Gleaner Extracts 1916

Gleaner Extracts 1916

(All 1916 newsprint prior to April 06,1916, missing)

04-05-1916 To Mr. and Mrs. J. A Lunan, at Kensington PQ, a son.

03-18-1916 To Mr. and Mrs. William L. Gebbie, at Howick PQ, a daughter.

04-05-1916 Captain Hugh Harvie Donald, of the 92nd battalion, 48 Highlanders, Toronto Ont., married Janet Morison Robb, only daughter of James A Robb, MP. At the residence of the bride's father, in Valleyfield PQ, by Rev. J.B. MacLean .

03-30-1916 Macie McPherson, Widow of Samuel J. Hamilton, of Malone,N.Y., and daughter of the late John McPherson, of LaGuerre PQ, died at the Alice Hyde Hospital, in Malone,N.Y., age 64 years 07 months.

03-29-1916 James Shearer McFarlane, son of James S. McFarlane, died at Beith, PQ, age 19 years.

04-02-1916 Judge S. A. Beman, of Malone,N.Y., died at Jacksonville Florida, age 73 years.

03-20-1916 Mary Bannon, Widow of L.Bero, died at Salt Lake City UT, age 62 years. A native of Dundee PQ.

03-26-1916 Janet Laird, wife of James Watterson, died at St Anicet PQ, age 59 years.

04-01-1916 Herbert Kennedy, died at St Antoine Abbe, PQ, age 25 years.

04-03-1916 Louise, wife of Alexander Davidson, died at 209 Coursol Street, Montreal PQ, Interred at Huntingdon PQ.

04-04-1916 To Dr. and Mrs. H. E. Young, at Victoria British Columbia, a daughter.

04-05-1916 Cora Cornelia Busby, married Hugh Allan Cameron, at Athelstan PQ, by Rev. Isaac Norman, of Huntingdon PQ.

04-07-1916 Daniel S. Hislop, husband of Catherine Crawford, died at his late residence, 2546 Hutchinson Street, Outremont PQ, age 63 years.

04-03-1916 Sarah Outterson, daughter of the late Peter Outterson, of Hinchinbrook PQ, and Widow of William Johnston, died at Chateaugay New York, age 66 years.

04-07-1916 William Kinniburgh, formerly of Huntingdon PQ, died at his late residence, in Thamesford, Ont., of appendicitis, age 62 years.

03-26-1916 John D. Stewart, died at 36 Lakewood Street, Worcester MA, age 48 years, formerly of St Anicet PQ.

04-02-1916 John Todd, died at River Outarde, Ormstown PQ, age 72 years.

04-15-1916 To Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A Hingston, at Kelvingrove PQ, a daughter.

04-13-1916 To Mr.and Mrs. John Morison, at Alma Lodge, Howick PQ, a daughter.

03-08-1916 To Mr.and Mrs. Frank F. Jones, at Dickinson Hospital, MA, a son.

03-22-1916 Basil Anderson Gibbings, son of John L. Gibbings, of Huntingdon PQ, died of wounds in France, age 37 years.

03-31-1916 Mary Ann Barrett, wife of the late Patrick W. Higgins, formerly of St Anicet PQ, died at White's Station PQ, age 83 years.

04-08-1916 Emma May Wood, wife of Frank F. Jones, and youngest daughter of the late William Wood, of Elgin Township PQ, died at Dickinson Hospital, Northampton MA, age 24 years.

04-14-1916 Thomas Adam Helm, died at his late residence, in Ormstown PQ, age 46 years.

04-25-1916 William Ross Stone, of Vanderhoof, British Columbia, married Susan Viola MacDonald, only daughter of the late J. D. MacDonald, of LaGuerre PQ. At the residence of her cousin, in Valleyfield PQ, by Rev. Malcolm Campbell, of the first Presbyterian Church, in Montreal.

04-26-1916 Leorna Mills, Widow of the late Alexander McIntosh, died at Glenelm PQ, age 80 years. Funeral from the Church, Athelstan PQ, Friday at 1 p.m..

04-20-1916 Emma Clark, wife of D. Ronald Elder, died at Youngstown Alberta, age 24 years.

