The Journey of Benjamin Price, 1799

The Journey of Benjamin Price, 1799

Some Observations About Early Quaker Settlements
in Pennsylvania, New York and Canada

Some families mentioned in Benjamin Price's travel journal:


Transcribed by Elizabeth F. Hopkins, December, 1935 (typed as spelled)
Original given to E.F.H., by Anna Wilson Mason, July, 1931.
Original and transcript are now in a private collection in Atlanta, Georgia.

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The following two notes in the handwriting of Miss Elizabeth Hopkins
were stored with the transcript of the Price journal.

[1] "Given to Elizabeth F. Hopkins by his granddaughter Anna (Mendenhall) Wilson Mason in July, 1931
Journal of Benjamin Price grandfather of Anna Wilson Mason, on his
circuit amongst "The Friends", in Pennsylvania, New York andCanada.

  • His mother, (wife of Philip Price) was a daughter of Jonathan Thomas
  • Benj. Price lived 12 miles from Norristown
  • Philip Price mar. _____ Thomas (dau. Jonathan Thomas)
  • [Their son] Benjamin Price mar. Jane Paxson
  • [Their dau.] Mary (Ann) Price mar. Josiah (T.?) Wilson
  • [Their dau.] Anna Mendenhall Wilson mar. A.H. Mason
  • [2] The Journal of Benjamin Price, kept during his visitations to the settlements of Friends ("Quakers"), in the states of Pa. & N.Y., and into Canada. He left his home, 12 mi. from Norristown, Pa., ca. the "1st of the 9 month, 1799", & reached home, the "21st of the 10 month, 1799." He was accompanied by 4 (?) Friends on horseback. The little book is about 7 X 4 in., hand-made, of heavy linen paper, & bound with pages from an old copy book - the front binding and 1st sheet (2 pages) of Journal are missing, & the beginning of p.3, too faded to read with certainty.

    The following maxims are found on the four pages of the copy book binding, 2 sheets sewed together, in shaded letters, of about the size and general formation taught children in the first grade, very plain and with no unnecessary strokes - all very perfectly formed.

    "Gratitude secures favour -- bounty creates esteem -- modesty always charms"

    [Miss Hopkin's transcript of the journal here follows]

    1st DAY p.3 O Clock to 34 (?) miles, a Member of Roaring Creek Meeting.

    3rd DAY

    Rode in the morning to James ELISES (?) who lately moved from Middletown was very glad to see us his old acquaintance but having little time to stay being their Mg. (meeting) Day we all Took a path throug [sic] the Woods along another the bushes so wet and rocks (?) in the path mad it Bad...however we persevered Resigned to to Nathan...a Friend near the Meeting...Where we rode...evening through Heavy Rain this day was a trying one to All of us particularly to Brother William however we were favoured to bare up one anothers hand and courage To go forward with a good degree of Cheerfulness To our humble admiration and came to our beloved Friend Jonathan SHOMAKERS in the Evening who Recd us kindly this was a Blessed Refreshing Evening and light sprang up in the Morning to our Mutual Refreshment here & wrote home to my Dear wife & children

    4th DAY

    wee Tarried till the afternoon then Rode to fishing Creek Accompanied by Robert FIELD to F[?]C hear Robert left us about 16 miles from Catewerog I have Sd something of outward Dificulty and inward Poverty but what shall I Say now the poor traveller is left at a Farm House in a Strange Land and though the man and wife were apparently kind And Our Accommodations good let it therefore Suffice to Say I left this place with a heavy heart

    5th DAY

    And Rod to John EVESES Near Fishing Creek Mg which wee attended Our horses being left Mg while to Feed this was a Refreshing time to Us here was A Large Family. The Old people and their Children Appearing much in the Simplicity Affectionate kind to one another as well As to Us who where Strangers here are good improvements for this part of the Country and the principle to Stand for Friends in the afternoon of this Day Rode to Muncy (?) to William ELISES About 14 Miles this Seems like A Temporary home haveing been here two years before & contracted Some considerable acquaintance with the Family and in the Neighbourhood let me Close this Day with saying we were all glad to be thus Accommodated

    6th DAY

    Stayed their week meeting. Spent the last of the Day and Night amongst my acquaintance and Relations And Returned to William ELISES Next Morning

    7th DAY

    being Very wet Tarried till After Noon William going with us Wee sit for pine grove to John WILLSONS and got there about Eight In the Evening have in Rode 14tn miles through heavy Rain but found a little House with abundance of good Room in wee thought wee scarcely Saw the like this Friend is from the Great Meddow and Several others in this place a few years pass I had now mind to Say anything To Discorag My Dear Friends in this Settlement For So they fell to me but I Do not like the Land it Appears to me to be thin and is Rough and Stony in General the pine low ground May be middling but have No prospect of this place thriving

