Gleaner Extracts 1870

Gleaner Extracts 1870

01-04-1870 Isabella Grant, relic of the late Alexander Sellar, died at the residence of her son, editor of the Gleaner, after a four-day illness, Aged 70 years 10 months . Deceased was a native of Strathspey, Inverness-shire, Scotland.

01-11-1870 David McClaren, Carpenter and Joiner, married Hanna Anderson, daughter of the late Alexander Anderson, Miller, and farmer, at the house of the bride's mother, Hinchinbrook, by Rev. James Watson.

01-12-1870 Eliza Cunningham, daughter of Andrew Cunningham, Esq., married John L. Cowan, farmer, at Mt. Pleasant, Godmanchester, by Rev. James Watson.

01-14-1870 The wife of D. Chisholm, at Fort Covington NY, a daughter.

01-06-1870 William Heuston, of Godmanchester, married Martha Ann Cowan, daughter of Andrew Cowan, of Jamestown, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. W. C. Clarke.

01-15-1870 Orrok, Reid, youngest son of James Reid, Esq., of Laggan, Huntingdon PQ, died, at Alexandria Egypt, Aged 25 years 10 months.

12-21-1869 Richard Charles, formerly a resident of Huntingdon, died near Omatouna, Minnesota, Aged 55 years.

01-14-1870 John Cairns senior, died at Elgin Township PQ, Aged 70 years .

01-18-1870 Martha, Relict of the Late John Brown, died, at Elgin Township Quebec.

01-18-1870 The wife of Thomas Beattie, at Elgin Township, a son.

01-04-1870 Charles Wilson, farmer, married Jane Rogers, daughter of the late James Rogers, all of Hemmingford, at Hemmingford, by the Rev. James Patterson.

01-20-1870 William Hamilton, Hemmingford, married Mary Bushey, daughter of the late Francis Bushey, of the same Township, by Rev. James Patterson.

01-25-1870 Alice, wife of William Chalmers, merchant, Ottawa ON, died at Huntingdon PQ,.

01-13-1870 David Walker Dunsmore, eldest son of John C. Dunsmore, of Godmanchester, died at Lanesboro MN, U.S. Aged 29 years.

01-08-1870 Ernest A Charles, son of Ernest and Mrs. A Charles, died at the residence of his parents, in Red Wing, MN, U.S. Aged 14 years 07 months.

01-28-1870 The wife of Richard Waller, at Franklin PQ, twins, a son, and a daughter.

01-27-1870 Thomas Gebbie Jr., married Mary Ellen Scott, both of Howick PQ, at Howick, at the residence of George McClenaghan, Esq., brother-in-law of the bride, by Rev. C.McKerracher, assisted by Rev. Dr. Muir.

01-26-1870 George Henry Broder, married Delia Relief Gordon, all of Franklin PQ, eldest daughter of Merritt Gordon, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. George Rogers.

01-27-1870 Eliza Jane Bustard, youngest daughter of John Bustard, of Havlock,Que., married William Brooks, of Franklin PQ, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. George Rogers.

01-30-1870 Peter Campbell, died at the residence of John Tully, Elgin Township PQ, Aged 39 years 03 months.

01-18-1870 Martha, Relict of the Late John Brown, died it Elgin Township PQ, after a long and painful illness, Aged 68 years. Deceased was a native of County,Armagh,Ireland. has been a resident of this district for over 40 years.

01-13-1870 Rose Ann Donnelly, wife of Patrick Tallon , died at Trout River, Godmanchester,PQ Aged 44 years 02 months.

02-06-1870 The wife of Andrew Somerville, at Huntingdon PQ, a daughter.

02-15-1870 The wife of William Goodfellow, of Godmanchester, a son.

02-10-1870 Robert Brown, of Montreal, married Annabella Campbell , daughter of Malcolm Campbell, Esq., at Port Lewis, St Anicet, by Rev. Alexander Wallace.

02-16-1870 James McDonald, of Montreal , married Jessie Robb, youngest daughter of James Robb, Esq., at the residence of the bride's father, at Trout River Godmanchester, by Rev. Alexander Wallace.

02-15-1870 Jessie Watson, daughter of Rev. James Watson, died at Huntingdon, Aged 06 years, 05 months. The funeral service will take place in Canada Presbyterian Church, on Friday at 2:00 p.m..

