Holographic Wills Probated in the Montreal Court District 1658-1875

Holographic Wills Probated in the Montreal Court District

The following information was collected by Gina Smith during her own research. She has kindly passsed this information to the Huntingdon County GenWeb in case it could be useful to another researcher. Gina Smith is a professional genalogical reseacher who has access to the National Archives of Canada and the Quebec National Archives.
1) Joseph Arthurs snr of Hinchinbrook       Nov 28, 1842
wife Mary Lock
oldest son John Arthurs
son William Arthurs
3rd son Joseph Arthurs
oldest daughter Elizabeth Barrie?
2nd daughter Martha Cogan
3rd daughter Mary Elliot
4th daughter Nancy Danfield

2) Mary Atkinson widow of Thomas Atkinson of St Remi         May 3, 1847
eldest son Abraham Atkinson
sons Thomas, William, John, Isaac Atkinson
daughters Ann Struthers & Rebecca Atkinson
granddaughter Mary Atkinson daughter of Abraham Atkinson
grandson Thomas Atkinson son of Abraham Atkinson
grandson Abraham Struthers son of Isaac Struthers

3) Mrs Mary Ball of Russelltown                    Dec 1, 1852
husband Samuel Churchill
sister Louisa Ball wife of Asa Kimball of Peninsula, Ohio
niece Mary Forbes Holbrook of Coxsuckie?, NY
sister Sarah Ball widow of Silas Holbrook
brothers Joel & Jonas Ball
niece Julia Ann Cleveland wife of Freeman Parham
nephew Henry Augustus Cleveland
brother Silas Rosier Ball of Chicago, Illinois

4) Nicholas Brazil of Hemmingford                Aug 14, 1855
sons Nicholas, James, John, Laurence & William Brazil
daughter Nona Brazil

5) Isaac Cain of Hinchinbrooke                Nov 7, 1844
wife Mary Greenfield
eldest son William Cain
2nd son David Cain
3rd son Thomas Cain
4th son Joseph Cain
5th son James Cain
only daughter Elizabeth (Bess) Blair wife of William Blair

6) Edward Charles senior of Hinchinbrook                Mar 31, 1838
wife Sarah Charles
sons Mathew, Edward, Thomas, Richard, Earnest, Albert & Frederick Charles
daughters Eliza & Emily Charles
son-in-law Richard Johnson

7) William Christeall of Hemmingford        brought to office of D. K. Lighthall
sons George, William & John Christeall             Aug 20, 1853
grandson Joseph Christeall son of George Christeall

8) Robert Clark of Hemmingford                    Sept 3, 1846
wife Martha Edgeworth
eldest son Thomas Clark
eldest daughter Rachel Clark
son Robert Clark
daughter Margaret Clark

9) Henry Craig of South Georgetown                Nov 16, 1857
Alexander Craig of the parish of Forgues(?) in Aberdeen, Scotland
late brother Robert Craig
son Henry Craig
daughters Ann Craig wife of John Hastie & Jane Craig wife of Malcolm McIntyre

10) Joseph Curran of Hemmingford                        Aug 24, 1850
wife Narcisse Rood
mentions ?children? but no names given

11) George Elder snr of Hinchinbrook                      June 4, 1848
wife Ann McGilvray
sons John, George, David & James Elder
daughters Margret, Jane & Jannet Elder
stepson Henry Logan(?)
sister Margret Elder

12) James Fisher senior of Hemmingford                    Apr 15, 1842
wife Debora Mote
sons Richard & George Fisher
daughters Elizabeth Fisher wife of Aram Moe of Russelltown, Phoebe Fisher wife of Benjamin Kalkins of Ellenburg NY, Catherine widow of Jacob Abbot of Hinchinbrook, Jane wife of Jonathan Priest of Hinchinbrook

13) James Ficher of Rivieres de Prairies         Apr 11, 1848
brothers Peter Fisher of Longue Pointe, Donald Fisher of Victoria in the London District, Province of Canada, Alexander Fisher of North Georgetown
sisters Christiana Fisher wife of Alexander Mills of Ormstown, Janet Fisher wife of Charles Heney of St Jacques, Elizabeth Fisher wife of Neil Campbell of Ormstown, Catherine Fisher of Riviere des Prairies, Margaret Fisher of Longue Pointe

14) Joseph Genier of Godmanchester                Feb 19, 1847
son Henry Genier

15) Robert Henderson of Hinchinbrooke                July 1, 1848
wife Elizabeth Brown
father William Henderson

son James Henderson
daughter Elizabeth Henderson
brothers Henry, Samuel, William, Thomas & James Henderson
sister Mary Ann Henderson wife of Arthur Herdman

16) James Hope of Williamstown (Beech Ridge)                Aug 14, 1832
sons James, Robert & George Hope                 (very hard to read, faded)
daughter ?
wife ?