    8th DAY

    (first of the week) all went to their meeting which is in a private house at one Nathan PEARSONS from thince to Moses WILLSONS to lodge all in helth and prety good Spirits Several kind Friends Spending the after Noon with us William PARKER wife and Friend Willsons were imployed in fixing us with a Stor of provisions for the wilderness which we had to in Counter the Next Day haveing previously a Greed with Samuel CARPENTER a son of Joseph CARPENTER of Muncy to meet us here he being Desireous to go with us to Niaggary he being worthy young man and much of A woodse man being Accostomed to laying out when survaying in the back Country we Seemed to look to him as a pilot tho he had Never gone this Rout however we were not disappointed for he proved A Very good gide and an Agreeabel Young Man to whome we were Nearly united his father Joseph CARPENTER & Friend Moses WILLSON A greed to pilot us along a path Over the Allagany being much Higher than the great rode all being prepared wee set out Early

    9th DAY

    Cloudy and Soon Came on Rain little Discouragement as yet took place All tho Difficulties Some times appeard yet I thought wee passed about 10 miles this Morning Crossing Licoming Creek and Allagany Mountain thoug Extreem Rough with Chearfullness being taken with beholding the Wonderfull works of providence who formedthe Rocks and Mountains the Spring and fountains of waters who prepared a place for the wild beasts of the forrest and Dens for the pisonous Serpent what is called the Alagany is much broke in this place thoug I think Some of the points we had to Cross Exell Any I have Ever Seen on the back Sid of one of them killed the first Rattle Snake I Ever Saw these Creatures I am told Never Run from an enimy nor persue any one Nay Some Say Not from fire but will fite it un till Death lycoming is a large Creek Running at the foot of the Allegany an in to Susquahannah it is Surprising how many of the Streams in this Back Country Seems to Cut the mountains by the roots and Run in a gentle Easy Current So that most or All the brantches of Susquehannah are Navigable for boats and lumber all most to their Sorces wee have got to one REDDERS on the high way our Friend going home the rain greatly in Creasing the Rod not So Mountainous thoug Extream bad we parted with Our Friends I hope under a great full Sence of their kind Ness to us but I thought with out the least Dying of Spirit I have Some time thought hopeing for the best and not knowing What is to Come is a hapy Situation after Rideing Some hours and geting hungry as well as our horses wee lit of by Trout Run fed on the ground out with Our provisions and Eat harty All thoughts of keeping from being wet being now lost by all my companions Nathan and Wm having complained long of their boots being full of water from thence set for the Block house where a frenchman of an infamous Charicter keeps Some sort of public house here got Oats for Our horses Refreshed our Silves a little Round the fire and partook of Some Cold provisoins Wm all most Discouraged from going further but the Rest preferring the wood to this place he a greed to go in hope of Reaching Some Settlement On the waters of Teagne(?) after leaving this place fed on the ground at a place called (?)PETERSES Camp this place thoug I Expected Some kind of a Settlemen was Nothing More than a Small peace of ground Cleared where one the Name of PETERS in Some Expedition in former years had in camp by the Side of Tyogne Down the waters of of which Rod after Night Crossing the Same Several times a bout Nine miles and at length Spid a light in a little Cabbin which was great Joy where wee arived about ten in the Evening wee have Rode this Day about forty three miles 43 and to our humble admiration have Not one Complaint it would be Cruil after being kindly Recd & Everything Done for us that was in the power of our land lord to Say the house was two Small or the beds Not good when the heart was Devoted to give us all the Comfort in their power and I may say some of My Fellow mortals in this Remote part part of the world have felt Near to my life howiver it may be Right to mention after Supper and a great fire being made wee all laid before the Same in our wet Cloath with our feet as Near as wee Could our boots & Coats being hung in the Corner to Dry and wee were greatly Refreshed after a hard Days Ride Not with Standin what hath been sd there is some good land intersperced where Settlements may be formed particularly from the top of the Saural (?) Mount till we pass my French Land lord perhaps 10 or 12 miles the timber for the most part pine shugar Maple beach & the white pine in some places wonderful.

