Gleaner Extracts 1875

Gleaner Extracts 1875

01-04-1875 The wife of Peter Gardner, Esq., at Dundee Que, a daughter.

01-11-1875 Thomas L. Rogers, of the exchange bank of Canada, Montreal, second son of Colonel Rogers, married Catherine Cantwell, second daughter of William Cantwell, Esq., late M. P. P. for the county of Huntingdon, at Franklin Centre, by Rev. Mr. Hunt.

01-11-1875 James Learmont Spedon, youngest son of A L Spedon, died suddenly, at Durham Village, Ormstown, Aged 03 years.

01-08-1875 Henrietta Eleanor, widow of the late William Phillips, Esq., died at Quebec, after a short illness, Aged 74 years, mother of E. D. Phillips, Esq., collector of Customs at Dundee Quebec.

01-19-1875 The wife of Joseph Haire, at Franklin Quebec, a son.

01-13-1875 M. D. Southwick, son of E. P. Southwick, Esq., Moores, Clinton County New York, married Eliza Perham, daughter of Freeman Perham, Esq., Russeltown Flats, County of Chateauguay, at the residence of the bride's father, in Russeltown, by Rev. James Patterson.

11-16-1874 Marion Patterson, daughter of John Patterson, Trout River, married Donald Spencer, Athelstan,Que at the Hutchins House, Constable, New York, by Rev. G. S. Hastings.

12-24-1874 Alice Patterson, daughter of John Patterson, Trout River, married Arthur E. Hale, of Huntingdon Quebec, at the Hutchins House, Constable New York, by Rev. G. S. Hastings.

01-20-1875 William F. Anderson, married Elizabeth C. Pringle, eldest daughter of George Pringle, Esq., Godmanchester, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. J. B. Muir.M.A.

01-14-1875 Elizabeth E. Ogelvie, Widow of the late Norman McDonald, died at Dundee Village, Aged 59 years.

01-19-1875 Joseph E. Robichard, M.D., died at St Anicet, Aged 53 years

01-11-1875 William Wilson, died at Richmond VA, of congestion of the lungs, Aged 29 years. Formerly of Franklin Centre Quebec.

01-21-1875 David McCanley, youngest son of John McCanley, died at St. Agnes, Dundee, of spinal disease, Aged 18 months.

01-23-1875 Duncan Brown, died at River Beaudette, Aged 46 years.

01-22-1875 Henry McNarlan, died at Huntingdon Quebec, Aged 71 years.

01-24-1875 The wife of Charles Moe, at Ormstown, a daughter.

01-27-1875 Captain James Barr, J. P., of Havlock,Que., married Susie A Cowan, second daughter of the late Thomas Cowan, Esq., Hemmingford, in the Methodist Church, St. James Street Montreal, by Rev. B. Longley.

01-23-1875 Eliza Dunn, wife of William Pringle, formerly of Trout River Lines, died at Half Moon Bay, California.

02-05-1875 The wife of Milo Estherbrooks, of East Constable, New York, a daughter.

01-26-1875 Susan Ann Sarah Lighthall, youngest daughter of Stephen M. Lighthall, died at Tanneries West, near Montreal, of Jaundice, Aged 02 years 02 months 18 days.

01-01-1875 Nancy Nichols, died at the residence of Joseph Tallard, Esq., of St Jean Chrysostome, Aged 25 years.

02-16-1875 Donald McLean, married Isabella Rankin, second daughter of Captain John Rankin, all of the parish of St Anicet, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. Donald Ross.

02-14-1875 Christina McFarlane, wife of George Chambers, and youngest daughter of the late Parlan McFarlane , township of Elgin, died at Athelstan,Que, Aged 23 years.

02-22-1875 The wife of Rev. James Patterson, at Hemmingford, a daughter.

02-18-1875 Robert White, of Jamestown, married Maggie Lindsay, daughter of Robert Lindsay, Ormstown, at Richmond, Carlton County, Ontario, at the residence of the bride's uncle, Henry McElroy, by Rev. F. C. Reynolds, Methodist Minister.

02-21-1875 Susan Davidson, beloved wife of John McDonald, Esq., and daughter of the late Lieutenant Colonel Davidson, of Her Majesty Customs, At Rose Bank, La Guerre, Aged 72 years. A native of Dundee Scotland.

02-18-1875 Robert Higgins, died at the house of William Jamison, third range of Hinchinbrook, Aged 84 years 10 months. A native of Renfrewshire, Scotland.