02-21-1870 George A. Jamieson, of Glengary, married Mary Jane Elliot, eldest daughter of George Elliot Esq., at Ormstown PQ, by Rev. W. Clark, assisted by Rev. A. Jamieson.

02-24-1870 Alexander Robertson, died in Hinchinbrook PQ, Aged 78 years. Deceased was a native of Midlothian, Scotland, and has been a resident of the township for 37 years.

02-26-1870 Hugh Gebbie, died at the residence of Thomas Gebbie, Esq., Howick PQ, uncle of the deceased, Aged 25 years. A resident of Greensboro, VT, U.S..

03-01-1870 Jamieson Vernon Adams, of Westville, New York, married Elizabeth McArthur, of Godmanchester, at Dundee center, by Rev. D. Ross.

03-01-1870 James Ferguson, Dundee, married Janet McGibbon, daughter of James McGibbon, St Anicet, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. D. Ross.

03-06-1870 Mary Donnelly, second daughter of William Donnelly, Hinchinbrook, died, Aged 22years.

03-01-1870 Charlotte Fraser McKenzie McLeod, youngest daughter of the late C.F.M. McLeod, died at Huntingdon, of inflammation of the lungs, Aged 18 years.

03-04-1870 James Wallace, died at Hinchinbrook, Aged 68 years. Deceased was a native of Hastlothian, Scotland.

03-12-1870 The wife of Hugh Graham, Esq., at Netherby, a son.

03-10-1870 The wife of James Hyde, formerly of this place, at Minden, Ontario, a daughter.

03-17-1870 Gabriel John Buckham, of Elgin Township, married Martha Rose Purcell, eldest daughter of John Purcell, at the residence of the bride's father, in Godmanchester, by Rev. Alexander Wallace.

03-15-1870 Rev. George White, son of Mr. John White, of Godmanchester, County of Huntingdon, died at the residence of his brother-in-law, Dr. Beal, of Schyhtakoke, New York.

03-23-1870 John Gilmore, married Agnes McVeay, third daughter of M McVeay, of Godmanchester, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. T. G. Williams.

03-24-1870 Alexander McCracken Jr., married Sarah Johnston, of Hinchinbrook, by Rev. T. G. Williams.

03-29-1870 George Elder, of Elgin Township, married Isabella Tannahill, at the Wisleyan Parsonage, by Rev. T. G. Williams.

03-30-1870 Dr. James Macfie, M. D., C. M., of Fort Covington NY, married Agnes Smith, of Trout River, at the residence of the bride's Brother, M. M. Smith, Esq., of the custom house, Trout River, by Rev. D. Ross.

03-24-1870 Walter McGibbon, Franklin County New York, married Janet Cruikshank, of Dundee Que , at the Manse, Dundee Center, by Rev. Donald Ross.

03-30-1870 Joseph P. Scott, Esq., of La Crosse, married Ella Maria McDonald, Dundee Que , second daughter of the late Norman McDonald, Esq., Dundee Canada, at La Crosse, Wisconsin, by Rev. J.I. Smith.

03-29-1870 John W. White, of Bombay, New York, married Mary McArthur, eldest daughter of John McArthur, of Godmanchester, at Malone N.Y., by River Cyrus L. Palmer.

04-09-1870 William Henry, son of Alexander Henry, watchmaker, Huntingdon PQ, died after a short illness at Huntingdon, Aged 17 years. Deceased had been employed in the Gleaner office for several years.

04-15-1870 Isabella Douglas, Widow of the late William Wilson, died at Godmanchester, Aged 85 years . Deceased was a native of Kelso, Scotland.

04-21-1870 Agnes Muir, daughter of John Muir, Esq., married Lachlan Cameron, son of Archibald Cameron, Esq. at the house of the bride's father, Hinchinbrook, by Rev. James Watson.

04-17-1870 John Farquhar, Tinsmith, son of Robert Farquhar, died at Hinchinbrook, Aged 25 years 06 months.

04-23-1870 The wife of Noah Lord, at Franklin Center, twins, both sons.

05-02-1870 Mrs. J. B. Thompson, at Fayston, VT, a son.

05-01-1870 Elias B. Cooper, died in Elgin Township, after a short illness, Aged 39 years 11 months.

04-28-1870 William Watson, farmer, died at his residence, on the Ridge Road, Godmanchester, Aged 73 years.

