W F Lighthall, Notary (No. 1 to No. 249)

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W F Lighthall, Notary (No. 1 to No. 249)

No 3 Nov 13, 1848 Deed of Sale
Patrick Murphy buys SW2 lot 29 1st concession of Jamestown from William Finn of Hinchinbrook acting as attorney for James Cosgriff now of Rochester, N. Y.

No 5 Nov 14, 1848 Obligation
James Pritchard
and his wife Esther Wood

No 7 Nov 23, 1848 Deed of Sale
Margaret Dickie widow of Robert Templeton; son late John & his late wife Jane Knox; son James ; daughters Jannet wife of James Craig, Margaret wife of James Carmichael, Jane wife of James McKell

No 8 Nov 27, 1848 Deed of Sale
Cornelius McKeegan & his wife Margaret Brown

No 9 Nov 27, 1848 Deed of Sale
Cornelius McKeegan buys NE2 lot 7 1st concession of Jamestown from Donald McCormick and Mary Campbell his wife

No 15 Dec 5, 1848 Deed of Sale
James Thom, his sister Ann; Ann Wattie widow of James Thom sr; John Wattie (no relationship given)

No 17 Dec 20, 1848 Obligation
Ann Todd widow of James Ligget sr

No 18 Dec 20, 1848 Obligation
William Donaldson and Jannet Baxter his wife use as security for a loan lot 26 3rd concession of Ormstown

No 20 Dec 27, 1848 Discharge
John Anderson son of William Anderson

No 21 Dec 27, 1848 Obligation
John Hope, his late wife Christian Kemp, his first wife

No 22 Jan 8, 1849 Deed of Sale
William Donaldson & his wife Janet Baxter

No 31 Jan 31, 1849 Will
James Peddie sr; sons John(eldest) & James

No 33 Feb 8, 1849 Agreement
James & John Peddie only children of late James Peddie sr & Mary Peddie

No 35 Feb 12, 1849 Marriage Contract
James McGonigle son of the late Patrick McGonigle & the late Grace McMullan of County Antrim, Ireland; his uncle John McGonigle; his brother William McGonigle; Ann Martin, age 17, daughter of James Martin & Bridget Brady; her brothers Michael & Phillip Martin; her sister-in-law Angelique Leduc; her sister Bridgit Martin; her brother-in-law Peter Healy

No 36 Feb 15, 1849 Sale of Succession Rights
Dugald McNeil; Mary, wife of Robert Cardell of Montreal; Sarah McNeil, wife of Hugh Cameron; Christy McNeil; Flora McNeil; John McNeil; all children of late John McNeil & late Margaret Campbell

No 37 Feb 20, 1849 Discharge
Jane Elliot, wife of John Cockburn; late John Elliot & William Elliot (no relationship given)

No 38 Feb 21, 1849 Will
Hugh McNown leaves to his wife Margaret Stewart E2 of lots 34 and 36 1st concession of Ormstown.

No 39 Feb 21, 1849 Deed of Sale
Andrew Cowan buys NE2 lot 48 Outarde concession from Rev. William Morris, tutor of Martha Hamilton, age 13 daughter of late William Hamilton & late Mary Woodrow; her maternal uncle John Woodrow; her paternal uncle Samuel Hamilton

No 40 Feb 26, 1849 Deed of Donation
Hugh Calhoun & wife Rachel Calhoun; sons William & James

No 41 Mar 5, 1849 Deed of Sale
James Bryson, son of David Bryson buys NE2 lot 10 2nd concession of Ormstown from James Barrington and Mary Lumsden his wife

No 46 Mar 12, 1849 Will
Jane Mathews wife of John Stewart sr

No 49 Mar 12, 1849 Will
John Stewart sr; wife Jane Mathews; 1st wife Margaret Rogie

No 54 Mar 20, 1849 Promise of Sale
Allan Abbot and Barbara McGill, his wife promise to sell to Owen Callum E2 lot 46 Outarde concession of Jamestown belonging to the minor children of her marriage to the late James Carley.