02-15-1875 Isabel Martin, Widow of the late Edward McCaffrey, died at the residence of her son, counselor McCaffrey, at Dundee Quebec.

03-03-1875 The wife of Evander Campbell, at Port Lewis Quebec, a son.

03-04-1875 The wife of Alexander McNaughton, Huntingdon Village, a daughter.

03-04-1875 Charles Levers, Esq., of Athelstan,Que., married Ruth Kelly, daughter of Robert Kelly, Esq., of Hinchinbrook, by Rev. James Roy,M.A..

03-15-1875 Robert John Barrington, of Annstown, married Agnes Goodfellow, of Lake Shore, Chateauguay, at St. James Church, in Ormstown, by Rev. William Hinde.

03-11-1875 Maria Coonley, Widow of the late Edward Boyce, died at Athelston,Que., Aged 76 years 06 months.

03-16-1875 Duncan McMillan, counselor and school Commissioner, died at Dundee Quebec, Aged about 50 years. (Of smallpox)

03-11-1875 John D. Black, died at St Anicet, Aged 54 years.

03-14-1875 Alexander McCracken, died in Hinchinbrook, Aged 19 years. Deceased was a student in the academy.

03-22-1875 Mrs. D. Cameron, at Malone N.Y., Late of this village of Huntingdon, a son.

03-08-1875 Isaac Kingsbury, died at Hemmingford Quebec, Aged 80 years.. A native of Port-a Down, Ireland. He and his wife who died about a year ago, settled in Hemmingford in 1821, where they brought up a large family, amid the hardships known only to the first pioneers of a country.

03-24-1875 The wife of Charles Will, at Franklin Quebec, a son.

03-25-1875 Robert Cairns, Esq., married Jemima Reid, at the residence of the bride's father, in Tullochgorum, by Rev. D.W.Morison, B.A.

03-01-1875 John L. Rowe, Esq., of Franklin Quebec, married Elizabeth Blair, of Godmanchester, by Rev. James Roy,M.A.

03-24-1875 William Anderson, Esq., Herdman's Corners, married Lizzie Munro, daughter of the late Allan Munro, at the residence of the bride's mother, by Rev. Mr. Roy.

03-23-1875 John Coglan, of Burke New York, married Elizabeth Thomson, youngest daughter of the late James Thomson, at the residence of her Brother, Mr. Walter Thomson, Elgin Township, by Rev. J. S. Lockhead.

03-25-1875 William Barrett, Esq., eldest son of the late Hugh Massey Barrett, Walsingham, County of Norfolk, England, at his residence, in Huntingdon, after a painful and protracted illness, died Aged 62 years.

03-29-1875 Mary Gordon, daughter of Daniel Gordon, at Franklin Centre Quebec, died Aged 02 years 03 months 20 days

03-22-1875 Hiram Andrew Mather, of Hinchinbrook, married Barbara Farquhar, of the same place, at the residence of the bride's father, in Hinchinbrook, by Rev. William A. Johnston.

03-30-1875 Annie Mary McKennon , only child of Allan McKinnon, died at Dundee Que, Aged 13 months 13 days.

03-31-1875 Jennie McDonald, sister in law of the late Duncan McMillan, died in Dundee Quebec, of smallpox, Aged 53 years.

04-05-1875 Henry Wilson Sr., died at his sons residence, in Hinchinbrook, Aged 75 years 06 months. A native of Roxburghshire, Scotland.

04-06-1875 The wife of Robert Ford, at Godmanchester, a son.

04-08-1875 The wife of WW Corbett, at Huntingdon, a daughter.

04-07-1875 Samuel Orr, son of the late Capt. Orr, married Jeannie O'Neil, only daughter of William O'Neil, Esq., all of Havlock,Que., at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. James Patterson.

04-03-1875 Stella Francis McFee, daughter of Joshua McFee, Northfield MN, U.S., died at Hemmingford Quebec, Aged 06 years 03 months. Granddaughter of Major Donald McFee of the township of Hemmingford.

04-17-1875 James Goodall, died at St Lewis de Gongague, Aged 74 years.

04-29-1875 The wife of John Cunningham, at Butternut Grove, a son.

04-22-1875 William Sanders, Esq., married Margaret Ellnor McCort, eldest daughter of James McCort, at Trinity Church, Havlock,Que., by Rev. James Fulton,M.A.

