1806 Travel Journey of Quaker Daniel Huff
Note from JTR: This information was submitted to the Quaker Corner by jerry sanner, jsunsan@kestrok.com, Sunbird Trading Co., PO Box 2022, Aiea, HI 96701. He found the Journal at the Iowa State Library in Des Moines some years ago.
Note from Jerry Sanner: Daniel HUFF and his wife Margaret came to Ohio in 1806, so this journal was probably written in the same or following year, as they arrive at his fathers on Day 31. Quaker records may show when Daniel & Sarah left for Ohio and when they arrived in Ohio. They had 8 children and the next one was born in 1810, in Ohio, so that date should be pretty close. According to "The Frontiersman," Daniel crossed the Ohio River at Limestone, KY, later called Maysville.
Daniel Huff's Journal of the Journey with his wife Sarah and their eight children and others from Deep River, Surry Co., North Carolina to near Leesburg, Highland Co., Ohio. Here is a journal written by the son of Daniel Huff, who married second, Margaret Beals Horton, daughter of Rev. Thomas and Sarah (Ancram) BEALS.
Day 1. The 28 day of the 4 mo we started and got 11 miles.
Day 2. We got 18 miles we got along very well thaugh we got along without any change.
Day 5. We got 15 miles crossing the iron mountain that day and a terrible rode we had sometimes had to lock two wheels for Some Distance and seemed like the wagon sometimes would be Dashed to pieces and we had considerble of rain on us that day but we got along with out any loss aney more then we lost Jessee.
Day 6. We got 18 miles got along very well that Day but that night it rained and the wind blew and me nor Sarah got but very little sleep very tiresome night to us but we bore it all patiently.
Day 7. We got 10 miles it raining when we started made the rodes very wet and muddy caused sort a very hard days travel to us but we had to - - - - night and get into a cabin by the roade the owner giving us leve where we made a good fire and warmed ourselves and dried our cloths and I belive all was glad that we met with a good opportunity as to get into a home for it was a very stormy night.
Day 8. We got 18 miles this morning Jesse was sick but after we started he got better and we had very muddy rodes and a hard Days travel and we passed through a town called Abingdon.
Day 10. We got 19 miles without any interruptions any more then muddy rodes we took up our lodging early this evening clear beautiful it was, but morning it rained and thundered considerable and we had all to get into the wagons whare we got but very little more sleep that night.
Day 11. We got 16 miles which reached the north fork if Holston which was too full to ford, This day it rained and the rodes very hilly and rocky and some places very muddy which caused it to be a very hard Days travel to us our expenses to this place has been two dollars and three quarters.
Day 12. We got 16 miles had to ferry over the river this morning Clear Beautiful morning but before night we had plenty of rain, wind, thunder and hail so that the ground was covered we drove our wagons out into a open place whare we unhitched our horses and stayed till it was perty much over then starterd. It being wonderful cold so we had to put on clothe like winter time but we soon took up camp made a good fire and got supper whare we all eat very hearty and seemed very cheery considering the hardships of the Day we left three Dollars and three quarters go that day.
Day 13. We got 16 miles this morning was a thick Dark foggy morning I think the coldest that I ever remember of seeing this time of year this day we had very muddy rodes part of the Day and we passed through a little town called Rogersville it being a county town of Hawkins [Co.] in tinnses [Tennessee] State thare we seed them weveing stockins and Bought Coffy at 3sh a pound North Carolina money we left 10d and 6d go that day.
Day 14. We got 16 miles which reached near Clinch Mountains this day we passed through Been Station this evening several of us is not well being so much out in the wet and it being so wonderful cold for the seson I belive occationed us to take cold we let 2 dollars and three quarters go that Day
Day 15. We got 13 miles crossing Clinches Mountains that day. Think we came down some of the worst hills that I every seed a wagon go take down some branches with both wheels locked for near half mile at a time over the rocks in [it] seemed like the waggons would be dashed to pieces we had to ferry over Clinch river but rain came on us before night and we got into a mans Barn whare we rested middling well Several of us has been unwell this Day especialy Little Sally though better this evening we let two Dollars and a half go that day.