04-30-1870 Robert Graham, died at Beauharnois, Aged 19 years. (Mr. Robert Graham, whosedeath we now put on record, was a member of the Company of Beauharnois volunteers, ordered to this village about a fortnight ago. Immediately after his return home he took to bed, and died on the date given above. The funeral took place on Sabbath last amid the regrets of his late comrades. The body was interred with military honors.

05-03-1870 Robert McGibbon, Dundee, married Janet Caldwell, at the bride's father's, Clyde's Corners, Godmanchester, by Rev. Donald Ross, of Dundee, assisted by Rev. George Anderson of Stockholm NY.

05-05-1870 James Watson, died at his residence in Trout River, after a short illness.

05-07-1870 William Stewart, died at his residence in Elgin Township, after a long and painful illness, Aged 76 years. He was a native of Lanarkshire, Scotland.

05-14-1870 Peter M. Pringle, youngest son of Robert Pringle, of Hinchinbrook, died, Aged 22 years.

05-25-1870 John J. McClaren, Esq., advocate, married Margaret Graham Matthewson, eldest daughter of James L. Mathewson, Esq., at the residence of the bride's mother, 47 Victoria Street, Montreal, by the Rev. George Douglas, L. L. D..

05-31-1870 The wife of Joseph Goodfellow, at Trout River, a daughter.

06-01-1870 Nelson Aubrey, of Dundee, married Miss Hastings, of Constable, New York, at Malone New York.

05-22-1870 Angus McNaughton, died at Havelock, Aged 37 years. A native of the parish of Bracadale, Isle of Skye, Scotland.

06-02-1870 George Dunsmore, died at his residence in New Ireland, Godmanchester, after a lingering illness, Aged 34 years.

(Not dated) Jane Armstrong, beloved wife of Thomas Dowler, died at the residence of her daughter, in Boyd Settlement, Aged 88 years. A native of county Leithrim, Ireland.

07-15-1870 James Cunningham, died at his residence in Godmanchester, Aged 74 years. Deceased was a native of County Donegal, Ireland. And was a resident in this County 44 years.

07-19-1870 Eliza Anderson, wife of R. S. Park, Esq., died at Hawkesbury, Ontario. Funeral will take place from the residence of her mother, Mrs. Anderson, Durham, on Friday , at 10:00 a.m.

07-26-1870 Mr. James Graham, of Chateauguay New York, married Agnes Bothwell, eldest daughter William Bothwell, of Ormstown Quebec, at the Manse, Ormstown, by Rev. W. C. Clarke, A.B..

07-20-1870 Isabella Dowler, eldest other of Robert Dowler, Esq., Godmanchester, died, at Brighton, Ontario, after a short illness, Aged 24 years.

07-28-1870 The wife of Malcolm Condie, at South Georgtown, a son.

08-15-1870 Fannie Watt, died at the residence of her Brother, near Howick, South Georgtown, Aged 46 years. A native of the parish of Huntly, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

08-23-1870 Jane McElroy, died at the residence of her husband, Rev. C. Webster, Rockburn, Aged 70 years. Her remains were accompanied by a large number of Friends to this summet Station, from whence they were taken for internment to Albany New York.

08-28-1870 The wife of A McCallum, at Huntingdon Quebec, a daughter.

08-30-1870 Neil McFarlane, married Catherine McNaughton, both of the Parish of St Anicet, at the Manse, in Ormstown, by Rev. W. C. Clarke,A.B.

08-13-1870 Margaret Galbreath, died, at North Georgetown, Aged 68 years. Relict of the Late John Galbreath, a native of Edrem, Scotland .

09-02-1870 John Robertson, died in his residence, Howick, South Georgtown, Aged 44 years.

08-31-1870 Robert James Robertson, only child of Robert Robertson, died at South Georgtown, Aged 01 years 05 months .

09-02-1870 Mary Mc Arthur, wife of Duncan Brown, died, at Port Lewis Quebec, Aged 37 years.

08-29-1870 Thomas Allan, late of the City of New York, died, at Jamestown Quebec, (of consumption)

09-07-1870 George Thornton, married Mary Wilson, daughter of the late John Wilson, at St. John's Church, Huntingdon, by Rev. Aaron A Allen.

09-01-1870 John Sangster, late of Durham, Ormstown, died, at Independence, Iowa, Aged 48 years.

09-10-1870 Jane Fergusson, infant daughter of A.A. Fergusson, M.D., died at Franklin Quebec.