04-18-1916 Charlotte Bowron Sayer, third daughter of the late George Sayer, of Elgin Township PQ, and wife of James Hughes, of Ottawa Ont., died suddenly, at Ottawa Ont., age 59 years.

04-06-1916 Mrs. Nancy Dalzell, formerly of Trout River Lines, died at Holyoke MA, age 94 years.

04-20-1916 David Lockerby, of Ottawa Ont., married Mabel Louise Rice, second daughter of William T. Rice. At the home of the brides parents, in Lower Ormstown PQ, by Rev. A.C.Ascah.

04-26-1916 Wallace W. McMullen, married Alma B. Finlayson, youngest daughter of the late Donald Finlayson, all of Ormstown PQ. At the first Presbyterian Church, in Montreal PQ, by Rev. Malcolm A Campbell.

04-26-1916 David Barnes, married Margaret E. Stratton, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Stratton. At the home of the brides parents, in Hemmingford PQ, by Rev. William F.Perley.

04-26-1916 Margaret Munro, twin daughter of Mrs. Archibald Patterson, married Adam S. Maitland, only son of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Maitland of Huntingdon PQ. At the home of the brides mother, in Athelstan PQ, by Rev. W. T. B. Crombie.

04-20-1916 Maxim Patenaude, died at Franklin Center PQ, age 84 years.

04-04-1916 Hiram Welch, died at Ellenburgh New York, age 81 years. A native of Franklin Center PQ.

04-20-1916 Pierre Reid Sr., of Ormstown PQ, died at Hotel Dieu Hospital, Montreal PQ age 72 years 06 months.

05-01-1916 Thomas Barrie, infant son of Andrew Barrie, died at LaGuerre PQ, age 06 weeks.

05-04-1916 William A Dunsmore, died at Huntingdon PQ, age 68 years. Funeral on Saturday May 06, at 2 p.m. from his late residence to the Methodist Church.

04-30-1916 Nannie Taylor Bullions, died at the home of her sister, Mrs. Adam Easton, at Aubrey PQ, age 54 years.

05-04-1916 To Mr. and Mrs. M. McDonagh, at Clyde's Corners PQ, a daughter.

04-19-1916 Emma Davis, of Harbor Grace, Newfoundland, married R.H. Metcalfe, of Chateaugay Basin PQ. By Rev. B.B. Brown, of St. James Church.

04-26-1916 Williams Stott, son of the late John Stott, died at Brooklet PQ, age 51 years 07 months.

04-22-1916 Albert Castagnet, died at Manchester NH, age 38 years. Buried in St Anicet PQ.

05-01-1916 David S. Cunningham, brother of William Cunningham, of Huntingdon PQ, died at Malone New York, age 76 years.

05-05-1916 James Robertson Gibb, advocate, son of the late Rev. David Gibb, and grandson of the late Rev. James Robertson, of Sherbrooke PQ, died at his residence, 356 Cote St Antoine road, Montreal PQ,

05-06-1916 George K. Morris, eldest brother of Morris Brothers of Aubrey PQ. Died at Gloversville New York, age 66 years.

05-05-1916 Perry Grant, died at Ellenburgh New York, age 82 years. A native of Covey Hill PQ.

04-16-1916 Ina Brooks, wife of Ira McKinney, died at Green Valley, New York, age 41 years. Born at Franklin Center PQ.

05-11-1916 Jane Donnelly, wife of the late Matthew Logan, died at Boyd Settlement, Hinchinbrook PQ, age 71 years. Funeral from her late residence at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon.

05-03-1916 To Mr. and Mrs. McCartney, at North Georgtown PQ, a daughter.

05-08-1916 To Mr. and Mrs. W. A Davidson, at Coleman Alberta, a daughter.

05-03-1916 Hattie May Caldwell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Caldwell, of Kelvingrove PQ, married George L. Black, of Kensington PQ. At the home of the brides parents, by Rev. J. B. MacLean.

04-26-1916 Florence M. Burditt, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Burditt, married David A Fall, of Chateaugay New York. At the home of the brides parents, in Beith PQ, by Rev. H. Goddard.