Day 16. We got 17 miles a wet muddy time we had to cross Powale River and Cumberland Mountain this day but we got along very well and all seems to be middling well this evening we let 21sh go that day
Day 17. We got 17 miles and a Bad rode we had passing through the turn pike and ferryed over the Cumberland river this day But all seems to be middling well the evening consider the hardship of the day we let 6 dollars go this day
Day 18. We got 18 miles very Bad muddy rodes we had But we got along very well and all seems to be well and we let 14sh go that day
Day 19. We got 20 miles which reached to the Matason rode whare we let 6sh go this day.
Day 21. We got 19 miles this day Wm Davis found a bee tree and we cut it down got half a gallon honey after 20 persons eat what they would this was near the crab orchard we let 15sh and 6d this day
Day 22. We got 18 miles we passed through a town called Lankester and all seems to be well this evening and we let 9sh go this Day
Day 23. We got 17 miles which reached to Uncle Edward Stephens and Wm Oans whare we was recieved very freely and used kindly we passed though a town called Nicholasville and nere that town we lost our Bigg dog we let 20sh and 6d go that day.
Day 24. We concluded to stop and stay with a kind kindred this day and wash and renew our stock of provitions which we did and we let 6sh go that day.
Day 25. We got 21 miles passing through a town called Paris where we seed thare carding and spining Mesheen [machine] and another towns called Millersburgh and we let 6sh go that day
Day 27. We got 20 miles and passed through two little towns and crossed the river Liken the names of the towns is Lewisville and Mayslick we let 6sh go that Day
Day 28. We got 17 miles passing through a town called Limestone and crossed the great river Ohio they say it is a half mile and 20 rods across and we let 3 dollars gothat day.
Day 29. We got 18 miles through a flat wet piece of ground where but few people live looks like being storms of wind and rain several times that day but we had not much at a time
Day 30. We got 18 miles this afternoon our Bird mare give out She had been declining this several days So we had to stop at our kind friend Joel Brown and stay all night where it Seemed comfortable to be among our friends onst more this was near the rocky fork of Paint
Day 31. We got 12 miles which reached to fathers But this morning our mare was so far gone that we had to leave her at our friend Joel Browns and go on with three creatures he being willing to do the best he could for us. Ann Dobbins and Rachel started on before the wagons and got to fathers some miles before us and father came to meet us and we was glad to [meet] him and he was glad to see us so we went on with him to his house whare we found all well.
Next day we went to meeting where friends seemed glad to see us.
Next day Daniel and me went 20 miles for corn give 20 per bushel.
Next day came home.
Next day went back to Joel Browns to see my mare She seemed more like dying than living and me being in a strange land and having no Sarten dwelling place I concluded I had better take something for her than untertake to Doctor and raise her so I sold her for 20 dollars in trade got the part.
Next day being First day we went to meeting.
Next day father and me went and looked for a place But found none that suited that we could get- I neglected giving a full account for the day we went for corn - we moved into a cabin in a half mile of fathers next day father and I looked for a place and found none.
Next day went to meeting a travelling friend bring there gave us good instruction that afternoon we got the place whare we now live to stay at this summer and thare is four acres of coen planted we have half for tending it this is a half mile of fathers.
The whole of the distance is 498 miles.
[On the back of the copy of the journal were these words ]
"From Learning Springs all Noble Things"

The HUFF Family

This information was submitted to the Quaker Corner by jerry sanner, jsunsan@kestrok.com, Sunbird Trading Co., PO Box 2022, Aiea, HI 96701.
1. John Huff, b. 1673, Yorkshire, England; d. New Jersey
2. Daniel Huff, b. 1705? N.J.; d. 1751, N.J. m. Elizabeth Dudly, b. 1705, England; d. 1773, N.J.
3. Daniel Huff ( Daniel 2, John 1)
b. N.J.; d. Randolph Co., NC; m. Mary Worley [Wehrle], b. 1716, Va.; d. 1773, N.C. Mary's parents were Jabez [b. 1680, Hanover - d. 1748, Va.] and Mildred (Bacon) Wehrle, [b. 1696, Va. d. 1754, Va.]
Issue of Daniel Huff and Mary his wife
+4. I. Daniel b. Feb. 24, 1747 N.J.