    10th DAY

    Inst Left our kind land lord the name of WHITE and Rod Down and after a Cross the waters of Tiagne they being low and good bottom and the Rode in general good for hors men and most of this Days Rod for wagons if they were kept mended as in our Country along this River and Shore other branches Nearby as large there are Considerable improvements Chiefly made by New englanders who are Very Kind the land on these Waters Appear Excelent Some Fields of Corn and punkins as good if not better than I Ever Saw the Timber pine Shugar Maple beach white Walnut ash Some Shell bark hickory and Spanish Oak great quantityes of Wild plumbs which are Now in season of which wee partook freely This Days Rid was pleasant and Refreshing haveing but Very little fare weather or good Rodes Since I left home but the first Days Ride all this Streames Comes to gether at what is Called Seagne point a few miles below the painted post where wee Lodged on the banks of Couhocton the last branch of the four what was Surprising in the Days ride going a Northwesterly Cours we Should go Down the Stream of any of the Branches of Susquehannah but so it is the mountains seem to Direct the waters till they find Some brake where they glide gentelly a long affording Navigation beyond all Conception to one that had Never Traveled in the Back Countryes as well as fish fowl & I have mentioned two of the Indians Names of these Streams of water the others Chipung and Conisteen We are now in York State a bout forty Miles from Wyoming Our lodging Still on the (floor) flower which is become Easy prety good fare for horses and as to our Selves no Complaint our appetites good which wee Esteem a great favour and close this Day by just saying we have Rod thirty six Miles by Conput [ation]

    11th DAY

    Wee are Now in what Some call the Lake Country though Considered by us when at in the Genese how Ever there is many Small Lakes from one to Seven Miles in length the Timber and land Not very good in Many places Some parts Covered with white Oak the land wet and Stony Some pich pine inter Spersed with Various kinds but Not much black oak or hickory and Some Times ten or twelve Miles with out one Settlement the Rod is Not much to Complain on being Chief Leavel Country in which their are plenty of Rattlesnakes bare Dear wolves Some foxes and Rakoons and in Some of their low Creeks and Lakes their are some bevers in this Days ride no great appearance of increas of Inhabitents thos that are here Seem to improve but slow what land is cleared they generally Sow with wheat and if put in will they say do Very good and will sometimes bring 25 bushels to the Acre wee however Could get Nothing Else for our horses at Some of the Stages of grain kind thoug plenty of butifull wheat as I Ever Saw which our horses Eat freely Rode this Day about 34 miles Lodged at one plumbs Rather a Dull Time Samuel CARPENTER horse Some lame and Several little things combined to gether to try poor pilgrims (?) but in the morn Blown Very much of I Omitted Mentioning on the Tenth Days Rid an Exelent Stand between Chipung and Conisteen at one Lindseys and allso on the 11 at one (?) Fredrick BARTLES on Mud Creek or outlet of Crooked Lake being the head of one of these Branches of Susquehannah here is a Capitol Estate of Eight Thousand Acres of Land Grist Mill and Saw Mill in good order good house and well furnished for this part of the world Out houses and great quantity of Land Cleared the whole of which he Offered for Sale the price five thousand pounds he informed us his Sons had been twice with Lumber to baltimore but Could go with out Difficulty to Middletown thes Lakes abound in fish of which they tak in great plenty by a Rack or basket below the Dam So that in freshes they Some times take bushels I thoought this a grand Seat and great part of the Land good There is an other Lake all most in Sight that Empties in a Different Rout till it gets in to the genese River and So on to Albany and New York

    12th DAY

    wee found the best land take it throug of any wee have found sinc wee have been in the Genese Country though much the Same timber but Wonderfull in Sise in Many places grand Building and large farms Cleared Called at Kirn'l POTTERS to Refresh then passed over a bridge at the outlet of a Lake Near Wagoners (?) Mill in Jermans Settlement thence on to one GILBERTS and after geting the (?)Necessary meal Set for Williams ENGLE'S Near Cana Darqua Lake where wee Tarried the Night his wife Being Sister to our Mother Daughter of Jonathan THOMAS. They have a place and a large Two Story log house well furnished Not with provisions only but Choys good Feather beds this is a Rarity of which wee were willing to pertake all in good helth S CARPENTER gon this Night to see an Uncle of his in the Neighbourhood to meet us in a few days at Mud Creek this Days Ride 34 miles

