Gleaner Extracts 1909

Gleaner Extracts 1909

12-28-1908 The wife of W. A Jack, at Bonnie View, Chateaugay basin PQ. A son.

12-27-1908 The wife of Michael Duffey, at Valleyfield PQ, a daughter.

12-26-1908 The wife of Narcisse Barrette, at Valleyfield PQ, a son.

12-25-1908 The wife of Peter Murphy, at Ormstown PQ, a daughter.

12-24-1908 The wife of Alfred E. Farquhar, at Brooklet PQ, a daughter.

12-24-1908 John M.Tuggey, of Pittsburgh PA, son of Charles Tuggey, of Trout River, married Nellie Farnham. At Brooklyn NY, at the residence of the bride.

12-24-1908 Addie Florence Rennie, daughter of Henry Rennie, married James Matthew Wallace, of Powerscourt PQ. At the home of the bride's parents, in Brooklet PQ, by Rev. Alan Stewart Reid, B.D., assisted by Rev. A Rowat, of Athelstan PQ.

12-30-1908 John McNeil, married Allison Lillie Cavers, daughter of Walter Cavers. At the residence of the bride's parents, upper Ormstown PQ, by Rev. D.W.Morison.

12-31-1908 Elma W. Caldwell, second daughter of John W. Caldwell, married L. H. Johnston, M.B. At Fairview, Huntingdon PQ, by Rev. W. H. Stevens.

12-22-1908 Richard Cheyrifils, died at Valleyfield PQ, aged 45 years. Internment in Huntingdon PQ.

12-23-1908 Mrs. Norton, daughter of Malachie Barry, died at Fort Covington New York, aged 79 years. An on Dec. 24, 1908, her husband, Charles L. Norton, died aged 80 years, both were buried at the same time and in the same grave.

12-31-1908 P. LaCombe, died at Fort Covington New York, aged 70 years.

12-26-1908 John M. Scanlon, died at Fort Covington New York.

12-23-1908 Robert McCarroll, died at Stockwell PQ.

12-24-1908 Josepline Patenaude, wife of Lucien Taillefer, died at Godmanchester PQ, age 37 years.

12-24-1908 William Brown, died at Huntingdon PQ, aged 67 years (of pleuro-pneumonia)

12-25-1908 Philip Wathen, died at Huntingdon PQ.

12-27-1908 Robert Walker Pringle, second eldest son of the late Alexander Pringle, died suddenly in Montreal PQ, aged 64 years.

12-23-1908 James Steele, died at South Georgtown PQ, near Allen's Corners, aged 79 years.

01-03-1909 Joseph Bartholomew Robert, died at Beauharnois, aged 80 years.

01-02-1909 John Kyle, died at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Johnston, in Huntingdon PQ, aged 93 years.

12-25-1908 Cornelius Baird, died at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. E. T. Kelly, eighth concession, Walpole Ont., aged 70 years 04 months 08 days. Formerly of Hinchinbrook PQ.

01-05-1909 Peter F. Donnelly, of Powerscourt PQ, married Mary Eleanor Harrigan, of Chateaugay. At St. Patrick's Church, Chateaugay New York.

01-06-1909 David W. A McFarlane, married Margaret Evans Merson, daughter of James Merson, all of Huntingdon PQ. At the residence of the brides parents, by Rev. A Rowat.

12-30-1908 Isabella Stevenson, daughter of the late Rev. A Stevenson, of Beachridge, Holton, and Mrs. Stevenson, of Danville, married Ralph G. Mather, of Holton PQ. At Danville, at the home of the brides mother, by Rev. J. N. Bruntom.

01-13-1909 Herbert W. Ovens, of Tatehurst PQ, married Lilly Irene Thompson, daughter of William Thompson. At the residence of the brides parents, in Dewittville PQ, by Rev. E. W. S. Coates.

01-07-1909 John McNicol, son of the late Donald McNicol, died at Lancaster Ont., age 55 years.

01-16-1909 The wife of J.B. Shearer, veterinary inspector, at Edmonton AB, a son.

01-07-1909 The wife of Albert Elliot, at Trout River New York, a daughter.

01-20-1909 Claribel McAdam, only daughter of John A McAdam, married George H. Phillips Jr., of Brandon MB. At the residence of the brides father, Quyon, PQ, by Rev. Canon Smith.

01-21-1909 Margaret (Maggie) D. Campion, daughter of the late Daniel Campion, of Russeltown PQ, married Patrick Sadler, of Silver Plume, Colorado. At St Chrysostome PQ.