17) Thomas Lawless of Williamstown                 Dec 9, 1840
natural son Thomas Lawless
daughter Jane Lawless
(no relationship given for the rest)
James Lawless, Wm C Lawless, Rose Lawless otherwise Gaury(?), Eliza Mindin(?) Lawless otherwise Dunn, Mary Ann Lawless otherwise Dunn, John Russel Lawless, Edward Lawless

18) Bernard McGough of Hemmingford                    June 26, 1856
wife Margaret McGough
sons John, Christopher, James & Bernard McGough
daughter Sarah McGough wife of Mr. Jennings

19) Elizabeth McKenzie widow of James Millar of Godmanchester     June 22, 1846
oldest son John Millar                     (very hard to read, faded)
2 youngest daughters Mary Ann & Elizabeth Millar

20) Alexander McMullin of St Regis                     April 1825
father Alexander McMullin
wife Jane McMullin
daughter Catherine McMullin
John McMullin (believe to be brother)

21) Michael Maloney of Hemmingford                    1856
wife Sabrina Proper
chidren (no names given)

22) Archibald Mather of Hinchinbrook                    Sept 13, 1841
eldest son Peter Mather of Thurlow, District of Victoria, Canada West
2nd son James Mather
2nd daughter Elizabeth Mather wife of John Sankster of Ormstown
3rd daughter Margaret Mather wife of Lewis McCoy or Mckay
John & Archibald Sankster eldest sons of John Sankster & Elizabeth Mather
William, Archibald, Eunice & Anne Sankster Watson children of late daughter Anne wife of Joseph Watson
Archibald Mather, only son of late John Mather( youngest son of Archibald Mather)

23) William Mingas of Hinchinbrook                    Dec 11, 1846
wife Catherine Robertson

24) John Nichols of Hinchinbrook                        Apr 14, 1841
wife Margaret Broder
mother Mary Campbell
daughter Sarah Jane Nichols

25) Henry Rennie of Hinchinbrook                        Sept 10, 1841
wife Sarah Mann
oldest son Robert Rennie
2nd son Henry(?) Rennie
oldest daughter Jean Rennie
2nd daughter Marion Gamble
3rd daughter Margaret Rennie
4th daughter Ann Rennie
adopted child Sarah Ann Stagg(?)
also mentions ?first family?

26) Rev. Walter Roach of Beauharnois                        Aug 14, 1849
wife Mary Rotherford
father late Peter Roach of Edinburgh, Scotland
sisters Jean Roach wife of William Allison, Amelia Roach wife of Andrew Christie & Margaret Roach, all of Edinburgh, Scotland

27) Mary Rush of Chateauguay                         Sept 21, 1861
sister Ann Rush
Elizabeth Georgina Johnston daughter of George & Elizabeth Johnston of Chateauguay (no relationship given)

28) Peter Rutherford of Ormstown                        Aug 1, 1832
wife Elizabeth Marrott
sister Margaret Rutherford
brothers David & Alexander Rutherford

29) Frederick Schryver of Hemmingford                     Aug 5, 1841
wife Sarah Gue(?)
sons John, William, Joseph, Daniel, Enasick(?) & Griffin
daughters Mary Fitch, Hannah Churchill deceased wife of John Churchill & Harriet Starnes
son-in-law Leon Glalamm(?)

30) Joseph Whyte of Godmanchester                    July 1, 1849
late of Banff, Scotland
brother William Whyte of Scotland
Joseph Whyte of Charleston, South Carolina son of William Whyte
grandson Joseph Allen Whyte son of Joseph Whyte & Agnes or Nancy Whyte of Charleston, SC
wife Jane Whyte or Harden(?)/Marsden(?)
son William james Whyte MD of Banff
children John (a merchant) of Montreal, Joseph, Alexander, Mary P(?), Frances & George Whyte

31) William Wight of North Georgetown                    Mar 26, 1844
wife Isabella Hall

32) Francis Winter of Annfield                         Aug 27, 1805
Mary Rankin daughter of David Rankin
Margrete McBeash wife of Lt Col Connolly of Lapomplon(?)
Sarah Lyons wife of Paul Bougie
(no relationships given)

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