No 55 Mar 20, 1849 Notification
John McNarland; his wife Mary Ann Lewis daughter of late John Lewis; Samuel Dunsmore; his eldest daughter Mary Dunsmore

No 61 Apr 4, 1849 Codicil to Will
William Ogilvie; sons James, John, Archibald; daughters Lucinda, Helen

No 62 Apr 4, 1849 Agreement
John Stewart sr; wife Margaret Rogie; sons Andrew & Alexander Bishop Stewart

No 63 Apr 6, 1849 Promise of Sale
Henry Wilson; his son Thomas

No 65 Apr 19, 1849 Obligation
William Gardner & Elizabeth Riddle; children John, Barbara wife of Malcolm McNaughton, Margaret wife of Archibald Ogilvie, William, Alexander & Elizabeth

No 66 Apr 23, 1849 Deed of Sale
Allan Abbot goes through with the sale of E2 lot 46 Outarde concession of Jamestown (see No 54) Also mentions the Carley children by the 1st marriage, Michael(age 17), James(14) & John(12) as well as their paternal uncle Owen Carley(who is simple)

No 72 May 14, 1849 Marriage Contract
Daniel O'Mullan widower of Ann McArdle; Rachel Robinson daughter of Archibald Robinson & Jane Bevins of County Antrim, Ireland

No 76 June 18, 1849 Lease
John McChlery & his son James

No 78 June 19, 1849 Deed of Donation
John Cunningham donates to John McMullan and Sarah Cunningham his wife NE2 lot 7 1st concession of Ormstown

No 79 June 21, 1849 Deed of Donation
Gerred Finnell; his late wife Susan Winter; his son William

No 82  July 3, 1849 Discharge
Margaret Craig wife of Robert Robertson; Marion Craig wife of Daniel McDougall; James Craig jr

No 85 July 7, 1849 Deed of Donation
Patrick McArdle and Catherine Cosgrove his wife donate to James (NE2) and Henry (SW2) McArdle their sons lot 43 2nd concession of Ormstown

No 87 July 9, 1849 Deed of Sale
Thomas & William Wilson sons of Henry Wilson

No 89 July 12, 1849 Inventory
late William Blair; his wife Elizabeth Cain; children David(age 4), Mary Jane(2) & William Isaac(3 months); his brother John Blair

No 93 July 31, 1849 Will
Jeremiah Stowell; his present wife Isabella Colquhoun; daughters Sarah(Sally) wife of William Arneal, Catherine, Ann, Jane wife of Joseph Gauthier, Elizabeth; sons Alexander, John, Archibald, Robert, William, James

No 94 Aug 7, 1849 Will
Ann Todd wife of James Leggat senior leaves to their son Robert Leggat after the death of his father lot 42 2nd concession of Ormstown. Other son James & daughters Ann & Catherine

No 95 Aug 7, 1849 Will & Codicil
James Leggat senior leaves the same land as the will of Ann Todd (No 94). Same children as No 94 plus grandson William Stewart, son of late John Stewart & Catherine Ligget

No 98 Aug 25, 1849 Marriage Articles
Alexander Ross son of Malcolm Ross & Barbara McRea; Christiana McBain daughter of late Alexander McBain & Susan Davidson (now wife of John Macdonald); her brother William; her sister Ellen

No 100 Sept 20, 1849 Deed of Donation
Peter Reid donates to James Reid his son NE2 lot 20 1st concession of Jamestown and NE2 lot 25 3rd concession of Jamestown

No 101 Sept 20, 1849 Deed of Donation
William Gilchrist; his daughter Euphemia wife of James Adams

No 104 Sept 22, 1849 Lease & No 228 Nov 9, 1850 Resiliation of Lease
John Swanston leases from John Carmichael lot 20 1st concession of Ormstown for 5 years. Also mentions Margaret Miller widow of Robert McGregor & widow of John Carmichael

No 105 Sept 25, 1849 Deed of Sale
William Arthurs; his sister Martha Arthurs widow of James Cogan

No 106 Sept 26, 1849 Obligation
Lawrence Cassey Aactually residing at Palmerstown in the State of Massachusetts one of the United States of America, but now of Edwardstown@

No 107 Sept 29, 1849 Acte de depot
John Cunningham used as security for a loan dated May 17, 1845 lot 7 1st concession of Ormstown. Also mentions James Robinson schoolteacher of 3rd concession of Ormstown but in 1849 of Montreal.

No 109 Oct 1, 1849 Obligation
James Tassie; his son Thomas

No 110 Oct 2, 1849 Tender & Protest
Robert knox & his wife Jane Cockburn

No 114 Nov 2, 1849 Discharge
William Donaldson at present of Montreal

No 115 Nov 6, 1849 Retrocession
James McMannus; his sons John & Barnabas

No 117 Nov 21, 1849 Acquittance
John McDougall jr; his father John sr

No 118 Nov 22, 1849 Family Settlement
Thomas Strachan gets lot 6 Forks of Jamestown owned by his parents the late Alexander Strachan and his wife Ellen Sim. Also mentions minor children Amelia, Mary Ann and David Strachan and children of age Ellen wife of Andrew Stewart, Margaret wife of Alexander Craig Brown and Janet, spinster.