01-18-1909 John F. LaCombe, of Fort Covington New York, married Kate E. Rowley, of St. Agnes. At St. Agnes Church, by Rev. J. A Derome

01-21-1909 Louis N. Demers, married Harriet E. Farquhar. At St. Mary's Church, Fort Covington New York, by Rev. father McGowan.

01-27-1909 Erville William Lindsay, of Rockburn PQ, married Jennie Ferns, daughter of Hamilton Ferns. At the residence of the brides father, in Godmanchester PQ, by Rev. D.W.Morison, D. D..

01-27-1909 William Stewart Todd, married Elizabeth Arnton McEwen, daughter of Duncan McEwen. At the residence of the brides parents, in Ormstown PQ, by Rev. D.W.Morison, D. D..

01-24-1909 Elizabeth Holmes, Widow of the late John Grant, died at Elgin Township PQ, age 76 years 02 months. A native of Paisley Scotland.

01-24-1909 James Paul, died at Elgin Township PQ, age 73 years 04 months.

01-15-1909 Irene Elizabeth Graves, only child of G. Wallace Graves, died at West Medford MA, age 02 years 06 months.

01-22-1909 Mary Orr, wife of Rev. S. F. McCusker,B.A., died at the Manse, St Louis de Gonzaque PQ, age 46 years.

01-25-1909 Francis S. McCracken, died at Eaton, Colorado, age 48 years. Formerly of Huntingdon PQ.

01-26-1909 William Leggatt, died at Herdman PQ, age 59 years. William Wagstaff Leggatt, a prominent farmer of Herdman PQ, was stricken with paralysis, on new years day, and died at his home on Tuesday, Jan. 26th. Mr. Leggatt was born in Athelstan PQ, on August 03, 1849, and was married to Miss Elizabeth Burns of Chateaugay New York, on January 03,1878. The greater part of his life was passed in the last named town. He is survived by his wife and one son, John of Herdman, and two sisters, Mrs. Burns Coulter, and Miss Belle Leggatt of Anderson's Corners. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Mr. Rowat, of the Presbyterian Church, at the home of the deceased and interment was made in the cemetery at Herdman.

01-31-1909 The wife of John A Finn, at Delmont, a daughter.

01-20-1909 John A Smellie, son of the late James Smellie, of Clyde's Corners PQ, married Mary E. Todd, daughter of John Todd. At the residence of the brides parents, Maple Shade, Dewittville PQ, by Rev.A.C.Ascah, Rector of Ormstown.

01-07-1909 William Brooke, died at Franklin PQ, age 66 years 07 months 19 days.

12-30-1908 Archibald McIntyre, died at Port Huron, Michigan, formerly of Rockburn PQ.

01-20-1909 Helen Palmer McIntosh, wife of George H. Hunter, Superintendent of Holyoke Street Railway company, died at Holyoke MA, age 49 years.

01-29-1909 William John Stewart, died at the residence of his brother, Alexander Stewart, in Huntingdon PQ, age 52 years.

02-02-1909 David R. Marshall, died at Ste Martine PQ, age 86 years. A native of Ayr, Scotland.

02-04-1909 The wife of Fred R. Maxwell, at Ottawa Ont., a son.

02-03-1909 David L. Cavers, married Annie Laura Thompson, daughter of William Thompson. At the residence of the brides parents, in Dewittville PQ, on Wednesday evening, by Rev. E. W. S. Coates.

02-03-1909 George McDonald, of Medicine Hat, Alberta, married Ella E. Orr, daughter of William Orr. At the residence of the brides parents, in Covey Hill PQ, by Rev. Mr. McAllister, assisted by Rev. Mr. Belton and Rev. Mr. Haughton.

01-09-1909 Henry J. Long, died at Springfield MA, age 60 years. A native of St. Agnes PQ.

02-06-1909 Mary McClenaghan, youngest daughter of the late Joseph McClenaghan, died at Riverfield PQ, age 39 years.

01-24-1909 Norman Oxley, died at his home, in Summerstown Ont., age 52 years, son of the late John Oxley, formerly of Skye, Dundee PQ

02-03-1909 Eliza Grenills, wife of William Gaynor, died at St Chrysostome PQ.

02-07-1909 Donald Brown, died at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal PQ, age 77 years. A native of Port Lewis PQ. Interment in Huntingdon Cemetery.

02-04-1909 Doherty Grace McPhee, youngest daughter of Donald McPhee, formerly of Dundee PQ, died at McAlpine, Prescott County, Ont., age 03 years 10 months.

02-07-1909 Jessie A McLeod, fifth daughter of the late Roderick McLeod, died at St. Remi PQ.

