Gleaner Extracts 1874

Gleaner Extracts 1874

01-06-1874 The wife of Robert Stark, Shoemaker, Huntingdon, a son.

01-14-1874 Helen Hyde, died at her sons residence, Aged 94 years.

12-30-1873 The wife of W. T. Hart, Esq., at Beauharnois, prematurely of a daughter, still Born.

01-03-1874 Marion Stewart, eldest daughter, of Thomas Stewart, Hemmingford, married Andrew Loudon, of Troy NY, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. James Patterson.

01-11-1874 The wife of Frank S. Lawrence, in San Diego CA, twin daughters.

01-31-1874 The wife of T. K. Milne, at Huntingdon, a son.

12-30-1873 The wife of John W. Fraser, at Dundee Quebec, a son.

01-29-1874 The wife of the Rev. John S. Lockhead, at the Manse, Elgin Township, a son.

12-26-1873 William Steven, of Dundee Quebec, married Christina Gold, of La Guerre, at Dundee , by Rev. D. Ross.

12-28-1873 Margaret Waddle, Widow of the late John Mack, Godmanchester, died in the residence of her son in law, John Smellie, of Ormstown, Aged 78 years. Deceased was a native of Standrigg, Monkland, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

01-31-1874 Samuel Crutchfield Sr., died at Hinchinbrook, Aged 50 years 06 months.

01-17-1874 The wife of John Gilmore, at Huntingdon, a daughter.

02-05-1874 Robert Ford, eldest son of John Ford, married Barbara Wylie Tannahill, daughter of Hugh Tannahill, all of Godmanchester, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. George Rogers.

02-05-1874 Euphemia Stuart, wife of Thomas Cain, Esq., farmer, died in Godmanchester, near this village, Aged 47 years.

01-26-1874 Agnes Marshall McVeay, wife of Mr. John Gilmore, died at Huntingdon, Aged 27 years 09 months.

02-07-1874 Mary McDonald, wife of Richard La Ha, of Fort Smith, Maine, U.S. died at Dundee Quebec, at the residence of Mr. Norman McPhee, Aged 35 years.

02-07-1874 Catherine McDonald, died at the residence of her frather, in the six concession of Dundee, Aged 52 years.

02-01-1874 William Fraser, Lake Shore, died in Dundee, Aged 57 years.

02-16-1874 The wife of Allan McKinnon, Esq., at Dundee Que , a daughter.

02-13-1874 Matthew Boyd, of Lachute Quebec, married Louisa P. Douglas, of Huntingdon, at Montreal, at the residence of the bride sister, by Rev. A Sutherland.

02-17-1874 James Young, conductor on G. T. Railway, Montreal, married Mary Mitchell, daughter of John Mitchell, cloth finisher , Huntingdon, at Huntingdon, by Rev. James Watson.

02-05-1874 Arthur Maclaren, of Hinchinbrook, married Maggie Mack Hamilton, youngest daughter of James Hamilton, Elgin Township, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. J. S. Lockhead.

02-15-1874 Edward McGarvey, died at Huntingdon, Aged 77 years. Deceased was a native of the county Londonderry Ireland.

02-13-1874 Charles B. Moore, Esq., of Chicago IL, Lake Major, (on the staff) of the U.S. Army, died in Huntingdon, Aged 47 years third son of the honorable P. H. Moore of Moore's Station Quebec.

(Not dated) James Hamilton, of Elgin Township, married Martha McLaren, of Hinchinbrook, at the residence of the bride's father, Robert McLaren, by the Rev W. A. Johnston.

02-18-1874 Peter Paul, of Australia, married Agnes Morrison, of Godmanchester, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. J. S. Lockhead.

02-24-1874 Janet Stuart, eldest daughter of the late Peter Stuart, died at Huntingdon, Aged 50 years. A native of Edinburgh, Scotland. And for many years a resident of Waddington, New York.

02-26-1874 James Burke, of Hemmingford, married Eliza Jane Allan, eldest daughter of James Allan, of Havlock,Que., at Christ Church, Franklin PQ, by Rev. James Fulton,M.A.