No 122 Nov 27, 1849 Deed of Donation
Robert Gordon; his brother Alexander

No 125 Dec 4, 1849 Family Settlement
Elizabeth Ferguson widow of Robert Allan sr; their children Margaret wife of John Russell jr, Ann wife of Daniel McNeal, Marion wife of Robert Cunningham, Elizabeth wife of John McDougall. Elizabeth & John McDougall get lot 11 1st concession Ormstown. Also has document dated Apr 20, 1854 which includes Marion Anow actually insane and confined in the provincial Lunatic Asylum at Beauport@

No 128 Dec 19, 1849 Power of Attorney
Agnes Carnahan widow of John Wilson now of Huntingdon village, heretofore of New Glasgow, seigniory of Lacome; children John, Agnes wife of John Knox, Eliza wife of James Caldwell & Margaret wife of William Cowan

No 130 Dec 29, 1849 Deed of Sale
William Bowron sr & his wife Sarah Odell

No 133 Jan 19, 1850 Will & No 347 Aug 28, 1851 Codicil
John Wallis sr; his wife Mary Delong; his sister-in-law Ruth Delong; his sons William Wood, John, Frederick Powell, Theodore, Henry Bull, Elias & Daniel; his daughters Catherine Louisa wife of Talmudge Spenser, Maria wife of Joseph Scriver

No 135 Jan 30, 1850 Deed of Sale
David Ovans buys from Robert Barr & Janet Pettigrew his wife NE2 lot 6 3rd concession of Ormstown which Robert Barr inherited from James Barr & wife, his parents.

No 136 Feb 1, 1850 Deed of Sale
Andrew Craik late of Hinchinbrook Tsp now of Woodhouse, Norfolk County, Canada West

No 137 Jan 30, 1850 Inventory
late George McCoy; his wife Margaret McClintock; sons John, George Clinton, Henry Clay, James, Mathew Standish, Archibald; daughters Anne Jane, Margaret

No 145 Mar 5, 1850 Will
John Stewart; his wife Catherine Leggat

No 147 Mar 16, 1850 Obligation
Peter Keiran; his brother Rev Terence Keiran

No 151 Mar 23, 1850 Deed of Donation
John Williamson & Grace McEwen donate to Dugald Graham their nephew whom they brought up since infancy NE2 lot 8 1st concession of Ormstown.

No 155 Mar 26, 1850 Power of Attorney
late William Macnider;, his siblings Anna Markland wife of Francis W Sheriff, Mary Susannah wife of Robert Brown Somerville, George Markland

No 156 Apr 8, 1850 Discharge
James Peddie; his wife Jessie Wylie

No 157 Apr 8, 1850 Will
James McMannus; his sons James, Thomas, John, Hugh, Barnabas; his daughters Johanna, Rosa

No 158 Apr 9, 1850 Deed of Sale
Alexander Dickman buys from Joseph Hamilton & Christy McNown his wife NE2 lot 27 1st concession of Jamestown which Christy McNown inherited from her 1st husband William Patterson Feb 15, 1845 before Lebrun, notary.

No 159 Apr 16, 1850 Deed of Sale
Martha Arthurs widow of James Cogan now of Chateauguay, NY; her children Mary of Peru, NY, Martha wife of ? Maheu of Saratoga Springs, Saratoga County, NY, Margaret of Keeseville, Clinton County, NY, Joseph & James of Chateauguay, Franklin County, NY, Ann of New York, NY & Thomas of Peru, Clinton County, NY

No 163 Apr 20, 1850 Lease
William Winter tutor to the minor children of John Winter & Margaret McKee his wife leases to James Derragh lot 18 1st concession Ormstown.

No 165 Apr 21, 1850 Marriage Contract
David Sinkler widower of Elizabeth Brown; his brothers James & John; his sister-in-law Margaret Baird wife of John; Elizabeth McGerrigle daughter of late John McGerrigle & Jane Amberson.

No 167 & 168 Apr 29, 1850 Indenture of Sale(both)
Arthur Herdman; his brother John

No 169 Apr 30, 1850 Lease
Helen Cowan widow of John Boyd

No 178 May 22, 1850 Discharge & Retrocession
John English now of village of Springfield in the Second Riding of York, Upper Canada heretofore of Hemmingford

No 181 June 7, 1850 Acquittance
late James Cosgriff of Rochester, NY

No 186 June 27, 1850 Life Lease
David Robertson; his wife Isabella Gregor; his son Thomas

No 187 June 29, 1850 Will
Sarah Wise widow of Edward Charles; sons Richard, Ernest Augustus, Claudius Albert, Fredrick Theodore, late Edward(his wife Sophia Provost), Thomas; grandson Edward son of Richard; daughters Eliza wife of Isaac Jackson, Emily wife of William Sheriff; granddaughter Grace daughter of late son Mathew

No 191 July 15, 1850 Renunciation of Dower
Jane Abigail Johnson wife of John Macnider Macnider

No 195 July 19, 1850 Deed of Donation
Patrick Cavanaugh snr & Mary Landy his wife give to Patrick Cavanaugh their son NE2 lot 12 1st concession Jamestown.

