Gleaner Extracts 1883

Gleaner Extracts 1883

01-07-1883 The wife of Lewis Fortune, M.D., at Huntingdon, a daughter.

01-05-1883 The wife of George Thornton, at Trout River, Twins boy and a girl.

(Not dated) John O'Neill, Farmer, of Covey Hill PQ, married Eliza R. McFee, second daughter of John McFee, of Russeltown Quebec, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. Findlay Dewey.

01-05-1883 David Smith Sr., died at Drum Street, Fort Covington NY, Aged 82 years.

01-01-1883 Charles Wilson, died at Valleyfield Que., Aged 74 years. A native of Kirriemuir, Forfarshire, Scotland.

12-31-1882 Charlotte Clark, daughter of Alexander Clark, died at Valleyfield Que., Aged 21 years 08 months.

12-21-1882 Thomas Foster, died at the Gore Hinchinbrook, Aged 76 years.

01-11-1883 John Cross, Farmer, St Malachie de Ormstown, married Jeannie Muir, daughter of John Muir, Farmer, Hinchinbrook, County of Huntingdon. At the house of the bride's father, by Rev. James Watson.

01-16-1883 Margaret Salina Tallon, daughter of Patrick Tallon, died , Aged 19 years 07 months.

01-17-1883 Joseph Anderson, son of James Anderson, Anderson's Corners, died Aged 32 years.

01-13-1883 Francis Armstrong, Relict of the Late Capt. William Simpson, of North Shields, Northumberland County, England died at Huntingdon, Aged 76 years.

01-17-1883 Marion Dalgliesh, Relict of the Late J. H. Baird, died at Huntingdon.

01-18-1883 The wife of William A. Baker, formerly of Dundee Quebec, at Montreal, a son.

01-17-1883 John Merlin, Farmer, Hemmingford, married Sarah Jane Adams, of the township of Franklin Quebec. At 128 Shuter Street, Montreal, by Rev. James Patterson.

01-21-1883 Jacob Joseph DeWitt, second son of Capt. J. H. Dewitt, of Chateauguay. Died at Montreal, Aged 27 years 07 months.

01-18-1883 Margaret Jane Cowan, only daughter of William Cowan, died at Durham, Aged 03 months, of spinal disease.

01-20-1883 Walter Sadler, youngest son of Edward Sadler, died at Ormstown Quebec, of croup and inflammation of the lungs, Aged 6 years.

01-22-1883 Patrick Murphy, died at Jamestown, Aged 84 years.

01-17-1883 Edmund Fraser, youngest child of the late Peter Fraser, of Dundee Quebec, died at Fort Covington NY, Aged 02 years.

01-22-1883 George A. Cheney, died at Fort Covington New York, Aged 86 years. Mr. Cheney came to the Fort from Connecticut when young, therefore was an early Settler of the place. He taught school when he first came, and afterwards ran a carding and cloth mill.

01-31-1883 Lincoln Johnson, of Huntingdon PQ, married Roxanna A Sparrow, eldest daughter of Robert Sparrow, of New Ireland PQ. At the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. T.Haslam.

01-23-1883 Mr. J. Millen, of Montreal, married Carrie Walker Cantwell, daughter of William Cantwell, Esq., of Franklin Center PQ. At the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. B. Longlay.

01-25-1883 Emary Smith, of Steamboat Rock, Hardin County, Iowa. Married Emma Lucy Hall, eldest daughter of the late John W. Hall, M.D., of Franklin PQ. At the residence of the bride's mother, by Rev. William A. Johnston.

01-18-1883 Agnes McArthur, wife of John Sawyer, died at St Louis de Gonzague, Aged 59 years. Deceased was a native of Paisley, Scotland.

01-29-1883 Mary Catherine McCrea, eldest daughter of the late John McCrea, died at Valleyfield Que. Aged 23 years.

01-31-1883 Philippa Theresa Evelyn, wife of the Rev. R. White, incumbent at Hemmingford, died at Montreal PQ.

01-22-1883 James Stewart Sr., died at Covey Hill PQ, Aged 73 years.

01-30-1883 The wife of James Blaik, at Meadow Bank, Hinchinbrook, a son.

02-01-1883 The wife of John Mannagh, at Vicars, twin sons.

01-30-1883 John Anderson Jr., of South Georgtown, married Janet Carmichael, daughter of William Carmichael, Esq., Scotch Concession, Parish of St. Martine, Que.. At the residence of the brides father, by Rev. J. A. F. McBain.

01-27-1883 James McDonald, son of James McDonald Sr., of Trout River, died by accident at Valleyfield Que., Aged 42 years.

02-02-1883 Robert McClenaghan, died at Ormstown PQ, Aged 82 years.

02-09-1883 The wife of Rev. JC Cattenach, of Sherbrooke Quebec, a daughter.

02-08-1883 The wife of John Fleming, at Dundee Que, a daughter.

02-06-1883 Fred Sellers, married Ella Mallon, of Burke New York, at Chateauguay New York, by Rev. E. M.Depauw.

02-12-1883 Archibald Smith, of Dundee Quebec, married Mary C. Allan, of English River, County of Chateauguay. At the residence of Robert Bennie, English River, by Rev. C.M.Mackeracher.

01-31-1883 J. H. Blair, of Hallerton, Quebec, married Louisa Whitney, of Moores Forks, New York. In Moores Forks, at the residence of J. K. Whitney, Brother of the bride, by Rev. Mr. Flint, of Moores New York.

02-13-1883 Robert Moe, died at Franklin Quebec, of congestion of the lungs, Aged 61 years.

02-11-1883 Francis Stephen , merchant at Montreal , died at Montreal, Aged 50 years.

02-09-1883 John Wallis, died at Godmanchester, Aged 73 years. Deceased came to Trout River with his father about 1826, and was therefore one of its first settlers.

02-07-1883 The wife of Theo Wallis, at Elgin Township, a son.

02-16-1883 The wife of George Cooke, at Outremont, a son.

02-17-1883 The wife of Alexander Chalmers, at Huntingdon, a son.

02-10-1883 The wife of D. McGregor Moody, at St. Agnes de Dundee, a son.

02-10-1883 The wife of John Gordon, at Dundee Quebec, a son.

02-14-1883 The wife of John M. Feeney, at New Ireland, Quebec, a son.

02-21-1883 Archibald Muir Jr., Farmer, married Annie E. Cameron, second daughter of Archibald Cameron, farmer, all of Hinchinbrook. In Hinchinbrook, by Rev. J. B. Muir, of St. Andrew's Church, Huntingdon.

02-19-1883 Elizabeth Law, wife of Alexander Johnston, died at the Gore Hinchinbrook.

02-08-1883 Joseph Ross Gibson, son of John Gibson, of Durham, died of consumption.

02-11-1883 Harriet Levers, youngest daughter of Matthew Levers, died at Hinchinbrook, Aged 31 years.

02-16-1883 Elizabeth Will, Relict of the Late Thomas Jolly, died near Rockburn, at the residence of her son, John Jolly, Aged 79 years 08 months. A native of Forfarshire, Scotland.