05-12-1916 Margaret Outterson, wife of Walter Cavers, died at her home, in Upper Ormstown PQ, age 72 years.

05-16-1916 Terence J. Quinn, formerly of Huntingdon PQ, died at the residence of his brother, James, in Montreal PQ, age 69 years 01 month 25 days. Deceased buried in St Anicet PQ.

05-04-1916 Roderick White, son of Thomas White, of Athelstan PQ, died at the general hospital, in Winnipeg MB, age 36 years 10 months. Interred at Huntingdon PQ.

05-20-1916 William J. Burke, of Malone,N.Y., married Miss Myrtle Moore, of Trout River. At Notre Dame Church, in Malone,N.Y., by Rev. Father Dussault.

05-22-1916 Miss Bella Leggatt, daughter of the late Alexander Leggatt, died at the residence of her brother-in-law, H. Burns Coulter, at Anderson's Corners PQ, age 69 years.

05-11-1916 Catherine Stuart Denham, daughter of James Denham, died suddenly, at Rockburn PQ, age 49 years.

05-20-1916 William Logan, died at Boyd Settlement, Hinchinbrook PQ, age 78 years.

05-24-1916 Mary Anderson, daughter of the late John Anderson, of North Georgtown PQ, and wife of Robert Ness, died at Howick PQ, of pneumonia, age 65 years. The funeral service will be held at the Georgetown Church at 2 p.m. on Sunday next.

05-30-1916 To Mr. and Mrs. John A Scriver, at Beith PQ, a son.

05-28-1916 The wife of Private George Hampson, of Huntingdon PQ, at the Woman's Hospital, Montreal PQ, a daughter, (Still Born)

05-03-1916 Miss Luella Leahy, daughter of Michael Leahy, married George G. Knauss, accountant at Mansfield state bank. At Mansfield Washington, by Rev. father Flavin.

05-28-1916 Thomas Clyde, younger brother of Mrs. Thomas Cunningham, of Huntingdon PQ, died at Bethany Nebraska, age 74 years.

05-16-1916 James Lavery, died at Herdman PQ, age 53 years.

05-16-1916 Norman McQuinn, only son of John McQuinn, of LaGuerre PQ, was killed in action while serving with the Mounted Rifles, in France, age 32 years 03 months.

05-15-1916 Elizabeth Gordon, wife of the late John Shovelin, died at St Antoine PQ, age 61 years.

06-04-1916 To Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Crutchfield, at Huntingdon PQ, a son.

05-24-1916 Bessie Woodhouse, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Woodhouse, married Ernest Shearer Gilmore, son of Andrew Gilmore, of Elgin Township PQ. At 77 Coursol street, Montreal PQ, by Rev. Jade J. Willis, Rector of St. Jude's.

05-13-1916 Robert Farquhar Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith, (nee, Rebecca Anderson), died at Swanson Saskatchewan, age 01 year 01 week.

06-05-1916 Captain Peter McNaughton, of Edmonton AB, son of Malcolm Peter McNaughton, of Dewittville PQ, and brother-in-law of the late Dr. Clouston, died somewhere in France.

05-31-1916 Patrick Clark McGinnis, eldest son of the late Hugh McGinnis, of Athelstan PQ, died at his late residence, 104 Merton Avenue, St. Lambert PQ, age 67 years.

05-26-1916 David Bryson, formerly of his Stoney Creek, Ormstown PQ, died at Peterboro Ont., age 74 years. Brother-in-law of Alexander A Anderson, of Huntingdon PQ.

05-26-1916 To Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Todd, at Zelma, Saskatchewan, a son.

06-05-1916 Ralph G. Lynch, of Ogdensburg New York, married Miss Maud A Nagle, of Kensington PQ. At St. Mary's Cathedral, in Ogdensburg New York, on Monday morning,.

06-06-1916 Hazel Etta Wilson, daughter of Mulhern Wilson, married Henry Lester Farquhar, all of Brooklet, Hinchinbrook Township. At St. Andrew's Manse, Huntingdon PQ, by Rev. J. B. Maclean.