Note: A} William Hough b. C1750 - m. Mary ----- - Issue HOUGH }Charlette Hough m. John Bond
4. Daniel Huff (Daniel 3, Daniel 2, John 1)
Son of Daniel and Mary his wife was born 24th day, 2nd mo. in the year of our Lord 1747, in the state of New Jersey. Daniel was weakly and went from New Jersey to Shanandoah to doctor with Dr. Nave. Elisabeth, his wife was born the 15th day of the 4th month in the year of our Lord 1748. She lived in the Shanandoah Valley near Winchester, Virginia. Elizabeth Christy was raised with the Dr. Nave's family. Daniel got acquainted with her and they were married. Elisabeth's parents were Conrad [b. 1709, Ireland - d. 1776, Dinwiddie Co., Va.] and Helen (Montgomery) [b. 1714, Ireland - d. 1774, Dinwiddie Co., Va.] Daniel and Elisabeth moved from there to Surry Co., No. Carolina.
Elisabeth Huff wife of Daniel Huff died at Surry Co., North Carolina about the year 1803. Daniel m. secondly Margaret (Beals) Horton, she being a widow. Her husband, James Horton, had gone away from home and never returned. It was supposed that he had been killed by the Indians. [James Horton was taken by the Shawnee Indians to Ohio and burned at the stake]
Margaret was the daughter of Quaker missionary, Thomas Beals and Sarah (Ancram) his wife, who were living at the time near Blue Stone, Va. Daniel and Margaret his wife came to Ohio in 1806. William E. Hutchens, a grandson of Daniel and Elisabeth Huff, came to Ohio with them. [his mother Keziah (Huff) Hutchens being dead.]
Margaret Beals b. Oct. 10, 1757, Surry co., NC - m. Jan. 17, 1778 James Horton; m (2) Daniel Huff - Fairfield Monthly Meeting (Ohio) contains the following minutes in regard to Daniel Huff and his wife Margaret.
9-26-1807: Daniel Huff produced a copy of a minute for himself and wife Margaret, from Deep Creek Monthly Meeting, Surry Co., North Carolina, bearing the date 4th of the 4th month 1807, setting forth their prospects of travelling into these parts and remaining the summer; which was read. The clerk is directed to endorse the same on behalf of this meeting.
4-30-1808: The following certificate of removal was produced to this meeting read and accepted - one for Daniel Huff and grandson, William Hutchens from Deep Creek Monthly Meeting, Surry Co., North Carolina.
3-31-1810: Our friend Daniel Huff expressed a freedom to accompany our friends Mildred Ratcliff and Millery Tomlinson on their religious visit.... (Which was to Gravely Run, Dinwiddie Co., Va.; Newberry, Tennessee etc.)
9-28-1811: Daniel Huff appointed Elder - 80-30-1817: Margaret Huff appointed Elder.
7-29-1820: Our Friend Margaret Huff informed the meeting that she felt freedom to accompany her sister, Elizabeth Bond, on a religious visit to friends in North Carolina.
Daniel d. 1 12, 1816, buried Fairfield FBG, Ohio & Margaret d. 11, 18, 1833, Carmel, Hamilton co., Indiana