02-26-1874 James Sangster Sr., died at the fourth concession of North Georgetown, St Lewis de Gongague, Aged 78 years.

02-28-1874 William Fraser Sr., died at Dundee Quebec, Aged 74 years. Deceased was a native of Invernesshire, Scotland.

03-01-1874 Donald Robertson, died at the house of Angus McNaughton, Hinchinbrook, Aged 77 years.

02-26-1874 Mary Williams, Relict of the Late John Gillies, died at Elgin Township, Aged 78 years.

03-06-1874 The wife of J. M. Bourdon, merchant, at Dundee Village, a son.

03-19-1874 The wife of Robert Hayter, at Hinchinbrook, a son.

03-12-1874 Charles Moe, Farmer, Parish of St Malachie de Ormstown, married Janet Muir, daughter of John Muir, Farmer, Township of Hinchinbrook, at the house of the bride's father, by the Rev. James Watson.

03-09-1874 Margaret J. Thompson, Relict of the late James Stewart, of English River, and third daughter of John Thompson, Esq., of Havelock Quebec, died at Vicars, Havlock,Que. of consumption, Aged 30 years.

02-25-1874 Jane Marlin, daughter of Mr. George Marlin, died at Hemmingford, Aged 06 years 06 months.

03-11-1874 Peter McNaughton, Farmer, married Mary Angus Percy, all of St Anicet, at the residence of the bride's father, in Port Lewis Quebec, by Rev. Donald Ross.

(Not dated) John Seely Sr., died at St. John's Quebec, Aged 89 years. For many years a resident of Elgin Township.

03-15-1874 Mary J. Beattie, wife of John W. Stewart, of Hemmingford, second daughter of Martin Beattie, Esq., of Hemmingford, died at Hemmingford, Aged 25 years 06 months.

03-25-1874 Christina Nicol, Widow of the late Rev. James Anderson, died at Durham, Aged 57 years.

03-15-1874 Annie E., wife of James A. Reed, formerly of Franklin Quebec, died at St. John's NB, Aged 22 years.

03-11-1874 Jane Bowron, wife of Christopher Burrows, and daughter of the late William Bowron, Esq., formerly of Huntingdon, died at New Richmond WI, Aged 46 years.

03-27-1874 Jane Harden, daughter of the late Capt. James Harden, wife of the late Dr. Joseph Whyte, died at Inverdon, near Huntingdon. For many years employed in the service of the late James and Alexander, Earls of Fife, as their factor at Marr Lodge, Aberdeenshire, formerly of Banff, Scotland.

03-27-1874 Anderson Hugh Fraser, youngest son of the late William Fraser , died at Dundee Quebec, Age 02 years 09 months 10 days.

04-08-1874 Robert Sim, Farmer, Hinchinbrook, married Margaret Ross, daughter of James Ross, also of Hinchinbrook, at Huntingdon Village, by Rev. James Watson.

04-07-1874 Robert Barrie, died at Elgin Township, Aged 78 years. Deceased was a native of New Monkland, County of Lanark, Scotland.

02-14-1874 John Smith Seely, formerly of Athelstan,Que., married Miss V.L.Duel, of Arcats, Humboldt County, California, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. J. Stanley.

04-08-1874 John W. Morgan, of Hemmingford, married Mary J. Gorham, daughter of Joseph Gorham, of Havlock,Que., at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. T. J. Williams.

03-27-1874 Thomas Cowan Sr., died at Hemmingford, Aged 65 years, after a long and lingering illness of nearly eight years.

04-15-1874 Archibald McCormick, contractor, Ormstown, married Helen Thompson Chisholm, eldest daughter of Thomas Chisholm, Esq., in South Georgtown, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. D. W. Morrison.

04-22-1874 The wife of William Armstrong, at Westerville NY, a son.

04-26-1874 The wife of Joseph Kelly, at Boyd Settlement, a daughter.