06-07-1916 Mabel Janet MacGregor, daughter of John C. MacGregor, married Arthur Stanley Anderson, of the Gore, Hinchinbrook PQ. At the home of the bride's father, in Boyd Settlement, Hinchinbrook PQ, by Rev. J. B. Maclean.

06-06-1916 Elizabeth McKeegan, daughter of D McKeegan, of Ormstown PQ, married William James Morin, of Beaurivage. At Congress Hall, in the Lady Chapel, by Rev. father Singleton.

06-14-1916 Dr. Clarence A Hastings, of Maloney York, married Elizabeth F. (Beth) Blackwood, eldest daughter of Robert Blackwood, Esq.,. At the residence of the bride's parents, in Huntingdon PQ, by Rev J. B. Maclean.

06-11-1916 Thomas J. Robinson, died at Hemmingford Frontier, PQ, age 68 years.

06-03-1916 John Henderson, eldest son of the late Samuel Henderson, of the Gore Hinchinbrook PQ, died at Rochester NY.

06-02-1916 George Cheyne, died at Chateaugay New York, age 64 years. A native of Rockburn PQ.

06-01-1916 James Adams, died at Chateaugay New York, age 79 years.

06-09-1916 Ann Wilson, Widow of the late John Holmes, died at Howick PQ, age 84 years.

06-10-1916 Mary Stuart, Widow of the late William McLaughlin, died at St Urbain PQ, Chateaugay County, age 86 years.

06-10-1916 Susan McClavey, wife of the late Charles J. Bradford, died at Fort Covington New York, age 78 years.

06-05-1916 Private Henry Groves Goodfellow, fifth C.M.R. youngest son of David Goodfellow, of Beauharnois PQ, died near Zillebeke, Belgium, of wounds received in action, age 20 years, less 03 days.

06-22-1916 To Mr. and Mrs. G. Seely, at Picton Ont., a son.

06-14-1916 Alice Pearl Clark, daughter of John Clark, married N. Hugh McNicol, both of the parish of St Anicet PQ. At Kilbain PQ, by Rev. W. P. Tanner.

06-15-1916 Myrtle Eva Sangster, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Neil Sangster, of Ormstown PQ, married William Stanley Logan, of Allans Corners PQ. By Rev. D. N. Coburn.

06-21-1916 Andrew Alexander Allen, of Norton Creek PQ, married Margaret May Anderson, daughter of John Anderson, of Howick PQ. At the home of the brides parents, by Rev. G. Whillans.

06-27-1916 Avard K. Cohoon, B.A., only son of Rev.Atwood Cohoon, D. D., of Wolfville, Nova Scotia, died at his home, 36 Glen Avenue, Ottawa Ont., age 35 years, husband of Dottie Dobbs.

06-21-1916 George Stewart, died suddenly at his residence, in Elgin Township PQ, age 83 years.

06-26-1916 Francis Gentle, died at Franklin PQ, age 38 years.

06-26-1916 George Lorne Boyd, son of Robert Boyd, of the Gore, Hinchinbrook PQ, died at the home of Archibald Pollok, in Rockburn PQ, age 38 years.

06-28-1916 John Purse senior, died at the residence of his son-in-law, S. K. Wells, in Huntingdon PQ, age 85 years. Interred at Athelstan PQ, service at the Church on Saturday at 230 p.m.

(months, July, August, Sept, missing from microfilm)

09-25-1916 To Mr. and Mrs. John McFarlane, at Trout River, a son.

09-15-1916 To Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Wilson, at Rockburn PQ, a son.

09-18-1916 To Mr. Mrs. Harry Dear, at Powerscourt PQ, a son.

09-30-1916 Alice May Johnston, daughter of Mrs. Elizabeth K. Johnston, of Huntingdon PQ , married George L. Lee, of Winnipeg MB. At Winnipeg MB, by Rev. John Garon.

09-27-1916 Maud Alice Steele, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William G. Steele, of Rockburn PQ, married John Greig, of Cairnside. At the residence of the brides parents, by Rev. Robert McCord.

09-26-1916 Gertrude Florence Farquhar, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Farquhar, married William James McCormick, of Clarenceville. At the Manse, in Rockburn PQ.