04-18-1875 Mary Aubrey, Widow of the late Jonas Schryer, died at the residence of her son, William, at Dundee Que, Aged 84 years.

04-18-1875 John Henderson, son of Thomas Henderson, died at the Gore Hinchinbrook, Aged 34 years 07 mo

04-19-1875 William Henderson, died at Lockton, Ontario, Aged 69 years. A native of Scotland and for a number of years a resident of Godmanchester, and Brother of Mrs.R Byers, of the Huntingdon Village.

04-18-1875 Agnes Buckham, died at Elgin Township Quebec, Aged 75 years. Deceased was a native of Roxburghshire, Scotland.

04-19-1875 John Lanktree, married Agnes M. Tannahill, both of Trout River Quebec, at Papillion, Nebraska, at the residence of William Lanktree, by Rev. F. M. Esterbrook.

04-30-1875 John S. McCallum, eldest son of Mr. A McCollum, died at Huntingdon, Aged 24 years 09 months.

04-28-1875 Jane Goodfellow, daughter of Robert Goodfellow, and wife of Mr. J.Faubert, died at Lake Shore, County of Chateauguay, in childbirth, Aged 19 years 06 months.

05-03-1875 Maggie Cameron, youngest daughter of the late Hugh Cameron, of Dundee Quebec, died suddenly, at Chatham, Ontario, Aged 19 years 04 months.

05-07-1875 Mrs. James Henry Bell, daughter of James Merlin, Esq., and granddaughter of the late Rev. John Merlin, of Hemmingford, died at Sherrington Quebec.

04-28-1875 The wife of Francis Sherriff, Miller, at Huntingdon, a daughter.

05-15-1875 The wife of Henry S. Coulter, at the Gore, Hinchinbrook, a daughter.

05-15-1875 Mr. John Fraser, senior , died Dundee Que, Aged 79 years. Deceased was a native of Invernesshire, Scotland.

05-07-1875 Thomas Chisholm, died at Tullochgorum, South Georgtown, County of Chateauguay, after a long and painful illness, Aged 53 years. Elder of St. John's Church, Ormstown.

05-09-1875 Robert Pringle, died at Athelston,Que., Aged 76 years.

06-02-1875 John Morrison, Esq., M.A., M.D., son of Rev. James Morrison, Waddington New York married Anna Markland Sherriff, third daughter of France's Walker Sherriff, Esq., M.D., Dremisle, Huntingdon, Que., at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. James Patterson, brother-in-law of the bride, assisted by Rev. James Watson, M.A. of Huntingdon.

05-27-1875 Archibald McIntyre, of Culross, Bruce County Ontario, married Mary Campbell, daughter of the late Malcolm Campbell, at the residence of Mr. Peter Tully, Hinchinbrook, by Rev. John S. Lockhead,M.A.

(Not dated) Jane Johnston, wife of Robert Johnston, died at Herdman's Corners, Aged 75 years. Deceased was a native of County Tyrone, Ireland, and a resident of this County upwards of 52 years.

06-08-1875 The wife of Alexander Shaw, of Godmanchester, a daughter.

06-03-1875 The wife of William Long, at Dundee Que , a son.

06-03-1875 Simon Fax, Esq., married Jessie Walker, both of Ormstown Que., at Ormstown, at the residence of R.N. Walsh, Esq., by Rev. D.W.Morison, assisted by Rev. J. T.. Paul.

06-02-1875 Archibald McEachern Allan, merchant, of Montreal, married Ella Pauline Fowler, youngest daughter of the late David A. Fowler, Esq., counselor at Law, in New York, at the residence of the bride's mother, by Rev. George D. Draper,D.D..

05-18-1875 George Wetherbee, married Maggie G. Hayter, both of Fitchburg MA, in Fitchburg MA, by Rev. RC Parsons.

06-09-1875 Alice Ann Goodfellow, daughter of Joseph Goodfellow, died at Godmanchester, Aged 05 months

06-09-1875 Robert Wood, merchant, Hemmingford Quebec, married Eunice McFee, daughter of Major Donald McFee, J.P., of the same township, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. James Patterson.

06-08-1875 Alfred S. Thayer, of Boston MA, married Mary A Jellis, of Huntingdon Quebec, in Boston MA, by Rev. C. Babcock.

06-19-1875 The wife of J. Logan, watch maker, at Huntingdon PQ, a son.