Children of Daniel and Elisabeth Huff
+5. I. Mary b. 3rd day of the 10th mo. 1767 m. John Bond
+6. II. Jemimia b. 3rd. day of the 6th mo., 1769 m. Richard Jones
7. III. John b. 2nd day of the 11th mo., 1770
8. IV. Martha b. 23rd day of the 11th mo., 1772
+9. V. Daniel b. 12th day of the 7th mo., 1774
10. VI. Anne b. 19th day of the 2nd mo., 1776 m. Edward Bond Jr.
11. VII. Jesse b. 3rd. day of the 12th mo., 1777
12. III. Keziah b. 20th day of the 12th mo., 1779 [daughter]
13. IX. Lydia b. 2nd day of the 4th mo., 1786
14. X. Joshua b. 8th day of the 8th mo., 1788
15. XI. Margaret b. 2nd day of the 1st. mo., 1792
5. Mary Huff (Daniel 4, Daniel 3, Daniel 2, John 1)
b. 3rd day of the 10th mo. 1767 Surry co., NC. m. John Bond
John Bond (Edward 3, Joseph 2, Benjamin 1)
b. June 16, 1769 Guilford co., NC. m. December 8, 1791 at Deep River MM,
Mary Huff, b. September 3, 1767, dau. of Daniel & Elizabeth (Christie) Huff. Ten children were born to this union. Mary d. March 1, 1809, in Stokes co., (now Yadkin co.) NC. He d. December 5, 1860, in Henry co., Indiana, to which place he had arrived only a few weeks before his decease. he resided in Surry co., and when Yadkin co. was organized and cut off of Surry co. it left him in Yadkin co. He was a member of Deep Creek Monthly Meeting and was a minister of the same note. He twice traveled on horseback to Indiana on religious visits among Friends. He m. 2nd., October 11, 1810, Rachel Hobson,at Deep Creek Monthly Meeting. She was the widow of Stephan Hopkins & the dau. of Thomas & Elizabeth Vestal.
Under the date of November 19, 1902, Hannah Osborn, age 86, of Centre, NC, wrote as follows:
"When I first became familar with the transactions of North Carolina Yearly Meeting (of Friends or Quakers) about seventy five years ago, John Bond was an active member in the meeting. He was a minister and belonged to Deep Creek Mo. Mtg. In Surrey County. I never knew the name of his wife who was the mother of his children, nor the names of any of his children, except one daughter, Anna. When her father was 82 years old she married John Hutchens, leaving her father alone, but it seems even at that ripe age he did not find it good to be alone, so married Anna Macy, daughter of John and Anna Macy, a worthy maiden of about 60, who was in need of a home and employment, and withal, fitted to be the household companion of such a man, installed her mistress of his sufficiently supplied house while he continued to cultivate his farm with his own hands. After living some 10, 12 or more years, I regret I can't call to mind just how many, they disposed of their and moved to Indiana...to the regret of his friends. For he had continued so vigirous that they had hoped to see him live out his 100 years."
Children of Mary and John Bond
+16. I. William b. Sept. 18, 1792 m. 10-9-1817, Deep Creek MM, Elizabeth Wiles
17. II. Anna b. Aug 26, 1794 - d. March 10, 1858- m. 11-18-1851, John Hutchens n/c
+18 III. John b. Aug. 7, 1896 m. 1-12-1815, Deep Creek MM, Amelia Reynolds
+19. IV. Nathan b. June 6, 1798 d. July 5, 1800 in childhood
+20. V. Mary b. July 5, 1800 m. Hobson
+21. VI. Elizabeth b. Dec. 2, 1801 m. Keys
+22. VII. Jesse b. Nov. 9, 1803
+23 VIII. Joshua b. Nov. 4, 1805
24. IX. Caleb b. June 3, 1807 d. May 8, 1867, in Wayne co., Indiana - n/c
+25. X. Joseph b. March 1, 1809
6. Jemimia Huff (Daniel 4, Daniel 3, Daniel 2, John 1)
b. 3rd. day of the 6th mo., 1769, Surry co., NC. m. Richard Jones
Children of Jemimia and Richard Jones
26. I. Jemima b. 4-5-1763, Orange co., NC m. 10-11-1780, Deep River MM, N.C., *Thomas Mills, b. c1760 & d. btw 1795 & 1801 of consumption. Jemima m. 2nd., 2-11-1801, Deep River MM, NC (2nd., wife of) Strangeman (love) Stanley; his first wife was **Jemima Mills. Living in Highland co., Ohio & later migated to Indiana. (*126 - **139, Beals).
9. Daniel Huff (Daniel 4, Daniel 3, Daniel 2, John 1)
b. 12th day of the 7th mo., 1774. m. Sarah Burnside, b. October 30, 1774; dau of James and Mary Ann Burnside. James & Mary Ann (Stephens) Burnsides were married at Alexander, Virginia. They moved to North Carolina on Hunters Creek; 12 miles south of where Daniel Huff lived. Sarah had one brother Asa, b. October 19, 1793. Daniel and Sarah lived at Deep Creek, Surry Co., North Carolina until 1811, when they moved to Ohio and settled on the East Fork near where New Nienna is now situated. They lived there two and a half years and moved to Harden's Creek where they lived until Sarah d. April 20, 1838. Daniel m. 2nd., Ruth McPherson. They lived togeather at Harden's creek till 1849, when they moved to Leesburg where he d. April 19, 1850.