No 196 July 20, 1850 Deed of Donation
James Finn snr & Mary Doyle his wife give to John Finn & Lucy Finn their son & daughter NE2 lot 40 1st concession Ormstown.

No 197 July 25, 1850 Acquittance
Robert Beattie jr heretofore of North Georgetown now of Wisconsin

No 200 Aug 3, 1850 Deed of Donation
Robert McMullan & Mary McCurdy his wife give to John McMullan (SW2) & Robert McMullan jnr (NE2) lot 26 2nd concession Ormstown

No 206 Aug 24, 1850 Will
William Bowron; his wife Sarah Odell; his sons William, Robert, Stanley, John, Joseph son by former marriage and now of Wisconsin; his daughters Mary Ann wife of Benjamin Walters, Jane, Charlotte, Martha wife of Archibald McEachern; Sarah Bowron wife of Stephen H Schuyler(no relationship for Sarah given)

No 208 Aug 30, 1850 Marriage Articles
Robert N Walsh; Margaret B Walker daughter of the late Peter Walker & the late Catherine Burn

No 209 Sept 16, 1850 Will
John Sangster snr leaves to his wife Elizabeth Maither lot 15 1st concession Ormstown. When she dies, the lot goes to Archibald Sangster their son. Also son John and daughters Agness wife of Robert Whiteford, Margaret, Elizabeth and niece Ann Watson Sangster. Will revoked Mar 24, 1857

No 210 Sept 16, 1850 Will
Elizabeth Maither wife of John Sangster (see #209). Revoked Mar 24, 1857

No 212 Sept 27, 1850 Life Lease
Malcolm Hamilton; his sister Mary Hamilton wife of Alexander McMullan all of Argyleshire, Scotland now in North Georgetown

No 216 Oct 18, 1850 Acquittance
Agnes Crawford widow of Thomas Helm of Oneida Tsp, Haldimand Co, Upper Canada; her sons James, William, and Adam

No 217 Oct 21, 1850 Deed of Sale
Charles Crawford Hunter son of Robert Hunter & Janet Crawford; his uncle Robert Crawford

No 220 Oct 22, 1850 Obligation
Widow John Hamilton (Fanny McNown) uses as security for a loan lot 43 1st concession Jamestown.

No 223 Oct 24, 1850 Deed of Donation
David McClenaghan; his wife Eliza McGahy; son Joseph

No 226 Nov 7, 1850 Sale of Moveables
Amelia Jane Burrell widow of James Hawker

No 229 Nov 11, 1850 Discharge
Donald McCormick; his wife Mary Campbell

No 234 Nov 15, 1850 Deed of Donation
Denis Martin sr; his wife Mary Carey; sons Denis jr & Patrick

No 238 Dec 2, 1850 Will & No 825 Dec 24, 1853 Revocation
Robert Brodie sr; his late wife Janet Crawford; eldest son Robert jr; children Janet wife of William Gregg, Margaret wife of John McIntosh, Ann wife of William Gardner, Mary wife of Robert Brodie of Cote St Pierre, Barbara wife of George Cross, Agness wife of Nicolas Farlinger, James, Jane

No 239 Dec 3, 1850 Will & No 452 Mar 13, 1852 Codicil
William Greig; his wife Elizabeth Mason; children Margaret wife of John White of Montreal, Mary wife of William Patton of Montreal, Andrew, William, Thomas & John

No 240 Dec 3, 1850 Will & No 453 Mar 13, 1852 Codicil
Elizabeth Mason wife of William Greig (same as No 240)

No 241 Dec 4, 1850 Deed of Donation
John Cunningham gives to Hamilton Terrence Cunningham his son lot 7 1st concession Ormstown.

No 247 Jan 7, 1851 Deed of Donation
John Cunningham donates to Hamilton Terrence Cunningham his son the NE2 lot 7 1st concession Ormstown and to John McMullan & Sarah Cunningham his wife and daughter of John Cunningham SW2 lot 7 1st concession Ormstown. No 1408 June 27, 1856: John McMullan & wife give back their half.

No 249 Jan 27, 1851 Acquittance
James Finn; his wife Mary Doyle; children Bridget wife of Vital Barbeau, Margaret wife of Patrick Donnelly, Lucy & James

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