05-23-1875 Hugh J. Stewart, son of James D. Stewart, St Anicet Quebec, married Carrie S. Doesser, of Eureka CA, in Eureka, Humboldt County CA, at the Vance Hotel, by Rev. Edward J. Jones.

06-19-1875 The wife of Allan Campbell, at Spring Creek, Elgin Township, a daughter.

06-24-1875 Duncan McCallum, of Ottawa ON, married Helen Thompson McDonald, eldest daughter of Charles McDonald, Esq., at the residence of the bride's father, in Jamestown, Chateauguay County, Quebec, by Rev. Dr. Muir, of South Georgtown.

06-19-1875 Georgina Laurie, wife of Andrew Hunter, died at St Etienne, Aged 74 years.

07-05-1875 The wife of D. A Stewart, at St Anicet Quebec, a daughter.

06-24-1875 D. McCormick, Esq., B.C.L. of Montreal, married Gertie Smith, only daughter of C Smith, Esq., of st Albans, at the residence of J. S. Berrie, Esq., 13 Forfar Street, by Rev. Robert Laing.

06-28-1875 John Merlin, son of James Merlin, Esq., Hemmingford, married Maggie Emily Bell, of the parish or Sherrington Que, at the residence of James Henry Bell, Esq., Brother of the bride, by Rev. James Patterson.

(Not dated) John C. Cattenach, formerly of Dalhousie, Glengary, ON, now of Morrin college, Quebec, married Georgie McDonald, third daughter of the late Norman McDonald, Esq., Dundee, County of Huntingdon Quebec, at the residence of Robert Tyre, Esq., H.M.C. St. Regis, Uncle of the bride.

06-27-1875 Mary McGregor, wife of Matthew Brown, farmer, died in Hemmingford.

07-08-1875 Thomas Coglan, married Mary Gamble, second daughter of James Gamble, both of Hinchinbrook, by Rev. J. Johnston.

07-13-1875 The wife of Hugh Graham, Esq., at Netherby, Huntingdon, a son.

07-06-1875 The wife of Peter McNaughton Jr., of St Anicet, a daughter.

07-14-1875 John McKay, of Athelstan,Que., married Annie E. Boyd, youngest daughter of Alexander Boyd, Esq., of Hinchinbrook, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. J. S. Lockhead.

07-04-1875 Annie W. Anderson, wife of H. L. Prickitt, formerly of Hinchinbrook, died at Medford, New Jersey, Aged 33 years 06 months.

07-04-1875 John James Learmont, only son of John and Angie Learmont, at Strawberry Valley, California, Aged 02 years 02 months.

07-18-1875 The wife of James Hamilton Jr., Elgin Township, a son,

07-21-1875 The wife of William Goundry, at English River, a son.

07-27-1875 The wife of JC Brace, Jr., merchant, at Huntingdon, a son.

07-24-1875 Miny McNaughton, only child of Alexander McNaughton, of Huntingdon, died at Huntingdon, Aged 04 months 20 days.

07-31-1875 Margaret G. Mathewson, eldest daughter of the late James Lavens Mathewson, and wife of John J. McClaren, advocate, died suddenly in Montreal, Aged 27 years.

08-07-1875 The wife of William Wilson, at Elgin Township, a daughter.

08-05-1875 The wife of Arthur McLaren, at Hinchinbrook Township, a son.

08-10-1875 James Cameron, of Vermont U.S., married Catherine H. Wallace, second daughter of the late Rev. Alexander Wallace,M.A. of St. Andrew's Church, Huntingdon. At the residence of Alexander Cameron, Esq., M.D., M. P. P., by Rev. J. B. Muir.

08-09-1875 Alexander A. McDiarmid, formerly of Covey Hill, Que., now of the Banking House of John Johnston and company, Port Huron, Michigan, married Essie L Wright, daughter of William C. Wright, Esq., at the residence of the bride's father, in Detroit MI, by Rev. Dr. J.P. Scott, of the United Presbyterian Church.

08-09-1875 Hugh Barr, died at Trout River, Godmanchester, Aged 83 years. Deceased was a native of Houston, Renfrewshire, Scotland. Immigrating to Canada in 1818 , and resided on his farm in Godmanchester for about 54 years, being thus one of the oldest settlers in the county. Being a member of St. Andrew's Church, and a Elder for nearly 40 years.

08-12-1875 William Gruer, married Mary Peddie, both of English River, at the Manse, Ormstown, by Rev. D.W.Morrison,B.A.