    13th DAY

    Not in a great hurry In Dulgence is plesant and our kind Friends were happy to have it in their power To Serve us and it Suited well for to Mud Creek was our Days Rid about 12 miles however after a late breakfast and Settling Some business I was intrusted with for her Conections in My Neighbourhood we Took our Leave of them and passing throug The Town of Canadarqua Crossing A bridge at the outlet of the Lake about 2 miles from our Lodging in this Town there is about Seventy good Dwelling houses a Elegant Court hous being the County Town the building Chiefly frame generally finish Much alike in the Narrow Bord 3 or 4 inches wide and Neatly painted I cannot Suppose it is all way as we found it in this place Not one Tavern that could furnish us with oats for our horses and our Diners however wee might have got oats at one and Dined at another but that Not Suiting our in Clination wee passed throug and Rod 10 miles by Computation on low wet and to all appearenc Very Rich land they are Crosswayed in many places to make them passable and the cross way is too bad for any body to Ride but such as are used to it being Done with the logs that are Cut out of Rode of all Scises and Roled in promesquesly Together perhaps one two feet throug and the Nixt four or five inches we got a long however some times On foot Driving Our horse to learn to travel on them for we began To find their would bee much of this kind of Rode and they Reely improved fast So that we Rode Soon with less Dainger and arived at our lodging in the Evening Soaken wet by a heavey Shour of Rain wee are Now at Nathan COMBSTOCKS at Mud Crek at Candarqua a friend from New York yearly Mg with a Concider Number More who have held a Meeting some years at his house and Expect a preparative Meeting Settled this fall amongst them I have Cause to have in great Remembrance the kind Ness of this famaly and Frineds In this Neighbourhood takeing Care to wash all our Dirty Clothes and have our horses to Rest whilst amongst them many of them are groing Rich and I hope good

    14th DAY

    went to Jeremiah SMITHS and Abraham LAPHAMS Stayd at Abrahams this Night though There are Many good Farms in this place I Saw None Eaquel to this I think I Never So much hay to So Small a peace of ground the whole Farms however are wonderfull food grass here are twenty Milck Cows A large Chees house two screw presses (?) in it Seventy or Eghty Cheeses Some as larg I think as I hav Ever Seen and are Ready Sale in the Towns and garisons for a good price I underStood they Expect in one or 2 years when the land is Cleared that the Timber is Killed on they shall keep 20 more there is one curiosety I had like to Omited thoug Sheep are Not Very plenty in general there is a great many her Very fine a Mongst whech there is one Ewe that had four lambs All large good lambs which She Raised with very little assistance and now wee saw following herd

    15th DAY

    (and first of the week) attended Their Meeting at [F?] COMBSTOCKS Stayd to Dine then Took our leave of them which was in Deed Solom haveing no prospect of Ever Seing one another more then went with Jacob SMITH about Six Miles to his house he haveing wated for us his Brother Joseph lives Near and Came to Spent the Evening they have a great Tract of land grist Mill and Saw mill though Not Members yet used us with great hospitallity Said they were glad to have it in their power to Serve us and if Ever wee Came that way wee Should be welom to the best they had

    16th DAY

    Wee parted with them on the mor Ning of the 16th under Tender impressions Not So Much from their kindNess to us but from a full belief that the Shepherd of Israel is makein himSelf know to Sheep that are Not of this fold

    then Rode to one SEERS that kept a publick hous a bout 10 miles the Rod bad and Difficult to find being a Cross the Country in to the Rode wee had left at Canadarqua but Came Safe Soon fed and pooshed forward to the genese River being fifteen Miles fed provided oats for our horses least wee should Not find a sepply at the Next Stage which proved well then forded the genesee River Came to a Small Settle of indians on the Bank of the Sam being A Reservasion of Capitoul Land there are a Number of Small log houses Covered with Bark being Common a mongst and where it is well Done looks Very well the Land Lays a Common where thees Come and wild beast Run yet they Some peaces of good Corn punkins potatos & the poor fellows appear quite Friendly but but few of them Could Speak Our language put up a bout 14 Miles Over the River at a house and Store that was Raised for To accomodat Surveyors in lay Ing that Country the business being Chiefly don there was not much for us but a house to lodge in a gain on the floor & Our provision to Carry for Man and hors this Days Ride About 39 Miles

    17th DAY

    Set out Early and Traveld throug what is Called the 20 Mile Swamp this as much of the genese Country appears Very Rich Land and the Timber in Many Places Exceed any I have Ever Saw in any other part white oak Spanish oak and walnut five Six and Some Say Seven feet throug as also pine hemlock and Spruce in some places Not much inferior beach and Shugar Maple Seem To Cover the face of the Whole Back Countries So that Every far Mer may Easely Make as Much Shugar and Molasses as they have Need of the Shougar is good if Carefully Made & this Molases the best I Ever saw in this Days Ride there are Some large Springs Sufficien to Turn any Mill I Suppose Dry and one wee was at Semes to be Damed up by old gray Rocks that form a Natral Dam Over which it falls perhaps 20 feet here they Tell us their are a Bundance of Trout their are some other good Mill Streams but the Country in general Dose not appear To Me to be a well watered Country their is a hous Raised by the Side of Tontewanty Creek that wee heard was Coverd in & thought to have Stayd this Night but Not findin it as wee Expected and Some Travelers Told us Many Stoping there had Stored it well with flees and Some Sd Lice too Not being Night when wee came here concluded to go on to an other Stream of water on what is Called the great plains but Night Coming on before wee Could Reach it con clud to Seek for Water and hapely found a Small Spring a little of the Road on the Edge of the great plains which a bound in Wild grass as high as a Horses back and when young is good feed All Lit of applyed ourselves some to Takeing Care of the horse Some to Makeing fire others prepareing Supper & what was surprising as it fell to my lot and S. CARPENTERS to make a fire and the place so likely for Rattle Snakes by the Sid of an old Log that wee found ourselves Treading Down the grass puling out limbs and Rubish bare handed without the feare and Soon got a great fire and our Supper Spread our bags under us under a great Spreding White Oak and Slept Sweetly