02-17-1883 The wife of John Caldwell, at Godmanchester, a daughter.

02-14-1883 The wife of H J. Donnelly, at Helena, a son.

02-19-1883 The wife of Dr.Crippen, at Trout River lines, a son.

02-19-1883 The wife of J. R. Cameron, at Trout River lines, a daughter.

02-18-1883 The wife of James Laird, at the Beaver, a daughter.

01-09-1883 Thomas Boyd, died at Mansfield, Largs, Scotland. Aged 88 years. Deceased was a brother-in-law of Mrs. Peter Caldwell of Godmanchester.

01-29-1883 Jane E. Clarkson, wife of Robert Hadley, died at Hemmingford Quebec, Aged 32 years 06 months.

01-29-1883 Henry Cooper, of Skagit River, eldest son of Thomas Cooper, La Guerre Quebec, married Carrie A Bartlett, late of Massachusetts. At Seattle WA, at the residence of the officiating clergyman, Rev. Mr. Danvor.

02-28-1883 John James Metcalf, of the Scotch Concession, St. Martine, Quebec, married Agnes Phillis Currie, daughter of William Currie, of English River. At the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. J.A F. McBain, assisted by Rev. C.M.Mackeracher.

03-01-1883 James S. McFarlane, Farmer, married Eliza Burt Thomas Sayer, all of the township of Elgin. At the residence of the bride's father, Haggoth Hill, by Rev. S. Houston,M.A.

02-28-1883 Joseph A. Kyle, married Maria Kyle, daughter of Robert Kyle, Culnady, County Derry, Ireland. At the residence of the bride's uncle, in Hemmingford, by Rev. James Patterson.

02-28-1883 John Ferns, married Mary Jane Hadley, both of Hemmingford Quebec, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. B. Longlay,B.A.

03-06-1883 John Duncan McMillan, married Maggie Fraser, third daughter of the late William Fraser, all of Dundee PQ, that the residence of the bride's mother, by the Rev. D. McEachern.

03-04-1883 George W. Blanchard, late of Iowa, U.S., youngest son of Seth Blanchard, died at the residence of his parents, in Fort Covington NY, Aged 29 years.

03-03-1883 Thomas Young, died at English River, Aged 78 years. A native of Roxburghshire Scotland.

02-28-1883 Maggie C. Herdman, youngest daughter William Herdman, of Hinchinbrook, died at St Hyacinthe, Que., Aged 23 years.

03-07-1883 Alexander Gardner, of Nebraska, U.S., son of the late James Gardner, of this section, married Annie Ellen Vass, third daughter of Thomas Vass, of Dundee PQ. At the residence of the brides parents, by Rev. D. McEachern.

03-03-1883 The wife of Alexander Davidson, Miller, at Elk River, Minnesota, a daughter.

03-06-1883 The wife of Angus McRae, Baker, at Minneapolis MN, a son.

03-18-1883 The wife of F. B. Schuyler, Baker, at Huntingdon, a daughter.

03-21-1883 The wife of William Watt, at Hinchinbrook, a son.

03-13-1883 George Seely, of Brockville, Ontario, married Martha Cooper, fifth daughter of Thomas Cooper, of La Guerre Quebec. At Fort Covington NY, by Rev. Mr. Bradshaw.

03-02-1883 Emma May Thornton, youngest twin daughter of George Thornton, died at Godmanchester, Aged 01 month. 03 weeks 05 days.

03-20-1883 Margaret Pattison, a Relict of the Late Robert King, died at North Georgetown, Aged 87 years.

03-14-1883 William Charles Watson, youngest son of William Watson, Farmer, died at Elgin Township, Aged 01 year. 07 months.

03-19-1883 The wife of George E. Hitchcock, Farmer, at Wethersfield, VT, a son.

(Not dated) The wife of Dr. Brand, at Burke New York, a daughter.

03-22-1883 Samuel Barrie, formerly of Elgin Township, married Helen Rogers, third daughter of Joseph Rogers, Esq., all of Wickham, Que.. At the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. F. M. Dewey.

03-28-1883 John McNaughton, second son of Daniel McNaughton, of Hinchinbrook, married Mary Murchison, second daughter of Murdoch Murcheason, all of Dundee PQ. At the residence of the bride's Brother, Duncan, the Rev. D. McEachern.

03-21-1883 J. B. Irwin, of Potsdam,N.Y, late principal of Fort Covington Academy, married Ida Ryan, only daughter of the late James Ryan, of Fort Covington NY. At the residence of the bride's mother, by Rev. Malcolm Oxley of East Middleton, Ontario.

03-24-1883 Benjamin Rolfe, late of Fort Covington NY, died at Brasher Falls, New York, Aged about 80 years.

03-26-1883 Christy McRae, died at his residence, in Dundee PQ, Aged 87 years. A native of Badenoch, Scotland.

03-23-1883 Widow Young, died at the residence of William Currie, English River, Aged 79 years.

03-16-1883 Mary Davidson, Relict of the Late John Barnes, died at Boyd Settlement, Aged 28 years.

03-02-1883 Thomas Hingston, son of the late Major Hingston, of H. M. S., died at Hinchinbrook, Aged 82 years..

03-18-1883 David Armstrong, died at Hemmingford, Aged 74 years. Born in county Longford, Ireland.

03-17-1883 Thomas Stewart, died at Hemmingford, Aged 66 years 10 months. A native of Lanarkshire, Scotland

03-19-1883 Dougald McNaughton, son of Peter McNaughton, Esq., Newfoundout,Que, died at Eureka NV.

03-25-1883 Ann Taylor, wife of Richard Buchanan, died at Covey Hill PQ, Aged 67 years.

03-24-1883 Infant son of James Fiddas, died at Vickers.

03-31-1883 The wife of Arthur Roberts, of Her Majesty Customs, at Frontier, Hemmingford, a daughter.

04-02-1883 James Keith, of Broadview, Northwest Territory, married Agnes Ovans, daughter of Thomas Ovans, at the residence in the bride's father, in Ormstown Quebec, by the Rev. D.W.Morrison,B.A.

04-01-1883 Ann McCombs, died at Montreal, Relict of the Late Robert Finney, of Beauharnois Aged 83 years.

04-02-1883 Barbara Muir, youngest daughter of the late Matthew Muir, died at Hinchinbrook Quebec.

03-31-1883 Alexander McGaan, died at the residence of his nephew, William Steven, Aged 80 years. A native of Blantyre, Scotland. The deceased was an early settler on Trout River, near Helena.

04-07-1883 The wife of William Johnston, music teacher, at Ormstown, a daughter.

04-04-1883 The wife of William Steven, at Dundee PQ, a daughter.

04-11-1883 Alexander McKenzie Leslie, Farmer, St Anicet, married Martha Henry, daughter of James Henry, Farmer, Wales, Stormont, Ontario. At the house of William Leslie, Farmer, at St Anicet, by Rev. James Watson.

04-05-1883 James McNair, died at Godmanchester, Aged 56 years.