04-28-1874 Jane Anderson, fourth daughter of William Anderson, died at Hinchinbrook, Aged 23 years.

04-19-1874 Marjory Anderson, wife of Norman Coffee, died at Chateauguay NY, Aged 37 years 01 months 04 days.

04-17-1874 Alexander Greer, died at Franklin Quebec, Aged 62 years.

04-30-1874 Robert Carson, of Franklin Quebec, married Maria Stevenson, daughter of Robert Stevenson, Esq., of Havlock,Que., at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. T. G. Williams.

04-29-1874 Major Peter McNaughton, died at Hemmingford, Aged 54 years, after a lingering illness. Deceased was for a long term of years Secretary Treasurer of the township and one of its most active public men.

04-29-1874 Mary Clayton, wife of Isaac Kingsbury, died at Hemmingford, Aged 80 years. Deceased was a native of Armagh, Ireland. Mr. Kingsbury who still living and in tolerably good health, with his late wife, were among the earliest pioneers who settled the North East part of Hemmingford.

05-11-1874 The wife of John Gillies, at Valleyfield Que., a daughter.

05-12-1874 Robert Gardner, of Hinchinbrook, married Eliza Ferns, of Godmanchester, at the Wesleyan Parsonage, Huntingdon, by Rev. George Rogers.

05-05-1874 Ellen M. Holden, died at her residence in Chicago IL, Aged 38 years 05 months. deceased was the daughter of Joseph Holbrook, Esq., Huntingdon County.

04-23-1874 Robert Corbett, son of the late Robert Corbett, Huntingdon, died at his residence, in New Haven CT, Aged 45 years.

05-13-1874 Robert McCuen, Fort Covington NY, married Mary Gardner, eldest daughter of Joseph Gardner, of Dundee Quebec, at Fort Covington NY, in the Presbyterian Church, by Rev. Mr. Thomas.

05-13-1874 James Ross, married Jane Stewart, both of Hinchinbrook Township, at Malone N.Y., by Rev. C. H. A. Bulkley.

05-19-1874 James Will, died at the residence of his nephew, Mr. John Jolly, of Hinchinbrook, Aged 73 years 04 months 25 days. Deceased was a native of Forfarshire, Scotland.

05-23-1874 The wife of Andrew Somerville, Esq., registrar, at Huntingdon, a daughter.

05-10-1874 Donald McBain, died at Hickory Corners, Michigan, Aged 34 years 07 months. Formerly of Dundee .

05-17-1874 Elizabeth Adams, wife of Thomas Gamble, blacksmith, Huntingdon, died, Aged 24 years.

06-03-1874 The wife of William R. Sayer, at Elgin Township, a daughter.

05-25-1874 The wife of Robert Sparrow, at New Ireland, Godmanchester, a daughter.

06-03-1874 Joseph Holdsworth, of Petite Cote, near Montreal, married Jane McGibbon, daughter of Walter McGibbon, of La Guerre, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. George Rogers.

05-17-1874 William Black, died at North Georgetown, Aged 86 years. Deceased was a native of Berwickshire, Scotland.

05-26-1874 The wife of James McNair, at Trout River lines, a son.

06-05-1874 The wife of Charles McBride, at Dewittville PQ , a daughter.

06-11-1874 The wife of W. H. Walker, at Hillside, Trout River, a daughter.

06-09-1874 John Forsyth, farmer, of New Haven VT, married Janet McDonald, eldest daughter of Angus McDonald, six concession of Dundee, at Fort Covington NY, by Rev. C.N Thomas.

06-07-1874 Anna Eliza Somerville, infant daughter of Andrew Somerville, registrar, died at Huntingdon.

06-16-1874 William Lamb, Esq., J. P., died in his residence in Trout River, Godmanchester, Aged 73 years. Deceased was a native of Monaghan, Ireland, and emigrated to Canada in 1817.

05-08-1874 James Charles Moore, died at Helena City, Montana Territory, Aged 59 years 12 days. Of congestion of the lungs, Deceased was formerly a resident of the township of Elgin PQ.