    Several of our horses were Turned loos some Spanieled (?) and but one bell had it Not been for an old Dutch man from a bout New York falling in with us wee might have our horses to hunt but his being loos and not being used much from home he grew uneasy and with a young man as Companian after Midnight went in Serch of them and found those that were loos in the Road about one Mile on there way home brought them in which Alarm Raised the Whole famaly gathered up all the rest and fed them All tho I have givena favourable Account of this Night we were Ready for an Early Start in the Morning

    18th DAY

    Being Desireous to get on our way as fast as Convenient though fond of Novelty were glad to find an House the next Night to Lodge in which Was hapily Did in good time in this Days Ride Some things Singular and others trying was Our portion When we came to Buffelow called at the Tavern for our Dinners Had Oats for our Horses being Weary and out of feed they Sd they Were in No way provided to Serve us while Some were pressing for what was Necessary Joseph ELLICOTT Being in Some Company Nigh Came to Me asked how I Did Sd he Saw Some Old Quakers and Came to take them home with him To know who they were and what they were after Sd he was a Quaker So on we went to his House was Entertained Very hospitably this is a beautifull situation haveing a full View of LAKE EARY which wrought Veheamently at this time and had Indeed the Appearence of the Mighty Ocean this Lake in Near three Hundred Miles in length and fifty miles wide Abounding in Vast Quanttitys of fish of Various kinds Such as pickerel white and black bass Salmon Cat & Surgeon the Cat Some Say of the Largest Sise will weigh fifty Weight here is a Reservation of Land that the Indians hold on a Creek by them Called buffelow which Emties in Lake Eary at this place on the banks of which there is an Indian Town built and a Considerable Number of them live of the Cherokee Nation Many of whome wee Saw and had Conversation with Some of them who appeared friendly few of them ready in our Language made difficult to have much satisfaction. Many of them wee are Told are fond of whiskey and Some Drink it to excess I think it time to leave Our kind friend Joseph ELLICOTT which wee did in Near affection And Rode Down the lake thre miles And a half to the ferry being Delightfull had our horses been as much Taken as the Riders however they went prety well after a Short time the Boat being on the other Sid had to wate

    Nathan SMC & My Self walked up the Shoe to Some Indians who were fishing Caut Some and bought others of them gave them Some money & fish hooks which I had Takin for the purpose with which they were much pleased the Boat Coming we hasted to go Over being Near Night This was the tryingest Dispensation I Ever Experienced on the water This ferry is at the out Let of the Lake a Strong Current and about thre Quarters of a mile wide the last high Tides and I thought too small for such a ferry and So it was for we (were told?) the Right hors boat was Down the River and Not to be had at that time the ferry men Sd however it was Very Safe our horses were loth to go in and behaved bad When in So that wee thought the boat Would have sunk before wee Could posably get them to be Quiet and would if the water had been Deep Among as Soon however as they got Set across the boat and a little quiet Istead of giveing us leave to lighten the boat they Swang of the boat and being Detirmined went in to the Deep the wind high and the water Rough made it indead the most awfull of any thoug I Ever Experienced on the water I thought indeed that Nothing But Omnipotent power Could Save us thanks be to god wee Landed Safe and hope were Enabled to Commemorate his goodness and sing of his wonderous works wee are Now in a good house in Upper Canada and have Rode a Bout 35 Miles Our Land lady prepared Some of our fish and got us An Exelent Supper and thoug it was a Stormy night and the wind beat Veheament of the Lake like a Hurakine which are not unfrequent in this Country wee felt a good Degre of Composure and the later part of the Night got Some Sleep which was Very Refreshing

    19th DAY

    the Morning of the 19 being Clear Took a walk out to View the place and I thought the Situation beautifull The land level and good large places Cleared and in good Repair laying high Above the bed of the river And Commanding a full View of the lake which Still Continues Casting up white Caps the wind not being wholy abated it is now time To think of Movein to Asa SCHOOLEYS At Black Creek being the Friends House proposed for all the Commitee to meet at before wee left home to Endeavour to be there on the 20 of the 9st month 1799 where we got as friends were Gethering to their week Day Meeting about 12 miles Called at Abraham WEBSTERS on our way while going the Road bad and not Direct this way but Some higher than up the lake. This was a comfort Able good home for us they being I hope Tender Spirited good Friends and Truly kind to us Stayed the Night My Old Friend John CUTTER and Several others Spending the after Noon and Evening this Seemed a peasfull time