09-29-1916 Barbara W. Carr, daughter of the late Joseph Carr, of Elgin Township PQ, and wife of Ira N. Young, of North Thedford Vermont, died at her home, age 58 years.

09-27-1916 Dan Ryan, immigration inspector, died at Hemmingford PQ, age 74 years.

09-20-1916 Rose Duffin, Widow of Charles Leslie, died at Hartford Connecticut, age 71 years, formerly of Hinchinbrook PQ.

10-09-1916 To Mr. and Mrs. A L. Connors, at Smith's Falls, Ont., twin daughters.

10-07-1916 To Mr. and Mrs. John Patterson, at Athelstan PQ, a daughter.

10-04-1916 Olive Lemira Parmeter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Parmeter, of Chateaugay New York, married Clifford J. Hanks, of Powerscourt PQ. At the residence of the brides parents, by Rev. A K Jennings, of Chateaugay, assisted by Rev. MC Pritchard, of Powerscourt PQ.

10-02-1916 Arthur Sullivan, civil engineer, married Cecile Bedard, at St.Agathe PQ.

09-28-1916 Glendon Lunan, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. A Lunan, died at Kensington PQ, age 05 months 22 days.

09-14-1916 William Kee, youngest son of the late David Kee, of Ormstown PQ, died at his home in Lockwood SK.

09-25-1916 Honora O'Connor, wife of the late John K. Higgins, died at St Anicet PQ, age 81 years.

10-01-1916 Selma Eugenia Turner, widow of the late Karl Williams, died at Huntingdon PQ, age 74 years.

10-04-1916 Isabella Findlay Kyle, widow of the late Captain Alexander Farlinger, died at Belmont, Morrisburg Ont., age 84 years.

10-15-1916 To Mr. and Mrs. A B. Cooper, at Seattle Washington, a daughter.

10-19-1916 The wife of Daniel Faubert, at Huntingdon PQ, a son.

10-09-1916 Augustus E. Smith, of Moira, married Miss Mary Parker, of St. Agnes, Dundee PQ. At the Methodist Parsonage, in Moira, by Rev. W. H.Pullen.

10-04-1916 Ralph S. Rice, of Ormstown PQ, married Edith M. Hamilton, of Elgin Township PQ, daughter of Mrs. Flora Ballantyne. At the Manse, Georgetown PQ, by Rev. George Whillans.

10-18-1916 Frederick George Braithwaite, of the firm of Braithwaite Brothers, married Alexandra (Alexa) Chalmers, only daughter of Alexander Chalmers, all of Huntingdon PQ. At the residence of the brides parents, by Rev. Isaac Norman, pastor of the Methodist Church.

10-19-1916 James Black, married Agnes Rickaby, at the Manse, in Riverfield PQ, by Rev. Stuart A Woods.

10-19-1916 Donald Brims, eldest son of the late Daniel Brims, died at his home, in Glenelm PQ, age 52 years 08 months.

10-13-1916 Anna Robina McDiarmid, second daughter of the late James McDiarmid, of Covey Hill PQ, and wife of Donald McLaren, died at East Orange, New York, age 73 years. The last of the James McDiarmid family of Covey Hill PQ.

(Not dated) Philomene Siman, wife of the late William Turcot, died at St Chrysostome PQ, age 77 years 10 months

10-15-1916 Martha Jane Blackwood, wife of H. H. Lyon, and daughter of the late Alexander Blackwood, of Franklin PQ. Died at Chicago IL,

10-21-1916 James Shearer McFarlane, died at Beith PQ, age 57 years 07 months.

10-17-1916 J. Laplante, died at St. Agnes, Dundee PQ, age 75 years.

10-28-1916 James Ross MacLeod, of the bank of commerce, in Sherbrooke PQ, married Myrtle Black, daughter William Black. At the residence of the brides parents, in Huntingdon PQ, by Rev. J. B. MacLean.

10-02-1916 Gordon Armstrong Burrows, son of Lawrence C. Burrows, died at Vale St Pierre, age 09 years 04 months. Interred at Valleyfield PQ.

10-31-1916 George Stewart Merson McFarlane, died at 361 Grand Trunk Street, Montreal PQ, age 03 months. Interred at Huntingdon PQ.