02-11-1909 George Walker, of Beaver, died at Huntingdon PQ, age 80 years.

02-07-1909 The wife of Henry E. Wilson, at Rockburn PQ, a daughter.

02-16-1909 The wife of John Quinn, at the parish of Ste. Barbe PQ, a son.

01-19-1909 William Smellie, died at Anderson, Shasta County, California, age 76 years 04 months 17 days. Eight native of the Ridge, Godmanchester PQ.

01-05-1909 Charles Blanchette, (hotel keeper), died at Ste. Stanislas de Kosta, PQ, age 48 years.

(Not dated) Dr. Walter M. Warren, died at Kingston, New York, formerly of Chateaugay New York, son of the late I M. Warren.

02-06-1909 John M. Connel, son of the late Daniel Connel, and nephew of Martin Connel, of Huntingdon PQ, was killed on the railway tracks, near Concorde New Hampshire.

02-16-1909 Helen Ogilvy, daughter of the late Alexander Ogilvy, and wife of Thomas Finn, died at Delmont, age 74 years.

02-17-1909 Daniel Boyd, died at Huntingdon PQ, age 75 years. Funeral from St. Andrew's Church.

02-18-1909 The wife of F. N. Williams, at Ormstown PQ, a daughter.

02-15-1909 The wife of John Elder Jr., at Athelstan PQ, a son.

02-22-1909 Ephren Desparrois, Postmaster of Valleyfield PQ, married Mrs. G. Fisher, daughter of the late John Madden. On Monday evening, at the chapel of the the Bishops Palace, Valleyfield PQ.

02-17-1909 George Edward Cottingham, of Ormstown PQ, married Mary Victoria Elvidge, second daughter of the late William Elvidge. At the residence of the brides mother, in Lacolle PQ, by Rev. R. Emmett.

02-14-1909 John Sawyer, the oldest son of the late John Sawyer, died at his brothers residence, in St. Louis PQ, age 57 years 05 months.

02-21-1909 John Fraser, of Frasers Point, Dundee PQ, died at Ormstown PQ, age 51 years.

02-23-1909 William Lang, died at Aubrey PQ, age 86 years.

02-24-1909 Mrs. John Savage, died at the Ridge, Godmanchester PQ, age 82 years.

02-24-1909 Louis Prejent, hotel keeper, died at Ormstown PQ, age 86 years.

02-24-1909 Margaret Morrison, sister of Rev. D.W.Morison, DD, died at the Manse, in Ormstown PQ.

03-02-1909 William Black, only son of James Black, died at St Louis de Gonzaque PQ, age 36 years.

02-18-1909 Charles Kenney, youngest son of the late Thomas Kenney, of Hallerton PQ, died at New Orleans LA, age 28 years. Interment at Hemmingford PQ, on Feb. 25.

02-23-1909 Robert McKelvie, died at Barrington PQ, age 69 years.

02-19-1909 The wife of Thomas J. Whealon, at Victoria settlement, a son.

(Not dated) Robert Francis Helm, married Winifred Scott, daughter of A.H. Scott, all of Huntingdon PQ. At the Manse, in Athelstan PQ, by Rev. A Rowat, assisted by Rev. R.C.Hunter.

02-18-1909 Alathea Irene Whitzal, married George H. Copland, of Varna, Illinois, son of James R. Copland, of Hinchinbrook PQ. At Henry Illinois, at the Presbyterian Parsonage.

02-28-1909 Isaac Reynolds, died at Rugby, North Dakota.

03-03-1909 Mrs. Alphonse Viau, of Hemmingford PQ, died at St Chrysostome PQ, age 58 years.

03-02-1909 James Maxwell, died at his home, Elmgrove Farm, St. Louis Station PQ, age 46 years.

02-25-1909 Mary J. Rogers McLeod, wife of Angus H. McLeod, president and treasurer of the A H MacLeod milling Co., and president of the first national bank, died at St. Johnsbury, VT, after a six year illness with Brights disease. Age 64 years. She was married in 1867 at Trout River New York. She was a member of the south Congregational Church, and of the Johnsbury women's club. She is survived by her husband and three children, Charles H., Mrs. Jonas H. Brooks, and Miss Grace A McLeod, all of St. Johnsbury, Boston Globe. Mary J. Rogers was born at Trout River New York, in 1843, and it was there that she met Angus H. McLeod, whom she married on April 24 1867. They came to St. Johnsbury in 1871.

03-06-1909 Jean Marshall, died at Ste Martine PQ, age 88 years. A native of Ayrshire, Scotland.