07-31-1875 William Blair Sr., died at Franklin Que., Aged 95 years. Deceased was a native of the County Armagh, Ireland.

08-12-1875 Edward Johnston, died at Elgin Township, second concession, after a lingering illness, died at the residence of his Brother James, Aged 72 years.

08-20-1875 The wife of D.C. McDonnell, at Dewittville PQ, a son.

08-01-1875 Donald McKillop, Esq., died at Port Lewis, County of Huntingdon, of cancer in the stomach, Aged 54 years. A native of Lochaber, Invernesshire, Scotland.

08-19-1875 William Murphy, died, at the Parish of St Anicet, of Canadian cholera, Aged 58 years.

08-20-1875 Stazey Plomondon, wife of Peter Chartland, at the Chenail, Dundee Que, Aged 50 years.

08-20-1875 Duncan McRae, died in Dundee Quebec, at the advance Age of 93 years. Deceased was a native of Rossshire, Scotland, and came to Canada in 1821.

08-11-1875 James Anderson McLeod, formerly of Huntingdon PQ, died at his late residence, second concession of Lancaster, Ontario. Aged 29 years.

08-23-1875 Hugh Frederick Cameron, son of Duncan Cameron, died at Huntingdon, Aged 05 months.

09-01-1875 Christina McIntosh, second daughter of Donald McIntosh, Elgin Township, married Orlando Shattuck, Farmer, Burke New York, at the house of the bride's father, by Rev. James Watson.

09-02-1875 William S. Mclaren, married Mary Henderson, daughter of Archibald Henderson, Esq., at Huntingdon, by Rev. W.C.Henderson, Brother of the bride.

08-31-1875 John Anderson, of Lindsey Ontario, second son of the late John Anderson, M.D., Ormstown PQ, married Bessie Bemister, second daughter of James Bemister, Esq., Hampshire, England. At Cannington, by Rev. S. J. Taylor.

08-05-1875 George H. Hayden, married Lillie E. Ruston, at Quincy MA, by Rev. Samuel Kelley.

09-09-1875 Hugh Rennick's, died at the residence of his father, John Rennick's, of Godmanchester, Aged 38 years.

09-08-1875 Fred F. Bradford, of GTR, Norval Station, married Dora L. Jackson, daughter of William Jackson, of Norval , by the Rev. N.C. Martin.

09-04-1875 Mary Parkhurst Macfie, daughter of Dr. Macfie, at Fort Covington NY, Aged 11 months 09 days.

09-12-1875 The wife of Henry Gamble, at Franklin Quebec, a son.

09-28-1875 Agnes McNaughton, daughter of Angus McNaughton, Esq., Hinchinbrook, married

Donald McEwen, Farmer, Indiana, U.S., at the house of the bride's father, by Rev. James Watson.

09-23-1875 Francis Walker Lumsden, son of William Lumsden, died at Athelstan,Que., Aged 15 days.

09-22-1875 Maggie Fergusson, wife of the D. W. McIntyre, youngest daughter of the Rev. William Fergusson,A.M Winchester ON, died suddenly at Dominionville, ON.

09-25-1875 Alexander Williamson, died at North Georgetown, County of Chateauguay, Aged 75 years. A native of Crowmarty, Scotland.

10-03-1875 The wife of John Oliver, at Dewittville PQ, a daughter.

09-25-1875 The wife of Andrew Chalmers, merchant, at Ottawa, Ontario, a son.

(Not dated) Franklin H. Spencer, of Fort Covington NY, married Mary Whyte, daughter of Joseph Whyte, Esq., West Frampton, PQ, at the residence of Mr. J. H. Gilmore, Uncle of the bride, by Rev. S. G. Phillips.

09-25-1875 Margaret Cross Smith, wife of John Stewart Miller, of Montreal and formerly of Huntingdon, died at Oakshowhead, Paisley, Scotland, at the residence of her brother-in-law, J. Forbes, Esq..

09-30-1875 Amelia Jane Holton, daughter of the honorable L. H. Holton, and wife of Joseph B. Learmont, died in Montreal, at the residence of her father.

10-10-1875 The wife of Archibald Hastie, at Huntingdon, a daughter.

10-11-1875 Hugh Robert McBride, Esq., married Theresa Gardner, at the residence of the bride's mother, by the Rev. D.W.Morrison, B.A.

09-29-1875 Janet Smith, Widow of the late Malcolm Smith, died at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. Angus McBean, Aged 82 years.