10-25-1916 Nellie O'Neill, wife of James F. Knowles, or (Rowley) and eldest daughter of Eugene O'Neill, died at her home, in Newburgh New York, age 38 years.

10-23-1916 Jane Ross, Widow of James W. Bryson, died at Ormstown PQ, age 90 years 09 months.

10-22-1916 John Smith, died at St Anicet PQ, age 83 years.

10-22-1916 Christina Dickson, Widow of the late Alexander Buckham, formerly of Huntingdon PQ, died at her home in Edmonton AB, age 76 years.

09-27-1916 Treffle Taillefer, (Butcher), formerly of Valleyfield PQ, died at Kirriemuir, Alberta, age 64 years.

10-17-1916 Narcisse Barrette, storekeeper, died at St. Urbain PQ, age 78 years.

(Not dated) John Stewart, eldest son of the late John Stewart, (Stone House), Howick PQ, died at his sons residence, in Toronto Ont., age 76 years. Funeral at Paris Ont..

10-25-1916 William Creed, storekeeper, of Fort Covington New York, died at the home of his mother, in Malone New York, age 53 years.

10-28-1916 Alonzo Martin, died at Trout River Lines, age 52 years.

10-18-1916 To Mr. and Mrs. John T. Lounsbury, at Seymour Connecticut, a daughter (Margaret Grace)

10-14-1916 Lilly Woods, married Albert McCrae, of Hallerton PQ,. At the residence of the brides parents, in Hemmingford PQ, by Rev. W. F.Perley.

10-23-1916 John Smyth, died at St Anicet PQ, age 82 years 08 months.

10-28-1916 Mrs. Albert Billings, died at Fort Covington New York, age 78 years.

11-01-1916 Mrs. Jonathin Smith, died at Fort Covington New York, age 91 years.

10-23-1916 Henry Hadley, died at Hemmingford PQ, age 61 years.

11-03-1916 Marietta Harwood, wife of Robert Clark, died at her home, in Westville New York, age 73 years.

11-01-1916 Margaret Ellen Rankin, and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Rankin, married William J. McCracken, of Brooklet, Hinchinbrook PQ. At the residence of the brides parents, in Chateaugay New York, by Rev. A K Jennings.

10-22-1916 Robert E Henry, son of Eben Henry of Huntingdon,PQ, was killed in action in France.

11-15-1916 John William Stark, son of the late William Stark, married Margaret Feeny, daughter of Mrs. Charles Feeny. In St. Joseph's Church Huntingdon PQ, by Rev. Father Derome.

11-20-1916 To Dr. and Mrs. Biggs, at Gloversville, New York, a son.

11-18-1916 Margaret Louisa McFee, wife of Henry K. S. Hemming, and daughter of the late Col. McFee, and Catherine McNaughton, died at Montreal PQ.

11-19-1916 Elizabeth Hunter, formerly of St Louis de Gonzaque PQ, died at Beauharnois PQ, age 81 years.

11-17-1916 Mrs. Edwin Burton, died at Powerscourt PQ, age 66 years.

11-17-1916 Annie R. Dawson, daughter of the late William Dawson, of Rockburn PQ, and wife of William T. Ligget, died at Medicine Hat, Alberta.

11-04-1916 Ann Campbell, Widow of James McCurry, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Mary Whelan, at 128 third Street, Newburgh New York, aged 86 years, formerly of Hinchinbrook PQ.

11-21-1916 Lumena Tailefer, elders daughter of M Tailefer, died at Lost Nations, Huntingdon County PQ, aged 21 years.

11-03-1916 Rev. C.M. Arnold, of Chateaugay New York, died at the residence of his son-in-law, at 26 Elm Street, Derry N.H. age 82 years.

11-20-1916 Charlotte M McClatchie, wife of the late John Black,died at Lancaster Ma, age 82 years, Buried in Powerscourt,PQ.

11-28-1916 To Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Farquhar, at Brooklet PQ, a daughter.

11-30-1916 Joseph McLeod, married Mrs. Armstrong, at Riverfield PQ, by Rev. Stuart A Woods.