Children of Daniel and Sarah Huff
27. I. James b. Oct. 19, 1793 m. Sidney Wright - 11 children
28. II. John b. Nov. 20, 1794
29. III. Rebecca b. Jan. 15, 1797
30. IV. Daniel b. Oct. 14, 1798 (?m. Nancy)
31. V. Rachel b. Sept. 8, 1800
32. VI. Mary b. Oct. 21, 1802
33. VII. John b. Jan. 28, 1805 - d. Oct. 2, 1823, age 19 yr, lacking 3 mos. & 26 days.
34. VIII. Sarah b. March 30, 1807 m. Samuel Sanders
35. IX. Jesse b. March 5, 1810
36. X. Elizabeth b. Oct. 20, 1812
37. XI. Lydia b. Feb. 28, 1815
John Huff, son of Daniel & Nancy Huff, Jr. m. 18 Aug. 1853, Dover MM Ohio, Mary Jane Wright, b. 8 July 1832 - gct Fairfield MM, OH 18 Oct. 1862. Issue HUFF} Sarah Cordelia, b. April 6, 1853 - Juliet, b. May 6, 1855 - Francis Linley, b. July 17, 1857 & Ella, b. June 5, 1859. (SQF - SH pg 145.)
10. Anne Huff (Daniel 4, Daniel 3, Daniel 2, John 1)
b. 19th day of the 2nd mo., 1776. m. May 17, 1795, Edward Bond Jr., son of Edward & Ann Mills Bond. Edward Bond Jr. (Edward 3, Joseph 2, Benjamin 1) b. January 24, 1774, Deep River, Guilford co., NC m. May 7, 1795, Anna Huff, at Deep River Monthly Meeting. Anna b. February 19, 1776, dau.of Daniel & Elizabeth (Christie) Huff. anna d. September 22, 1839 & Edward d. March 14, 1856, both in Wayne co., Indiana. After their marriage they settled in what is now Yadkin co., NC & then Surry co. They migrated to Indiana Territory in 1811, arriving at at his father's in Wayne co on November 5th of that year. They entered land where the town of Webster now is, where they lived the rest of their days. They built a cabin into which they moved the day before Christmas. The cabin was soon abandoned and a comfortable house entered. Then some years later they built a substantial frame house, which to this day, after something like eighty years service is a well preserved residence and looks very much like it did a half century ago except for some minor changes and the replacing of the plaster & Pebble outside with the weather-boarding. The land for the Friends' meeting house and graveyard was tAken from his farm as well as the greater part of the town of Webster. After the divsion of Friends in 1828 into two societies, viz.: Orthodox & Hicksites, he and several of his children affiliated with the Hicksite branch of Friends. Eleven children were born to this union. (from Bond Genealogy written by Samuel Bond) Garrett, 1910-12
Children of Anna and Edward Bond
+38. I. Daniel b. Oct. 5, 1796
+39. II. Benjamin b. Nov. 15, 1797
+40. III. Keziah b. July 17, 1799 m. Underwood
+41. IV. Elizabeth b. May 6, 1801 m. Roberts
42. V. Rachel b. Dec. 1, 1804 d. Feb. 1, 1851 n/m - n/c
43. VI. Edward b. Jan. 11, 1809 d. Dec. 22, 1840 m/m - n/c
44. VII. John b. July 3, 1810 d. June 28, 1829 n/m - n/c
+45. VIII. Huldah b. May 22, 1812 m. Payne
+46. IX. Anna b. May 1, 1815 m. Garrett
+47. X. Elias b. June 25, 1817
48. XI. Gideon b. Aug. 18, 1820 d. June 11, 1839 n/c
12. Keziah Huff (Daniel 4, Daniel 3, Daniel 2, John 1)
b. 20th day of the 12th mo., 1779. m. November 17, 1796, Anderson Hutchens. Keziah Hutchens d. February 25, 1804.
