Hillside Cemetery Index
Transcribed by William Henderson, Dec. 2000, Dec.2002, October 2006, October 2013

Updated on October 12, 2013 to include interments 1232-1291.
The Hillside Cemetery Index was transcribed by William Henderson from  the Hillside Interment Book. It includes over 1100 interments between the years 1831 and 2002. This work has been contributed to Huntingdon County GenWeb for free electronic access. The transcript may not to be reproduced in any format for profit by any individual or organization. Anyone desiring printed copies, must obtain the written consent of the contributor or the Chateauguay Valley Historical Society, in care of Connie McClintock, P.O. Box 61, Howick, QC, J0S-1G0

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Interments 1 -200 (1831-1871)
Interments 201 - 400 (1872-1898)
Interments 401-600 (1898-1927)
Interments 601-800 (1927-1955)
Interments 801-1000 (1955-1979)
Interments 1001-1200 (1979-2002)
Interments 1201-1291 (2003-2012)
Name Index

Additional interrments that were missing in the number system:
X001: Annie Maude Fall, wife of the late William Myatt, died at her home in Powerscourt PQ, on June 15, 1960 Interred in Hillside Cemetery June 18, 1960 age 79 years
X002: Jessie Euphemia Reeves, wife of the late Ernest Ryser, died at the Hebert nursing home,Huntingdon PQ, on April 03, 1975 cremated, and Interred in Hillside Cemetery on May 05, 1975 age 83
X003: Hazel Erskine, wife of the late William Gamble, died at the Huntingdon County hospital, on April 21, Interred in Hillside Cemetery on April 23, 1976 age 66 years
X004: Stanley McNeil, of Franklin Center PQ, Interred Oct. 15 1976, age 85 years
X005: Sarah Ann Knowles, wife of the late William Arthur, died at the Patterson nursing home, Huntingdon PQ, on April 13, Interred April 15, 1957, in Hillside Cemetery age 90 years
X006: Florence Ames, wife of the late W. G. Gibson of Rockburn PQ, died at the Delande nursing home, Delande Florida, on October 04, 1964 Interred in Cedar Hills Cemetery, Daytona Beach, Florida
X007: Walter Currie, died Jan.11 2000 age 79 years, Interred Jan, 16, 2000

Copied from the Hillside Interment Book 1997-2002
William Henderson. , 2000-2002

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