06-03-1874 Thomas Platt, died of consumption, at Franklin Centre, Aged 27 years 07 months.

06-19-1874 The wife of William Steven, at Dundee, a son.

06-15-1874 The wife of William Fraser, at Dundee, a son.

06-09-1874 Frank O'Reilly, of Junction City, married Lizzie McBeth, of Liberty Missouri, at Liberty Missouri, by Rev. Mr. Foreman.

06-24-1874 John Hunter, merchant, married Francis Elizabeth Burrows, eldest daughter of Thomas Burrows, all of Huntingdon, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. George Rogers.

06-13-1874 John Helm, son of Jacob Helm, died in Hinchinbrook, Aged 25 years 06 months.

06-18-1874 William H. McDonald, died at the residence of his Brother, in Springfield MA, Aged 22 years , son of Philip McDonald, of Huntingdon PQ.

06-25-1874 The wife of John Tyo, Jr., hotel keeper, at Dundee village, a son.

06-29-1874 The wife of Henry Gamble, at Franklin Quebec, a daughter.

07-16-1874 Robert Neely, farmer, married Jane Connell, third daughter of the late Duncan Connell, at the house of Mr. Martin Connell, farmer, Hinchinbrook, by the Rev. James Watson.

07-20-1874 Sarah Thompson, daughter of Ezra Thompson, died in Huntingdon Village, Aged 26 years 05 months.

07-25-1874 The wife of J. H. Gilmore, photographer, at Huntingdon, a daughter.

07-28-1874 John Gordon Cameron, married Agnes Mary Cowan, youngest daughter of the late William Cowan, Esq., all of Huntingdon, at the residence of the bride's mother, by the Rev. James B. Muir.

07-22-1874 James Henry Walker, only child of James Walker, died at Godmanchester, Aged 02 years 01 months 15 days.

07-29-1874 The wife of Norman Bethune, at Dundee, a son.

07-30-1874 Eugene St Dizier, Esq., Montreal , married Ella Grace Abbott, only daughter of Luther Abbott, Esq., merchant, all of Massawippi, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. T. C. Brown.

07-31-1874 Mary Ellen Niven, youngest daughter of the Rev. Hugh Niven, died at Herdman's Corners, Huntingdon County, of Whooping Caugh,

08-02-1874 Mary Julia Cameron, second daughter of Alexander Cameron, Esq., died at Dundee, of diphtheria, Aged 08 years.

08-04-1874 Mary Ann Munro, wife of John Elder, died at Athelston,Que , Aged 35 years.

08-03-1874 Jane Ann McArthur, daughter of James McArthur, died at Godmanchester, of diphtheria, Aged 13 years.

08-05-1874 The wife of James T. Anderson, at Valleyfield Que., a daughter.

08-07-1874 The wife of Samuel Miller, at Dundee center, a daughter.

08-10-1874 John William Cameron, second son of Alexander Cameron, died at Dundee, of diphtheria, Aged 05 years 05 months.

08-12-1874 Henry Charles Milne, only son of T. K. Milne, died at Huntingdon, Aged 06 months.

08-09-1874 Jane, wife of David Smith, died at Godmanchester, Aged 77 years 04 months.

08-15-1874 The wife of James F. Scriver, Secretary City gas Co., Montreal, a son.

08-13-1874 The wife of Robert Goodfellow, at Godmanchester, a son.

08-15-1874 Albert James Robert Logan, only child of James Logan, watch maker, died in Huntingdon, Aged 01 year. 07 months.

08-11-1874 Mary Currie, wife of Henry Bennie senior, died at English River, Aged 73 years. Deceased was a native of Scotland, and a resident of English River for over 50 years.

08-24-1874 The wife of Malcolm McNaughton, at Hinchinbrook, a son.

08-18-1874 Donald McMaster, died at Dundee, Aged 79 years.

08-20-1874 Rev. James Laird, only son of the late John Laird, of Godmanchester, died at Clinton Massachusetts, Aged 40 years 11 months.