04-06-1883 Mary Gibson, died at the residence of her nephew, Robert Gibson, at Hinchinbrook Quebec, Aged 81 years, 06 months 01 day. Deceased was a native of Dumbartonshire, Scotland.

04-08-1883 Captain James Brownlee, died at Hemmingford, Aged 85 years 10 months. Deceased was a native of Lanarkshire, Scotland, and immigrated to this country April 12, 1819.

04-04-1883 Ellen Whealy, Relict of the Late Arthur Moore, of Ormstown, died at Hinchinbrook, at her son's residence, Aged 93 years. Deceased was a native of contrary Leitrim, Ireland.

04-11-1883 Christina Mack, youngest daughter of James W. Mack, died at Hinchinbrook, Aged 07 years 06 months.

04-08-1883 Edward Thompson, died at Ormstown Quebec, Aged 73 years.

04-09-1883 Robert Adams, died of congestion of the lungs, at Athelston,Que., Aged 43 years.

03-11-1883 Robert C. Baird, married Margaret Ann Anderson, youngest daughter of William Anderson, at Hinchinbrook, by Rev. Samuel Houston.

04-16-1883 Infant daughter of William Steven, died at Dundee Que, Aged 12 days.

04-17-1883 Margaret French, wife of the late James Bowles, died at the residence of her Brother, Aged 80 years..

04-12-1883 Catherine Cameron, relict of the late Angus Smith, died at Dundee Village, Aged 77 years. Deceased was a native of Lochaber, Scotland.

03-20-1883 Margaret McMillan, wife of Dougall McNaughton, died at Ada Michigan, Aged 58 years. Deceased was formerly of Dundee, and eldest daughter of the late John McMillan Sr..

04-12-1883 Jean Anderson, only daughter of Alexander Anderson, of Invernettie, Strathdon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, and Relict of the Late Robert Davie, of Montreal, died at Trout River, Godmanchester, Aged 69 years

04-22-1883 The wife of Charles Lucas, at Ormstown Quebec, twin sons.

04-23-1883 The wife of Charles McHardy, at Hinchinbrook, a son.

04-14-1883 Eliza Galt McIntosh, youngest daughter of the late Captain James McIntosh, died at Waseca, Minnesota, of measles, Aged 20 years.

04-17-1883 Rev. James Y. Cameron, died at Summerstown, Aged 69 years. Late of the Presbyterian college, Montreal, father of Dr. Cameron, of Montreal, and formerly of Howick Quebec.

04-24-1883 Mrs. Dougald Thompson, died at Durham, of diabetes, Aged 57 years.

05-01-1883 The wife of Malcolm McNaughton, at Hinchinbrook, a daughter.

04-29-1883 The wife of James A. Miller, at Huntingdon, a son.

04-24-1883 The wife of John Scott, at Ormstown Quebec, a son.

04-25-1883 Matthew Levers, married Mary Ann Farquhar, daughter of the late Robert Farquhar , both of Hinchinbrook, at the residence of the bride's mother, by Rev. W. A. Johnston

05-01-1883 J. B. McIntosh, married Florence Moir, third daughter of PC Moir, at the residence of the bride's father in Huntingdon, by Rev. J. B. Muir.M.A.

04-25-1883 Daniel Headly, of Chateauguay, married Elizabeth Pyper, fourth daughter of William Pyper, of Points St. Charles , at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. W. R. Cruickshanks.

04-11-1883 Alford Levi Maither, son of A.D Maither, died at Butcher Ranch, Placer County, California, Aged 04 months 25 days.

04-26-1883 Maud Caroline Winona Robson, youngest daughter of John E. Robson, died at Boyd Settlement, of congestion of the lungs, Aged 01 year. 04 months 14 days.

04-25-1883 Cassie M. Fraser, youngest daughter of the late Peter Fraser, of Dundee PQ, died at Fort Covington NY, Aged 05 years 11 months.

04-27-1883 Louise Blanchard, daughter of Seth Blanchard, died in Fort Covington NY, Aged 23 years.

05-19-1883 Norman Clark, infant son of James and Jane Clark, died at Valleyfield Que. of diphtheria.

05-24-1883 James Clark, died at Valleyfield Que. of diphtheria Aged 37 years.

05-03-1883 The wife of David Vallee, at Trout River, a son.

05-06-1883 The wife of Alexander Farquhar, at Franklin PQ, a son.

05-02-1883 Jonathan Dunn, of Franklin, County of Huntingdon, married Jane Hamilton, eldest daughter of James Hamilton, of St Jean Chrysostome,. At the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. C.M.Mackeracher.

04-20-1883 George Ernest Thornton, youngest son of George Thornton, died at Trout River, Aged 03 months 15 days

05-11-1883 The wife of J. M. Bourdon, at Dundee Village, a daughter.

05-11-1883 The wife of Arthur W. Rowe, at Franklin Quebec, a daughter.

05-10-1883 Mrs. Alexander Rennie, at Hinchinbrook, a son.

05-10-1883 Mrs. Archibald Johnston, died at the first concession of Elgin, formerly of the Gore, Aged 77 years.

05-11-1883 Ann McKenzie Finlayson, eldest daughter of the date Alexander Finlayson, died at St. Urbane de Chateauguay, Aged 71 years.

05-10-1883 John H. Humphrey, died at Hemmingford, Aged 67 years.

04-07-1883 Jane Mabon, eldest daughter John Mabon, died at St Louis de Gonzague, of consumption, Aged 18 years 06 months.

05-06-1883 Agnes Mabon, youngest daughter of John Mabon , died of inflammation of the bowels, Aged 08 years 01 month

05-10-1883 Maggie Lindsay Anderson, daughter of James Anderson, died at Durham, Aged 03 years 06 months.

05-03-1883 Robert B. Stewart, youngest son of James Stewart, of St Anicet, died at Eureka, Humboldt County, California of hemorrhage of the lungs, Aged 21 years 11 months 10 days.

05-16-1883 Margaret McNaughton, wife of James Muir, died at Hinchinbrook, Aged 66 years.

05-14-1883 Edward Waller, youngest son of Robert Waller, died at Rockburn Quebec, of Peritonitis, Aged 23 years 06 months.

05-11-1883 Eleanor Huse, wife of the late Peter Rowe, died at the residence of J. P. Rowe, Esq., Franklin Quebec. Aged 85 years 03 months 12 days.

05-22-1883 The wife of James Will , at Huntingdon, a daughter.

05-03-1883 Robert Finlayson, of Glasgow Scotland, married Mary R. Davidson, daughter of William Davidson, of Dewittville PQ. At St. John's Manse, Victoria BC, by Rev. T. Jennis.

05-09-1883 George Miller, died at Havlock,Que., Aged 68 years 04 months 16 days.

05-11-1883 Owen Lynch, formerly a merchant at Beauharnois, died at Ile Perrot.

05-19-1883 Mary Fallon, wife of Henry O'Reilly, died at Godmanchester, of consumption, Aged 44 years.

05-27-1883 The wife of John Henderson, (Findlay), near Rockburn, a daughter.

05-27-1883 The wife of William Fitzsimmons, near Rockburn, a son.