09-14-1870 Jane Purves, died at the residence of her son-in-law, James Learmont, Elgin Township, Aged 88 years. Relic of the late William Black, of Godmanchester, and formerly of , Athelstaneford, Haddingtonshire, Scotland

09-15-1870 Malcolm McNaughton, Hinchinbrook, County of Huntingdon, married Almanda C Carr, second daughter of Francis Carr, Esq., of Compton, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. J. E. Richardson, Wisleyan minister.

09-07-1870 William Ball, Esq., of Havlock,Que., married Mary Jane McCort, second daughter, of Thomas McCort, Esq., Havlock,Que., at Christ Church, Franklin Quebec, by Rev. James Fulton, M. A., incumbent.

09-11-1870 James S. Miller, of West Boylston, married Mary Lunan, daughter of Alexander Lunan, of Huntingdon Quebec, at West Boylston, MA U.S., by Rev. Walter Wilkie.

09-05-1870 William Broder, died at Franklin Quebec, Aged 80 years.

09-19-1870 William Cluff, eldest son of James Cluff, of Port Lewis, died, at Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

09-19-1870 William H. Fosburgh senior, died after a short and painful illness, at his residence, at Havlock,Que., Aged 56 years 05 months.

10-05-1870 Peter E. Narey, formerly of Huntingdon, married Emma F.Megguier, at the residence of the bride's father, in Osage, Mitchell County, Iowa.

09-24-1870 Eliza Chisholm, third daughter of Robert Chisholm, Esq., formerly of Dewittville, Que., died, at Cape Vincent, U.S., (of consumption).

09-29-1870 Susan McVeay, daughter of Michael McVeay, of Godmanchester, died, Aged 29 years.

10-05-1870 The wife of John Gordon, of Dundee Que, a son.

09-28-1870 Andrew McDonald, late of Glasgow, Scotland, married Julia Judith Leslie, daughter of the late Peter Leslie, of the Parish of St Anicet, at the Manse, Dundee Center , by Rev. D. Ross.

10-06-1870 Donald McLachlan, of Lobo, Middlesex County, Ontario, married Margaret Fraser, daughter of John Fraser, of Dundee Que , at the Manse, Dundee Center, by Rev. D. Ross.

10-03-1870 Catherine Jennings Middlemiss, only daughter of Nicolas and Elizabeth Middlemiss, Hinchinbrook Quebec, died, at Broad Brook, Connecticut, of typhoid fever, Aged 17 years 06 months

10-12-1870 George McFarlane, youngest son of George McFarlane, died at Elgin Township, Aged 01 year 07 months.

10-11-1870 The wife of James Wilson, at Elgin Township Quebec, a daughter.

09-22-1870 William Wattie, formerly of County Huntingdon, married Lizzie H. Gibson, at Lawrence, Massachusetts, by Rev. A.R.Medbury.

09-27-1870 Maria, wife of Robert A. Bowron, died at Osceola, Wisconsin, Aged 33 years. Deceased was a native of Huntingdon Quebec.

10-17-1870 John Oliver, Esq., married Jeannie Ferns, eldest daughter of John Ferns, Esq., all of Dewittville Quebec, at Montreal Quebec, by Rev. R Campbell, M.A..

10-20-1870 James Cunningham, died at Godmanchester, Aged 23 years, (of consumption).

10-12-1870 Charles Albert Hyde, 3d son of James Hyde, formerly of Huntingdon, died, at Minden, Ontario, Aged 03 years, 04 months 13 days.

11-01-1870 J. C. Manning, of Rockburn Quebec, married M Finney, of Grand Isle, VT, at Malone N.Y., by Rev. A Bramley.

(Not dated) Ann Clark, Relict of the late Joseph Horn, formerly of Philadelphia PA, U.S. died, at St. Philomene, County Chateauguay, Aged 71 years.

10-30-1870 Margaret Conley, third daughter of Neil and Margaret Conley, of North Georgetown, died, at 91 canning Street, Montreal Quebec, Aged 20 years 04 months.

10-26-1870 Charles Lloyd Kyte, died in Montreal, after a lingering illness, Aged 72 years.

10-19-1870 Louisa Ann McMullen, only daughter of George McMullen, resident formerly of Huntingdon, in Blytheswood, Ontario, Aged 01 year 07 months.