Children of Keziah and Anderson Hutchens
+49. I. Jesse b. Oct. 24, 1797
50. II. Elizabeth b. March 6, 1799
51. III. Martha b. Aug. 11, 1800
52. IV. Daniel b. June 3, 1802
+53. V. William H. b. Dec. 9, 1803
16. William Bond (Mary 5, Daniel 4, Daniel 3, Daniel 2, John 1)
b. September 18, 1792, Surry co., (later became Yadkin co.) NC. m. 10-9-1817, Deep Creek MM, Elizabeth Wiles, b. December 26, 1792, NC, dau. of Luke and Frances (Clanton) Wiles of Surry co., NC. Migrated to Henry co., Indiana c1827 where he lived until his death which occured June 23, 1874. Elizabeth d. June 9, 1868.
Children of William and Elizabeth Bond
54. I. John b. Nov. 3, 1820
55. II. Amelia b. Nov. 19, 1822
56. III. Gulielma b. July 15, 1824
57. IV. Francis b. Jan. 12, 1826
58. V. Mary Ann b. Dec. 13, 1827
60. VI. Asenath b. Jan. 6, 1830
61. VII. Elizabeth b. Jan. 13, 1834 m. Samuel Brown, son of Isaac & Mary Brown, n/c
18 John Bond, Jr. (Mary 5, Daniel 4, Daniel 3, Daniel 2, John 1)
b. August 7, 1796, Surry co., NC. m. 1-12-1815, Deep Creek MM, NC, Amelia "Millie" Reynolds, b. July 14, 1793, dau of James & mary Reynolds, Surry Co., NC. Both died in NC; he d Aug.8, 1818.
Children of William and Elizabeth Bond
62. I. Dau. d. Southern Missouri without issue
63. II. Nathan J. d. Southern Missouri without issue
20. Mary Bond (Mary 5, Daniel 4, Daniel 3, Daniel 2, John 1)
b. July 5, 1800, Surry co., NC. m. Stephen Hobson in North Carolina. d. Aug. 31, 1831. Stephen was b. in NC, December 5, 1800, the son of Stephen Hobson (dec.) & Rachel Vestal. m. 2nd., Mary Vestal - m. 3rd., June 1, 1836, Ariadna Moore - m. 4th May 6, 1858, Ellen Adams, moved to Indiana & later to California.
Children of Mary and Stephen Hobson
64. I. David
65. II. William
66. III. Jesse
67. IV. Mary
68. V. Anna m. Stephen Hobson
It is said she m. 4 times & raised several sets of children; migrated to Indiana & later to California.
21. Elizabeth Bond (Mary 5, Daniel 4, Daniel 3, Daniel 2, John 1)
b. December 2, 1801, Surry co., NC. m. October 19, 1826, Benjamin P. Keys, b. October 4, 1797, son of Joseph, Jr. & Mary (Piggott) Keys, of Surry Co., NC. The children were all b. near ockford, surry co. She d. there July 30, 1833. He moved to Indiana in 1835, bringing the four children and settled on a farm on White river four miles east of Winchester. He d. August 4, 1872.
Children of Elizabeth and Benjamin Keys
69. I. John b. Dec. 27, 1827
70. II. Joseph b. April 30, 1830
71. III. Mary b. Sept. 17, 1831
72. IV. Daniel H. b. May 23, 1833
22. Jesse Bond (Mary 5, Daniel 4, Daniel 3, Daniel 2, John 1)
b. November 9, 1803, Surry co., NC. m. in Henry co., Indiana, Rachel Hobson, b. 1819, dau. of George & Deborah (Marshall) Hobson. He entered 80 acres of land in Henry co., Indiana, in 1826. He d. in 1853 & she d. in 1855; both buried near Savannah, Andrew co., Missouri.
Children of Jesse and Rachel Bond
73. I. George b. Jan. 25, 1837
74. II. Mary Ann b. c1838 d. 1855
75. III. John b.Aug. 6, 1840
76. IV. Stephen b.Sept. 8, 1843
23. Joshua Bond (Mary 5, Daniel 4, Daniel 3, Daniel 2, John 1)
b. November 4, 1805, Surry co., NC. m. Rachel Davis, of the same county, b. November 6, 1803, dau. of William Davis & Ann Marshall. he settled on a farm in Surry co. We find in Deep Record "T", page 153, a conveyance of real estate by John Bond to Joshua Bond, March 31, 1827, for the "consideration of the mutual love a parent hath for a child and for the better support and maintainance of the same, 43 acres on the waters of Deep Creek on the east side of a branch of Deep Creek." signed by John Bond. Witnesses, Caleb Bond, Daniel Vestal. Another deed from the sane to the same and same date conveyed 60 acres. he died in NC, September 3, 1859. She migrated to Salem MM, Iowa in 1860, where she d. March, 1876.