04-25-1883 William White, died at Park Hill, Ontario Aged 73 years.

(Not dated) James Hunter, died at his residence in Durham, Aged 51 years.

05-28-1883 Margaret McNaughton, Relict of the Late William Dundas, and eldest daughter of the late Findlay McNaughton, of Hemmingford, died at her residence, at Dorchester, Ontario, Aged 75 years.

05-22-1883 The wife of George H. Oliver, M.D., at Dickinson Center, New York, a daughter.

06-04-1883 The wife of J.A. Plamodon, at Trout River, a son.

05-31-1883 Matthew Brown, Farmer, married Ellen Casey, all of Hemmingford, at 120 Shuter Street, Montreal, by Rev. James Patterson.

06-04-1883 John Edward Whitaker, Railroad contractor, Trout River PQ, married Lucy Ella Lytle, daughter of Oliver Lytle, Esq., Johnson's Station PQ. At 120 Shuter Street, Montreal, by Rev. James Patterson.

06-06-1883 James Todd, of the Gore Hinchinbrook, married Betsy Jane Purse, eldest daughter of John Purse, Esq., of the same place. At the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. H Johnston, of Rockburn.

05-27-1883 James Kerr, died at Fertile Creek, Aged 57 years.

06-05-1883 Eliza Saunders, wife of Luke De.Wolfe, died at Covey Hill PQ, Aged 63 years.

05-31-1883 Frederick Burton Law, son of Robert Law, died at the Gore Hinchinbrook, Aged 09 months 16 days.

04-18-1883 J. S. Gibson, of Nelsonville, Marquette County, Manitoba, married L.O. Wallis, only daughter of F. P. Wallis, at the residence of the bride's parents, in Trout River, by the Rev. J. Wilson.

06-06-1883 Malcolm M. Elder, married Eliza Jane Cairns, eldest daughter of Thomas Cairns, all of Elgin Township, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. Samuel Houston.

06-03-1883 Archibald McEwan, died in Ormstown, of inflammation, Aged 63 years.

06-01-1883 Margaret M. Sangster, daughter of John Sangster, died at Lancaster, Ontario,

Aged 22 years 02 months 03 days.

06-12-1883 Charles C. Marshall, of Montreal, married Elizabeth Ann Meldrum, youngest daughter James Meldrum, Esq.,. At the residence of the bride's father, in Chateauguay Basin, by Rev. Mr. Boyd.

(Not dated) C.M.Clay, of Laramie UT, married Mary Middlemiss, of Rockburn Quebec, At the Central Hotel, Ogden UT, by Rev. A. E. Atchison.

06-13-1883 William White, eldest son of Robert White, married Agnes Currie, second daughter of Daniel Currie, of Norton Creek, at Montreal, by Rev. Thomas Cummings.

06-13-1883 George R. Clark, merchant, Roxam, married Nellie J. Peacock, teacher, Hemmingford Quebec. At 120 Shuter Street, Montreal, by Rev. James Patterson.

06-06-1883 Mr. James Waterson, Farmer, Elgin Township, married Janet Laird, youngest daughter of John Laird, of Dundee PQ. At the Manse, Dundee, by Rev. Mr McEachern

06-02-1883 Duncan McCuaig, eldest son of Donald McCuaig, died at St.Urbain.

06-05-1883 Mary Elliott, Relict of the Late Andrew grade, died at St. Martine, Aged 68 years. A native of Roxborough.

06-06-1883 Margaret Clark, wife of David Glenn, died at South Georgtown. Aged 61 years. A native of Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire.

06-23-1883 The wife of James B. Cooper, at Elgin Township, a daughter.

06-21-1883 The wife of James Sayer, at Elgin Township, a son.

06-26-1883 The wife of George Erskine, at Franklin Quebec, a daughter.

06-20-1883 Charles W. Hyde, Druggist, of Trout River New York, married Annie E. Cameron, eldest daughter of John R. Cameron, of Trout River Lines, Elgin Township. At the residence of the bride's father, mother and Samuel Houston.

06-23-1883 Louisa McNaughton, Relict of the late Kutusoff Nicolson, died at Valleyfield Que., Aged 65 years.

06-22-1883 Alexander McLean, son of Alexander McLean, died at his father's residence, in Hinchinbrook, Aged 19 years 10 months.

06-30-1883 The wife of John Cunningham, at Butternut Grove, Godmanchester, a son.

(Not dated) Agusta's Bersea, Esq., married Christy Mc Edwards, all of St Anicet, at the Manse, Dundee Center, by Rev. D. McEachern.

06-28-1883 William Todd, Merchant, of Valleyfield Que , married Georgianna LaRogue, of Valleyfield Que., at St. George's Church, Montreal, by Rev. Cannon Carmichael.

06-26-1883 William Tiskin, of South Georgtown, married Anna Bella McEwen, daughter the late Neil McEwen, of North Georgetown, at the house of the bride's mother, by Rev. J. A. T. McBain.

06-27-1883 Kate Montieth, wife of Malcolm McFee, died at St Jean Chrysostome,.

06-05-1883 Angus McEdward, Aldus son of Alexander Mc Edward, of St Anicet, died at Clover Flat, Pinte County, Utah Territory, U.S..

07-04-1883 Grace Edna Fortune, infant daughter of Dr. Fortune, died at Huntingdon Quebec,.

07-04-1883 The wife of TW Fraser, at Dundee Village, a daughter.

07-06-1883 Infant daughter of TW Fraser, died at Dundee. Quebec.

07-05-1883 James Campbell, died at the residence of his son in law, Homer Stiles, at Cornwall, Ontario, Aged 100 years. Deceased was an old resident of Fort Covington, and was better known as Judge Campbell,. He resided for the past few years with his son-in-law William McPherson, of Lancaster Ontario, and had became quite childish.

07-11-1883 Alexander McFarlane Jr., son of Alexander McFarlane, Esq., Sr married Mary Jane Elliott, daughter of James Elliott, Esq., all of the parish of St chrysostome, Quebec. In the Presbyterian Church, Georgetown Quebec, by the Rev. J.A. F. McBain.