    20th DAY

    Some of our friends going with us we spent Most of the Day in Seeing Some of these Neighbours and the Country to the Sid of the lake Mearly as a Day of Relaxation and Recreation from hard Ships in Traviling which wee experienced Many and Various In the Evening Returned under peasfull Sensations that hitherto wee have been preserved through many and various Difficulties

    21st DAY

    after breakfast william and I went to Jno CUTTERS half a mile Returned to Dine all looking Antious to See Our Brethren time Seems to hang heavy impatient to Be Released and No way to Move Till United with Our brethren felt All Most an irresistable flow of Affectoin to My Dear Wife and Children which for the Most part hath been kept I hope in a good Degre in its proper place I Now feel what I feared before I left home that if any thing Should frustra our Meting Near the Same time it would be a trying Circomstance I write on an old log after A Solitary walk desireous to be Preserved in patience believing Hither to we have been hilped Soon after writing this to our great Joy our bretheren Came All in helth Except Joshua SHARPLESS who was much hurt by a fall into a Sellar in the Night throug a trap door in the flower being Carelessly Left open and after by his footing giveing way in Steping in to a boat gave him and Sevear fall on its Sid which proved Very afflicting for Some tim not being able to go out or travel for Several Days in which Tryal I hope wee were Simpathiseing brethern and Rejoysed to have him a gain able to Ride

    22nd DAY

    (and firs of the week) attended their meeting which hath ben held at Asa SCHOOLIES Some tim twice a week After Meeting Conferred to gether And Concluded to pay a visit to the Famalies of Friends in this Settle and Such others that are not members and live in the place as Friends saw their way which was performed this Day

    23rd & 24th DAYS

    set forward for the SORT HILL Settlement or PELLHAM Joshua Not being able to Ride which was a Trial to him and us wee left his at a Frds house where he was Tenderly Nurst and followed in a few Days wee proceded forward About Eight Miles to the River Very bad Rode then 12 on the bank of Niaggary to Chipway the Rode being good and Many Valueble in prove ments the land for the most good being mostly A level Country on both Sides Afforded me a full View of that Grand River to gether with the Rapids and FALLS OF NIAGGARY which I had Often heard of and one year past little Expected Ever to See them this wonderfull Caterack hath Often been Described with Tongue And pen by Much Abler hands then there fore I Shall Rest Satisfied with Just Saying that thoug they Err in Some particulars or Differ in their IDeas yet the Sight is beyond any thing that hath been Told in takeing a View of the whole For to See Such a Vast body of water which Is Said to be three quarter of a mile wide and thirty feet Deep passing through what is Called the Rapids over Vast ledges of Rocks which are inter Spersed in the bed of the River to gether with the perpendicular fall of one hundred and fifty feet with Every other wonderfull Structure of Nature in order to its perminency Exhibits a View as truly awfull as it Is pleasing I have often heard it Said that the Spray or fog ariseing from the Fall of this Mighty water when Ever The Sun Shines upon it forms a Beautifull Rainbow of which I am Now a witness but as to the water Shooting So far over the Rock as Some have Said to leave Room for to walk great part or all the way to the other Sid is with out foundation if the Water Continued to fall in a Solid Colum the Whole way there might be Some ground for this Idea but on the Contrary it appears to be Distorted in Every Direction like a thick cloud or Watery Mass of Darkness as Egypts that may be felt and is by all that Come near Some of our Company However not being Satisfied Set out for the foot of the Rock along the Side of the River below the falls but Returned well Satisfied of the imPossibility of liveing many minutes Then if it was possible for any one to attain it from the fall of this water assends Contineally fog or Mist like vast Colloms of Smoke which Form in Clouds from which the Earth Is watered by gentle Showers all most Every Day which way So ever the Wind bare them So that in this Neigh Bourhood they have great Difficulty in gethering their hay & harvest