03-11-1909 Beatrice Dudgeon Graham, widow of the late Dr. James Ross, of Dundas Ont., and daughter of the late Hugh Graham, died at Netherby, Huntingdon PQ. Interment at Montreal PQ.

03-11-1909 William Cameron, died at his residence, Beaver Hill Farm, Dundee PQ, age 71 years.

03-10-1909 Samuel Geddes, died at Old Orchard Farm, Hallerton PQ, age 87 years 10 months. A native of Gortnagross, Cookstown, County Tyrone, Ireland.

03-10-1909 Mary Ellen Levers, wife of Henry Henderson, and daughter of Thomas Levers, of Elgin Township PQ, died at the residence of her husband, on the Gore Hinchinbrook PQ, age 28 years.

03-15-1909 Mary Jane Knox, widow of the late William Cowan Sr. died at the residence of her son, William Cowan, in Ormstown PQ, age 80 years.

03-13-1909 Mary McLaren Patterson, eldest daughter of John Patterson Sr., died at Athelstan, Brook Road, age 46 years.

03-15-1909 Henry Rennie, Postmaster, died at Brooklet PQ, age 68 years.

03-13-1909 Charles Newman, died at Geraldine, Covey Hill PQ, age 76 years.

03-15-1909 The wife of C.A. Gavin, at Kensington PQ, a son.

03-17-1909 Arthur Ernest Buchanan, eldest son of Arthur Buchanan, of Havelock PQ, married Margaret Sophie McComb, daughter of Mrs. Francis McComb. At Hemmingford PQ, by Rev. Mr. Hutchings.

03-18-1909 Julia Carpenter, wife of Isaac Chase, died at her late residence, 230 St. Martin Street, Montreal PQ,
age 56 years.

03-25-1909 The wife of Dr. W. M. Rowat, at Athelstan PQ, a son.

02-25-1909 The wife of John A Stewart, at Red Willow, Alberta, a daughter.

03-17-1909 The wife of Rea Armstrong, at Red Willow, Alberta, a son.

03-19-1909 To Mr. and Mrs. T. McLaughlin, of 789 St. Urbain Street, Montreal, a son.

03-24-1909 John Law, married Mary Jane Cook, fifth daughter of the late John Cook, of Ormstown PQ. At the residence of her sister, 9 York Street, Westmount, by Rev. F. M. Dewey, of Stanley Street Church.

03-24-1909 Abraham Banbury, died suddenly at Chateaugay New York, age 68 years. A native of England, and was at one time a resident of Allen's Corners PQ.

03-23-1909 Herbert L. Beerworth, died at Chateaugay New York, age 65 years. At one time owner of a line store.

03-14-1909 Jane Cattnach, wife of Alexander Gordon, formerly of LaGuerre PQ, died at Chatham Ont..

03-18-1909 Delphine Dubois, widow of Michael McWhinnie, of Ormstown PQ, died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Brault, Valleyfield PQ, age 84 years.

03-18-1909 Jennet Grant, widow of the late Robert McIntosh, of St Anicet PQ, died at Elm Creek, Manitoba, age 81 years. He native of LaGuerre PQ. (Died of heart failure)

03-27-1909 Henry Metcalf, died at Frontier PQ, age 58 years 06 months.

03-28-1909 James Chambers Sr., died at his residence in Huntingdon PQ, age 82 years. A native of Enniskillen, Ireland and a resident of Huntingdon for sixty years.

04-07-1909 Archibald McEwen, of Ormstown PQ, married Sarah Agnes Finlayson, daughter of the late Duncan Finlayson. At River Outarde, the residence of Peter A Finlayson, brother of the bride, by Rev. D.W.Morison, D.D.

03-28-1909 Jennie Stewart, wife of Charles French, and daughter of Mr. D. A Stewart, of St Anicet PQ, died at No. 1 Redman Street, Fitchburg MA, age 32 years 07 months 07 days.

04-07-1909 Mary Edwards, wife of the late William O'Neill, died on her birthday, at the residence of her grandson, Fred H. Orr, Covey Hill PQ. Age 76 years. For that many years a resident of Covey Hill.

04-06-1909 Christian Mary Gordon, widow of the late John Ballentyne, died at Evie, Montreal West, age 83 years. Mother of Rev. R. L. Ballentyne, of Riverfield.

04-12-1909 Joseph Tyo, married Miss Bernice Tredo. At Fort Covington New York, by Rev. James McGowan.

03-26-1909 John Pickle, died at Covey Hill PQ, age 71 years.