07-26-1883 The Glen Family The following extract is taking from the Huntingdon Gleaner of that date, having been printed in the Paisley Gazette, and it may be some consolation to its writer to know that if the Glen's are becoming fewer with succeding years in a native habitat, they are increasing elsewhere, and that in the colonies they make a goodly muster. In Chateauguay County there are several families, all descendants of John Glen who left Lochwinnoch over half as century ago. The original stock of the family of Glen has been traced to the Times of Edward 1, the King of England , and the wars in the 13th century, when Sir William Wallace stood in Scotland has the champion of independence. John Glen, known as the first of the family, possessed the second largest property in the parish of Lochwinnoch, namely, the Castle and Lands of Barr. The Glen's of Barr held that old estate for upwards of 300 years . The family became extinct in the person of Alexander Glen in the year 1616. But by that time several families, said to be cadets of the Glen's of Barr and bearing the same surname, had branched off, and head beat, tacksmen, obtaining few rights or Charters of their own possession. These were all mostly situated in the great barony, on the north side of the parish, extending from Locher Water, bordering with Kilmalcolm, to the Maich Water, near Kilbirnie. This barony was originally in the hands of Walter, the High Steward, who founded the Abbey of Paisley in 1163. He gave to the monks of said Abbey the Great Glen or barony of Lochwinyoch about the year 1200 and they retained it till the 16 century, when they created a most respectable body of Lairds or feuars of small estates, or at least of considerable mailings. The Glen's, Orrs, etc., it is said in this way became owners of land in the parish of Lochwinnoch. Hence the prevalence of the surnames, both in the Village and landward parts, ever since. The old family names of the parish are now getting sadly thinned by deaths and other removals in Providence. Friends after friends departs, and this applies very particularly both to the respected family of the Glen's and others at the present day. It is still within the living memory when families of the name were to be found in the Gillsyard, Muirfauldhouse, and The Kame, all among the heritors of the parish, besides several families in farms as tenants, and residence in the Village, all descendants from the same commonprogenitors. Among numerous removals and changes, both in the town and country parts, the family at Kame still hold their old parental property. Death has taken away, one after another, the old members of a most estimable family, once well-known and much respected, at the Kame. William Glen and his wife, in the early part of the present century, brought up at least five sons, who all came to manhood and were useful in their day and generation. Their father was for many years and held or in the parish Kirk, and for years before his death was the oldest efficient member of the Kirk session. It was his great-grandfather, James Glen of Gillsyard, who, during the persecuted period, had a most wonderful and narrow escape with his life, one evening when going home from a conventicle in the moorlands. He had reached the old corn mill of Brig-end when he was pursued by two horsemen or dragoones, who found him trying to Hide amongst the brambles on the side of the road, one of whom succeeded in striking him a vile and blow with his sword on the head, and left him, as he thought, dead among the bush's. But the Laird of Gillsyard had found lying on the road, on his way homewards, a horseshoe, which he placed under his bonnet, and, whilst iron met iron, Mr. Glen's head was saved and his life preserved. The family at Kame, and indeed all the Glen's, have always been amongst the staunchest of Presbyterians.

07-18-1883 The wife of Samuel Crouchfield, at the Gore Hinchinbrook, a son.

07-08-1883 The wife of.J. S. Cowan, at Valleyfield Que., a son.

07-22-1883 George Aldridge, died at Elgin Township, Aged 26 years.

07-20-1883 N. A. McCoy, wife of the late Alexander Gardner, formerly a resident of Athelston,Que, died at the residence of her Brother, David McCoy, Hinchinbrook, Aged 61 years.

06-30-1883 John B. Wallis, son of the late John Wallis, died at Trout River, Godmanchester, Aged 39 years.

07-23-1883 Mary Ross, third daughter of William Ross, of Dewittville PQ, died at Ottawa.ON Aged 22 years.

07-16-1883 The wife of Thomas Quinn, Cheesemaker, at Frontier, Hemmingford, a son.

07-29-1883 The wife of Thomas Rowley, Merchant, at St. Agnes de Dundee, a daughter.

07-29-1883 John Long, died at the Parish of St Anicet, Aged 59 years.

07-26-1883 Rachel Beattie, fourth daughter of Martin Beattie, died at Hemmingford Quebec, Aged 30 years 02 months

07-26-1883 The wife of George Maxwell, at Holyoke MA, a son.

08-01-1883 Charles McDiarmid, married Flora Louisa Orr, only daughter of William Orr, Postmaster, Covey Hill Quebec. At Union Church, Covey Hill, by Rev. Alford Bearham.

07-31-1883 Hannah Hayter, second daughter of Jessie Hayter, died at Orange MA, Aged 42 years 07 months.

08-13-1883 The wife of John Mitchell, at Huntingdon, a son.

08-12-1883 The wife of G. H. Phillips, at Valleyfield Que., a son.

08-09-1883 Rev. J. F. Sweeney, Rector of St. Phillips Church, Toronto ON, formerly of Franklin PQ, married Miss Bostwick, eldest daughter of John Bostwick, of Lanoraie. At Berthierville.

08-09-1883 Peter McArthur, of Dewittville PQ, married Annie T. McIntosh, eldest daughter of the late Alexander McIntosh, at the residence of the bride's mother, in Rockburn PQ, the Rev. I. Wilkinson.

08-15-1883 William E. Powles, of Montreal, married Martha F. Carson, eldest daughter of S. B. B. Carson. At Port Lewis Quebec, by Rev. J. B. Muir, of Huntingdon.

08-08-1883 Rev. Joseph Carr, Methodist minister, late of Franklin Center, Quebec died at his father-in-law's residence, Melboro, Quebec Aged 36 years.

07-28-1883 Emily Emerson Lytle, daughter of Oliver Lytle, died at Hemmingford Quebec, Aged 25 years 29 days.

08-22-1883 Mr. Henry D. Winter, lumber merchant, Ormstown Quebec, married Jemimah Anderson, third daughter of James Anderson, Esq., J.P., Hinchinbrook. At the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. J. B. Muir of Huntingdon.

08-21-1883 Lizzie Copland, third daughter of Donald Copland, died at Ormstown Quebec, of consumption, Aged 31 years.

08-15-1883 Clarence Edgar Hall, infant son of Charles J. Hall, died at Valleyfield Que. Quebec.

08-14-1883 Elias Wallis, died in Elgin Township, Aged 81 years 05 months. Mr. Wallace was born in Roxam Quebec and removed when a young man, to Elgin, where he since resided.

08-28-1883 The wife of William Arthur, at Hinchinbrook, a daughter.

08-23-1883 Sarah, wife of John Richardson, died at Chateauguay Quebec, after a short illness Aged 64 years.

08-14-1883 Ellen Moody, Deluth wife of Samuel Quig, of County Antrum, Ireland died at Beauharnois, Aged 62 years

08-24-1883 Eliza Merson, wife of Thomas Ross, and daughter of the late William Merson, of Elgin Quebec, died at Lansingburgh , New York , Aged 47 years.

08-28-1883 Clara Blanche Wallis, daughter the late John B. Wallis, died at Godmanchester, of water on the brain

07-24-1883 Elizabeth E. Biggar, daughter of the late William Biggar, and wife of Professor A. E. Hart, died at Allison, Butler County, Iowa, Aged 37 years. Formerly a resident of Godmanchester.

09-04-1883 The wife of George Biggar Jr., at New Ireland, a son.

09-03-1883 Henry Deruchia, of the township of Charlottenburg, County Glengary, Ontario, married Josephine Tyo, fifth daughter of John Tyo senior, of Bettern Island, Dundee. At the Church in St. Regis, by the Rev. M. Mainville.

09-05-1883 Peter Reid, of Ormstown Quebec, married Mary Jane McGrath, eldest daughter of Alexander McGrath, at the residence of the bride's father in North Georgetown, by Rev. Mr. McBain.

08-28-1883 Elizabeth McLean, wife of Dr. Livingstone, died at St Jean Chrysostome, Aged 65 years.