    Before I close the Narative of this day It will be Right to mention an Account given of a Spring Issuing out of the Rocks or bank of the River Opposite the Rapids which a Young Man informed us was Set on fire when he was Clearing and burning logs and trash on the bank for a mill Seat by Some of the fire brands Roleing in the Spring at which he was much alarmed havein Never heard of the lik however I had other Testamonys who Say that great Numbers frequently Collected who Saw it and by in Closing the Spring with Sheat Iron in the form of a Stove pipe they boiled Water in a Tea kittle and Drank Tea their I should have been glad to have Sen as much as is heard Related but it being in the place where the Mill must Stand in found in the Same the Spring was Sunk under the other water this appears to me to be a grand place for Mills two being allready Built at A Small Distance there is great conveniences for Mills And the water Seldom Rises more then 12 or 15 inches So that by Running a wing in to the Stream A Sufficient quantity of water May be Readily Collected to turn a wheel constant or Several of them Not with Standing the account of this Extrodinary Spring it is not Supposed that water will burn but the Sulferous air that pass through the Earth with the water from large bodies of which is supposed to be Near Now about to leave Chipeway a pleasant Situation A Number of Store houses and Taverns for the accomodations of travelers by land and water being the Carring [?-g.s.] place from below the falls to the head of the Rapids wee have ten Miles to Cousin John HILLS of bad Rode and his farm layin of found Some Difficully in geting a long haveing mist our way but Set Right by a kind Neighbour of his and Came in before Night to our great joy they being glad to See us and Truly kind whilst with them

    25th DAY

    Set for SHORT HILL Settlement in Company with Cousin John HILL and Daughter being their week meeting this morning passed through low wet land Some Streams of water on which in time past there hath been large bever Dams which are Now good Medow and few of these Creatures in this part of the Country here are Some young orchards that look well Considerable improve ments good Mill Streams and grist and Sawmils built being a lime Stone Country or Neighbourhood have Rode a bout 10 miles lef our horses at Simon GILLOMS and John TAYLORS and got in Time to their Meeting After which Friends of the Commitee Concluded to pay a visit to the families of Friends and Such others as way might Open being a Consider Number that attend their meeting generly that are not members

    26th, 27th & 28th DAYS

    Set out on foot to see friends in their houses and got throug on the 27 and on the 28 and last of the week at Jeremier MORES being a leasure Day gave opertunity to write home by way of New Work by post which Some of us had thought of for Some time if way opened which wee Did by Sending thru garison or fort Called Niaggary from whence post goes onste in two weeks

    29th DAY

    (and first of the week) attended SHORT HILL Meeting and one in the After Noon at Samuel BECKKETS Six miles from the meeting here I Tarried the Night brother William and Nathan

    30th DAY

    Next morning being the 30th met the whole comietee had a weighty conference to gether Respecting a Friend in the Settlement which had given some uneasyness to Friends Some of us haveing had an Opertunity with him in A more privat Capasity it was Concluded however for the whole Comitte meet him at the Meeting house and he to be notified of our Desire which he Readily Complyed with all being Met I thought it was a favoured opertunity and I will prove of Some Solid advantag then Returned to Friend BEKKET.

    31st DAY

    being the (October) 1st of the month and 3 of the week A Meeting of Conference being Appointed was held this Day at the Meeting hous which I attended with Great Difficulty but to Solid Satisfaction way Opening with A good Degre of Clearness and Uninimity that It would be Right to Open a monthly Meeting of Friends in this goverment to be held at this place the Next Day for the first which was held accordingly

    34nd DAY and Return Trip

    on the 2nd of the 10 month and 4 of the week 1799 to be known by the Name of PELLHAM Monthly Meeting to be held alternately at this Place and BLACK CREEK at Pellham the first fourth Day in Every Even Month and at BLACK CREEK on the first fifth Day in Every Od Month and preparative Meetings to be held on the fourth and fifth Days preeceding the Month Meeting at Each place No Opening at present with Clearness Respecting a Separate Meeting for Women Through the Cours of being a mongst our Dear Friends in this place and the Many Solom Opertunities Wee have had on deliberating on the weighty business on which wee were Sent in to this Govermen My Heart hath often been Tendered and Led in to special Care and Near Simpathy with them fully Believeing their is A precious Seed in this part of the world and if faithfully Cherished there will be many plants of Renown Ere long in the New world Even like of Our heavenly Fathers Right hand planting Some of whome throug the Cours of my bodily afflictoin an Other ways lonely Tryed Situation in this foreign land Separate from My Dear Wife and Children have Often felt Near to My Life before I close this Days Narative It may be Right to mention Jeremiah MORE was appointed Clerk to the Month Meeting Samuel BECKET Joshua GILLUM and Jeremiah MORES wife Over Seers at Pellham and Asa SCHOOLY Nathaniel WEBSTER and Sd SCHOOLYS wife at Black Creek