08-26-1874 Ethel Maye Phillips, youngest daughter of E. D Phillips, Esq., collector of Customs, died at the village of Dundee Que, Aged 14 months 14 days.

08-27-1874 Catherine Cameron, second daughter of the late Donald Cameron, of Dundee, died at the residence of Hugh McLean Jr., St Anicet, Aged 50 years.

09-03-1874 W. A. Dunsmore, Esq., married Addie A Henderson, third daughter of Archibald Henderson, Esq., at Huntingdon, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. W. C. Henderson.

09-02-1874 Catherine Jane McNaughton, died at Havelock Quebec, Aged 28 years.

09-15-1874 William Francis Dalgliesh, eldest son of WW Dalgliesh, drowned, in the Chateauguay River, Aged 04 years 07 months.

09-20-1874 The wife of William Lumsden , at Athelstan,Que., a daughter.

09-21-1874 Malcolm A. McNaughton, farmer, Hinchinbrook, married Dorothy Gilchrist Rutherford, eldest daughter of George Rutherford, Esq., of South Georgtown, at the Manse, South Georgtown, by Rev. Dr. Muir.

(Not dated) James Joseph Morcom, of Moberly, Missouri, U.S. married Mary A. McKay, only daughter of William McKay, Esq., farmer of Hemmingford, at Hemmingford, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. James Patterson.

09-20-1874 John Robson, son of the late William Robson, died at Hemmingford, Aged 81 years The family emigrated to Canada, from Northunberland, England, upwards of 50 years ago, and was one of the first settlers in this part of the county of Huntingdon.

09-18-1874 Mary McMillan, wife of Donald Ferguson, formerly of Dundee, died at Northfield, Minnesota, U.S. Aged 44 years.

09-25-1874 Mary, wife of J.D. McCarthy, died at Independents, Iowa, after a short illness, Aged 34 years . Late of Athelstan,Que..

09-23-1874 Patrick Gilmore, died at Godmanchester, Aged 28 years.

10-04-1874 The wife of William Stewart, at Elgin Township, a son.

09-25-1874 Nancy McBean, youngest child of Angus McBean, died at Dundee, Aged 01 year. 05 month 10 days.

09-28-1874 James Currie, second son of Alexander Currie, died at Newfoundout,Que, Aged 21 years 03 months.

10-01-1874 Annie Lumsden, infant daughter of William Lumsden, died at Athelston,Que., Aged 11 days.

10-13-1874 The wife of Colonel Rogers, at Franklin Centre Quebec, a son.

10-07-1874 James Henry Bell, of Sherrington, married Annie Merlin, eldest daughter of James Merlin, Esq., and grand daughter of the late John Merlin, Hemmingford. At the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. James Patterson.

10-08-1874 Margaret Elizabeth, wife of Rev. James Fulton,M.A., Dean and incumbent of Franklin, died suddenly at Hemmingford.

10-05-1874 Jean Harvey, daughter of the late John Harvey senior, died at her brother-in-law's, Joseph Blacks, at St Anicet, Aged 52 years.

10-09-1874 Marion Pringle, wife of the late Major Thomas McLeay Gardner, died at Athelstan,Que. deceased was a native of East Lothian, Scotland, and came to this country in 1828.

10-10-1874 Mrs. James Blair, at Hallerton, township of Hemmingford, a son.

10-15-1874 James Maw, of Howick Quebec, married Elizabeth Henderson, daughter of Thomas Henderson, of the Gore Hinchinbrook, at St. John's Church, by Rev. Aaron A Allen,M.A.

10-15-1874 James Fisher, of Hemmingford, married Elizabeth Cleland, daughter of Thomas Cleland, of the same place, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. James Patterson.

10-14-1874 Mary F. Welch, wife of Spencer Peckover, died at Lewiston, Maine, U.S. Aged 25 years.

10-28-1874 John Dewar, of Milton, Ontario, County Crown attorney, of Halton, married Jane Walker Somerville, daughter of R.B Somerville, Esq., ex-M. P., County Huntingdon, at the residence of the bride's Brother, 274 Jarvis Street, Toronto ON, by Rev. Alex Topp.D.D.