11-29-1916 John Lockhart, of Chateaugay Basin PQ, died age 90 years.

11-27-1916 Mary Brady, wife of Frs Sherry, died at Godmanchester PQ, age 57 years.

12-02-1916 Mary Elizabeth Waller, Widow of the late Alexander Milne, died at Covey Hill PQ, age 76 years.

12-06-1916 Johanna E. Munro, daughter of the late Peter Munro, married Robert C. Baird, all of Hinchinbrook PQ. At the residence of the brides brother, by Rev. W. T. B. Crombie.

12-12-1916 Gerald Faubert, son of Daniel Faubert, died at Huntingdon PQ, age 02 months.

12-20-1916 Margaret Elder, wife of the late John Pringle, died at Athelstan PQ, age 79 years. Funeral will leave the residence of her son-in-law, W. M. Cooper, on Friday at 1 p.m. for the Church.

12-19-1916 John Alexander McCuaig, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Neil McCuaig, died at Allans Corners PQ, aged 42 years 11 days.

(Of interest) A few local facts and dates.

The Rev. Robert MacArthur resigned the free Kirk at Ormstown and confined his labors to St. Louis and Valleyfield on Oct. 28, 1859
The first number of the Huntingdon journal appeared on May 16, 1862, its cease to exist in June 1870.
At a meeting of St. Andrews congregation, in January 1861, it was decided to ask tenders for a new Church.

Huntingdon Village got its first fire engine in the fall of 1850, it had been used by the Montreal Brigade.