09-04-1883 Jane Young, Relict of the Late William Marshall, J.P., died at Huntingdon, Aged 76 years.

(Not dated) Peter McEwen, formerly of Ormstown, died at the residence of his sons, Donald and William, Prairie Green, Indiana. Aged 81 years.

09-09-1883 Mary Jane Orton , wife of Edward L. Johnson, farmer, Lake and St Anicet, died at Charlottenburgh, Glengary County, Ontario, Aged 38 years.

09-18-1883 The wife of James Elliott, at Ormstown concession, a daughter.

09-12-1883 John Crichton Jr., married Jannie Ogelvie, daughter of Mrs. Ogelvie, at the residence of the bride's mother in Valleyfield Que., by Rev. Mr. Coull.

09-11-1883 David Bryson Jr., married Christina McDougall , second daughter of William McDougall, at the residence of the bride's father in Ormstown, Que., by the Rev. D. W. Morrison,B.A.

09-11-1883 Teresa Struthers, second surviving daughter of Charles Struthers, died at St. Remi.

09-21-1883 The wife of Noel Reynolds, at the Beaver, Dundee, a daughter.

09-12-1883 Rev. J. V. McDowell,B.A., of West Farnham, married Eliza F Ireland, daughter of F. C. Ireland, Esq., at Lachute Quebec, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. C. J. Curtis.

09-12-1883 John Davidson, Farmer, of Dewittville Quebec, married Annie E. Burford, of Huntingdon. At Huntingdon Quebec, by Rev. T. A. Haslam.

09-19-1883 W. T. Shannon, Esq., manager of the Standard Bank, Harriston ON, married Victoria Somerville, seventh daughter of RB Somerville, Esq., ex M.P. for the county of Huntingdon Quebec. At Milton ON, by Rev. MC Cameron.

09-20-1883 James Brody, V. S., of Bloomington IL, married Mary Lyle Wallace, daughter of the late James Wallace. At the residence of the bride's mother in Montreal, by Rev. C. G. Heine.

09-18-1883 Benjamin Herrick, died at Port Covington NY, of consumption, Aged 35 years.

09-11-1883 Thomas Seller's, died at Brainardville, Franklin County NY.

09-24-1883 Mary Frances Wilson Caldwell, infant daughter of John Caldwell, died at Godmanchester, Aged 07 months 07 days.

(Not dated) Joseph Eugene Charland, Teacher, died at St. Polycarpe, county Soulanges, Aged 58 years. This East taught school in St Anicet, at Dupuis Corners, for 07 years, but removed to St. Polycarpe last summer. He had been a schoolteacher for over 35 years.

09-28-1883 Mrs. Bell (Notman) Widow of the Rev. Andrew Bell, formerly pastor of the Presbyterian Church at L'Original, Ontario, died of heart disease, mother of the late Dr. John Bell, of Montreal, and of Professor Robert Bell, of the geological survey, Mrs. Bell was taken to Montreal, and interned in Monkland Cemetery.

09-28-1883 The wife of Joseph Leemay, Watchmaker, at Dundee Village, a son.

09-30-1883 The wife of Alexander Tyo, at Dundee Village, a daughter.

09-30-1883 The wife of Guy Mann, at Fort Covington NY, a son.

09-28-1883 The wife of David Pringle, at Hinchinbrook, River Outard, a son.

09-27-1883 John McGregor, married Christina Wylie Goundrey, daughter of John Goundrey, both of English River Quebec, at the Manse, in Ormstown Quebec, by Rev. D.W.Morrison,B.A.

10-03-1883 James W. Marshall, Farmer, Godmanchester, married Annie H. Gillies, second daughter of James T. Gillies, Esq., of Elgin Township. At the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. S. Houston.

09-26-1883 John Sellar, of the parish of Sherrington, Farmer, married Jane Brown, daughter of Matthew Brown, of Hemmingford Quebec. At the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. James Patterson.

09-27-1883 George Hall, of Beauharnois, married Nancy Clark, only daughter of the late Andrew Clark, of Hemmingford, and adopted daughter of John Lyon, County of Beauharnois. At the residence of Robert McLean, in Chateauguay Quebec, by Rev. James M. Boyd,B.D.

09-30-1883 Isabel McCrea, wife of William Johnston, Farmer, late of Trout River, died in Huntingdon. Deceased was a native of County Derry, Ireland and came to this district in 1831, Aged 81 years.

Of interest. October 08-1883. As described in the Huntingdon Gleaner of that date. Opening of their wake to Huntingdon. The opening to Huntingdon of the realway now being built through this district took place on Monday afternoon. At half past 12 that train from Montreal was sighted, and steamed slowly up to the platform. It consisted of locomotive No. 412, a baggage car, and 4 passenger cars. The track was spanned by an arch of evergreens, having on the east side of the words (welcome to Huntingdon) and on the other, (success to enterprise). On the station waived several flags and the platform was trimmed with evergreens. As that train came in, the Huntingdon Band struck up a lively air and a cheer was raised. The visitors were mainly French Canadian from between Brosseaus and Ste Isidore. At Howick, Bryson's, and Ormstown highly respectable delegates got on.

10-03-1883 The wife of William Henry Trainor, at Hinchinbrook, a son.

10-07-1883 The wife of Joseph L.' Orange, at Huntingdon, a daughter.

10-03-1883 James Headly, married Janet Elizabeth Baxter, daughter of David Baxter, all of North Georgetown Quebec. At the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. J. A. F. McBain.

09-26-1883 William H. Stevenson, married Mabel F. Spearman, both of Franklin Quebec, at the Congregational Parsonage, in Malone N.Y., by Rev. CS Richardson.

10-08-1883 John Denneen, oldest son of Dennis Denneen, of the Township of Dundee, married Ellen Maria Murphy, eldest daughter of Alexander Murphy, of the Township of Lancaster, Ontario, formerly of Godmanchester. At the RC Church, Lancaster Ontario, by Rev. Mr. Gauthier.

10-03-1883 John McCallum, of Alpena MI, married Annie Mc Edward, daughter of Alexander Rick Edward, Esq., of St Anicet Quebec. At the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. D. McEachern.

10-08-1883 George Chambers, eldest son of Alexander Chambers, Farmer, River Beaudette, married Bernice A. Brown, only daughter of Mr. James Brown, Farmer, Port Lewis Quebec. At the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. J. B. Muir.

10-05-1883 Elizabeth's Ruston, wife of George H. Hayden, and daughter of the late William Ruston, Esq., of Huntingdon Quebec. Died in Boston MA, Aged 32 years 05 months.

10-10-1883 Wallace A. Anderson, Merchant, married Adda L. Milne , both of Huntingdon, at Montreal, by Rev. James Henderson.

10-10-1883 William D. McCallum, married Ida E. Watt, daughter of the late Alexander Watt, all of Montreal. At the residence of the brides Brother, by Rev. James Henderson.

10-17-1883 Henry Wood, Merchant, Hemmingford, married Helen S. McDiarmid, youngest daughter of the late James McDiarmid, Covey Hill PQ. At the residence of the brides aunt, Morning side place, Covey Hill, by Rev. J.A. F. McBain.