Children of Joshua and Rachel Bond
77. I. Abel b. Dec. 22, 1825
78. II. Enos b. Sept. 18, 1827
79. III. William b. Oct. 17, 1829
80. IV. John b. July 23, 1832
81. V. Simpson b. Sept. 18, 1827
82. VI. Mary b. May 4, 1839
83. V. Anna b. Jan. 8, 1842 d. Nov. 23, 1858, NC
25. Joseph Bond (Mary 5, Daniel 4, Daniel 3, Daniel 2, John 1)
b. March 1, 1809, Surry co., NC. His mother Mary d. at his birth. m. August 7, 1833, Holly Springs MM, in Randolph co., NC, Naomi Cox, b. November 14, 1816, dau. of Mahlon & Catherine (Mackey) Cox of Randolph Co., NC. Six weeks after thrie marriage he moved to Henry co., Indiana & two years later moved to a farm in Parke co., Indiana, where he d. April 7, 1879, bur Rush Creek FBG. Parke co., Indiana; she d. October 10, 1905, in North Platte, Lincoln co., Nebraska.
Children of Joshua and Rachel Bond
84. I. Matilda b. June 1, 1834
85. II. John b. Sept. 8, 1836 9th Ind. Battery - died July 6, 1864
86. III. son b. March 2, 1839 & d. same year
87. IV. Anna b. April 26, 1840
88. V. Nathan b. March 1, 1843
89. VI. Mary b. July 23, 1845
90. VII. Mahlon b. Nov. 24, 1847
91. VIII. Daniel H. b. Jan. 10, 1850
92. IX. William b. Dec. 9, 1853
93. X. son b. Feb. 9, 1855& d. infant
94. XI. Adam b. Feb 16, 1856
38. Daniel Bond (Anna 5, Daniel 4, Daniel 3, Daniel 2, John 1)
b. Oct. 5, 1796
39. Benjamin Bond (Anna 5, Daniel 4, Daniel 3, Daniel 2, John 1)
b. Nov. 15, 1797
40. Keziah Bond (Anna 5, Daniel 4, Daniel 3, Daniel 2, John 1)
b. July 17, 1799 m. Underwood
41. Elizabeth Bond (Anna 5, Daniel 4, Daniel 3, Daniel 2, John 1)
b. May 6, 1801 m. Roberts
45. Huldah Bond (Anna 5, Daniel 4, Daniel 3, Daniel 2, John 1)
b. May 22, 1812 m. Payne
46.Anna Bond (Anna 5, Daniel 4, Daniel 3, Daniel 2, John 1)
b. May 1, 1815 m. Garrett
47. Elias Bond (Anna 5, Daniel 4, Daniel 3, Daniel 2, John 1)
b. June 25, 1817
49. Jesse Hutchens
b. October 24, 1797. m. 1st., Elizabeth Hoover, 1817; she died March 8, 1820, leaving one child Daniel Hutchens. Jesse m. 2nd., Tamer Jenkins, November 16, 1821. Tamer Hutchens d. May 17, 1842, leaving four girls.
Children of Jesse and Elizabeth Hutchens
95. I. Daniel b.
Children of Jesse and Tamer Hutchens
96. II. Phidelia
97. III. Irena
98. IV. Dysilvia
99. V. Mary
53. William H. Hutchens
b. December 9, 1803. m. Lucinda Horton, b. November 6, 1804; dau of Jacob Horton and Phobe his wife.
Children of William H. and Lucinda Hutchens
100. I. Ira b. Jan. 31, 1825
101. II. Anderson b. June 4, 1827
102. III. Sally b. Dec. 4, 1828
103 IV. Amanda b. May 30, 1830
104. V. Alexis b. Sept. 4, 1832
105. VI. Zilpha Ann b. Nov. 14, 1834

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