September 30th, 1859, weather fine, the show was held on the square, the articles being arranged in the academy. There were 350 entries, of these 70 were 02 yr. old Colts. Alexander McNaughton had a 19 pound turnip. Of the 10 stallions that competed Alexander Vallance got first prize, John Carr got second prize, and John Elder got third prize. At the fair which wound up the show horses varied from 70 dollars to 200 dollars, and cows went at from 15 dollars to 30 dollars. The dinner took place at Barrett's hotel, S. H. Schuyler in the chair. Among those present were, Sir John Rose, and the seigniory agent, James Keith, who proposed a toast to the Herald, and Colonel James Davidson, to the band, for which 18 dollars was subscribed. Songs were given by Colonel Reid, J. Blaik, and A C Stacy.
September 21, 1857, at a meeting called by Rev. Alexander Wallace, at Oak Creek School, it was decided to build a Church, and a subscription list passed round. The building committee was composed of David Anderson, Andrew Buckham, John Elder, John Gillies, and David Russell. The Mason work was done by Robin Barrie. On opening it for worship June 26, 1859, Dr. Matheson remarked the style was peculiar but the Church was substantial. The building of this Church was preparatory to Rev. A Wallace giving up this charge.
August 28, 1862, a meeting was held at Oak Creek to see about building a Manse, and calling a minister. John Elder presided and 30 families, needing two hundred settings, agreed to form that proposed congregation. A like meeting was held at Athelstan on Sept. 8, and on Sept. 17, the Presbytery assembled at Huntingdon, Rev. Dr. Black moderator, when a union was agreed to and the Rev. William Cochran called to be the first minister with a promise of 600 dollars a year from the mission fund, apart from what the congregation might do.
March, 1859, Rev. Prosper Lewis Leger, a native of France, was inducted minister at Beauharnois PQ. He died Nov. 26 the same year. He was a gentle, attractive soul, and his people sorrow for him, as the monument they erected testifies. Rev. F. P Sym, was inducted as his successor July 17, 1860.
November 30, 1859, Rev. John Livingston was inducted minister of Dundee, the salary guaranteed 600 dollars and the glebe. He spoke Gaelic. He lived only nine months after his induction.
The Hinchinbrook Methodist Church, (Black's) was opened February 05,1869, by Rev. Dr. Borland.
The Huntingdon Methodist grew under the care of Rev. Edward A Ward, who hailed protracted meetings during March, 1861, that constant a deep sensation and did much good.
Rev. Frederick S.Neve, after being incumbent of St. John's, Huntingdon, for 05 years, left fall of 1859 for Grenville, Rev. Fred Burt succeeding. St. Paul's Herdman, was build that year.
E. D. Phillips, was made collector of Customs, at Dundee, on March 29, 1869.
There were no regular butcher shops in Huntingdon until 1867, when one was opened but did not succeed. Dan Miller and Patrick McGovern killed occasionally, mostly sheep. In the summer of 1861 James Price, of Burke New York, visited every Saturday with his meat wagon.
September 11,1863, the convent was opened at Huntingdon by father Gagnier, assisted by two other priests.
Photographers visited Huntingdon as early as 1860, when one Hobbs stayed a short time. Two years later John O. Clark, and Chester Lanktree paid brief visits. Prices were moderate, from 25 cents and up.
About 1860, Dr. Walton, a dentist of Cornwall Ont., visited Ormstown and Huntingdon.
The postage in the '50s and '60s on letters was five cents, to Britain 12 and 1/2 cents, if by Cunard Line, 17 cents, to United States, 10 cents.
A queer combination of calling was made by J. G. Wanless, who was a teacher, deputy registrar, and repaired clocks and watches in Huntingdon.
A meeting in the Kensington school house on New Year's Day, 1861 a subscription was started to build a Methodist Church. Archibald Henderson headed with 500 dollars, and others raised the amount to 1100 dollars. August 18, 1862, Mr. Henderson laid the cornerstone. The Mason and Burke work was done by John Hyde and H. Richmond. The Church constant 2000 dollars.
John Airlie opened the first store at Kensington in the fall of 1855.
September 23, 1860, Darcy McGee gave a lecture in the academy, his subject, the growth and puissance of the middle class of England. East to motionless, with his right hand thrust under the lapel of his coat, and poured out a stream of words with marvelous fluency. The audience was small. Next day, was the cattle show, to which he stayed and was introduced until he got tired of the crowd and asked Laird Anderson to take him away. He attended the dinner at Barrett's, leaving early as he had to deliver a second lecture in the academy for the benefit of St. Andrews building fund and faced a larger audience.
The Grand Trunk began to extend their tracks from Brosseaus in 1861, reached Howick in January 18, 1883, and Huntingdon Oct. 11, 1883, was completed to Messina New York, July 23, 1886.
The New York Central was built from Valleyfield to Malone New York, during this season of 1891.
Water works established in Huntingdon in 1895.
John Robinson came to Huntingdon in 1836 and opened a store where the Methodist Church now stands. He was Postmaster for many years. And died Sept. 1860, age 51 years.
Donald Livingston was well-known all over the district as the land surveyor, he was a native of Mull, Scotland, went to the northwest and came from there to Huntingdon. He died in 1861 age 62 years. He surveyed and prepared plans, at the instance of the seignior, for a ship cannot, taking the route of the river St. Louis.
Major Alexander Gardner died Oct. 1862, age 80 years. He came to Athelstan in 1820.
Lodge 144, Huntingdon, celebrated the 12th of 1859 by dining together at John McGarvey's. On the Gore, 871 met to dine at John Johnstons, and afterwards held a meeting in the Grove of John Baird, when a Rev. Mr. Kieran and Joshua Breadner addressed them.
Alexander Stevenson, Huntingdon's first lawyer, lived where St. Andrews Church now stands. Sandy was in high repute an active in promoting the village. he died young in March 1860 and was buried in Georgetown Cemetery.
Thomas Cantwell gave up keeping store at Norton Creek in 1863, and went to live at Malone New York, having made a comfortable fortune.

11-15-1916 Mabel C. Paton, of Hyde Park, North Dakota, married James Harvey Miller, of Tompkins Saskatchewan. At Denver CO, by Rev. M. G.Orr.

12-21-1916 Ethelind Seger, youngest daughter of the late James Seger, married W. Paul of Elgin Township PQ. At Ottawa Ont., by Rev. Dr. Herridge.

12-21-1916 Anne Ferguson, wife of the late John D. Fraser, died at Dundee Center PQ, age 75 years.

12-22-1916 Mary Frances Dunn, daughter of the late William Dunn, J.P., of St. Remi PQ, died at Ormstown PQ, age 68 years.

12-14-1916 To Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A Law, at Washington, D.C., a son.