10-25-1874 Archibald Barrington, died at St. Ann'stown, Chateauguay, Aged 59 years.

11-01-1874 The wife of W. J. Greer, at Acton Center, MA. a daughter.

10-25-1874 William Anderson, died at Hinchinbrook, Aged 72 years. Deceased was in native of Banffshire, Scotland.

10-31-1874 Archie Patterson, third son of John Patterson, Trout River, died at Clayton, New York. Aged 21 years

11-02-1874 Peter Brady, after a lingering illness , died at Godmanchester.

11-11-1874 John Henderson, Esq., M. D., Coroner for the district of Beauharnois, Aged 67 years 10 months. Deceased was a native of Aberdeen, Scotland, and for the last forty years a resident of this province. The funeral will take place on Friday, the 13th, at 12:00 noon from his late residence, to the place of internment, South Georgtown, Friends and acquaintances are respectfully requested to attend without further notice.

11-12-1874 The wife of Rev. George Rogers, at the Methodist Parsonage, Lacolle Que, a son.

11-18-1874 Archibald McEachern Wright, of Melville ON, married Annie Maria Keith, of Huntingdon, at Huntingdon, at the residence of the bride's mother, by the Rev. W. K. shortt,M.A. of Ormstown.

11-15-1874 John Peddie, blacksmith, Ormstown Quebec, married Susan Taylor, of Jamestown, at St. James Church, Ormstown, by Rev. William Hinde.

11-25-1874 Agnes McGregor, daughter of William McGregor, Esq., married William Downie, Farmer, Godmanchester, at the house of William McGregor, Esq., Hinchinbrook, by Rev. James Watson.

11-25-1874 The wife of Alexander Cameron, at Dundee Quebec, a son.

12-07-1874 The wife of Charles Parrham, at Valleyfield Que. , a daughter.

12-15-1874 Thomas H. Roberts, third son of Antoine Roberts, Esq., married Eliza Jane Gowdy, all of Hemmingford, at the residence of the bride's uncle, William Horn, Esq., by Rev. James Patterson.

12-02-1874 Joseph Smith, Brother of David Smith, of Godmanchester, died at Burke New York, Aged 71 years. Deceased was a native of County Cavan, Ireland.

11-30-1874 James Smellie, died at Kokoma IN, Aged 75 years 06 months. Deceased was a native of New Monkland, Scotland, and was a resident of Godmanchester for 40 years.

12-05-1874 Ellen Grant , daughter of Peter Grant, Esq., died in Westerville NY, Aged 19 years 04 months 05 days .

12-20-1874 The wife of Henry Rennie, at Hinchinbrook, a daughter.

01-01-1875 The wife of F. A. Cantwell, Esq., at Franklin Centre Quebec, a daughter.

01-01-1875 The wife of W. T. Hart, Esq., at 120 Fulford Street, Montreal, a daughter.

12-23-1874 Robert Allan, Farmer, Jamestown, married Jane Elliott, of North Georgetown, at Durham, by Rev. J .B. Muir..

12-31-1874 Robert Griffin, confectionery, Montreal, married Maggie Davis, fourth daughter of Henry Davis, Esq., at Hemmingford, by Rev. James Patterson.

12-24-1874 George T. Keinsley, Esq., of Kent, England, married Georgina E. Ross, Elvis daughter of Alexander Ross, Esq., at the residence of the bride's father, East Saginaw MI, by Rev. Thomas Middlemiss.

12-25-1874 John S. Hall, son of Leonard H. Hall, Franklin PQ, died at Bloomington IL, Aged 22 years 04 months.

07-13-1874 At the Lunatic Asylum, Hochelaga, Henry Caldwell, formerly of Elgin Township, died Aged and 46 years

12-31-1874 William Sanders, Esq. Father of the late Thomas Sanders, M. P. P. for this county, died at Havlock,Que., Aged 76 years.