    Haveing got throug the Most Important part of our labours in this part of the World wee Took Our Sollom leave of our Friends in this Settlemen and of my Much Beloved Friends Samuel BECCKETS Famaly who manifested Such Near Simpathy and Tender Care for me whilst with them under bodily affliction that I Trust will never Be arased from My Memroy whilst I Remain a Reason being and Set Forward on the 3rd All in Company as far as John HILLS Joshua left us here four of us haveing previously a greed to go to Newark about 18 miles haveing Some business of a Temporal Concern as well as A desire to see George BRADSHAW and wife who live in this Town they formerly being members of our Society this was an agreeable Ride great part of the way on the bank of the River to appearence good Country passed throug Queens Town a little Village on the banks of Niaggary Seven Miles from Newark here we Dined found Cousin Ben CANBY who was glad to see us and wee him wee Dined together and agreed to Call on him Tomorrow he proposeing to go with us to a Meeting appointed at a house on Our way home Called a fedrel house in the Neighbourhood of which Nathan And william had Stayed the Evening wee left them at one William LUNDIES in order that Notice might be given wee parted with Cousin ben and got in before Night put up our horses at an inn Enquired for georg Brad Shaw and went to his house who Recde us kindly walked with him throug the Town and to the LAKE ONTARIO at the Sid of which the River Runs in here is A pleasant Situation affording a full View of the Lak and fort on the Side of the United States on a Lofty Neck of Land that Runs out in the Lak on one Sid and the River on the other and Seem to Command both the British are Erecting Another about half a Mile up the River which wee passed goin in to the Town Called fort Georg in this Town are about Sixty houses many of them well finished

    Tarried this Night with george he and his wife appearing Friendly to us George SHOEING Some of our horses haveing a Large Shop and Drives the Smith trad in an Extencive way Left this place the 4 Early Next MornIng haveing 17 miles to wride to meet our Bretheren at the At the Meeting appointed Met In Season Benjamin CANBY Coming Coming to Mg with whome wee Should have been glad to have Spent a little more time but No opertunity being to present with hearts filled with Care for him wee parted he Told us he had not lost all the Quaker but I was all Most Impossabl to preserve all poor Cousin ben My heart Erns for him it seemed to Me he hath Been Strugling for to Make a forTun as well as to be good and hath been in Some degree Disappointed in both Stayed this night at William LONDIES not Being Recovered from my Indisposison this Famaly was kind and william Said I Should Take Some Spirits of Turpentine and Loaf Shugar And It would Cure My Side and And brake my Cold and Cough that had been Very afflicting for many Days and I thought it was of great Service and Recovered Soon after Left this place on the 5 and Set for Asa SCHOOLIES My Companions inClineing to Speind Some More time At the Falls which we passed again this Day I Chose to go on a lone havin had My Satisfaction here to fore

    The Day proveing Rany made it Trying in My week Stat but had No fresh Cold and Came to Frd SCHOOLIES In good time Since I have left Friends BECKKETS I Suppose I have Rod 81 Miles this Evening felt a peasefull mind got the best nights Rest I have had for one week past next morning being the 7 of the mont And first of the week wee were all present at their Meeting being the last wee Expected to be at in this goverment as will as the last time Some of Us Ever Expected to See Other in Mutability I thought It was a Solom instructing Season And I trust parted with our beloved Friends of this Settlement in Near Simpathy and Tru brother Affection and Concluded to Set homeward Next Day the Morning proposed for our Return being the 7 is Now arrived and looks plesant and from the best Sence peasefull haveing Endeavoured I Hope to Do Right acording to the best of Our understanding and leave the Event to him who Sd To the Sea thus far Shalt thou Come and No farther And left our Friend Asa SCHOOLIES Famaly and Many more who came To See us Start Under humbling Impressings went by the way of the Lake being the best Road but Not So near to the ferry A good boat being provided passed it With out the least Difficulty or Intimidation and Rode up the River To buffelow Stayd at the Tavern and Joseph ELICOTTS of whome I have given some account in going out as Our Return from this place is the Same way and Nothing Meterial occuring but like a Repetion of the Same thing I thought It might Sufis Just to Say that for the most part wee had a pleasant Journey home

    Much pleasanter weather wrode in Common one hundred Miles in three Days in Which we found Enough for our Selves and horses our principle Delay was at Exeter and potstown Friends Having passed these meeting Going out I have had no account Of My Dear wife and Famaly Till I came to Norris Town 12 Miles From My habitation Though have wrot Several leters Some of whome they Recd before My Return which was on the 21st of the 10 Mont 1799 this was A pleasant Clear Mild Day and as we turned in in to My lane in Sight of the house haveing Just before herd of the helth of my Dear Wife and Famaly I Mentioned to Thomas (?) STEWARDSO who was Riding with me as it very unexected Ros in my heart that when Jacob Saw the Wagons Said it is Enough If I have Cast up the Several Stages Right

    It is four hundred and fifty three miles to PELLHAM and about twenty to NEWARK which makes 475 milde Exclusive of our Riding out of the common leading Rode

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