10-17-1883 Angus Loynachan, Farmer, Montreal, married Christina A. Ford, second daughter of John Ford, Farmer, Godmanchester. At the residence of the brides father, by Rev. J. B. Muir.

09-27-1883 Jane McFarlane, formerly of Elgin Township PQ, youngest daughter of the late Peter McFarlane, died at Lake View, California, of heart disease, Aged 36 years. Deceased was buried in Carson City Cemetery.

10-12-1883 Thomas Brownlee, eldest son of Thomas Brownlee, died of heart disease, Aged 16 years 04 months 19 days

10-16-1883 Rev. W. C. Clark,B.A.,Ph.D, of Christ Church, died at Belleville, Ontario, of heart disease Aged 49 years. He was formerly Presbyterian minister of St. Paul's Church, Ormstown PQ.

10-18-1883 The wife of F. McNaughton, at Hemmingford, a daughter.

10-16-1883 William H. Taylor, married Mary E. McLennan, at the residence of the brides father, Beach Ridge Chateauguay,

10-17-1883 William G. McCullough, G.T. station agent, Hemmingford PQ, married Hattie A. Latham second daughter of James Latham, of Hemmingford. At the residence of the brides father, by Rev. Henry Meyers.

10-10-1883 Eunice McFee, Widow of the late Robert Wood Jr., and daughter of the late Major Donald McFee, died at Hemmingford,.

10-23-1883 Elsie Gordon, wife of Rev. George Coull,M.A. died at Valleyfield Que., Aged 49 years.

10-04-1883 William Arthur Sr., died at Rockburn PQ, Aged 86 years.

10-24-1883 Rev. Thomas Gales, (Sec'y Dominion Alliance) died in Montreal, after a long and painful illness, Aged 43 years.

10-17-1883 James Dickson, died at Cobourg, Ontario, Aged 48 years. Formerly a resident of Elgin Township.

10-21-1883 Sidney James, died at Huntingdon, Aged 78 years. For many years a resident of Montreal.

10-05-1883 Philip Mowen Wattie, youngest son of John Wattie, formerly of Elgin Township, died in Worcester MA

10-30-1883 The wife of George D. Bryson, at Port Colborne, Ontario, a daughter.

10-09-1883 Rev. William Mullins, of Dufferin, Manitoba, married Elizabeth Hargrave, of High Bluff, Manitoba. At the residence of the brides Brother, by Rev. H. McKellar, assisted by Rev. D. Stalker,B.A.

10-25-1883 Ann McCuaig, Widow of Donald McKenzie, Farmer, died at Port Lewis, Aged 80 years.

10-26-1883 William Johnston, son of Robert Johnston, died near Herdman's Corners, Aged 41 years.

10-29-1883 Andrew Cunningham, Farmer, died at his residence in Godmanchester, Aged 74 years. A native of Donegal County, Ireland.

10-27-1883 James D. Bryson, of Stony Creek Ontario, died at Ormstown Quebec.

11-03-1883 The wife of David Vass, at Malone N.Y., a son.

10-24-1883 David Smith, married Lucretia Maria Smith, daughter of the late William Smith, both of Drum Street, Fort Covington NY. At Fort Covington NY by Rev. Mr. Bradshaw.

10-30-1883 John Lockerby, of North Georgetown, married Mary Ann McEwan, second daughter of the late Mr. John McEwan,. At the residence of the brides mother, third concession of North Georgetown, by Rev. D.W.Morrison,B.A. assisted by Rev. Mr. Turnbull.

10-31-1883 Robert Ewart, a Beauharnois, married Sarah Davidson, of Ormstown. At Ormstown Quebec, by Rev. A. D. Lockhart.

10-28-1883 Ida Caul, Widow of the late George Graves, and only daughter and James Caul, formerly of Fort Covington, died at her father's residence, North Lawrence, New York, Aged 24 years.

10-31-1883 John A. Lightbody, died at the town of Westville N.Y., Aged 75 years. A native of County Down, Ireland.

11-05-1883 Eliza Jane Woodrow, wife of John Tennant, died at Huntingdon, Aged 31 years 04 months.

11-06-1883 Sadie J. Chase, only daughter of the late Joseph C. Chase, of Prescott, Ontario, died at the residence of her uncle, Daniel Boyd, of Huntingdon, Aged 13 years 08 months.

11-05-1883 The wife of D. M. Tobin, at Elgin Township Quebec, a son.

11-02-1883 The wife of counselor William Napier, at the Beaver, Dundee, a son.

11-13-1883 Alexander N Farlinger, Esq., Dundee PQ, married Francis L. McPhee, daughter of Donald McPhee, Esq., Huntingdon, late of Fort Covington NY. At the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. M. Stirret Oxley, of Montreal, cousin of the bride, assisted by Rev. J. B. Muir, of St. Anders Church.

(Not dated) Sophia Helps, youngest daughter of the late William Helps, formerly of Lancaster, Ontario, died at Evart, Michigan, of neuralgia of the brain.

11-15-1883 The wife of Donald McIntosh, at Rockburn Quebec, a son.

11-18-1883 The wife of Rev. D.W.Morrison, at Ormstown Quebec, a daughter.

11-15-1883 James Sherriff, of Emerson Manitoba, married Selena Henderson, youngest daughter of the late Archibald Henderson, Esq.. At the residence of the bride's mother, by Rev. W.C.Henderson,M.A. of St. Mary's Ontario, Brother of the bride.

11-26-1883 The wife of William Farquhar, at Huntingdon, a son.

11-27-1883 The wife of William Jamison, at Rockburn Quebec, a son.

11-18-1883 The wife of Rev. D.W.Morrison, at the Manse, Ormstown, a son.

11-22-1883 The wife of Mr. A. McCormick, at Ormstown Quebec, a daughter.

11-24-1883 The wife of James McClintock, at Ormstown Quebec, a son.

11-24-1883 No wife of Peter Reid, at Ormstown Quebec, a daughter.

11-25-1883 The wife of John Darby, at Ormstown Quebec, a son.

11-21-1883 The wife of Joseph Smallman, at Dundee Center, a son.

10-25-1883 The wife of John Cameron, at Skye, Dundee, a son.

11-14-1883 Andrew Hunter, married Martha Turner, all of North Georgetown Quebec. At the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. J. F. McBain.

11-21-1883 Donald Cameron McDonald, married Margaret Lindsay, second daughter of Alexander Lindsay. At the residence of the bride's father, in Ormstown Quebec, by Rev. D.W.Morrison,B.A.

11-08-1883 Sarah Ann Wallis, daughter of the late Elias Wallis, of Elgin Township, and wife of William A. Hilands, died at Oakland CA, of heart disease.

11-15-1883 John Hollenbeck, died at Fort Covington NY, Aged 83 years.

11-29-1883 Robert Evans Douglass, son of Benjamin Douglass, died at New Ireland, Aged 11 months 02 days.

11-19-1883 Charles Gray, died Edford Covington NY, Aged about 45 years.

11-25-1883 The wife of William G. Graves, at Bonnie View, Mosinee, Wisconsin, a daughter.