10-26-1870 Barbara Conway, wife of W. A. Black, died in Montreal, Aged 27 years 01 month.

11-02-1870 William L. Manson, of H. M. Customs, married Annie Grant, eldest daughter of Robert Grant, all of Dundee Quebec, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. W.C.Henderson, of Cornwall, Ontario, assisted by the Rev. J. H. Merrit, of Fort Covington NY.

09-22-1870 John Ogelvie, eldest son of Alexander Ogelvie, Newfoundout, died at Oakfield, Michigan, U.S. Aged 47 years.

10-27-1870 John Smith, son of the late Sgt. Major, John Smith, of the 25th regiment, Bengal native infantry, died in Elgin Township Quebec, Aged 49 years . Deceased was a native of county Monagham, Ireland.

11-05-1870 Margaret Steel, second daughter of Robert and Jane Steel, died at Valleyfield Que., Aged 20 years 10 months.

11-10-1870 William Tinsley, died in Hinchinbrook, Aged 80 years. A native of County Antrim,Ireland.

11-17-1870 Janet Ellen Brims, youngest child of D. Brims Jr., Elgin Township Quebec died, Aged 14 months.

11-06-1870 Margaret MC Livingston, wife of James Harold, eldest daughter of Dr. Livingston, St Jean Chrysostome, County Chateauguay, died, at Halifax NS, Aged 29 years.

11-10-1870 John McDonald, of Huntingdon Quebec, married Mary J. Bullock, of Abbotsford, Quebec, in Springfield MA, U.S.

11-09-1870 Milo Estherbrooks, of Constable, New York, married Jessie Davidson, second daughter of William Davidson, of Dundee Quebec, at Malone N.Y.

11-09-1870 James Bethune, blacksmith, Fort Covington,N.Y. married Margaret McNicol, eldest daughter of Peter McNicol, of the Parish of St Anicet, at the bride's fathers, by Rev. D. Ross.

11-01-1870 James C. Greer, of Lanesborough, MN, married Myre Cook, of Decorah, Iowa, at Decorah Iowa.

11-17-1870 Farquhar McRae, died of the residence of Duncan McRae, first concession of Dundee, inflammation of the bowels, Aged 36 years

11-28-1870 Charles Will, Franklin PQ, married Rebecca Buckham Anderson, only daughter of the late Alexander Anderson, Esq., of Candacraig, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, at the residence of the brides mother, in Huntingdon, by Rev. D. Ross of Dundee.

12-01-1870 James March, eldest son of John March, Elgin Township PQ, died , Aged 21 years.

11-30-1870 John Ross Campbell, died at Port Lewis, after an illness of nearly two and 1/2 years, Aged 07 years 01 month 24 days, son of Evander Campbell, of Port Lewis.

11-16-1870 John Brody, died at Rose Cottage, Beauharnois, Aged 78 years 09 months, and native of Lochwinnoch, Scotland.

11-30-1870 Flora McNeil, wife of George Gibson, died at Durham, Ormstown, Aged 27 years.

12-05-1870 Andrew Cook, died in Ormstown, Aged 27 years.

12-05-1870 Kate Anderson, youngest daughter of the late Rev. James Anderson, died at Ormstown, Aged 20 years 11 months, (of consumption).

11-21-1870 John Learmont, formerly of Elgin Township, County Huntingdon, married Angie Smith, of Strawberry Valley, Yuba County, California, in Marysville, California , at the Presbyterian Parsonage, by Rev. Walter McKaig.

12-12-1870 John Cuscaden, Esq., of Hemmingford, married Elizabeth McNaughton, youngest daughter of Peter McNaughton, Esq., Godmanchester PQ, at Montreal, at the residence of the bride's brother-in-law, by Rev. J. M. Gibson.

12-14-1870 Donald A Stewart, Farmer, Dundee Que , married Catherine Rankin, eldest daughter of Hugh Rankin, Esq., at the bride's father's, St Anicet, by Rev. D. Ross.

12-24-1870 The wife of Angus Mc Bean, at Dundee Que, a daughter.

12-29-1870 A. M..Lafferty, M.A., head master of the Richmond Hill grammar school, married Isabella Eunice Russell Campbell, daughter of the late Lachlan Campbell, of the Commissariat departmental, Penetanguishene. At Port Lewis, that the residence of Malcolm Campbell, Esq., Uncle of the bride, by Rev. T. G. Williams.