10-10-1875 The wife of Simon Rennie, Esq., at Franklin Centre, a daughter.

10-13-1875 The wife of William Chalmers, at Ottawa ON, a son.

10-13-1875 Margaret Elder, wife of John Henry, Farmer, died, at Elgin Township, Aged 57 years.

10-19-1875 T. C. Struthers, merchant, Russeltown, married Mary A Turcot, eldest daughter of E.Turcot, Esq., merchant at St Jean Chrysostome, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. P. Stratton Livingston,B.A.T.C

10-15-1875 Rev. Thomas H. Patchell, Combermere, married Annie Bales, daughter of the late John Bales, of Eglington. At the residence of the bride's mother, by the Rev. J. Shaw, assisted by the Rev. J. Potts.

10-21-1875 Alexander McIntosh, died at Elgin Township, Aged 63 years

10-26-1875 Robert Thompson, died in the village of Huntingdon, Aged 22 years 07 months.

10-28-1875 Henry Metkeff, of Havelock Quebec, farmer, married Margaret Fiddas, daughter of the late John Fiddas, at St. John's Church, by the Rev. Aaron A. Allan, M.A.

10-27-1875 David Bryson, Esq., married Annie Elizabeth Anderson, daughter of the late John Anderson, M. D. of Ormstown, at the residence of Alexander Anderson, Esq., Valleyfield Que. Quebec, cousin of the bride, by Rev. D.W.Morrison B.A

10-27-1875 Samuel Wilson Thompson, only son of James Thompson, died at the Gore Hinchinbrook, Aged 15 years 03 months 23 days.

11-04-1875 Mary Blaik, wife of Thomas Whyte, died at Hinchinbrook, Aged 25 years, funeral Saturday 12 :00

10-16-1875 The wife of Alexander Cameron, (Elder) at Dundee Quebec, a son.

11-04-1875 James Robertson Gibb, advocate, of Montreal, married Mary Elizabeth Walton, daughter of the late Joseph S. Walton, Esq., of Sherbrooke Quebec, at Woodbine cottage, Sherbrooke, by Rev. A Duff.

10-20-1875 Farquhar McLennan, counselor, the Dundee, married Elizabeth McCracken, second daughter of the late David McCracken, of Hinchinbrook. At the Manse, Dundee Center, by Rev. D. Ross.

11-03-1875 John G. Barr, son William Barr, Esq., married Elizabeth Cleland, daughter of James Cleland, Esq., all of Hemmingford, at Hemmingford, by Rev. James Patterson.

10-28-1875 Robert C. Baird, farmer, Hinchinbrook, married Janet M. Gibson, daughter of William Gibson, Esq., Hinchinbrook, at Huntingdon, by Rev. James Watson.

10-28-1875 Margaret Levers, eldest daughter of Matthew Levers, died in Hinchinbrook, Aged 32 years.

11-03-1875 Thomas Purse, of Athelstan,Que, married Susanna Fennell, daughter of John Fennell, Esq., Hinchinbrook, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. J. W. Chipsham.

11-10-1875 David W. Johnson Sr., died at Powerscourt, Hinchinbrook, Aged 81 years..

11-16-1875 James Henderson, at Franklin Quebec, died Aged 73 years.

11-04-1875? The wife of D McKell, at Burke, Franklin County New York, a daughter. (Date near obliterated )

11-10-1875 Alexander Stark, Miller, of Athelstan,Que, married Maggie Caldwell, youngest daughter William Caldwell, Esq., Godmanchester, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. G. S. Phelps.

11-21-1875 John Donaldson Jr., died at Ormstown, of smallpox, Aged 20 years 08 months.

11-19-1875 Charlotte E. DeWitt, youngest daughter of the Late Charles Dewitt, Esq., died at the residence of her brother-in-law, Andrew Jack, Esq., Montreal.

11-14-1875 John Learmont, married May Belle Seely, in Oroville, California, by Rev. Wood.

11-25-1875 James Reeves, Esq., of Huntingdon, married Euphemia Cain, second daughter of Thomas Cain, Esq., of Godmanchester, at the Manse, Ormstown, by Rev. D.W.Morison, B.A

11-30-1875 A.A. Anderson, Esq., of Junction City, Kansas, U.S., son of the late John Anderson, M.D., Ormstown, married Maggie McAdam,third daughter of Hugh McAdam, Esq., Huntingdon . By Rev. James Watson.