11-27-1883 Joseph J. Williamson, of Bellmont NY, married Helen G. Moore, youngest daughter of the late James C. Moore, of Elgin Township Quebec. At the Presbyterian Parsonage, Malone N.Y., by Rev. CS Richardson.

11-14-1883 Jonas S. Wallis, son of the late John Wallis, of Godmanchester, married Eda C Tolles, formerly of Kansas, U.S.. At Boise City.

11-21-1883 John McIntosh, of Branford ON, married Jane Forbes, eldest daughter of Alexander Forbes, of Valleyfield Que. Quebec. At Worcester Massachusetts, by Rev. J. F. Lovering.

12-04-1883 Mary Robertson Gibb, only son of J. R. Gibb, advocate, died at Montreal, of diphtheria, Aged 03 years 10 months.

11-27-1883 The wife of Thomas Moore, that Coleman, Moody County Dakota, a son.

11-28-1883 The wife of Henry Miller, at Huntingdon, twin sons.

12-05-1883 Charles Wilton Scriver, of Hemmingford Quebec, second son of Julius Scriver, MP, married Kate Pierson Hatch, second daughter of Irving G. Hatch, Esq., of Brooklyn NY. At Brooklyn NY, by Rev. Dr. Wallbridge.

12-03-1883 Hugh Johnston, of Shelby Michigan, married Isabella McPherson, daughter of James McPherson, Esq., of Dundee PQ. At New Era, Michigan, at the residence of D. S. Rankin, cousin of the bride, by Rev. L. Watts.

12-11-1883 Malcolm McLean, son of Alexander McLean, died at Hinchinbrook, Aged 29 years 12 days.

12-05-1883 Robert Stewart Ross, second son of Alexander Ross of East Saginaw Michigan, formerly of St Jean Chrysostome. Died at La Crosse Wisconsin, of typhoid fever..

12-09-1883 William Baird Cavers, infant son of James Cavers, died at ormstown Quebec.

10-05-1883 Margaret McCarty, wife of Thomas Lumsden, formerly of Hinchinbrook Quebec, died at Atkinson Nebraska, U.S..

12-06-1883 Janet G. Paul, daughter of James Paul, Farmer, died in Elgin Township, Aged 23 years 05 months.

12-16-1883 Mrs. John Cross, at Ormstown Quebec, a daughter.

12-16-1883 Mrs. Charles Moe, at Ormstown Quebec, a daughter.

12-13-1883 The wife of Lincoln Johnston, at Huntingdon Quebec, a daughter.

12-20-1883 The wife of Robert Hayter, at Huntingdon Quebec, twin sons.

12-14-1883 George Fiddas, died at Havlock,Que., Aged 83 years.

12-14-1883 Maud May Milne, eldest daughter of T. K. Milne, died at Huntingdon, Aged 13 years,11 months.

12-10-1883 Archie Stewart, eldest son of the late Daniel Stewart, St Anicet, died of consumption, in the Hospice St Jean de Dieu,Longue Pointe, Aged 20 years 09 months.

12-23-1883 The wife of James S. McFarlane, Esq., at Kelso, a son.

11-28-1883 the The wife of F. G. Scriver, Esq., at Garden Valley, Idaho, a son.

12-23-1883 The wife of J. M. McDowell, at Orchard Hill, Havelock, a daughter.

12-20-1883 Mrs. William Downie, at Merritton, Ontario, twin sons

12-25-1883 J. C. Shanks, M.D., married Eliza Azubah McClenaghan, second daughter of George McClenaghan, Esq., all of Havelock Quebec. At the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. C.M.Mackeracher.

11-12-1883 James Baird, Farmer, married Christina Clegg, daughter of William Clegg, Esq., Haringhurst, and all formerly of the township of Elgin,PQ. At Pilot Mound, Manitoba, by Rev. James Farquharson.

11-26-1883 John White, Farmer, Hemmingford, married Maria Tobin, youngest daughter of Michael Tobin, of Elgin Township Quebec. By Rev. H. Wood,P.P. Huntingdon Quebec

12-19-1883 James Moffatt, Esq., of Maxville, Ontario, married Ada Eleanore Phillips, second daughter of Rev. S. G. Phillips,. At Billings Bridge, by Rev. S. U. Phillips,M.A.

12-14-1883 George Fisher, died at Hemmingford Quebec, of paralysis, Aged 74 years.

12-18-1883 Mary Mair, died in North Georgetown, Aged 73 years. A native of Fifeshire, Scotland.

12-28-1883 The wife of Rev. J. A. F. McBain, at the Manse, Georgetown PQ, a daughter.

12-28-1883 Robert Gilbert, Farmer, married Janet Wilson, second daughter of William Wilson, Esq.. At South Georgtown, by Rev. J. B. Muir,A.M. of Huntingdon.

12-29-1883 CM March, of Malone N.Y., married Rebecca Woodrow, eldest daughter of John Woodrow, of Huntingdon PQ. At the Parsonage, 560 St. Charles Borrommee Street, Montreal, by Rev.A.B. Chambers,LL.B.

11-29-1883 James C. Taylor, son of John B. Taylor, of Malone N.Y., married Martha Jones, of Woodstock ON. At the residence of J. H. Baggey, Esq., in St. Paul MN, by Rev. E. Thompson.

01-02-1884 Charles D. Craik, engineer on the Chicago and Northwestern Railway, married Stella J Rowe, youngest daughter and J.P. Rowe, Esq.. At the residence of the bride's father, in Franklin PQ, by Rev. A.Bareham, incumbent.

01-01-1884 Millard Fillmore Perry, of Moira New York, late principal of the Fort Covington academy, but now teaching in governor New York, married Mary Chisholm, eldest daughter of the late Donald Chisholm, of Fort Covington NY, who was also a teacher in the academy. At Fort Covington NY, by Rev. Mr. Bradshaw.

12-25-1883 Mr. William Lunan, married Mary McComb, eldest daughter of Joe's McComb, all of Hendersonville PQ. At the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. John Wilson,B.A.

12-31-1883 John Thornton, married Eliza W. Dunsmore, all of Huntingdon PQ, at the residence of the bride's mother, by Rev. John Wilson,B.A.

01-01-1884 Joseph Haws, of Athelstan,Que, married Sophie Seely, daughter of Hiram Seely, of Elgin Township PQ. At the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. John Wilson,B.A.

08-28-1883 David A. Hunter, late of Huntingdon PQ, married Elizabeth C. Boyle. At Wallsend, New South Wales.

12-30-1883 Margaret, wife of John Buchanan, died at Covey Hills Quebec. A native of county Feramangh, Ireland

12-28-1883 Archibald Ogelvie, died suddenly at his residence in South Georgtown, Aged 70 years 07 months.

01-03-1884 Elizabeth Leahy, wife of Martin P. Curran, of St Anicet, died at Longue Pointe Asylum.

12-21-1883 May, wife of Charles A. Wilson, Esq., died at Arlington MA, Aged 25 years 04 months. The remains were brought to Franklin and interred on the 26.