (Married December 9, 1680 Beverly, Essex, MA). I have some evidence---not enough---that this Mercy Shattuck is famous Samuel Shattuck's daughter. Can you find any evidence for me that the Mercy/Mary Shattuck illuminated above is one of famous Samuel's children? Samuel Shattuck is of course the Quaker who went back to England and obtained an order from the King to alleviate persecution of the Quakers by the Puritans in early Colonial MA. Much has been written about him. email ssmillers@netzero.net --------------------------------------------------

Fri Nov 23 22:12:25 2001

dawn reid
e-mail address: dawnbear4@aol.com
researching: Ida Simcock

I'm trying to locate my mom's grandma. Her name before she married was Ida Simcock. I do believe that before she was married, she lived in the area of Sarina Canada. After she married, they moved to Michigan. If anyone knows of how I could trace her, please write and let me know. My mom would like to find out more about her if at all possible. So would I like to know. Thanks for your help. Dawn


Fri Nov 23 22:14:04 2001

e-mail address:


Fri Nov 23 22:30:34 2001

Fran Patten
e-mail address: franmp@aol.com
researching: Bundy, Pittman

My ggggrandparents (who were probably Quakers) Moses Bundy and Elizabeth Pittman were married in Randolph Co, NC 13 Aug 1810. Elizabeth Pittman was supposed to be "a full blooded native American" born on Nantucket Island. I know of two daughters; my gggrandmother Malinda Bundy b 7 Jan 1816 in NC, d 9 Dec 1910 Rankin, Vermilion Co, IL. M William Patten, probably in IN. He died 20 Feb 1858 in Howard Co. IL. The second daughter Elizabeth Bundy was b 28 Jan 1818/9 and d in Sullivan Co, IN 3 Jul 1896. She married Miles Norris Patten 1 Sep 1836 in Sullivan Co, IN. I have not found a connection between William and Miles Norris Patten. I am interested in any information about the Pittman, Bundy or Patten family. --------------------------------------------------

Mon Nov 26 09:08:29 2001

e-mail address: cjsheldon@earthlink.net

Am hoping to have contacts with descendants of these SMITH families who were from the CREEK and NINE PARTNERS MM's. in Dutchess Co., NYS-coming in 1798 from Providence Co.,RI.--Smithfield and Glocester areas.Also,am seeking marriage data for about 1760- 1762,probably in the Smithfield,RI. area of Rufus-5- SMITH,raised Quaker, and wife,Mary[?SAYLES?], not a Quaker. So this couple ' married out' .But where and when? After Mary's death on Aug.27,1770,Rufus and his 4 or 5 young children are again back in the Monthly Meeting--I think at Smithfield,RI.although by 1775 he is living in Glocester,RI.-not far away.Thank you.C.J.Sheldon . --------------------------------------------------

Wed Nov 28 03:07:40 2001

Jimmy L. Hobson
e-mail address: pawrhino@aol.com
researching: Hobson-Musgrove?

I'm trying to find any info on Mourning Hobson that I can. I've looked for three years and have been unable to find his wife's name ( possiable Cherokee Indian ) or his parents names. Any help will be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance. --------------------------------------------------

Sat Dec 1 09:43:50 2001

Lynda Lowe Thompson
e-mail address: dan4lynda@aol.com
researching: Messer,Marriage,and Sein

Rachel Messer, my greatgrandmother married Walter Marriage I'm looking for children of this union. One child married a Sein (Spanish royalty) Herberto Sein worked at United Nations Any info will be appreciated