04-09-1909 Sarah Croxall Smith, wife of Henry Smith, of Huntingdon PQ, died at Huntingdon, age 69 years.

04-12-1909 Margaret McClintock, wife of Gibson Cunningham, and daughter of the late John McClintock, of Ormstown PQ, died at Westville New York.

03-21-1909 Jeremiah B.Dunn, son of the late William Dunn, of St. Remi PQ, died as Spokane Washington, age 66 years

04-14-1909 James Reid, son of the late Col. Reid, of Hinchinbrook PQ, died at St. Lambert PQ, age 77 years.

03-16-1909 Helen Paton, died at St Etienne de Beauharnois, age 76 years 06 months. At the same home, on March 25, her sister, Mary B. Paton, died age 79 years 08 months.

04-14-1909 William Harrigan, married Annie Cameron, both of Huntingdon PQ. At Huntingdon PQ, by Rev. W. H. Stevens.

(Not dated) William Wallace, died at the residence of John McWilliams, at Ardgowen, West Brunswick, Australia, age 89 years. Brother of the late Rev. Alexander Wallace, of St. Andrew's, Huntingdon PQ.

04-17-1909 Robert Young, V.S., son of the late Ralph O. Young, formerly of St Louis de Gonzaque, died at his residence, in Bowmanville Ont., age 64 years.

04-19-1909 Electa A Gilmore, wife of Rev. Alexander Belton, died at Hemmingford PQ.

04-16-1909 James Stark, died at his home, in Elgin Township PQ, age 70 years.

04-16-1909 Michael Rice, died at Dewittville PQ, age 82 years.

04-19-1909 George Moore, formerly of the upper concession of Ormstown, died at Huntingdon PQ, age 83 years.

04-05-1909 Catherine Cooper, wife of William Learmont, and daughter of the late Merrill Cooper, of Elgin Township PQ, died at Humboldt Iowa,
Age 69 years.

From 04-22-1909 to 01-06-1910 All info missing in the microfilm.

12-21-1909 The wife of Neil A Reavie, at Flinton, Ont., a son.

12-22-1909 Bryce Egbert Bruce, of Aubrey PQ, married Murial Mary Ann McKell, daughter of Matthew McKell. At the residence of the brides parents,Ingelside Cottage, Riverfield PQ, by the Rev. R. L. Ballentyne.

12-21-1909 Mary N. Wallace, eldest daughter of Matthew Wallace, of Powerscourt PQ, married John A Rennie, of Godmanchester PQ. At the residence of the brides parents, by Rev. W. T. B. Crombie.

12-23-1909 John Ferns Gardner, of Huntingdon PQ, married Mary Maude Foster, of the Gore Hinchinbrook. At 88 St. Mark Street, Montreal PQ, by Rev. A P Shatford.

12-29-1909 George H. Elder, of Trout River PQ, married Ethel M. Murray, daughter of William Murray. At the residence of the brides parents, in Kensington PQ, by Rev. W. T. B. Crombie.

12-26-1909 Eleanor Grace Douglass, daughter of Benjamin Douglass, of New Erin PQ, married Tracy 0 Planche, of Brooklyn NY. At the residence of her cousin, George Boyd, 433 Prospect Place, Brooklyn NY, by Rev. L. Armstrong.

12-27-1909 John Alexander Maxwell, married Mary Elizabeth Steele, daughter of the late James Steele, both of Georgetown PQ. At the residence of the brides mother, by Rev. G. Whillans.

12-26-1909 Charlotte McFarlane, wife of Alexander Cooper, and daughter of the late Peter McFarlane, died at her son's residence, at Gilbert Plains, Manitoba, age 70 years. A native of Elgin Township, Huntingdon County PQ.

12-28-1909 Catherine Livingston, eldest daughter of Donald Livingston, and widow of the late Duncan Currie, died at Delmont, age 80 years.

12-24-1909 Daniel Shanks, died at Huntingdon PQ, aged 83 years.

12-19-1909 C. H. Crawford, merchant, brother of Mrs. Thomas McCracken, of Huntingdon PQ, died at Chateaugay NY, age 35 years.

12-20-1909 Ann Fitzgerald, wife of Nicholas McGivney, died at Malone New York, age 83 years. A native of Kerry, Ireland, and came to Hinchinbrook in 1840.

12-30-1909 Louisa Scriver, widow of the late John Pickle, died at Covey Hill PQ, aged 61 years 06 months.

12-31-1909 Mary J Flemming,widow of the late Wm Waterson, died at Kensington,P.Q.aged 87 years.