12-01-1875 John Gilmour, of Huntingdon, married Jane Cowan, of Godmanchester, at the Wesleyan Parsonage, by the Rev. S. G. Phillips.

12-01-1875 Robert Coulter, of the Gore Hinchinbrook, married Margaret McKay, youngest daughter of the late John McKay, at St. John's Church, by Rev. Aaron A. Allan M.A

10-09-1875 Jannet Orr, wife of the late John Harvey, died at La Guerre, Parish of St Anicet, Aged 83 years. A native of Kilburnie, Ayrshire, Scotland. She came to Canada in the year 1820.

12-01-1875 The wife of Donald McLean, merchant, at Casaville, a son.

11-05-1875 Griffin Scriver, son of Charles Scriver, married Christina Berrie, both formerly of Elgin Township, at Emmettsville, Idaho Territory,

12-02-1875 Hugh McNeil, died at Ormstown, of typhoid fever, Aged 35 years.

12-03-1875 Christina McKellar, wife of John Donaldson, died at Ormstown, of smallpox, Aged 56 years.

12-02-1875 William Henry Taylor McNarland Montgomery, died at Huntingdon, Aged 08 years 09 months 22 days

12-12-1875 Thomas Donaldson, youngest son of John Donaldson, died at Ormstown, of smallpox, Aged 16 years

12-20-1875 The wife of Alexander Chalmers, at Huntingdon, a son.

12-17-1875 The wife of Walter Baker, at Summertown, a daughter.

12-13-1875 The wife of A.E. Hale, of Huntingdon, a daughter.

12-16-1875 William Harold Scriver, only child of James F. Scriver, Secretary, city gas Co., died at Montreal, Aged 01 year 04 months 01 day.

12-19-1875 James Cullen, died at South Georgtown, Aged 77 years.

12-20-1875 Margaret Woods, widow of the late Malcolm McBain, died at Ormstown, Aged 81 years..

Of interest Ormstown council, tenders were opened for the building of the Sadler and McEwen Bridges as follows, Alexander Mills, for the Sadler Bridge, 200 dollars. Alexander Mills, for the McEwen Bridge, 190 dollars. Henry Winters, for both Bridges, 250 dollars. The tender of Henry Winters was accepted. John Graham was appointed special superintendent over the work of the above Bridges.

01-01-1876 The wife of George Walker, at Godmanchester, a son.

12-24-1875 The wife of John George Hough, at the residence of her father, near Huntingdon, a daughter.

12-28-1875 Henry Stewart, married Sarah Ann McLean, daughter of the late William McLean, of this village, in St. John's Church.

12-29-1875 John McDonald, Esq., accountant, Montreal, married Jean Brodie Cross, third daughter of George Cross, Esq., Ormstown. At the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. D.W.Morrison.

12-23-1875 J.P. Morrison, M.D., of Tracer, Iowa, married Mina A Copland, sixth daughter of Alexander Copland, Esq., of Fountain Grove, Hinchinbrook. At Omaha Nebraska, by Rev. G. Stewart, First Presbyterian Church.

12-21-1875 William Fortune, of Huntingdon, married Jennie James, of Montreal, at Montreal, by the Rev. Robert Laing.

12-08-1875 B. K. Taylor, of Albany NY, married Lenora Robb, daughter of William Robb, of Malone N.Y., at Malone New York, by Rev. CS Richardson.

12-29-1875 Catherine Gowdey, wife of Alexander Chalmers, died at Huntingdon, Aged 33 years.

12-27-1875 Gideon Collins, died at Chateauguay, Aged 97 years.

12-13-1875 James Armstrong, son of Irwin Armstrong, Ormstown, died at Belmont NY, Aged 40 years 09 months

(Not dated) Eliza A. Seely, youngest daughter of Stanley Seely, died at Santa Rosa, California, of black tongue typhoid fever, Aged 11 years. 03 months.

12-27-1875 Jane Robison, Widow the late John McNaughton, died at Huntingdon, Aged 80 years 05 months. a native of Muthill, Perthshire, Scotland.

12-24-1875 Euphemia Taylor, wife of William McGibbon, died at Dundee, Aged 78 years. A native of Paisley, Scotland.

01-05-1876 Fanny Briggs, wife of Alexander Smallman, died at Dundee Village, Aged 38 years.

12-25-1875 Sarah Cunningham, wife of John McMullen, died at Ormstown.